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@Ashtros Ty ❤️ @jayhawkdesign Ty tyAnother day of being sick😷, but started feeling a lot better later at night. Hoping to be back to normal tomorrow 🤞
@Viggohf ooooh @byn8y Love to see it @nowackdesign ty man, means a lot ❤️ @nowackdesign Main focus at the moment is upping my thumbnail game which has also involved improving in manipulatio… don't know how I missed this 😱 By far one of the greatest content creators out there IMO. @Ghostz1x Ayyyy appreciate this ghost! @GhoulzOfficial Keep it up! @axndos Congrats man, enjoy college! @Ramsiino Ayyy I’m on there :)Goodnight everyone, checking in early. Felt sick all day, hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow ✌️ @jermazevedo @100Thieves Couldn’t have said it better, let’s keep it going 👏 @VertekFPS Appreciate the kind words man ❤️
@VertekFPS Hahaha thanks, just happy to work with a bunch of talented people on the content team @Huke @latheives @Vxnxm @Kuavo @Drazah_ Welcome to the team! @AIberthV Yuhhhh @RawTheMonsteR Huge W @EdwardDZN @dev1ce @NIP Clean 🧼 @LAThieves @Huke Such a crazy pickup OMG 😳Blessed to be a part of this great team! #100T @DamianEstrada Same! @Yucy42 @TheSlurpYT Woah @JWDesignCo Hbd! @arsious @OpTic Saw it early 🤭, great work! @burqes @BluedPSD @CouRageJD Ty burqes! @nuahdzn @CouRageJD Ty nuah! @HonorAlair @CouRageJD 😊 thanks alair!1,500 😱, Thank you! @OnlineSamAdams @CouRageJD Ty ty @sazographics Appreciate it :) @alesgfx @CouRageJD Ty! @pavseh @KAMlMARU @CouRageJD Ty Ivern ❤️ @esteridian @CouRageJD Ty! @DamianDZN Ty!Good morning ☀️ Hit 8.7K followers today, crazy to think I am getting close to 9K. So thankful to everyone who supports me ❤️ @mindofchasing @CouRageJD Ty!Woah. Woke up to almost 1.4k on this 😮 @ShortyVisuals @CouRageJD Ty shorty!Goodnight friends 😴 Thank you for all the support today ❤️ @bishwa_designs @CouRageJD Ty 👊🏼 @Coachable_ @CouRageJD Ty man! @PDesignx @CouRageJD Ty bro! @Bensparroow @CouRageJD Ty ben!Wow... 1K!!! @WhoIs05hrs TY!holy 900 😱 @GemmCreatives @CouRageJD TY mike! @EsoleArtz @CouRageJD tyvm @MintzDesigns @CouRageJD ayyy ty! @blenardGFX @CouRageJD ty belnard!Beyond thankful for all the support, had a whole lot of fun with this one ❤️ for @CouRageJD (Not Requested) All support is appreciated ❤️ #100T
Retweeted by Charles P. WebbHoly 800, ty for the crazy support on this ❤️ @ChipotleTweets Chipotle how many RT’s for a VIP card 🤔 @ChipotleTweets @kbo_85 @CouRageJD Ty! @trizzyreborn @Huntervurse Nice work!600! 😳
@kbo_85 @CouRageJD Yup, the whole idea was to make this header look as if a photo was taken during an animation of… for 400 ❤️ @Hexcd @CouRageJD Ty hex! @alphqdesign @CouRageJD Ty! @WebbDZN Super dope!
Retweeted by Charles P. Webb @CouRageJD Yo thank you Courage! @PossiblySyth @CouRageJD Thanks synth!Ty for 300 🤯 @GoGoWW2 @PyrahDesigns @CouRageJD Ty gogo! @rew0k @CouRageJD Thanks rewok! @LilSklz @CouRageJD 😀 @payyzerdzn @CouRageJD ty pay! @SHDW_ECHO @CouRageJD I appreciate that man @justhaine @CouRageJD ty haine! @VertekFPS @CouRageJD ayy ty ty @itsmepuggy @CouRageJD 😊 @hatzyart @CouRageJD tyvm 🙂 @KingCreates @CouRageJD ty bossss @HollysGraphics @CouRageJD ty holly! @ImSmurfyBro @CouRageJD 👀 @BryanVisuals @CouRageJD tyvm :) @jayhawkvisuals @CouRageJD ayyy ty Jay! @Legendistaken @CouRageJD was on and off so im not sure on how much time really haha @koradzn @CouRageJD tyvm kora! @JobsDZN @CouRageJD ty jobberino @phxntomwrld @CouRageJD appreciate that phantom @abdulnaghmoush @CouRageJD ty abdul! @PewsPSD @CouRageJD AYYY TY!TY for 200! @NovvaaDesigns @CouRageJD thank you very much Benji! @LoganDodson 👊 @AncientVisuals @CouRageJD ty ancient!📸 @LoganDodson @Viggohf @CouRageJD ❤️ty for 💯, and for anyone who RT's HUGE thanks! @DesignsOfZas @CouRageJD tyvm :) @CreativeNiallp @CouRageJD ty boss @Vapree @CouRageJD ❤️ @XiavVisuals @CouRageJD ty bro 👊Header for @CouRageJD (Not Requested) All support is appreciated ❤️ #100T I post this today or tomorrow 🤔