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It is a 5km run - it's you against the clock. she/her

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Currently sat in A&E here in Guernsey and thought I’d take a picture of the charges. Quite sobering and genuinely I…
Retweeted by Janet 🌈 Lynn @curlybeach Y'all need to embroider "can't 404 my gel pens", STAT. @itsdlevy It's not even a musical genre, let alone a theatrical genre.rt if you recognized Jarvis in endgame. I’m trying to see something
Retweeted by Janet 🌈 LynnStarts at 8, director Trevor Nunn. #SixWordHorrorStory⭐️🐑 Wooloo drawn as different breeds of sheep! 🐑⭐️ Which breed of wooloo is your favourite? Personally I like the…
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Dress rehearsal went about as well as one could hope, post-dress rehearsal contact lens removal was a FUCKING DISAS… @emsler Snitch-taggers. @nick730 I'm sure at least one or two of them haven't drawn blood. Yet.Between Gove's Hamlet comparisons and Hunt's opinions on the elderly, wow, the Tory party is just beginning to look…
@LevParikian I cannot be relied upon to get Nigels Lawson and Slater the right way round without taking a few minut… KNOWS maybe i'll even find time to reply to some dms in between laundering cardigans and sorting out my food cu… the nice thing about show week is finally putting what you've been rehearsing for months in front of an a… Fathers’ Day from your dads.
Retweeted by Janet 🌈 Lynn @itsdlevy I'm from Britain, open air Shakespeare is our national sport, only the cowards call it off for bad weather.Wanted to go to the 7pm screening of MIB but it was 3D so have pulled over in a lovely park to kill time until the… @LVTinks ALL THE METEROLOGISTS THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN CANNOT MATCH THIS LITTLE GUY'S UNCANNY SKILLMy pal Tigger. 🧡 @sadcypress Spoiler, your face is A++ great. @chemm80 That is a BRAND SPANKING NEW baby! 😍My Netflix prank show idea: Women agreeing to meet up with the guys that send them unsolicited dick pics, but when…
Retweeted by Janet 🌈 Lynn"Please note [Your local] Surgery will close at 1pm on Wed 19th June 2019 for staff training - for medical assistan… @gothelen On a Sunday?! Impressive! @gothelen Obvs. Sports Direct opens at 10.30 but Decathlon not until 11 apparently, if that affects your proposed timescale any?
My favourite trend this year is how anybody over 30 has given up on trends altogether and now just dresses up as th…
Retweeted by Janet 🌈 Lynn @LaFlafster @stormplum THAT IS A HANDSOME MAN"Researchers say gender identity comes from the brain, not the body. Some put it more bluntly: It originates betwee…
Retweeted by Janet 🌈 LynnFirst Saturday since getting a Fitbit (and, apparently, since becoming a Fitbit bore) and my mission for today is w…👶 (i mean i heard my ex just became a father so the baby emoji is looking oddly threatening in this context) y’all have ever cried at your job or school in the bathroom can you retweet this? i wanna see something
Retweeted by Janet 🌈 LynnStop Using Phony Science to Justify Transphobia via @sciam
Retweeted by Janet 🌈 Lynn @hinge_xanderl @EmiGarside I was fifth in (aka first in line, seeing as first thru fourth got straight into the cub… @nick730 At least Rutherford has lost half an hour since it started, but you bet your ass I've been toting a cushion round with me all day. @braintree_ I wouldn't object to the bath or sink or even shower, it's a big enough room, but the toilet should be hidden away.I am angry about this runtime, folks. crumble, long live the Southbank Food Market. 😍😍😍 Ferran III. try not to take plays personally but when one of the characters is being mean to a character with your name for b… @braintree_ If you cannot defeat the tail walker, you must BECOME the tail walker. @Hescottburke Is this why you're leaving? @souchy_boyy King Hedley? I'm at that one this evening, I'm THRILLED that I won't get home until Sunday.
