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olivia @weirdoliv Massachusetts, USA

🇻🇳 || @t1ffsny @yukowii @shiramiyo || ava’s minion

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@kenzdxddy @sevvn AGAHDHAH @an1megf @cwaudiia so much to love you stay strong 🤍 @KushayVLRT @kiwiramune LMFAOOOOOOOOO @kiwiramune @KushayVLRT IKRRR @kiwiramune @KushayVLRT IMR @kxtieoh omg
@aveeeah Hi my little discord mod
@rellekkuma ME @seiko69_ We are gonna move past this seiko @karraof I am currently in my milkis obsession and the ice cream is SOO GOOD @sevvn Omg @NotReduxx R u getting ur soul suckedWhat does real love feel like @sash4s BRO LITERALLY
@Evs2x @karraof @NotReduxx What b word @fIuffyzx @karraof @NotReduxx Why are u acting like I was supposed to know that @karraof @NotReduxx Omg @karraof @NotReduxx WAIT IS KARRA NOT YOUR REAL NAME
@notsanityy @Add3rTV You’re garbage @florscnt Pillowkisser8892#UWU @4ynoa Yay @a7drey Queen is backand he just kept going you proud of yourself @sevvn
@yukowii @mayse00 @CombaXD Assist @gabersenn @sevvn Nah fuck u I tried to get you and u didn’t answer You’re not allowed to play phas with us anymore. You’re BANISHED @ashpolarVAL @florscnt ?? @yaszuki @kotawya Where is that @Bobbert_VAL @urlverlily Anyways @yaszuki @kotawya 111 @sevvn Happy 35th queen!! @sevvn Happy birthday Johann 'Seven' Hernandez Parker Johnson
@tiffsny45lol Word me too
@sevvn my sister bought them r they good @robitussingirl I love u too @gojosegirl @kenzdxddy @sevvn There's a lot going through his head right now.LMFAOOOOOOOOO @kenzdxddy @sevvn @tweeeneee_ YOURE SO PRETTY @sevvn @bbylapras I don't like him hes weird and annoying and I wanna rip my ears off and he's bitching 24/7 @kenzdxddy @sevvn @bbylapras You're doing well when we have this dickbag in our phas lobby @BunValorant adorbbsssss @vurokiii @iuc43 my discord is olivia<3#2007i. Am A kitten for nitro 😊
@ktbugy HAPPY BDAY GORGEOUS @vurokiii Real @cupkatez Not gonna ask. @symrifle @TSM i thought u were @sevvn making a joke @irlsanri0 YOU SO GORGEOUS @sevvn @hourly_shitpost I mean
@irlsanri0 HELLO @Fijiis15 Everyone is a figment of my imagination @florscnt Yay @valslaze You’re so fine pls @gabersenn @sevvn Can buy u a strawberry milkshake from mcdoanlds @gabersenn I messed it up @gabersenn You left JOHANN AND I to ROT. For what. For a livings @sevvn Yooooo minions @gabersenn You said no to phas because you had work @florscnt check dms, private offer. @sevvn Im a figment of ur imaginationis anyone real. be honest. @Add3rTV @krnnguyen_ Nah @ him . Do it adder. I'd like to see who you're gonna @ @Add3rTV @krnnguyen_ need the cjp to my krn @krnnguyen_ I will never settle for less @KingJevonni @_irislu_ she dont know u lil bro @yuta_val Is this personal @krnnguyen_ Man. @tibblys real. @Nighty10k Who even is he @Nighty10k asking for a fb hurts my soul. @da_moves_ this is so nice please do more @babagirl real. @sobersushi01 oliviasgf214 @Ino_VAL good luck ino @kenzdxddy NOOOOO KENZ @emluo meow meow @distxr6s @babagirl this is not a tramp stamp @babagirl YES @kayvalorant don’t be too hard on urself kay @chickenwc @sevvn Right @kenzdxddy What happened . @Nighty10k WAT
@Nighty10k Don’t you 1000 wins @Nighty10k Absolutely not @kiwiramune Hannah I’m so scared of highschool I am gripping my feet into the dirt @NotReduxx I vouch @bobabonk @mckinleylermaa 🙈🙈 @yukowii I love Ur hair @yukowii I’m gonna kiss y @yukowii YOU @delle OMG ITS SUCH A HONOR HELLO GORGOEUS @Bobbert_VAL Is that johann seven Hernandez Parker Johnson? @kenzdxddy LETS GO LETS GO @lmaooMikey You’re fuckijg dogshit quit the game @nievlr Meowing @florscnt @halevalo @sevvn OFC @_irislu_ goodnight @halevalo @kxtieoh @florscnt @sevvn dickriding is crazy @florscnt @sevvn i hope you are okay feel better stink @halevalo @florscnt @sevvn you are irrelevant to this conversation i don't know why you felt the need to say something @FrostyValorant @karraof Repping ur roots