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The start of Goodies with Grandparents this morning! #wegienkawildcat
Retweeted by Michelle BriegelTeaching a higher level multiplication strategy to her classmates! #wegienkawildcat #whywbsd
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Some of the Wegienka Varsity Robotics Team hard at work! #wegienkawildcat
Retweeted by Michelle BriegelHappy 50th day of school!💿🕶. We are 50 days smarter! #wegienkawildcat #whywbsd
Retweeted by Michelle BriegelMovement of a wind-up toy! ( Distance an object travels in a given amount of time) #wildcat #whywbsd
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@StacyVespremiCD @BSaidWright @russ_pickell You look so cold!!!Attention Woodhaven Warriors Sodexo will start having Hungry Howie's Pizza Wednesdays at all schools in the distric…
Retweeted by Michelle BriegelAll WBSD schools closed 11/12/19 due to the weather.
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I love this!
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@MarkwortKinders @WeinsteinEdu Great idea!!!
@barton2ndgrade What an incredible lesson! This is surely making learning an experience! 💜My awesome surgical team performing place value surgery!
Retweeted by Michelle BriegelOur students are so engaged while using the interactive Boxlight screens to identify words with prefixes!…
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Thank you to our Woodhaven High School Robotics team for helping out our Wegienka Wildbots! We learned so much from…
Retweeted by Michelle Briegel @Syndee_Sue @jon_wennstrom #MEMSPAchat @Syndee_Sue @jon_wennstrom #MEMSPAchat @SSpickard A7: It warms my heart when former students tell you what an impact you had on them and keep in touch wi… @SSpickard A6: Our community has an Education Foundation. Very generous grants are given to staff each year! #MEMSPAchat @SSpickard Our school community is amazing! They have stocked the staff lounge refrigerator with healthy snacks ea… @jon_wennstrom A5: Our Student Council promotes gratitude by facilitating a Gratitude Week at school. They created… Success!! 📝 Students completed their secret workshop mission of stopping to summarize what they’ve been rea…
Retweeted by Michelle BriegelDistrict Champs! Congratulations ladies... back to back! They'll move on to Regionals at Dearborn on Tuesday at 5pm…
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@Jennife58018952 Hi Jennifer, It was so good seeing you the other night! Have a fantastic day. 🙂Teaching what she loves to the class! #wegienkawildcat #whywbsd
Retweeted by Michelle BriegelWow! The kindergarten students in Mrs. Markwort's class are working so hard during Daily 5 time! During this guide… Growth Questions: When is the last time you did something for the first time? What have you learned and ap…
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Students in Mrs. Jones’ class are busy working during math workshop. #whywbsd Lemon’s class is working on reader’s workshop! Students in small group are working on chunking. #whywbsd ⁦… you to the parents who attended Coffee with the Principal this morning. ##whywbsd graders in Mrs. Barton’s class are hard at work reading! They are working on the skill of summarizing.… behalf of the more than 5,500 students in the WBSD, thank you for your overwhelming support of our Sinking Fund renewal! #whywbsdThis morning! 9:30 a.m. in the Office Conference Room. Topic: Getting the most out of parent teacher conferences.… you have a damaged library book but can’t part with it. #whywbsd #repurpose #trashintotreasure
Retweeted by Michelle BriegelDreams do come true! Mrs. Burke had an extra special night tonight. This was due to the thoughtfulness of one of… @bbrenna3213 @hellojenjones Great stuff! Where was this conference?
REMEMBER TO VOTE TODAY!! Remind your family members that polls are open until 8PM. Every vote matters! Thank you… IS ELECTION DAY !! Remember to vote regarding Woodhaven Brownstown School’s Sinking Fund renewal for planne…“Although your students' challenges may be great today, their successes will be enormous tomorrow if you remain rel…
Retweeted by Michelle BriegelI love teachers! Yesterday I asked why cold calling with sticks is called "equity sticks". It started an amazing di…
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ELECTION DAY IS TOMORROW. NO SCHOOL! Remember to vote! Woodhaven Brownstown School’s NO-TAX-RATE INCREASE Sinking f… Mrs. Zambo’s class this afternoon! Students are creating graffiti walls to analyze text. Students are iden… @WegSpecials #whywbsd
Retweeted by Michelle Briegel @wegienkaY5 Artists were introduced to painting with tempera cakes today. We worked on handling the brush, “waking…
Retweeted by Michelle BriegelGrade Level Shirt day! 2nd and 4th! #wegienkawildcat
Retweeted by Michelle BriegelBy this time of the year, you probably are having some moments where you feel like you’ll lose your mind if you hav…
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Retweeted by Michelle BriegelBelleville beat Saline 49-10 so the Tigers will head to Woodhaven to take on our Warriors next Friday at 7pm as two…
Retweeted by Michelle BriegelCame home to see this posted on my house. Kayla will love it! Another example as to why I love this community! T…
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We had a blast making spider pies and writing a recipe review! Happy Halloween! #whywbsd #wegienkawildcat
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3rd Grade Artists created simple optical illusions on Shrinky Dink film. These will become Op Art pendants on beade…
Retweeted by Michelle BriegelA great reminder from @BethHouf and her #LeadLap presentation at #nefetc I think @gcouros is spot on with this rema…
Retweeted by Michelle BriegelA letter from Supt. Mark Greathead regarding Tuesday's sinking fund renewal.
