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5th grade virtual camp has been different, but fun and engaging in a NEW way! We would like to thank Clear Lake Cam…
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Great work, Wildcat!!!! #whywbsd Wegienka newsletter for the year. Important information inside... 💜 #whywbsd
#ThoughtForTheDay It only takes one person to relate to your story. Honor your impact by tapping into your voice an…
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Save the date Wildcats!!!! #whywbsd The only barrier to our own learning is our own unwillingness to learn. As educators, we are in t…
Retweeted by Michelle BriegelMy copy is on order - checking the mail box every day! Can't wait to read it. #LeadWithRounds #dbcincbooks #tlap
Retweeted by Michelle Briegel @PaulLiabenow @Fredable Hi Fred, I am very interested to learn more about this!A8: My silver lining is the students. I have tried really hard to keep my connection with them. During this time… I work with a fantastic group of elementary principals in my district. Their support means a lot!#MEMSPAchatHello! Michelle Briegel checking in late. #MEMSPAchat
See Supt. Greathead's update on many district activities.
Retweeted by Michelle BriegelTrenton Veterans Memorial Library is offering two virtual summer reading programs for elementary age and teenage st…
Retweeted by Michelle BriegelA fun way to review the order of operations! Ss used discussion prompts to agree with, build on, or challenge the t…
Retweeted by Michelle BriegelI love how their summer shades guided drawing lesson turned out! It speaks to their personalities! #wegienkawildcat
Retweeted by Michelle BriegelSebastian had fun creating a lava lamp with his Principal! #wegienkawildcat #whywbsd
Retweeted by Michelle Briegel4 butterflies have emerged! Now just waiting on 1 more! 🐛🦋 Kinders are brainstorming names - so far we have: 1. Uni…
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Thank you 3-5 grade Wildcats for joining me in making a lava lamp! We had a lot of fun!! #whywbsd @CassieSims05 Look how awesome it is!!!! Love it! Well done, Chloe!!! 💜💜🏆Chloe made a jellyfish with her Principal! How fun! #wegienkawildcat #whywbsd
Retweeted by Michelle BriegelI had tons of fun with Y5-2nd graders this afternoon! Thanks for joining me!!! 💜🤿 #whywbsd is the day! The Zoom link was posted in your Google Classroom yesterday. See you tonight! #whywbsd is the day!!!! See you at 3 p.m. The Zoom link was posted in your Google Classroom yesterday. #whywbsd @StacyVespremiCD @MarkwortKinders Happy Birthday!! 🎉🎊🌹🎂Yay!! Our first butterfly emerged on my birthday! How exciting! 🐛🦋🎉💕 #wegienkawildcat
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We have a brand new #1 New Release out today! Lead with Instructional Rounds by Vicki Wilson! Grab your copy today…
Retweeted by Michelle Briegel5th grade parents- Save the date!! 💜 Reminder - WBSD meal distribution today! 2-4 pm at school buildings, after 3 pm at select bus stops. Michigan Counselor of Year award goes to Woodhaven-Brownstown middle school employee
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@burgessdave @AllysonApsey @vickilwilson5 @burgess_shelley @BethHouf @wenders88 @TaraMartinEDU @mreruchie
@SarahSajohnson @drneilgupta @Tara_Desiderio @Joe_Sanfelippo @ChadHarnisch @PrincipalJ @KitLuedtke @MrzAndersonWCH long weekend can be used in so many ways. I hope you make space for self compassion. Our standard school year cyc…
Retweeted by Michelle Briegel @AllysonApsey I just jumped in Coldwater Lake today. It was very cold! Have fun! 🤿🚣🏼‍♀️🏊🏻‍♀️
Flash back...... Take a look! 💜 @venezia_megan This is AWESOME!!! I am so glad I just started following you. 💜🌟👍I like how this resource breaks down essential content, supporting content, and additional concepts. It will be a n…
Retweeted by Michelle Briegel @LynnetteBosman @ErvingSkyhawks This is so much fun! What a GREAT way to engage your students!!! 💜 @Mrs_Danosky This is so amazing!! I bet the number of students you have participating at home with you is very high. Well done!! 💜👍🌟🙂 @LynnetteBosman @ErvingSkyhawks This is so fantastic! The children will cherish this for a long time!! 💜 @wegienkaY5 Thank you Mrs. Wilson for keeping the love of reading alive for our Wildcats!!!! 💜🌟👍📚Love that we have been able to keep our library time each Thursday with Mrs.W on zoom!💜#wegienkawildcat #whywbsd
Retweeted by Michelle Briegel @CassieSims05 This is a FANTASTIC idea!! Love it!! 😊👍😊💜🌟I miss prepping for & attending Arts, Beats, & Bots... thankfully Mrs. Greene has kept those artistic juices flowin…
Retweeted by Michelle BriegelThey love their Music From Home lessons! #wegienkawildcat #whywbsd
Retweeted by Michelle BriegelWe were out and active every day! Thank you Mr. Irvine for issuing your Family Fitness Challenge! #wegienkawildcat
Retweeted by Michelle BriegelI am excited to have fun with the 3-5th grade Wildcats next week! Your Zoom invitation will be in your Google Cla… future Wildcat families. If you missed our Y5 & Kindergarten Virtual Orientation this week, no worries! Her… your Google Classroom for the Zoom invite that I will post on Tuesday. I can't wait to have fun with all of…
