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Professional @PlayVALORANT Player for @NRGgg Business inquiries: Twitch Partner πŸ‡΅πŸ‡±πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

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@Guiiimond svp bb tu me manques πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜Ό @zekkenVAL @Annie_Dro @dephhgg ravvuh schewpid to put him on blast innit? @DxnTFT Welcome back Dxn! sorry to hear about everything. you got this :3 @Mendo wait till people realize that false bans happen 😱😱😱 @DekyFPS @plooful queen deky πŸ‘‘ @lolArnav @youllproveitor everytime porti tweets @auroraveiI people love good art πŸ˜‹ @auroraveiI @leaf_cs throwback to cat jump awp pick @scorgzi @lolArnav @kwistenkim HAHAHAH @ethoz @PlayVALORANT grats Alan thats huge 😈😱 @auroraveiI twas delicious πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ @C0Mtweets lets go corbin 😈 @Kanpeki_XD 😱congrats Eric 😈😈😈 @Mendo @DekyFPS hate the map πŸ˜” @Mendo @DekyFPS ^ @DekyFPS prayers answered 😱
@aceu WWWWW @DerrekOW @TheRiseNation @Shanks_TTV did u get cut ? 😱 @sethfowIer 😱😱😱 @sethfowIer @floaromaa amazing as always ☺️ @Bjorlulu small fry my nuts 🀣 @Bjorlulu they made it just for u 🀣🀣🀣 @yueyings_ here ⛽️ @texerino OP in the main menu next time.. do better 🀨 @DnorValorant @XSET cringe reply + ratio @dazzLeGO big willy @hazedCS @TSM donkey kong? 🀨 @youllproveitor im going to lil dookie!? since when 😱🀨 @youllproveitor whats happening friday? @Vanityxz oSee 😱 @scorgzi @lolArnav @kwistenkim scarra dab counter ratio @scorgzi @lolArnav @kwistenkim mfs really just be reaching 🀣 @scorgzi @lolArnav @kwistenkim oh u gonna adopt? 🀣 @lolArnav @kwistenkim fr 🀣 @lolArnav @kwistenkim 24 πŸ₯Έ @Bewbiecs happy birthday bewbie :3πŸ₯³ @FNS @Vanityxz @PureRedfish dont listen bryce @Vanityxz @mooseloff emerald butterfly 😩😩😩😩 @Governor_Val ns + ratio @lolArnav @_skag @scorgzi mf i aint got any money😱 @FrostyValorant nice shot! 😱 @ItzBoltzy after winning their 3rd vcs 🀣 @NiSMO_VAL love me a nismo clip @scorgzi @scarra
@_skag @AidenSPhan fr he just be clickbaiting my name πŸ˜” @AidenSPhan just sent 300$ for foodFrag edit I made for my favorite player @WedidOfficial ! Dms are open for commissions, please hit me up so I can ea…
Retweeted by NRG Wedid @nateschanker @DekyFPS sorry nate :( @DekyFPS only on XSET πŸ˜” i peaked @_skag skully is still disgusting now.. 😈 @lolArnav @_skag meow @scorgzi @auroraveiI applenuts in ur mouth 🀣🀣🀣Ranch is just the best dip for anything πŸ’― @hazedCS @auroraveiI sorry i cant be him @OfficialAproto same energy 😱 @harmfoo @Governor_Val @SeoldamTwit :/ @harmfoo @Governor_Val @SeoldamTwit good. kill the fucking agent @autimaticTV speak on it πŸ—£ares, classic and an OP 😱 RIOT is making saving money a whole lot easier ❀️ @grrrrtBAOW @Governor_Val smoking that silver 3 packbtw, this jett nerf does absolutely nothing. only person who's getting nerfed is @Governor_Val. they gotta do something about her dash. πŸ™ƒRest in peace BOZO you wont be missed @KOLER1337 🀨😳 @lolArnav @haeunem @scorgzi @scorgzi @haeunem 🀣you didnt even have to say it @lolArnav @youllproveitor πŸ—£ @bangzerra @bumpaah @BumpFan69 @ohhaaaiiii the fact that it happened twice... says volumes πŸ™„ @bangzerra come back soon :3 @bumpaah @BumpFan69 @ohhaaaiiii it happened twice πŸ™„ @BumpFan69 @bumpaah @ohhaaaiiii split. omen. never wanna see it again
@floaromaa @tonkat5u so like... am i invited 🀨 @floaromaa lets build a keyboard together! :3 @Cloud9 this guy @DekyFPS told me his dream was to be on the same org as @Vanityxz please make it happen πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί @Shawn12590 you been vod reviewing me? 🀨 @aleksandarosa @andbox_official Congrats Aleks! @HUYNH_CS Bonne fete bo-t fatal😱😱❀️❀️❀️ @yLevii_ happy birthday 😈 @scorgzi @_skag @haeunem i have IRL vods? 😳🀨 @scorgzi @haeunem u got this @XSET congrats XSET πŸ”₯ Keep up the good work @mfmereu @floaromaa we should play! @FrostyValorant if youre basing an agent being "broken" on the fact that someone can pick her up at a tier 1 level… @FrostyValorant i dont think you understand that if a character that hovers around 90% pickrate is generally gonna… @scorgzi thanks for the invite apoorv! really enjoyed our extensive talk about #Vanguard codes being given away by @Bronzey @FrostyValorant an agent that has such a high pick rate, to the point where you pick her over other duelists, will…
@FNS GF of a major is huge πŸ”₯ good shit @yayFPS youre insane. Nice try demonknew Gambit won when they lost a 4v1 and laughed it off. 😈demonic mentali meant 3-0 GMB πŸ₯Έ @floaromaa πŸ—£πŸ—£πŸ—£ @auroraveiI hi! ☺️ @effysgo @FNS Happy birthday old man. Glad you got your pension plan figured out before you turned 65 ❀️ @Sanchovies awesome! @RivingtonThe3rd i use them when i take business calls.