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And that song!💜A classic, and it features birthday boy @RStevieMoore 💜An all-time classic!💜@antonnewcombe remix als…
🎂💜💜💜 The Fall with the ever genius Gary Wilson and then onto Funkadelic... don’t @ me
Retweeted by Weirdo Music Forever"The King Of Endicott" / The new album by Gary Wilson / Feb. 8, 2019
Retweeted by Weirdo Music ForeverI Like To Stay Home - @RStevieMoore (born Robert Steven Moore, January 18,1952):
Retweeted by Weirdo Music ForeverClutching Insignificance -
Retweeted by Weirdo Music ForeverYES!💜💜💜💜💜💜 birthday to the original #1 underground rockstar and Ariel’s biggest influence @RStevieMoore!
Retweeted by Weirdo Music ForeverSo beautiful @thesilverfield
Retweeted by Weirdo Music ForeverTune in!✨💜🎶🔮 @kckimchi @sharonvanetten @JOHNMAUS When business becomes pleasure✨✨✨Our in-depth conversation with TIM BURGESS - and the stellar album associated with it -- were 2018 highlights!✨Get… @thesilverfield @normanrecords
Retweeted by Weirdo Music Forever💜🎂🎶🙏✨ STEVIE MOORE✨Happiest of Birthdays to one of our music heroes -- R. Stevie Moore✨🎂Pictured here on this Flashba… got our hands on the first-ever release by the legendary L.A. Billboard Queen, ANGELYNE✨✨✨Audio, pics, and firs…
Retweeted by Weirdo Music ForeverNice mentions and insights into the creative process of @CateLeBon in this writeup, too!✨✨✨ Tip✨✨✨✨🔮🎶✨ all round: tonight @nikvoid (Factory Floor, Carter Tutti Void) & @ashleygpaul have collaborated for the…
Retweeted by Weirdo Music ForeverWe'll be there✨💜✨ the point, on point✨✨✨ a fun night✨✨✨ time @arielxpink played Sky’s Sweet 16 @ Wombleton Records. I told Ariel “Coney Island Baby” was Sky’s favorit…
Retweeted by Weirdo Music Forever.@JULIA_HOLTER will tell us all about her Aussie tour on @breakenter tonight with summer host/legend Charlie Miller…
Retweeted by Weirdo Music ForeverARIEL PINK✨AP TBT✨✨ 💄✨ nuevo de @dentmay suena mas chill que una limonada frape
Retweeted by Weirdo Music ForeverAda's Pick of the Week: Molly Nilsson's album 'Twenty Twenty' (2018). "The year of the rat, the election. Perfec…
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Tim Koh @lamaraba dedicates an hour to the groundbreaking ambient & percussive soundtrack of SNES classic Donkey Ko…
Retweeted by Weirdo Music Forever @geesumatra 💔Gems found under the radar✨✨✨🖤🖤🖤 @andrew_nemetz 💜Hear Dent May's New Track "Why I Came to California" — Weirdo Music Forever
Retweeted by Weirdo Music ForeverVery early masterpiece by @garywilson64 fans! Tickets for our U.S. shows are going fast and some dates have already sold out. Please don't miss out…
Retweeted by Weirdo Music ForeverDancing w/ @NegativeGemini
Retweeted by Weirdo Music Forever"Tiger Dreams" is a gem💜💜💜 of THE top tracks of 2018✨✨✨ didn't think we were going to listen to this for just one day, did you? 💜@dentmay 's fab take on this under-the… FAIR✨We we thrilled to see the one and only Jad Fair a couple weekends ago at Zebulon✨Revisit our 2016 one-on-… MAUS✨Dr. Maus making a haus call with your dose of Mid-week Maus✨📸:Cameron Murray/@fauna_native for WMF 💜R. Stevie Moore Forever💜 @CateLeBon covering @RStevieMoore in 2019?✨Amazing but true!✨
i'm opening up for JOHN MAUS on february 27th at turner hall ballroom. tickets are on sale here:
Retweeted by Weirdo Music Forever @RStevieMoore @WeirdoMusic4evr Found a clip of it from the Glasgow show here
Retweeted by Weirdo Music Forever💜💜💜 @GonnardMaria 💜 @FreaksMagnet Självklart! @cobblehillis Most everything Cate Le Bon touches is great; I like her collaborator, Tim Presley, a lot, too (with…
Retweeted by Weirdo Music Forever💜💜💜 don't call him The Godfather for nothing💜💜💜💜 made dreamy✨🚗🎶 Listening💜🎶🙏’s something unbelievable and amazing about john maus. I listen to his music on days when I am emotionally and…
Retweeted by Weirdo Music ForeverPARIS FRANCHISE
Retweeted by Weirdo Music ForeverR. STEVIE MOORE & ARIEL PINK✨ They'll always have Paris ✨AP & RSM in 2012 on a Twofer Tuesday✨ 📸:TIM KOH✨ bears @julie_windes
Retweeted by Weirdo Music Forever🌴🎶💜🙏
My voice is quiet but my thoughts are loud
Retweeted by Weirdo Music ForeverYES! Can't wait to hear!✨🔮🎶🙏 call✨
Retweeted by Weirdo Music ForeverMmm-hmm💜🙏✨🔮🎶🚌✨ music from Dent May today!✨ @carparkrecords💜💜💜 Classic 💜💜💜 littlest B says everyone should own ⁦@thesilverfield⁩ - I say he is spot on x
Retweeted by Weirdo Music ForeverThe Doctor is in. @johnmaus #johnmaus #firstave
Retweeted by Weirdo Music Foreverapaixonado por ariel pink
Retweeted by Weirdo Music Forever @RStevieMoore @CateLeBon is fabtastic (Also, have you heard DRINKS yet?)✨Def. hoping for audio as well from this one as well🙏JOHN MAUS✨Maus Monday starting off another weird week right✨JM seen here  at one of his final fantastic shows of th…
ZUMI✨Zumi on a Zunday, courtesy fab photographer Miriam Marlene✨ the worst way to spend a Sunday✨🎶🌧️💜 the one and only CATE LE BON covers R. STEVIE MOORE!!!💜💜💜@RStevieMoore of THE best songs ever✨✨✨'re there✨ can't argue that✨✨✨ Maus Forever✨✨✨ BUSINESS @JOHNMAUS @MATTFISHBECK
Retweeted by Weirdo Music ForeverWOW!✨A great playlist for some Sunday sounds! - The Silver Field
Retweeted by Weirdo Music Forever💜🙏🎶 STEVIE MOORE✨Because a Sunday is never simply Sunday around here -- its a STEVIE SUNDAY✨Here's RSM's 1969 home-r… KOH✨Tim time, courtesy one of our fave photographers on the planet: Miriam Marlene you have now✨💜🎶✨ GOLD
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Rooms - The Silver Field ⁦@thesilverfield⁩ the most amazing record
Retweeted by Weirdo Music Forever @WeirdoMusic4evr @garywilson64 @CleopatraRecord Debbie knows
Retweeted by Weirdo Music ForeverGARY WILSON✨Uncle Gary, what are you doing in Chinatown so late on a Friday night?✨We ran into the legend who is Ga…💜
cool daddio, r stevie moore documentary
Retweeted by Weirdo Music ForeverTFW they're not talking about "your" GARY WILSON, but it would be so good if they were✨ approach✨✨✨ MAUS✨JM flashback to 2011 when he went to that OTHER Austin (TX) for SXSW✨📸:Phooneh Ghana