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Just a Mom, screaming into the void, trying to survive without losing my humor. Not my mind, that's long gone #Geek #BLM #LGBTQ+

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Today, as a woman, I felt joyful and hopeful and proud. Representation isn’t just important for little girls.
Retweeted by Just Heather 🖤 @michellelynne04 There is nothing sexier than someone who can make you laugh 😂I am officially semi drunk and comfort-watching New Girl ᶠᵒʳ ᵗʰᵉ ᵗʰᶦʳᵈ ᵗᶦᵐᵉ and I am not ashamed to say I would run…
@riverandmal This is why I don't do Facebook anymore. I prefer to pretend my family aren't all this stupid and goin… “Racists have to go back into hiding” Day!
Retweeted by Just Heather 🖤Good morning to everyone except for people that don’t say “big stretch” when their dog stretches.
Retweeted by Just Heather 🖤I usually don't like reboots but since the last four seasons of America have been garbage, I'm looking forward to this one.
Retweeted by Just Heather 🖤 @KathyHess1 I forgot about that part 🤣🤣 @saderman I'm starting to learn that already 😂 @thatnataliedawn Yeah I forgot about that part 😂🤢 @ISimp69420xx I'm 5'1😂 @HeatherSchiavo I believe that 😂 I don't dress very girly so a lot of my clothes could be genderless @TracyTeitz I forgot about that part 🤢 @MainMunchie @mommajessiec 😂😂 @spittykitty543 That sounds adorable 😍 All my favorite hoodies are always "men's" hoodies. They're just better @OhioMomoftwo @HomeWithPeanut I'm in! I'll buy one 😜[Grinds up ibuprofen, throws it in cake batter and bakes a chocolate ibuprofen cake.]
Retweeted by Just Heather 🖤 @dadmann_walking This is my kind of cake @Love_bug1016 would give you all the emotional support hugs if i could
Retweeted by Just Heather 🖤 @MumInBits Ughhhhhhh whyyyyy!? This is why sometimes I pretend to lose track of time. At least when he's playing he's quiet-ish.a constant war in my head is wondering if I should find out why the kids are quiet vs letting them continue making…
Retweeted by Just Heather 🖤Have kids so you can go grocery shopping every day to make things they won't ever eat until you die.
Retweeted by Just Heather 🖤Can we all just agree that book cover sleeves on children’s books are a waste of money?
Retweeted by Just Heather 🖤As you honor my father today, please honor my mother, as well. She was the architect of the King Legacy and founder…
Retweeted by Just Heather 🖤
@AngelaInGeneral I didn't think about that 😰 he's got a while till his teenage years but still...Make sure the people in your circle are good for your mental health.
Retweeted by Just Heather 🖤[me teaching high school poetry]: A poem is basically a little book that’s being weird,
Retweeted by Just Heather 🖤I texted my husband about all the sex I’m expecting for my birthday and accidentally sent it to my MIL. She just re…
Retweeted by Just Heather 🖤 @maryfairybobrry Happy birthday Mary!!!!!It’s not drinking alone when you have multiple personalities
Retweeted by Just Heather 🖤Date night 2019: Dinner and a movie Date night 2021: Hiding from the kids in the closet together
Retweeted by Just Heather 🖤In David Attenborough's voice: "When being offered to smell a particular food, the young toddler will fully immers…
Retweeted by Just Heather 🖤 @cpbrhb Thank you 🖤🖤🖤Parenting pro tip: If you hear them say “I spilled a little” it actually means “time to build an ark”
Retweeted by Just Heather 🖤 @beetsonbikes Jury's still out on my daughter 🤣 sometimes she likes to be all about pink and princesses, sometimes… @mom_tho @TheBoydP Of course @dadmann_walking @maryfairybobrry @firebrand3 @R_X_Sarsparilla @ADHDeanASL @dadmann_walking I'm so sad now I love her in this show! I can crush on he… @SighReally1 @MumInBits Does he hate it? 😂 I have a feeling mine will be very mad at me8 is responding to all questions with fart noises and no I don’t think his education has suffered because of homeschooling why do you ask
Retweeted by Just Heather 🖤 @momtribevibe Jackpot 😜 @MumInBits Thank you 🖤 @saltymamas Right!? I'm gonna have so many hoodies 😂 @saltymamas Thanks girl 🖤My son is about to turn 9 and it just occurred to me that I'll be able to steal HIS hoodies soon too. This is like… @ItsEmilyKaty @hannworkman_ can either be helpful to each other or be the very cause of the other having a meltdown… @ItsEmilyKaty @hannworkman_ and possible autism. (When she was diagnosed, the doc said it was very likely, but she… @ItsEmilyKaty @hannworkman_ Love this thread. 🖤 My kids have a mix of many of these and it's so hard to figure out… and hyper sensitivity in autistic people - a thread. /1
Retweeted by Just Heather 🖤 @GimmieTheHam @Roclogic That would be a pretty popular video tbh 🤣Bi update: Feeling diligently bisexual.
