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Our debut album DON’T WAIT ‘TIL TOMORROW is out now 🖤

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Omg this is so beautiful!!! Wow 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 @Lorramun ❤️❤️
Make sure you get out and use your voice today. This is so important!! get those dirty tories out and save our nhs…
@darrengunner198 @AFC_legend1 ❤️❤️❤️ @AFC_legend1 Music 🎶 is the reason I don't live in the dark places anymore And the reason I pushed myself to get on…
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Missing you xoxo @elspethpierce @RadioX @_Wolfenden OMG ❤️❤️❤️❤️ congrats xxxxx
Work’s gonna regret putting the music’s volume near the bar because I just turned @weareYONAKA all the way up
Retweeted by YONAKA @scottmottram @RadioX @2QLincoln @DoHutton Hehehehhe 🖤
Thanks @RadioX
.@weareYONAKA photos are live on Facebook 📸
Retweeted by YONAKA @Daaviee_ Hope everything ok xxThank you YONAKA for spending 35 hours with me this year on @Spotify. You are my #1. #spotifywrapped @weareYONAKA l…
Retweeted by YONAKAThank you @weareYONAKA for spending 1333 minutes with me this year on @Spotify. You're my #1. Your lyrics are incre…
Retweeted by YONAKAThank you YONAKA for spending 40 hours with me this year on @Spotify. You are my #1. #spotifywrapped @weareYONAKA ❤️❤️❤️
Retweeted by YONAKAI spent 29 hours listening to YONAKA this year, all within the past 5 months. I JUST THINK THEY’RE NEAT, OK!…
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.... i am so thankful that we can share these moments and feeling, like I always say you are not alone. I just wan… get a lot of messages from you guys saying that our music has or is helping you through some dark times, some str…“Your like a video game that I would aways play/ And I would die a million times to start again/Cause God forbid th…
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Everyone repeat after @JanisJoplin “Don’t compromise yourself. You’re all you’ve got” 🥊 🖤🖤🖤🖤 ya look at that lovely line up gonna be supporting @thebottlemen next year 💙💙💙
When i look at myself in the mirror l see strength, I see purpose, I see fire. It feels good. It’s not always like…
Busy..... planning the next tour 🥊 Pic: @Rory_Barnes
Thank you for one of the best nights of our lives LONDON! My heart is still so full. You are the reason we get to d…
@_erinmelizabeth Shall I do it :)?
Got 3 tickets for @weareYONAKA at Brixton Electric as people can't go. Selling for what we paid - £16 each. Any interest, just DM!
Retweeted by YONAKA @_Vinay_H Hahah oooppsTONIGHT anyone have 2x spare @weareYONAKA tickets for London tonight??!! my mum and sister thought they’d booked befor…
Retweeted by YONAKA @Higgers78 Doors are 7pmThere are exactly 24 tickets left to our show tonight @electricbrixton be very very quick 🥊 @chloesunflowers Yes :)
@ameliaahart @chloesunflowers 💙💙💙💙 @chloesunflowers It’s not avail to buy online just photos x @PaigeToonAuthor ❤️❤️ @chloesunflowers Insta 💋USE YOUR VOICE! LETS MAKE A DIFFERENCE get the dirty tories outtttt! Last day to register #votelabourGot a spare ticket going face value (or just buy me a pint) for the fab @weareYONAKA tomorrow @electricbrixton
Retweeted by YONAKA @Mullane45 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!.@weareYONAKA at @Leadmill ❤️❤️❤️
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rockstar by @weareYONAKA gave me my rights
Retweeted by YONAKA @aimeeteelingart Sign me up 💋Hello our name’s Yonaka and we love you ♾
Oioi handsup 🙌 if you gonna be at our last show of the year on Wednesday @electricbrixton 🥊🥊🥊 @Rory_Barnes 🖤 Pic: Alfie Blue
Dayyyymmm Manchester that was crazy! You guys have given us the best tour we could ask for. When you enter the room… @weareYONAKA were lots of fun 📸
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Full of fire and spirit, there truly is something life-affirming about watching @weareYONAKA live. Their Oxford sho…
Retweeted by YONAKA#YONAKA (@weareYONAKA) - @MancAcademy 21/11/19 #AlternativeRock #LiveMusic #Music #ManchesterAcademy
Retweeted by YONAKAIn love with me new Tee😍!! @weareYONAKA
Retweeted by YONAKA- @weareYONAKA from last week at @O2InstituteBham where they kicked ass and won hearts (including mine) 🤟🏼🥰 . . . 📸…
Retweeted by YONAKA @weareYONAKA @MancAcademy 21.11.19
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Hello MANCHESTER we can’t bloody wait to see you tonight I hope you’re ready ♥️💙♥️💙♥️💙 Pics @Rory_Barnes i have a spare @weareYONAKA ticket for tonight in manchester. £10 if anyone wants it
Retweeted by YONAKA @HeyVioletUK At merch? YassssDoes anybody want a FREE @weareYONAKA ticket for tonight's Manchester gig? One of our group can no longer make it.…
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@wolfalicemusic Lolll @Rock__Cycle You’re not wrong 🤝Remaining tickets for tonight’s show peak into what the Glasgow show looked like.. that crowd was on fire 🔥🔥🔥 SHEFFIELD @Leadmill tonight doors 7:30!… never record at gigs, I much rather just be present and enjoy it for myself then and there, but I just had to rec…
Retweeted by YONAKABenteke is about to get wrekt. @RealBobMortimer @profanityswan ALBUM OF THE YEAR! This Is what real music is all about! @weareYONAKA Gives me so many emotions.
