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webster @Webster1x Florida, USA


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@ZitoFN_ @PlaIism Yooooo @dukezfn @ChapFN VOUCHEveryone please vouch me @CodeHeda @PlaIism Vouch @PlaIism Pick me you won’t be disappointed @h8Iey @Manetoryfn 😐 @h8Iey @Manetoryfn Lmfao, he got it @Manetoryfn @h8Iey MY DAWG💯 @h8Iey @Manetoryfn @h8Iey @Manetoryfn Oh ok good for you hope that goes well @Manetoryfn @h8Iey Fuck man, you can have her then @h8Iey Wanna be my valentine? @magycgg @Manetoryfn Uhh idk actually @magycgg @Manetoryfn I’m pretty sure he has to quit @Manetoryfn Damn bro goodluck in the future homie❤️ @caleighp2 ok @santhrowtf @ChapFN VOUCH @caleighbtw caleigh hiiii @katiebvg HEYYYY IM HERE @connersFN wait what happened? @JarodBaker5 @connersFN stfu kid ill beat your ass @Magnolia1_ HEY TRIO LOL @xurzlol wow thats how it is @katiebvg 🥺 @katiebvg why dont you like me anymore @katiebvg hiiiiii @ImCrazyGGs @SeemTV @LegendDH @coltyessir hiiii @spookyaddison IGL ME IM A GOD FIGHTER/FRAGGER @SpiritzSZN heyyyy @klawsux xasma and faulterWhy does it look like im playing on west, or is it laggy like that for everyone? @JeremaFN ILY BUDDY YOUR THE GOAT @JeremaFN HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEREMA
@TheOliverOG Yo I’m a good fighter/fragger just need a igl @notbuilds Omg @ZlemFN Notiiii @Manetoryfn Yooooneed an igl for the cashcup w/ @Webster1x trio cc placements : 41th 44th 55th 58th just be good fighter and igl
Retweeted by webster @PAPERCLIPXCII Keep up the grind ❤️ @ZlemFN @bearoncrac @Cazzbtw shit true i forgot carry on @ZlemFN @bearoncrac HUGE VOUCH FOR ZLEM BEAR TRUST ME @ZlemFN cause your the goat, goats never stop grinding♥️ @caleighp2 im always here @spookyaddison @hctans hi loL @ryswtf morning rysvirgin dominates solo arena @spookyaddison im a goodfighter/fragger pick me up @Manetoryfn fire ass montage @RiseFn @Avivv5 Actually nuts @_JFree @OhSnaz @ripdevv mfer snaz was here tryna defend you and you violated him🤣 @Strodlez im a good fighter and fragger trust pick me up
@kyrhha i say garlic parmesan or mild or bbq @kyrhha fuck it get the wings bro @ImCrazyGGs @qtmistfn DUOOOO @caleighp2 pain😓 @caleighp2 i think me and you are meant to be @noobteyo @tommy32882178 crazy x teyo x webLFT for CC 44th 55th 58th last trio CCs @ugheav hey eav @tabnae @centrlwtf hi trio lol @h8Iey @kaylinnss so you gonna put me on? @h8Iey bet ill be waiting in dms @h8Iey PROOF? @h8Iey WHATS POPPIN HALEY @Savaje8 actually a goat little guy @rexoFN @ViztaEsports NICE W @Fultt1 hi @yoxics yooooCRAZY AND WEBSTER TAKE ON EU DREAMHACK ROUND 2
Retweeted by webster @bhronosFN @_JFree omg lets gooo jfreee @jittefy Hiii @ticksfn goodnight man @JarodBaker5 pain do you think shelbi wants me @alygxoxo HI LOL2 virgins take on duo arena @GazingNicole from conners discord @Dreamzlul could of qualed we just threw a ez 20 bomb @pdplague @7kilam lets go we are trioing @7kilam @pdplague @Enquz @0nset_ @teaFPS fuckkkk @ImCrazyGGs @7kilam @Blrr1x nah you are slow🤣 @Enquz @0nset_ @teaFPS @pdplague LMFAO @pdplague @7kilam does this mean we are trioing @ImCrazyGGs @7kilam @Blrr1x ehhh crazy idk if i can vouch this @bonzaibtw @Strodlez you will bro trust me💯 @7kilam @pdplague hi plague @Blrr1x its harder than you think it takes experience to igl @0nset_ @teaFPS @pdplague oh yeah true plague lowkey underrated igl @teaFPS yeah and rise is a really good iglIts actually so hard to find a good IGL with my earnings, i know i have potential @bonzaibtw @Strodlez ♥️ thanks man @Strodlez heyyyy @Manetoryfn aww tabz looks so cute with his llama onesie @Fung1x HAPPY BIRTHDAY G @Strodlez yo im a good fragger/fighter pick me up @boltqt @_mkos_ @Ved_fn @coolestkate be glad that it happened bolt @boltqt @Ved_fn either conner or kates discord @dukezfn Duke lets bring back the old squad and run it @ripdevv this kid will never learn broANY IGLS WANT ME???Solo dreamhack looking kinda nice right now