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Esports Commentator/Analyst. Partnerships @ @Chiliz/@Socios_Gaming/@socios. Represented by @CodeRedEsport. All opinions and posts are that of my own.

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@AJPPlayer_ FYI, just report the emotes as stolen art work to Twitch after this long. Unless someone asks you to s… pls remove Ninja from the Esports follower tag and add him to Influencers thank you
Retweeted by Tom Pickering 🇲🇹Join @StreamElements today fire as usual. forgot it existed It's cool but the way it's implemented felt clunky and too many steps
@EireneShell Yeah, that is usually safer then usual. Wish I could say it wasn't the first time I've heard of it happening. @EireneShell 50% upfront and 50% after. Or 100% upfront.Is the video game and peripherals industry ready for this? Larry Kudlow is on record this week saying there is no…
Retweeted by Tom Pickering 🇲🇹 @csgodevil Mhm, she shows the dog coughing in another video (below the tweet you replied to). She screwed her self with saying that stuff. @DFla56 @Femi_Sorry How do you plan on doing that? :) @MitchManCasting I told you this. @tojidoto3 @Socios_Gaming @OG_BDN0tail I approve, what about you? @Socios_Gaming & @OGesportsAmazing fan art! :D < an interview with Boris Johnson in Cheadle this morning. The @seashelltrust previously signed a letter saying c…
Retweeted by Tom Pickering 🇲🇹 @hannahITV @seashelltrust @GranadaReports Amazing Job Hannah.'re genuinely sorry once again for interruption here! Our team has identified the connection issues and are worki…
Retweeted by Tom Pickering 🇲🇹Announcement! Get more info about NAVI PUBG roster changes. 📰: #navination #PUBG
Retweeted by Tom Pickering 🇲🇹 @MoN0CS001 An unban is needed now that more evidence has come to light, but her delivery of said evidence was put o… @LycanGTV We both know the moderation team are shite @Femi_Sorry Great video Femi. Ignore the bots replying to you.The Tories have been calling the EU a dictatorship for years so they can blame it for everything the Tories have do…
Retweeted by Tom Pickering 🇲🇹 @LycanGTV REALLY unfortunate, but unluckily broadcasters are responsible for everything that happens on camera, and… @MoN0CS001 If you want to compare her to Alinity, a person who DID and DOES abuse her animals then fuck, no competi… @MoN0CS001 As a whole, YEAH the Twitch banning process is shit, the moderation team are shit as far as i've seen ov… @MoN0CS001 Guess you're talking about this one: Which I still agree with. As a broadcast… Tories have been in power for over nine years. If they really wanted to fund our NHS properly, they'd have done it by now.
Retweeted by Tom Pickering 🇲🇹 @Enzzly @itskellykline @MyraByrom @AdrostusMorgan @MoN0CS001 "This is the clip, judge for yourself" - Me None of that states me ignoring anything. Further context… @UrbanCDN @followLocoEX @HawksNest this today: @mrdomrocks Saw this today: guy on a motor bike just drove past me doing that @Ninja dance with his arms whilst staring at me the whole time Wtf MaltaBoris Johnson says we can trust him on the "40 new hospitals" because "you don't put millions of seed funding into…
Retweeted by Tom Pickering 🇲🇹This. This is one of my Biggest reasons I voted to remain. No UK government should be entrusted with being able t… @BatmansLass @RalfLittle Yep, it's been the main reason why I voted remain since day one. I don't trust any UK gov… @BatmansLass @RalfLittle Yep, all parties want it as it will allow them to remain in power and not call an election… @BatmansLass @RalfLittle To be clear, the Labour party are also trying the same thing (afa… @AbbieEUW @caseykfrey @SleepyVayne @DVBBS @xxbridge Time to rewatch @BatmansLass @RalfLittle Will be 5+ years thanks to page 48 of their manifesto :)Hello, I'm given chances to find a new team for better experience I'm a fragger, speaks good english. I am very co…
Retweeted by Tom Pickering 🇲🇹 @Lord_Boothby @NickyMorgan01 @Conservatives @TheSaiint @VegasPUBG JUST HIT YOUR SHOTS @wetn00d @geometric @AceOfPyrite Did you provide constructive criticism in another message or did you just call them trash? @geometric @AceOfPyrite Easy to be loved by everyone watching when it's just your mum🤪🤔 is hiring an Esports Manager and I wanted to share the link for Industry friends who might be interested.…
Retweeted by Tom Pickering 🇲🇹Can we sue someone?! This is crazy. SCREAMING 😂 50K 🙃
Retweeted by Tom Pickering 🇲🇹NEVER liked Ross an esports fan this hurts. If you go to see an esports event live and feel that your team needs your support, s… @UrbanCDN @inhuman Welcome to CSGOStable genius you say?
