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Web, Mobile, IoT: all JS things since 00's. Formerly JS engineer at @nokia, @facebook, and @twitter - currently @eyeo - opinions are my own ™

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... and the CodePen link, of course 👋 @codepo8 I wish I could, the button's clear though 😥 @codepo8 not sure how I ended up here though 😅 ... sneaky 😜
@lunelson I've tried 'em all, even with ssh key and fullset ... 401 is all I've received as answer, every single ti… @adamcosi @code the Web interface doesn't allow you to update the package or, at least, I couldn't find any way to… @adamcosi @code 7800 5 stars @adamcosi it fails with 401 no matter what. I had to manually remove the extension losing 780 5 stars and upload th… @fluchtpunkt nothing, as I can't login/publish anything ... literally-html is stuck with a new feature that will never likely land. @adamcosi which access should I use? 30 days, full access, only 401 in the CLI when publishing. this is so annoying @adamcosi do you find this anyhow meaningful? just create projects to add tokens? I find this flow an utter nonsense 😥the VS Code store is impossible ... the personal access token hard to find, create, every guide around it shows dif…
@js_tut Somehow I wish this was in MDN, it's maybe worth a link in there though, what do you think?The Complete CSS Flex Box Tutorial
Retweeted by Andrea Giammarchi @camoglianalytic Grazie mille. Aggiungerò il link alla sezione "aumentiamo la cache" del mio articolo. Da mettersi le mani nei capelli. @Zizzamia @_developit just to clarify the main difference with workway, it works with nodejs too, enabling IoT rela…
@geordie__ @Mirobarsa Quindi giustifichiamo milioni di euro di contribuenti per creare disservizi? L'articolo vorre… @Mirobarsa Media non significa non ci siano persone brave anche in Italia, e ne conosco tante anche io, da cui ho i…
@tobie @JordiMallach @briankardell @igalia "file a bug" is not "send me a pull request" ... it's literally: file a… @tobie @JordiMallach @briankardell @igalia have you filed an issue though? here my experience: I had a live party w… @tobie @briankardell @igalia The great feature of being open source 😉TFW your libraries win all the template-literal & no-vDOM based category 🤩 @tobie @briankardell @igalia But the password works, right? I'm not following your concerns 🤔 @tobie "proprietary solutions are busy hardening their offer" 🤷‍♂️ @tobie use a random password generator for the room name or create your own instance? Pretty odd indeed though, the…
people wondering forever about the right video meeting experience, and after trying them all, I think jitsi is the…
Retweeted by Andrea Giammarchidown right corner, to have all people on the screen simultaneously, something awesome for after-work meetings with… wondering forever about the right video meeting experience, and after trying them all, I think jitsi is the…🆕 3 New templates for custom-elements! - µce by @WebReflection - Solid by @RyanCarniato - CanJS @canjs A total…
Retweeted by Andrea Giammarchi
@ProductHunt "Sorry, but this product was flagged for removal." You could try this instead:
looking good! I hope @webkit and @firefox will be next
@tabatkins @v8js @mathias I'm used to go for the "reference" approach: "line above" vs "line under" ... and "light… @tabatkins @v8js @mathias I'm partially colorblind myself, so while I could see the difference in those graphs, I am absolutely with you 👍Learn how we reduced our heap size by up to 43% in the deep dive of “Pointer Compression in V8”! 📉 🔥
Retweeted by Andrea Giammarchi @trelvao @nevali @allnutt_eu yeah, that's a bummer, but it's sad Linux takes the blame, when companies shipping the… @trelvao @nevali @allnutt_eu if `lsusb` shows the fingerprint reader, it means the kernel recognizes it, hence it's… @trelvao @nevali @allnutt_eu I have fully encrypted disk with hybernate/resume ability and AFAIK these days it's on… @trelvao @nevali @allnutt_eu AFAIK fingerprint reader is coming soon, but good point, although my laptop on battery…
@nevali @allnutt_eu Have you ever actually used a Linux laptop? Since 2014 for me, never a real issue, and I do wan… @nevali @allnutt_eu Linux laptops sell with the OS preinstalled, meaning zero "fuff" to have these up and running (… @nevali @allnutt_eu Fair enough, then would you please explain to me why devs & nerds wouldn't buy a Linux laptop instead?If this is the biggest selling point of Chrome OS these days, can anyone please explain to me why wouldn't you just… @luwes @RyanCarniato That's an O(n^2) guaranteed to start with, it's a no-go to me 🤷‍♂️ @EmmaBostian minimal code size edition; not ideal performance but ... hey: [1, 2, [3, 4], [5, 6, [7]]].reduce( f… of seeing an empty background at your @gnome login each time you boot fresh instead of locking it? Install i… "funny" story: few days ago I've discovered that html-escaper, with just 41 GitHub stars, is downloaded mont…
