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Professional @PlayVALORANT player for @XSETGAMING Business inquiries: Twitch Partner Polish/Canadian

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@jcStani @CSNaturEE hard to IGL "Push A icebox" 12 rounds in a row. excited to see the fragging master ❤️ @ShoT_UPcs @CSNaturEE @Kehmicals poggers ! @Immortals @ShoT_UPcs @CSNaturEE @Kehmicals @genghsta @jcStani what a surprise 😳😳split changes are BUSSIN @RelyksOG @Cloud9 chak dart @psalm the middle part. the shoulders. the tattoo. literally unfair @brax1wnl not fair to be this good... @KING_BABYBAY @FRAG_GOBLIN cant wait to get mine. this shits gonna bang @Mendo copped a 3090 and a 5900x to play valorant at low settings. and i dont fucking regret it at all @Rawkus thought i had the gnome... in reality i had the gnoblin @RealStrongLegs W for skye player @food_cs leaderboard is sick. hating the fact that 450/500 of the players in radiant are plat level @pr0phie dont start w me prophie @HUYNH_CS save me @yungcalc :/ @FNS im convinced god doesnt exist and if he does his whole existence is built around my suffering @Zellsis <3 @yungcalc Bout to run solo for the rest of the act with no mic @Zellsis Lol I am Zellsis @Bartonologist not worth the mental deteriorationWHY DOES NO ONE COMM IN RANKED OMLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL @thwifo @GMANVAL HAHAHAAHAHAHA @JonjiJlc check the vid i tagged u in @MkaeLcs HAHAHAHAH @MkaeLcs why are u photoshopping shit @Justinovah @Guiiimond it most fucking definitely isIf you ever get someone called GenG gMd on your team just dodge... @shoukrrrr @RealStrongLegs hes lucky i deleted my reply... @RealStrongLegs If you solo or duo and lock in skye youre scum @kidvoet ♥️ @MadySmacks swiffer sweeper? @TenZ_CS now im down bad :( @KOLER1337 @RiotBallerina VouchShoutout to @not_maciek for the twitter header 🔥🔥🔥 @bunnykyxo @DekyFPS 👀😳 @Vansilli love that tabarnak ❤️ @KittenElise bs @KittenElise *insert baseball cap emoji* @thwifo @Slasher @mel_anji sheesh @KittenElise cap @GregoFPS could go for a good wiener water c-sun no cap @KittenElise thank god u never called me good @DekyFPS im freeAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHA THIS IS TOO GOOOD @alexismarieNY LFGGG @valynGOD @c4Lypso_ @poisedFPS ghoul looking scary tho @hazedCS @RiotPHRISK DUDE YES @DekyFPS @shoenobu wedid are fwuak wuans when? @mel_anji @Renegades OKAY MELLL CONGRATULATING YOU BEFORE ALL THE CLOUT COMES IN @902Creed @aureliamarcelyn and im happy for you. support u through everything @902Creed @aureliamarcelyn my man
live @DekyFPS need me a socialist rn 😔 @KuroiHisagane SHEEEESH THAT WAS COLD @Laudando7 so cutewho wants a desynced audio stream 😈? @PaincakesVAL crodies couldnt hold heaven @s0mcs volume warning next time sam tyChadstoner 😎😎 ren type beat @Critical_Val @yungcalc LOL @Shawn12590 its ok i still love u @Shawn12590 we play? @DekyFPS hi rex @KittenElise @JonjiJlc i really do 😔 @Hoppin @JonjiJlc no way u ban me then reply like we're cool...another one of these flashes dont work on me @JonjiJlc @vanitycsgo @hazedCS Vouch @vanitycsgo just spit on me next time. @c4Lypso_ @RealStrongLegs ❤️ you know me too well @RealStrongLegs Shots 1-5: Clearly missed. Shots 6-9: Missed due to recoil (bad spray control). Shots 10-11: Very… @RealStrongLegs ok whos got the copy paste @ashbuni vouch @thwifo @root7K ongod... asking the questions the left and the right are too afraid to ask...Didn't mean to get political. also obvious @root7K flank @Morgausse_ @Stretch i love u.
@veneratedZR @Interrogreat Happy Birthday to my first Val teammate ❤️ @katiebvg :) @katiebvg ❤️thank you katie @katiebvg need this rn @DekyFPS @hoajuu ily zack <3 @Subroza bon matin Yassine :D @OsiasPH my dog @SicK_cs viper finally moved up to c tier from D 🔥 @jparkfps very excited. feels like some teams are finally getting recognition :D
@DekyFPS ❤️ @LilJulieVert HAHAHAHAHA @flexinja @Average_Jonas ♥️♥️ @YaBoiDre @Sentinels goodshit dre 🙏 glad you got a team that appreciates you @Marved6 is this Toronto mans music?I was watching @hazedCS stream and he wasn't wrong when he said we're the only 2 viper players in NA... @LilJulieVert @jdang1x HAHAHAHAH @Poach W @LilJulieVert @jdang1x ur literally obssessed its kinda weird... @LilJulieVert @jdang1x ? @jdang1x @LilJulieVert same jd... same @LilJulieVert no way u do jd like that AHHAHAHAH5 detained ace with slightly tipsy raze movement🥴🥴