Retweeted by Tom Pickering 🇲🇹 @csgodevil @Hak5 What what @PaulChaloner Ban them for a year from X branded events. Fucking disgusting. @veeliaxo People saying she didn't do it because the smaller dog helped in camera I'm not sure though, can see why she was banned. @veeliaxo If they hadn't been so anti gaming in the past I don't think we'd have our guard up. @veeliaxo Although as a whole the marketing would be great, having an external entity like them feel like they know… @veeliaxo It's the same shit they've been saying, they only mention gaming to have potential with VR becoming a thi… @kittyhouseknife Lmao, ok touche 😅Valve is now running ads on YouTube. They are actually marketing their game. This is truly a new era.
Retweeted by Tom Pickering 🇲🇹 @PaulChaloner I love how they use language that implies that this conversation is wanted by both sides. How long un…
Retweeted by Tom Pickering 🇲🇹 @ChKlaue You don't know what you're talking about.
Retweeted by Tom Pickering 🇲🇹 @ChKlaue You don't know what you're talking about.I'm with Paul. Fuck off.
@PlayerIgn Players arrive via trains instead of the plane. @JantsoP The radio messages sound shit, but everything else seems fine, what am I missing? @phantomsfx the Halo campaign makes me want to stream it, the combat is so niceMost annoying thing about Discord being down on my phone is seeing all the notifications I can't get rid of @hastr0 @MrAdamAp if you're not running these then I'll be a sad boi @geometric @hastr0 @BriceFaccento +1 @csgodevil Not licking my arsehole, that's for sure, maybe @tojidoto3 Make your own hand drawn version of Ceb or Notail by Monday 12pm CET and I'll see what I can do about ge… @csgodevil I know where that mouth has been No thanksUh, think we need to tackle other issues first. How about not promising the world but having a REAL focus. someone would make a reliable competitor. Thought TS5 could be it, but it isn't so zzzzzz but with "(your mum's maiden name) + (bank sort code) + (bank account number)" @followLocoEX 🔨 @iuKeEeGG I tried the new Team Speak but it's just a new overlay that isn't great :( @FredStreams @StreamElements Wait what @UrbanCDN We will never know @NotCantOrWont @itskellykline Mhm, ban deserved.This is the clip, judge for yourself @YesThatMGibson I'm not sure what your mindset behind this was. But, not worth going at people like this, it never… @kittyhouseknife Cute <3 Where is the broth?Trying to get through the @DHL security be like... song pleases and confuses me @RevolutApp you try to buy a business plan for @RevolutApp business and they reject their own payment I a Corbyn fan? No Do I think Corbyn should be leader of the Labour Party? No Do I think Corbyn would make a g…
Retweeted by Tom Pickering 🇲🇹 @ForeverDabbles AC/DC are meh RHCP are lit, a bit part down go nostalgia but also love the music and history of the band @LilFuzzySeal @therealEsq Switch the USB input to a back USB port, less potential interference then from the front.… the first time in history, U.S. billionaires paid a lower tax rate than the working class last year.
Retweeted by Tom Pickering 🇲🇹 @inhuman $2000 @inhuman Me