If your feminism excludes trans people, it isn't feminism. If your feminism excludes trans people, it isn't feminis…
Retweeted by Janet 🌈 LynnYou guys, I’m screaming. You can get periodic photos of @ewarren’s dog Bailey sent to your phone by texting “Bail…
Retweeted by Janet 🌈 Lynn @itsdlevy THIS THIS THISI'm not sure Buzzfeed really counts as a super-reputable news source, but I nonetheless admire their commitment to…'d love to play this game, but I've been in a LOT of shows. :( Allison Pearson, Have you ever heard of the Streisand Effect.....?, the best pair of earphones for running I own is a pair I picked up cheap at a Duane Reade near Penn Statio… Kidney Stones. 🤔
The Tempest, but Prospero and Ariel are played by Nandor and Guillermo from What We Do In The Shadows @gothelen Yeah, it'll save time if we don't go to Marlow. @gothelen OH, it's Runners' RETREAT in Marlow, not Runners Need! I don't get a discount for them. :( @marksiddall84 @stevenperkins Ooh, a proper curtain twitcher! @stevenperkins Drug dealer, but you sell prescription meds to the parents waiting to pick their kids up from school.This gent is majestic and that's all there is to it. :)
Retweeted by Janet 🌈 Lynn @KTsqueak @MrAkakievich According to the press release, he is! (And Ira and Emily.)I love this for several reasons and one of those is the comments of those who haven’t read to the end 👌
Retweeted by Janet 🌈 Lynn @merrychrissmyth Time to call it a day, folks. We've had our fun, now we've got to give the planet back to the trees.I think I speak for everyone here when I say how bitterly disappointed I am that we can't even properly enjoy how q… only one I can say with any certainty is Gladiator. And it was eight times. @RuthElleson I don't care about burning calories. I just want a record of how much I've moved around and if I'm sleeping properly. @burntcopper Comps. Betcha. That's certainly how I got in, it wasn't massively popular. @nick730 You could wait until public booking, then it's July. 8D @NationalTheatre Perfect, thanks very much! @hinge_xanderl I'd mind less if the Amex date was only released quietly on the website, even just on… @NationalTheatre Aaaaand do you have the Amex onsale date as well please? @vickster51 Kick their seats the entire way. @PoppyCocktails @braintree_ @KirstySedgman Love seeing a classic piece in a theatre where you may not always get th… @burntcopper Maybe the fandom is fuckin huge, but how many of them are that willing to get to that London, fingers… @burntcopper Also it's just a terrible terrible theatre. Though tbh I didn't have any trouble getting a Coraline ti… is my first day as a Fitbit user, and although I'm not entirely convinced by the whole affair, I have managed… that it? are you done? can we come out now?)There is officially TOO MUCH coming up at the National Theatre, even discounting things I've already seen (My Brill… Ocean At The End Of The Lane in the Dorfman well that's just RUDE!¬Just measured out how many millilitres of liquid the mug I have my morning tea in holds and, well, let's just say I… Millennials complain that we'll never be able to afford houses, the media just prints "buy less meal deals…
Retweeted by Janet 🌈 Lynn @bookwormboy (I know weed's not class A but the privilege bit stands.) @bookwormboy is officially Pride month. It's easy to teach people how to be cool. This cartoon can help!
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@gothelen Obviously Taskmaster, don't recall specifics. @LaFlafster Fuckin losers, that's who. @stevenperkins OH THAT CUNT. @The_Globe Roger Allam being SO GOOD at Shakespeare that he made a helicopter sound like part of the text.… @stevenperkins All of the above...? @stevenperkins Who is this asshole? @stevenperkins @norock @The_Globe Does it have to be a competition? Can't all of our moments be as wonderful as each other? 😘 @RobbieHand @DianaHe23732776 Roger Allam is SO GOOD at Shakespeare that for one giddy second I believed there was m… @TheTeddyLamb Oof, that's up there with PWB and Martin the professional edgelord. @Haroldsmum11 @EmiGarside Muriel + Celeste is my platonic OTP (OTF maybe?). @gothelen It occurs to me that you might have meant the greasy spoon, but I thought you meant Wetherspoon's. It is… a show in two hours at my home town theatre and no idea what I want to eat, only that I'm ravenous. @LaFlafster Is this related to the Jude Law thing?this would be going so much more smoothly if i didn't CONSTANTLY need to pee, hydration is for suckersI give not a single fuck for some interpretation of an ambiguous line of narrative from a religion that has previou…
Retweeted by Janet 🌈 Lynn @EldritchGirl You're very welcome. 🧡oh no oh no it's first aid course day guess it's just me and a room full of strangers (and the instructor) all day, this is FIIIIIIIIINE @TBBackus People occasionally ask "would your best friend help you hide a body?", and my response is always "who's… @EldritchGirl If the Meghan cannot go to the Soho pop-up, then the freebie postcards must go to the Meghan. 😘