Retweeted by YONAKAStill selling x2 @weareYONAKA tickets for the @Leadmill in Sheffield tonight. Selling at face value.
Retweeted by YONAKA @This_Feeling @MusicWeek @oasis @robbiewilliams @NoelGallagher @liamgallagher @takethat Lollllllllll
This is a once in a generation election to give the NHS the funding it needs, give the people the final say on Brex…
Retweeted by YONAKACHEERS to every single CREATURE that has joined us on this tour and to those we will see over the final 3 shows. Th…’s only two times in my life that I’ve had my breath taken away: when I fell down a flight of stairs and got w…
Retweeted by YONAKA @taylorfthornton Hahahahah ❤️shots from last night ❤️@weareYONAKA
Retweeted by YONAKASelling x2 @weareYONAKA tickets for the @Leadmill tomorrow night. Dm me if interested!
Retweeted by YONAKAHey, calling any @weareYONAKA fans in Manchester, I have a spare ticket going for the gig Thursday night. Not looki…
Retweeted by YONAKAgonna tell my kids this was brockhampton
Retweeted by YONAKA @Daaviee_ Didn’t see this we came outside the venue once we played xx @Daaviee_ Next time ❤️
Mental scenes last night Newcastle think my knees are broke! Don’t want these shows to end GLASGOW you are up ! Doo… GLASGOW !! See you tonight ❤️ still some tickets available @LaurenGrigor Yassss ❤️❤️❤️❤️
!!!Tonight!!! 🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊 supports are fire do not miss! DOORS 7pm RUSALKA 7:30 ZUZU 8:15 YONAKA 9:15Ok NEWCASTLE @RiversideNCL let’s go mental tonight! Doors are 7pm can’t fu¥kin waitttttt 💥still few tickets availab…
@Daaviee_ Will come meet after the show :)This is tomorrow still some tickets left @DemobHappy @MattyStuLegend @TheAmazons @TheMysterines BarrowLadsFull house last night BIRMINGHAM that was so special. These are real moments we are sharing. 🥊 Pics @Rory_Barnes love it when people make fan art 🖼
Retweeted by YONAKAselling a @weareYONAKA ticket for the 20th Nov at the Leadmill, Sheffield !! wish i could go but life happens bro😔please rt !
Retweeted by YONAKA.@weareYONAKA // Birmingham - 15.11.19 📸
Retweeted by YONAKA📸 @weareYONAKA // Birmingham 📸
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Portsmouth it felt so damn good to play our own show to you. You turned it up to 💯 we love you. BIRMINGHAM see you… @erincxa See you soon100 tickets left oh wow its going to be a fine night be quick want 4 tickets for @weareYONAKA tonight? They would need to be picked up from Leicester as they are physical tickets Let me know asap
Retweeted by YONAKAGirl$ Cl¥b got a ticket for @weareYONAKA available to buy for Birmingham tonight? Been unwell all week but now feeling…
Retweeted by YONAKABeen looking forward to this gig for ages but slightly scared that deadline is a days afterwards & am still madly i…
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@weareYONAKA tour has been crazy. Amazing to have such incredible supports too, in @thisiszuzu and Rusalka!
Retweeted by YONAKA @Maximillius001 ❤️ means more than you know