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@merrychrissmyth looking at thursday matinees that would see you free and back on the streets by now, i'm awfully c… @TBBackus You WHAT @TBBackus @EmiGarside Classic KH Kairi would be pretty easy and also hilariously "running 10k in the Paris heat" ap… @EmiGarside @TBBackus My sister's quite interested too, 50p says she wants to go for some sort of female casual ath… @emigarside has got me wanting to do the disneyland paris run weekend next year and dressing up is not only appr…"There will be no interval during Assassins. The running time is approximately 1 hour 30 minutes." Be still my fuckin heart. 😍😍😍tiktok comedians: *teenagers making hysterical creative cry-laughing 15 second videos with no budget* professiona…
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@avoiding_bears Email him, use the subject heading "Lo! It is I!".They've done something weird to the buses where they've cut most of the late night ones so I believe the bus I'm on… @shelikeswaves Never change. 🧡 @emsler @RillaCuthbert @CaptainRGeorge Reclaiming the double denim from Trevor Nunn is just *chef's kiss*. @imrankhan @stevenperkins Took me a minute!Hearing uncomfirmed reports that the man in that video in the hospital was sacked by the Times for making up quotes…
Retweeted by Janet 🎈 Lynn @TheBanditQween I wore New Rocks exclusively when I had a post-goth boyfriend, and let me tell ya I felt like I was… lie, i currently don't have anything going on this friday evening, i am going to get a takeaway and sit on… y'all ever spreadsheet your commitments over the next few months and realise that basically the only time you h… @stevenperkins (This tweet is even more beautiful now that I've read a hilariously confused review and discovered t… you see it online vs when it arrives #GBBO (I love both of them)
Retweeted by Janet 🎈 LynnI have definitely seen this movie. It ended with fire and a lone dog racing across the ice.
Retweeted by Janet 🎈 LynnI tell you what's a great source of national pride for me, just how dedicated the entire country is to ensuring tha… case you need a mood booster today, this is a gentle reminder that harvest mice exist 🌾 🐭🌾
Retweeted by Janet 🎈 Lynn @FreyaHMills @miss_knee ? @GMillan14 Proud of you!I would, and I can’t stress this enough, rather die than ever seem approachable without my consent.
Retweeted by Janet 🎈 Lynn @stevenperkins I am 100% confident they just don't fuckin make shoes for people who, like, exist. I've given up buy… PLEASE, PLEASE AND THANK YOU @RuthElleson @vampire_soup Cut out 20 minutes and then we'll talk. 😘 @stevenperkins I like to go the "two thin pairs of socks" route of shoe-breaking-in, and I must say I am genuinely…
2019 care is freezing a batch of chilli two months ago because somewhere down deep you knew how exhausted you would be right now((I clearly saw very different productions of some of these plays, which were perfectly fine but if they're being r…'all nearly earned a brownie point for including Mr Burns, but the best way to win me back would've been to shame…, the list has invalidated itself already with One Man Two Guv'nors at 41. Thanks for playing tho!Chill yer fuckin boots, we're like a fifth of the way in, and just because something impressed you last year doesn'… @EldritchGirl Yep, I FEEL that tired. But at least your specs are sorted and look great, one less thing to have to apply your brain to. @EldritchGirl They do look old-fashioned, and whoever framed (soz) that as though it was a negative needs a punch i… friends near #Oldham ? @clocktower_tc are bringing Don’t Send Flowers to @Playhouse2Shaw this Saturday. We got…
Retweeted by Janet 🎈 LynnWhere are my Midlands theatrical types? @clocktower_tc are bringing Don’t Send Flowers to @Arena_Theatre
Retweeted by Janet 🎈 Lynn @chiefendoflife @The_Globe Please tell the woman in front of you that I love her hair and her top. @bookwormboy FUCK Dittos tho, never there when you need 'em, always ready to fuck up your day at any other time.