2020 #wegienkawildcat #whywbsd @WegienkaWildcat @KidCuriousClass
Retweeted by Michelle BriegelTake a look at this awesome video of our Wildcats in the Art Studio! Thank you Mrs. Greene for fostering our artist… @StantonAlana The staff at this school should be so proud! The definitely realize the value of relationships!! Awesome work everyone!!Second grade learned about community leaders this week and today they had a Zoom meeting in which they interviewed…
Retweeted by Michelle BriegelWhat a great night! Thank you to the WBSD Technology Department for all of their help with our virtual orientation…
As part of our community government unit, Lemon Learners w/ @barton2ndgrade @Blosser2nd interviewed officer Bryan R…
Retweeted by Michelle BriegelHeading to school for our virtual Kindergarten Orientation! #whywbsd 💜💜 at 6 p.m. Wegienka Wildcats Kindergarten Virtual Roundup via @YouTubeToday was an exciting day! Our chrysalides were moved into their butterfly habitat! Can't wait to see our butterfl…
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Gleaners Food Distribution next week - new date and time
Retweeted by Michelle BriegelLoved having Mr.C read a book today to us on zoom! #wegienkawildcat #whywbsd
Retweeted by Michelle BriegelWBSD: Reminder - WBSD meal distribution today! 2-4 pm at school buildings, after 3 pm at select bus stops. 🧃🍔💜
Meal Distribution Change Next Week: WBSD will deliver meals on Tuesday 5/19 and Thursday 5/21 next week due to Mem…
Retweeted by Michelle Briegel @Mrs_Danosky This is the BEST!!!!!! 💜👍😀This morning a Padlet link was sent to all Wegienka Wildcats! The question was: What (or who) motivates you to do… Monday! @GudithGrizzlies @YakeGators @bateseagles @ErvingSkyhawks happy to watch our caterpillars grow and change each day! 💜🐛🦋 #wegienkawildcat #whyWBSD
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Retweeted by Michelle BriegelDo you see the three chrysalises? #whywbsd
A peek at some hard working Kinders! This week they are building a bird's nest for our science experiment, completi…
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Meal Distribution Change Next Week: WBSD will deliver meals on Tuesday 5/19 and Thursday 5/21 next week due to Mem… Reminder - today is a meal distribution day in the WBSD! 2-4 pm at school buildings and after 3 pm at select… Hopefully I will be able to travel to Hawaii with my mom and my family for Christmas. This is where she grew… I have found Calendly to be a huge help for me with managing my time! I learned about this at the MEMSPA Conference ! #MEMSPAchatHello everyone! Checking in late. #MEMSPAchat
Learning with @galileoleads212 @galileoleads212 @spencerideas on strategies for engaging students online! #whywbsd
Retweeted by Michelle BriegelHey teachers...are you running low on creative #STEAM challenges for #remotelearning? ⤵️⤵️⤵️
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@SSpickard This one is Awesome!!!!! we took our first Virtual Class Field Trip! We flew all the way to the San Diego Zoo and looked at LIVE webca…
Retweeted by Michelle BriegelHere is the Kahoot podium from our game today! Well done!!! 🏆🏆🏆 you 4th and 5th graders for joining me on Zoom today! I had a BLAST! For those of you who could not make it… every time I get to see your leadership in action Michelle. Such an honor, and I hope the #BalanceLAP mess…
Retweeted by Michelle Briegel#whywbsd you @SarahSajohnson for a personalized copy of your book and an inspirational message! I appreciate our time… grace. #CultureEd
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Wildcats love to read! Jasper is reading Back to the Future! 📚😀⁦@LemonLearners⁩ #whywbsd Reminder - today is a meal distribution day in the WBSD! 2-4 pm at school buildings and after 3 pm at select… you Mrs. Greene for a fun guided drawing lesson this week! @WegSpecials #whywbsd
These kiddos leveled-up in #Razkids and earned a virtual Lunch with Teacher! So fun to talk & play games together w…
Retweeted by Michelle BriegelThis week's lessons are ready! Students can click on the different images to link to their assignments.…
Retweeted by Michelle Briegel @MrsGuimondReads I love seeing FLAT Mrs. Guimond on an adventure!!!! #whywbsdI love seeing students reading at home! 💜 #wegienkawildcats #whywbsd
Retweeted by Michelle BriegelHappy Monday, Wildcats! Here is a fun video that the Wegienka Team created just for you! What are you reading thi…
"I think we must accept that nothing we do in online learning will be the same as real school, but we have to make…
Retweeted by Michelle Briegel👀Is there a more iconic #edtech duo?!?!? Coming soon to a browser near you: Screencastify + @edpuzzle
Retweeted by Michelle BriegelEducators pour their heart into their work. When working from home, families pull attention. Many teachers are at t…
Retweeted by Michelle Briegel“We do not learn from experience... we learn from reflecting on experience.” ~ John Dewey~ Empower reflection with…
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