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Ex-VALORANT Professional Business inquiries: Twitch Partner πŸ‡΅πŸ‡±πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ ex: @NRGgg @XSET @PioneersGG for coaching :D

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@peterparkTV You are very handsome Peter :D @friwkal @thwifo Thank you Mrs. Kim 😊 @RaraTwitch @thwifo @friwkal Rarussy πŸ« πŸ« πŸ™€πŸ«‘πŸ§β€β™‚οΈ @ethoz if im gonna comment something like that i might as well give you a like. πŸ§β€β™‚οΈ @ethoz exactly the shit id expect at anime expo. disappointed do better @thwifo @friwkal more like handsome sexy Zander "thwifo" kim sex symbol buff lol
@NRGcurrent @ethoz why not just use the silver? aiden is literally right there 😭😭ideal date idea β€” 2 tickets to minions: the rise of gru
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@Maineyxc happy birthday maynard :3 @nateschanker @Wessel44582922 @nateschanker @Wessel44582922 go find my tiktok account brothe winner of the giveaway is @Wessel44582922 DM me for a code :D really think 150 ping players who don't talk should be on my team like 20% of the games :D this is really cool th… and GAMING ?!?!?!? twitch .tv /wedidvalorantHappy Canada day to all my Canadian Gamers πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ₯³ @valyngod nah he hit that πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™€ @007revansada @s0mcs 🀑 @snirot you shouldnt at all @snirot dont read comments snotboy @s0mcs we get it bro youre rich 😭to our waiter that i only tipped 3000$ im so sorry, it was the only cash I had 😭😭
@frostyZK an absolute classic @MusicHater75 around :p :3 derpitty derp derp twitch . tv /wedidvalorant @Akirra_fps yes @AckertKasey my bio @tigz_1 no @zander_fps your chamber was sick on breeze tho
@MusicHater75 trololololo @DekyFPS LMAOOOOcoaching has been something i found myself enjoying the better I get at it and streams have been going absolutely a… @ethoz Alan. something happened today i just dont know what it is. turned me despicable but my money still gru πŸ’― twitch .tv /wedidvalorant @OkinFPS @crunchyyworld @atlidx @fuglaa "My teammates arent holding the off angles. I-I-I-I dont get it help me CAR… @crunchyyworld @atlidx @fuglaa the gears arent quite turning in that noggin, but maybe if we get rid of all those c… @atlidx @crunchyyworld @fuglaa yeah i didnt read the thread but just this tweet is enough to know. @loldellzor and the guy who I queued with with random chinese characters as his name with a 90% hs and 300adr avera…
@thwifo @Ban_Val @Governor_Val baby. @MusicHater75 @KOLER1337 ❀️ @dazzLeGO @TryMetafy oh no... here they come.@TryMetafy has given me the opportunity to run a giveaway for one of my coaching lessons. Retweet and like this po… w @Ban_Val twitch . tv /wedidvalorantcrazy cause I did not consent to being murdered every round, i think thats where I draw the line, the enemy should… @portilho this aint even an achievement anymore @floaromaa free for you :3 🫣🫑fade #valorant
Retweeted by Wedid @floaromaa your art is just perfection everytime to be expected 🫣 @C0Mtweets i got in a game with you :3
@vinnerwinner caption fire @zombs weirdly enough imma have about 4 of those that look the exact same soon πŸ€”Thank you to @iiTzTimmy for sending his lovely community over :3 i had a lot of fun on stream today @madafps @ShopifyRebels letsss goooo congrats bro @FNS did you get the never ending cough? hope you get better bro <3 @nosyy_tv crop ur pics pls. @ANDROIDfps good shit brad :3 it we Ball. twitch .tv /wedidvalorant @AndrewYonce everything @mooseloff @currydtx @zekkenVAL my fault OG @GrimValorant i know but now hes smarter too 😎better qual for the gamers was my student? @GrimValorant πŸ™
@AspergerGamer @GrembloMale no matter what you think there is always things a player can improve on. so when a game… @GrembloMale where theres a will theres a way @GrembloMale well coaching will help you focus on winning not playing for stats :D @crunchyyworld bro im dogshitThis mf took 5mins to fix an issue that I had for months... @TrippyN2L actually the goat @TrippyN2L hmm dm me? @TrippyN2L hmm πŸ€”πŸ€”can u tho @rhymeVAL 😑this has been happening a lot recently :D @abgshmu you'll be okay i promise πŸ™ @Ban_Val would u play with me if i asked (not saying im gonna play just wondering) (seriously we dont have to play if u dont want to) @lolArnav i gotchu πŸ™ @Cryocells_ u deserve a milly @aleksandarosa washed at 22 πŸ™ @JTayy_ @NQSTRIL πŸ™ @XSET @zekkenVAL can i get a @nateschanker jersey signed? @dmitri3k i appreciate it πŸ™ LFG #reptheset Happy for the boys @Cryocells_ @AYRINval @BcJFPS @zekkenVAL @dephhgg and my boy @SyykoNT… @jauzed_ @dmitri3k 10% is better than 0% :D @InstnD its all about getting the 30s and not winning and making smart plays 😈
@harmfoo youre better than me @MusicHater75 yeah im sure its ur bday today bro.🀑 3rd one this year πŸ’€another one 😎 the dickriding is crazyyy XSETHAGEN WATCH PARTY twitch . tv /wedidvalorant @Ban_Val 1-6-2-2Crazy how the people who are hyper aware when I play against them on my main while im streaming are completely clue… is the link to sign up for my coaching for anyone interested @AndrewYonce everyone @NotReduxx always