oh good, my fitbit caught the twenty minutes i spent this morning marching up and down the garden rattling bags of… @EmiGarside Demon *puppy* tho. @EmiGarside She looks like a Japanese demon puppy. @sadcypress 🙀🙀🙀 @LaFlafster 🧡🧡🧡 @MildlyBitter @Nicole_Cliffe I need to know more about the MIL from the second letter and the whole "ducks don't have blood" thing. @stevenperkins (I'd love to be asked it though, I've got a *spiel* about how I don't believe in luck, which I would… @stevenperkins The *best* option someone came up with in the comments is that the interviewer is from a culture whe… @bookwormboy I think it's an old one, I went for a five month period without playing while I was using an older pho… @bookwormboy One more Whismur and four more Exeggcute, please. @northnorth_west What, your boss didn't call you into the office on your 26th birthday to triple your wage? But tha… @Obla_da_obla_di @TimeOutTheatre @JamieLloydCo There's like a dozen £15 tickets in the upper circle for general pur… @TimeOutTheatre @JamieLloydCo There's like ten seats in the upper circle that are £15, the rest of the upper circle… @Obla_da_obla_di Maybe they're trying to win me back after I flatly refused to book a single Pinter production.I think trans people should get thrown transition showers like brides and pregnant people get. All your friends com…
Retweeted by Janet 🎈 Lynn(tho tbh the very worst audience members i ever experienced in my life were at macbeth and the ruling class so i'm… do hope there are enough of the expensive-ticket-buyers to balance things out for everyone, but I really can't af… get that the expensive tickets subsidise the cheap tickets, but I am neither the demographic that is entitled to…, I like what the Jamie Lloyd Company are doing by making affordable tickets available for specific groups who…, that sounds more like an accusation than a reward"Thank you for looking after our babies! It's always such a relief to know you're there for them while we're away!"… cat-sitting, love waking up to find that 2/3 of them are in next door's garden, staring at me through chicken…
@POWVirtualRun @gothelenCOMPETITION TIME Follow us, RT this image and tag a running friend to #WIN a £100 e-voucher for RunnersNeed or one…
Retweeted by Janet 🎈 LynnWow, Kirsty Wark is going ALL IN on those content warnings, huh. #CyprusAvenue"Btw, this is good, but also disturbing AF, enjoy!" #CyprusAvenueWe watching #CyprusAvenue as it airs or iPlayering it later? @burntcopper Doesn't count but she's in Sleep No More and she's FUCKING DELIGHTFUL in sam smith has announced they are changing their pronouns i feel like it’s worth mentioning that even if u don’t…
Retweeted by Janet 🎈 Lynnhe's only here because he wants to be first to know when i go to the kitchen but it's nice to have him here anyway
Bill Skarsgård scaring Bill Hader behind the scenes of IT chapter 2 might be the funniest set of photos I’ve ever s…
Retweeted by Janet 🎈 Lynn @gothelen Probably aim to be home around 8ish tomorrow, need to pick up some leggings while I'm there. Yay 8:30am o… tumblr thinking I was going to kiki at funny things and this was waiting for me
Retweeted by Janet 🎈 Lynnwell this is some fuckin harry potter bullshit right here @emsler OH NO OH NO OH NO OH NOHashtag Taskmaster picnic. have come to the taskmaster picnic. might be a real good turn-out. might also have got a new course pb at par…
@welsh_tenor Sorry, I spoiled the "they have to call in a plumber" plotline, good news, there are at least eighty o… i watched the #downtonabbey movie and now i am: 🔸️ exhausted 🔸️ a republican 🔸️ unable to stop shouting "THAT PLUMBER *FUCKS*"That's simply not true, we love the trailers, we just really HATE @cineworld's knock-off Groundhog Day ads. was never meant to be watched in chunks of more than a single itv hour, the human brain was not made… yourself, I'm in the cinema about to watch the Downton movie, receiving horrified DMs from my sister in a diffe… can we please acknowledge that not everyone had a 4chan internet childhood? I spent my internet childhood on…
Retweeted by Janet 🎈 Lynni don't know that seven hours of robert lepage is necessarily how i *want* to spend my birthday next year, but it c… @stevenperkins (ew) @stevenperkins I admire how you stick to your principles.oh jfc, i thought p*wd*ep*e had cancelled his donation to a racist group because his fans said "hey, bad look", it… another unrealistic beauty standard for women. 😘 @stevenperkins I don't know why it imagines I might know anything about sport, but I did enjoy the phrasing "Unit of bananas". @stevenperkins @stevenperkins (But also congrats, alas this is where I am competitive so the bitterness will always come first apparently.) @stevenperkins Excuse you, you were only two seconds quicker than me, what is this "cropping everyone else out" nonsense?AN IMMEDIATELY GOOD SONG @TheTeddyLamb The very best kind?
@stevenperkins Yeah, it's um... I mean, I've not seen it, and I will see it, but I'll be going in HELLA sceptical. @stevenperkins Tbh sounds better than the actual score... *ahem* @stevenperkins "Dear Evan Hansen, what to say to you? You have my eyes, you have your mother's name, when you came… clarity, historians, I only ever hold my sister's hand when I'm trying to wind her up. Try again. @TBBackus I enjoy the stealth ghost stories that are coming out of the US atm but I wouldn't say no to more blatant ghost stories.Look, if our musical director was hoping for something more singing-related in response to his "any questions?" the…