Retweeted by Just Heather 🖤 @GimmieTheHam @Roclogic Head on over to Tiktok. Sea shanties are all the ragedance with her in the kitchen and tell her she’s beautiful
Retweeted by Just Heather 🖤 @HomeWithPeanut Thank you 🖤🖤🖤 @Skibeat7 @momsense_ensues Thank you 🖤☺️i hope you find your person. the one who feels like home, no matter the distance. who knows you’re a lot~ a dreamer…
Retweeted by Just Heather 🖤 @SnarkyMommy78 I am too. I just wish I hadn't neglected it my whole life 😅 @tweethappy2017 Thanks girl 🖤 @UnexpectedSAHM Thank you 🖤🖤🖤I didn't finish in time to post this earlier, but I didn't want to miss today altogether. "Darkness cannot drive…
Whenever we use #mlk to as an evangelical preacher of unity or a sage to silence progressive Black activism, we di…
Retweeted by Just Heather 🖤Me: Babe look, are you proud of me!? I'm actually drinking- Hubs: Is there whiskey in there? Me: Um excuse me, bu… @Anxious_Antheia @WhimsicalAf Yes I came to say this!! Honestly I don't even feel like they did a terrible job, but… else dealing with postpartum anxiety? How long did it take y’all to work past it and what did you do to help…
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Retweeted by Just Heather 🖤 @tweethappy2017 @UnexpectedSAHM Okay that's fair 🤣 @UnexpectedSAHM @tweethappy2017 I was thinking the same thing 🤣 @pro_worrier_ 😊🖤🖤🖤🖤 @SweetCor83 @pro_worrier_ Same for all of the above 🤣 plus writing, painting, my plants and pets, pretty much anyth… @SweetCor83 @pro_worrier_ Thanks 🖤 It's frustrating but it's fun right? 🤣
@pro_worrier_ And I just made some Bailey's balls because... Chocolate and baileys. 🤣 @pro_worrier_ I've been working on this for forever. Old 125 gallon fish tank converted into a new enclosure for my… @pro_worrier_ Those are amazing!!! I try a little of everything because I can't concentrate on things too long 🤣 He… @sweetmomissa pick at my face like all my problems will be solved by eliminating that one tiny bump, knowing full well it'll tu… @michimama75 Drunk or not that's funny 🤣 Also... Peach mead!? That sounds delicious @MumInBits Not having to cook for an entire year!? I'll take that please @FfbKell @pro_worrier_ Of course!
@LifeThrewLemons Right 🤣 @Beagz Cold blooded birder 🤣🤣🤣 @Mandie80 @HomeWithPeanut Quiet time is a lifesaver. I'm going to start making that happen now @BVnH6 @dadmann_walking Nooooo 😭 My other two stopped early too. This one is 2 & 1/2 and he's lasted the longest. @Fire4boy @cpbrhb He's 2 @tessthebutler I'm already deep in the 🥃stage 🤣 @NaishaBoricua31 Yep he's 2 & 1/2. I am not happy 😭
@em_ilie_ Omg I love this! I have like that exact amount of stretch marks too. So much glitter 🤩 @dadmann_walking I relateme: why are u so angry 7: I just am me: you can scream into a pillow to help 7: then I'd have to scream all day…
Retweeted by Just Heather 🖤fall in love with a song that makes you feel alive again
Retweeted by Just Heather 🖤My youngest is officially done with naps, so due to this unfortunate development I will no longer be postponing my next mental breakdown. @MadDogLane1984 @WKQualls Exactly! My dog is big and I've had plenty of people have an initial fear reaction at fir… @MadDogLane1984 I think they especially like people who don't like them too. My husband doesn't like cats(I know 😣)… @clevan72 @Haley_Jarrells @HealyEatsReal @thequeensheart @Jenny_Im_here @HEATHEREIGN76 @HLStockenstrom @nhojgem @LT1m3 @RoobsC Oh yes. Very often @OmahaWineaux @RoobsC That's literally exactly how she did it 🤣Wife: good you're finally done in the bathroom Me: *extreme pippin voice* but does she know about second bathroom
Retweeted by Just Heather 🖤 @CNewbs @triSARtops @stickysocks24 @FansGoMild @AmyTheFrone @EJBusch's normalize thinking before we speak. Let's normalize lifting people up not slamming them. Let's normalize no…
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