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@Splinder_boyyy ShhWomen still rape and murder men lmao @womocjos005 @gloo_gee @rubybodadeo1 @AstroBans1 @sheabutterfemme Exactly, most conversations I have with feminists… @jop_0 @iRWgotSusd ? @jop_0 @iRWgotSusd ?
Hi if you see it have a nice evening @thehee420 @CorinnaKopf Shhhh @Wbstrakt @LeGoat_James236 @espn @joeyjaws Only thing make me wonder is how tf this man can survive after eating that much @thehee420 @CorinnaKopf I'm down around 60 followers in the last 2 moths @thehee420 @CorinnaKopf Dann block whoever is going to follow you then @CorinnaKopf A follow is one more number so yes @Wbstrakt @LeGoat_James236 @espn @joeyjaws Whats sus about it @HaXeR_LoL Ohh @HaXeR_LoL Looks good but not enough to be called dinner tbh @NZXT Alright will do @scobesx @_kokojumbo @NZXT Nzxt cam for some reason tells me wrong information about my ram speed and the feature that shows cpu usage and gpu usageName something more useless
Retweeted by spe3dyHoly shit CAT GIRLS LETS GOOO @optiuh Dim is better @crox_aut @thehee420 Hm I assume its a fan problem then, do you know if your water pump is working once you turn your pc on? @crox_aut @thehee420 Hm its supposed to have 5 years warranty so worst case scenario you can always replace it, onc… @crox_aut @thehee420 for how much time do u have your pc for now? @crox_aut @thehee420 sure @crox_aut @thehee420 its the cpu cooling then, your pc would shut down once your cpu overheat what watercooling do u have?anyone knows why my gpu clock speed acting like this? it happens 24/7 even when gaming @thehee420 @crox_aut Do all the fans work properly? Does it make any special noise when it crashes?Gonna put an anime gif 😌 its also nzxt so it matches my cass @thehee420 Stonks @thehee420 How much % offI just realized the aio I want to upgrade to has a gif option on the led display time to wait for black Friday then @thehee420 Good choice 👌 @thehee420 Nice what cpu @HarryButAverage Shit that reminds me to clean up my pc @MrFakeColor @BananaGamingCS 2080 super is an amazing gpu for csgo tbh, I always run more than 300fps with an i7 9700k and this gpuLMAOO people just want to celebrate 4th of July but for some reason other people say all countries matter @MemeJulien I am going to try to make the changes and make the necessary adjustments and make the changes to make it more than enough
@Itazashi @JayTheTeen26 @WaifuMenu Since she's pretty much perfect, nothing special in her personalityYOOO THEY DROPPED NICKI'S NUDES IN THE REPLIES LMAOOOO
Retweeted by spe3dy @ImReeeK I've stopped trying to argue with ppl like that ago its just not worth it whatever you say you're racist t… @SamjaySJ Only 3rd? Its already my 4th 😎 @JayTheTeen26 @WaifuMenu Meh, it won't be interesting to watch if onodera would have won @saucenaopls @LewdRealm Good bot @yukihira_326 @LewdRealm Not an hentai? Damn @LewdRealm Sauce @jop_0 Sad it didn't have a kissing scene tho @jop_0 Ye finished both today, prob one of the best animes I've ever watched @jop_0 It was indeed goodFinished rascal doesn't dream of a bunny girl senpai and the movie holy shit this was such a good anime @Reasonbills OhWhite list Black list Grandfather Guys He/him/his Man hours Sanity check Dummy values Go ahead suspend me @hannageldart @Vexystedd @bbyoliver6 @ceoofsexyness @MAM1SHAMPOO Define gender or not, im simply attracted to women… @TristanGHill I once said I prefer white women over black women and was called racist, the internet is a dumb placeLike I give a slight fuck about tq+ community calling me transphobic, they can cry as much as they want for not hel… @HAC1B1 @one_man_gangg @PedroPCMR @OfficialPCMR @CORSAIR @ASUS_ROGNA @GlobalLianli @wd_black Are you fr? The new Mi… @HAC1B1 @one_man_gangg @PedroPCMR @OfficialPCMR @CORSAIR @ASUS_ROGNA @GlobalLianli @wd_black Firefox is good wdym @SamjaySJ Its in the picture then ofc its real duh @Zaid_Habash1 @averagewhitetac @YosefDavid9 @ukblm Lands they bought and some places near it as well, palestines of… @Zaid_Habash1 @averagewhitetac @YosefDavid9 @ukblm Ok I couldn't find the proof I apologize, ill say it instead Th… @Zaid_Habash1 @averagewhitetac @YosefDavid9 @ukblm Oh and let me correct my self first, the land was controlled by… @Zaid_Habash1 @averagewhitetac @YosefDavid9 @ukblm On the other hand on the jewish calendar its already more than 5,500 years @Zaid_Habash1 @averagewhitetac @YosefDavid9 @ukblm Before I look for the proof (I have it saved somewhere) how did… @iRWgotSusd Gm @Zaid_Habash1 @averagewhitetac @YosefDavid9 @ukblm Ik, he was a liar who said bs stuff so ppl will belive him only… @Zaid_Habash1 @averagewhitetac @YosefDavid9 @ukblm Not my point, my point is that the land doesn't belong to palestinesGood night twitter @AMERICANBEAR555 @vvaIIah @Gizmodo Jewish physics are epic
@loddekka @Diarmui65282853 @ToxicTurkey @Huawei Bruh @averagewhitetac @Zaid_Habash1 @YosefDavid9 @ukblm Hm fair point @Zaid_Habash1 @averagewhitetac @YosefDavid9 @ukblm And who says palestines owned the land? Most of it was public land or owned by empires @Zaid_Habash1 @averagewhitetac @YosefDavid9 @ukblm A *part* of israel citizensYawn @LukyitrL @averagewhitetac @Zaid_Habash1 @YosefDavid9 @ukblm Well if I'm not wrong once they announced the state david said t… wasn't it earth @Zaid_Habash1 @averagewhitetac @YosefDavid9 @ukblm Israel was actually supposed to be a country for all religions,… 4th grade tomorrow kinda nervous 😓 😬 😅 😫 😩 🙃 😓 😬 😅 😫 😩 🙃 😓 😬 😅 😫 with foreigners on multiplayer games is fun af when you tell them you're from israel @averagewhitetac @Zaid_Habash1 @YosefDavid9 @ukblm He doesn't, its pretty clear he also said that he wants to kick… @Zaid_Habash1 @averagewhitetac @YosefDavid9 @ukblm "West seem to love the jews" There are still a big amount of pe… @Zaid_Habash1 @averagewhitetac @YosefDavid9 @ukblm I didn't explain my self right, jews that were born and lived in palestine @Zaid_Habash1 @averagewhitetac @YosefDavid9 @ukblm If you want to kick the israeli jews fine, first find a solution for around 7m people @Zaid_Habash1 @averagewhitetac @YosefDavid9 @ukblm Where would the jews go exactly? They have literally nowhere to… @Zaid_Habash1 @averagewhitetac @YosefDavid9 @ukblm 1. Why before 1948 can't stay? I thought palestine was a land of… @Zaid_Habash1 @averagewhitetac @YosefDavid9 @ukblm Maybe I didn't understand you right but I have two questions 1.… @Zaid_Habash1 @averagewhitetac @YosefDavid9 @ukblm What solution do you want then? @NotYoBBDaddy @vlodekmultiver1 @gurl_bean @Kevin42622074 I mean to be fair the officers couldn't know about his cri… @TheRealUnuSua1 Not only thisDo i use this pfp or stay with my current one is wrong with the smash community @TheRealUnuSua1 I'm joking men @TheRealUnuSua1 Sure as a "joke" @TheRealUnuSua1 Did u ask for it as wellWhat's a good anime site? is starting to fuck up sometimes @LukyitrL Stealing @Zaid_Habash1 @averagewhitetac @YosefDavid9 @ukblm Its kind of a war conflict both have the right to attack @HaXeR_LoL If you zoom up on the glass you can see your white shirt @HaXeR_LoL Nice shirt reveal @sxgaswife What you said is just wrong @Zaid_Habash1 @averagewhitetac @YosefDavid9 @ukblm I already told you the years israel agreed on a two state soluti…