Retweeted by Michelle BriegelLove the Fridays when our Spanish 5 friends come to teach us! #wegienkawildcat #whywbsd
Retweeted by Michelle Briegel4 Days to Election Day! Did you know our Sinking Fund has no interest costs and every dollar goes directly into our… you ready to flood the world w/positivity?! My girl @tishrich & I are launching #GratitudeSnaps 2019 ➡️Nov 1-2…
Retweeted by Michelle Briegel#whywbsd our Warrior families a safe and Happy Halloween!😈👽👺👻💀👹🕷️🕸️🍂
Retweeted by Michelle BriegelLook at these mummies in Mrs. Black’s class! Great team work! 🎃👻🧡#wegienkawildcat
Retweeted by Michelle Briegel3rd Grade Artists show great concentration working on their fine motor skills. Each artist is beading a bracelet fo…
Retweeted by Michelle Briegel4th Grade Halloween fun! #wegienkawildcat
Retweeted by Michelle BriegelMy second grade cutie! #wegienkawildcat
Retweeted by Michelle BriegelA peek at our week!👀🎃 Our first set of table captains were so excited to take on this leadership role! They did a…
Retweeted by Michelle BriegelHappy Halloween!🎃Thankful for parent volunteers!🧡#wegienkawildcat #whywbsd
Retweeted by Michelle BriegelCheck out these mummies in Mrs. Dmitruchina’s class! They loved working as a team! 🎃👻🧡#wegienkawildcat
Retweeted by Michelle BriegelHalloween Fun! #wegienkawildcat #whywbsd
Retweeted by Michelle BriegelHappy Halloween 🎃 👻 from the Little Lemon Chefs!! Today we followed a recipe to make spooky spider pudding pie!! 🕷…
Retweeted by Michelle Briegel @WegSpecials If you do this tomorrow, I want to come! 👍Glow stick drumming!
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Give students opportunities to see themselves in the books they read ❤️ #diversity #DisruptTexts
Retweeted by Michelle BriegelHalloween Breakout Edu games have us all in smiles 😃 #whyWBSD #wegienkawildcat
Retweeted by Michelle BriegelHappy Halloween from Mrs. Black’s class!! 🎃#wegienkawildcat
Retweeted by Michelle BriegelHappy Halloween from Mrs. Dmitruchina’s class! 🎃👻#wegienkawildcat
Retweeted by Michelle BriegelHappy Halloween from Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Hale’s class! 🎃👻#wegienkawildcat
Retweeted by Michelle BriegelHappy Halloween! 🎃👻 #wegienkawildcat
Retweeted by Michelle BriegelFun making digital jack-o-lanterns 🎃 today...clean up was a breeze 👌🙌 @ericcurts #whywbsd #edtech
Retweeted by Michelle Briegel5 days to Election Day! Woodhaven Brownstown School’s Sinking Fund helps keep our facilities in good repair and pro…
Mr Joe came and carved our class pumpkin today. 🎃 #wegienkawildcat #whywbsd
Retweeted by Michelle Briegel @Wegienkagrade1 I LOVE how the activities go with the season! 🎃The motor parents program here at a Wegienka uses fun and engaging activities to develop fine and gross motor skill…
Retweeted by Michelle BriegelYes🙌
Retweeted by Michelle BriegelHalloween around the world in a geometric shape! #whywbsd. #5thgrade #wegienkawildcat
Retweeted by Michelle Briegel @teachplaybook @ngss The faces of the students say it all!Ss were culinary scientists today! 👨‍🔬 👩‍🔬 Was there a chemical or physical change? Why does the pancake bubble whe…
Retweeted by Michelle Briegel @Blosser2nd #wegienkawildcat Excited to see you on Twitter!!
Paper plate black cats! #wildcat #whywbsd
Retweeted by Michelle BriegelLove this box light to help students write their letters! We love this great tool!! #wegienkawildcat #whywbsd
Retweeted by Michelle Briegel1 week to Election Day! Woodhaven Brownstown Schools reminds you that our NO-TAX-RATE INCREASE Sinking Fund renewal… teachers have amnesia when working with students who have severe behavioral needs. They forget what happened…
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Standing partners to work on vocabulary acquisition today #teacherfriends #movement #discussion #teachingstrategies
Retweeted by Michelle BriegelOur workshop groups are persevering through challenging tasks at their level #math #workshop #ixl #differentiate
Retweeted by Michelle Briegel results of the Pumpkin Raffle are in.... Check out the highlights of the Woodhaven (@WoodhavenHigh) vs. Groves football game from tonight.…
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