@dbwatersdesigns Heresy covers it all, but it's for react friendly devs. uce is the best in terms of size/perf but… @cam_wolff @Rapid_API The pen shows what the API providesFYI: Covid-19 table based on @Rapid_API data and µhtml now has sortable columns to help keeping track of all metrics @tabatkins Maybe I can warn about the double discrepancy though, in a minute 👍 @tabatkins All ungap stuff is "similar method", the link to the proposal is there so devs can decide if using it or not 👋 @phloe_ If you pass -4 and the length is 3 or less you get undefined, as simple as that. Same if you pass 4. The pr… @phloe_ Nope, read the proposal @tabatkins It's the ungap philosophy: if you pass doubles you're doing it wrong 😉 ungap doesn't strive for perfecti… here 👋 @dgrammatiko ucontent Is pretty aligned
Things that I love with modern tools: you can exchange them very easy. BTW if you haven't played with any of…
Retweeted by Andrea Giammarchi @dbwatersdesigns Abstraction costs, and yet heresy is faster than most hyped and most famous frameworks right now,… @dbwatersdesigns More details here: And yes uhtml has an SSR counterpart. Long story shor… @dbwatersdesigns uhtml is 80% of lighterhtml features for less than half of its size. uce is Custom Elements on uht… @RyanCarniato I might as well give it a try over the weekend, sorry for being that lazy, but thanks for sharing 👍 @RyanCarniato "managing routing" you mean on the client side? Isn't express/http allowed? @RyanCarniato More than a dev asked me about this too long did it take, approximately, to do your own demo?… @autiomaa the post would be to actually write down what the heck are all these micro libraries about, a quick and d… @autiomaa I'm recently back to minimalism, after learning the lesson regarding "offering YAGNI stuff" that simply b…µhtml (micro html) today reached a great milestone: in 1/3rd of its hyperHTML ancestor size it's capable of scoring… @Zizzamia @DPCgov @github it sadden me most of the bugs reports are about inconsistent, wrong, or missing data though 😭 @ripter001 it's as fast, one is 0 to length, the other is length to 0 ... unshift though, is 10x+ slower than push,… node 13.0.0, 13.0.1, and 13.1.0 shipped with a broken loader (or one that doesn't understand current dual modu… release: * lighterhtml v3 with `aria` and `data` is out * uhtml has been updated with `aria` and `data` too… @IndieScripter uhm ... I think the major bump made sense in the library otherwise breaking, but the risk this chang… @cwg999 yeah, I think I kinda answered myself the same in here: it's just weird to bump ma… @tpillard both neverland and heresy are glorified wrappers of lighterhtml, which just got a major version bump due… question: if your main dependency bumpbed major, should your library using it bump major too? 🤔such change will require a major semver bump, as it breaks the previous `data=${...}` behavior, which I've never us… consider aria-* and data-* attributes an essential part of the HTML specification. lighterhtml is all about decla… @MusterKnabe @codepo8 Disturbing indeed !!!achievement unlocked: used Array.prototype.reduceRight for probably the first time since ES5 introduced it🎉 Long s…
@codepo8 The picture is misleading though, as the waffle is upside down 😂 @chrisbasham Or better, my ideal header works with attachShadow *only* if developers understand attachShadow is not… @chrisbasham The attachShadow poorlyfill I've used there is poor indeed, as attachShafow can't be polyfilled, while… @Lady_Ada_King @jsantell Custom Elements built-in extend *is* the short term answer, an official proposal that tack… @devinivy @karlwestin That's indeed an important detail, although when you export a handler that doesn't need to be… @brianleroux so if a library behind the scene uses a timeout and doesn't offer a way to clean it up it's then "bad… silly question I might as well try myself but I'm lazy: with lambda end points, does setTimeout block the e… @mikesherov Maybe that was the case and we need to investigate what's going on, as I've done nothing different than… @mikesherov I've cloned one repo last day and done `npm i` which decided to change the lockfile without me doing an… @mikesherov I haven't said lockfiles are less secure though, I have said that the best security option is to have p… @mikesherov have you read the article? I often have lockfiles on my way in projects that use these, and I should tr… @liran_tal core has zero dependencies (only dev dependencies) while UI has some devDependency in dependencies for h… @liran_tal truth to be told, if you own your own stack also there shouldn't be any way to have hacks sneaked in so… @liran_tal theoretically yes, but if you own the whole stack of dependencies (not the dev one) it's actually still… @liran_tal it's harder for no reason 'cause the default npm i put ^ in front of the version but yeah, it's pretty r… @evanplaice I have security scan in GitHub without any lock file so I am not sure I am following you, plus npm i au… @liran_tal 1. extra friction 2. already said that in my tweet 3. if you pin dependencies and these have pinned depe… is yet another reason I never use lock files and you won't find lock files in my projects. The best way to ens… ... that's the latest Windows 10 update for ARM Phones ... TL;DR Windows Mobile is still maintained, I won…
@matthewcp @dgrammatiko WebSQL was more reliable, in that regard ... R.I.P. WebSQL @ExE_Boss indeed it's on the standard path, as this stuff is so standard it's considered unbreakable legacy:… @ExE_Boss I mean ... check the topic and the image again: no engine since ever, missed support for RegExp.$_, and i… @ExE_Boss *none* of those "issues" regard the MDN page, which talks only about accessing RegExp.$1 and friends, whi…