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“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.” ― John Muir For daily updates about nature follow @welcomet0nature

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"He tries on my hat. He goes in the bathroom and looks in the mirror and then is like, ‘you’re really pretty, can I… is nothing cuter than kittens making biscuits eating, its stretched gut expands so far down that the stomach tissue becomes transparent. knows how to live life's believed that these skin growths have fueled sightings of mythological creatures like unicorns, devils, and ja… a cat snoring into a microphone"Look at that thing, dude! It's rotating!" loves his momma the surgeon said, "Breast implants can save lives!"'s a good boy? very environmentally responsible Otter cannot allow water being wasted!! is bear, he was adopted and he loves strawberries order to convince the gorillas that the robot was one of them, creators rubbed it in feces and gave it realistic… only way they’ll burn enough energy to let me sleep dead poacher's accomplices reported that they witnessed the victim trampled by an elephant. Local park rangers… night under a roof and they’re both smitten. are looking at every McDonald's restaurant in the nation.
Louis was used to getting up for his morning walk at 10. Schedule changed and morning walk time is now 6am. He was…"The death of all these bees is a sign that we're being poisoned." very thirsty boi World Health Organization has placed bacon in the worst group of cancer-causing toxins that includes cigarettes… we can’t get a kitten. Daughter: gets kitten anyway. Me and the kitten: 1946 and 1958, the U.S. detonated 67 nuclear tests on the Pacific islands. The fallout from those bombs was… doggo study also suggested that aging otters might juggle as a way to keep their minds sharp. of the Day woman approached the bison several times to try to take a photo before the animal attacked. missed his dad so much hunted cheetahs, boars, lions, and rare goats, but Luciano Ponzetto ironically lost his life when he slipped dow… for a minute and watch this panda munching on bamboo legs are sooo long you lie on your resume kisses how one dog saved an entire Alaskan town. girl helping the little pupper to get a goodnight sleep."We don't know which 'direction' evolution is taking." very good guide dog gets to make their own toy has its next star right here.
The soul is willing to play but the body is sleepy animals know how to have a good time. horses in Norway Patagotitan mayorum is the new heavyweight of the dinosaur world, measuring 130 feet long and weighed around 69… up brother, its time to play"A human time-traveler would not last very long." caring mom cat covers more square footage than the Parthenon in Athens. still gets the morning paper (he’s 15!years old) year, an Indonesian woman was swallowed whole by a similar snake. Fortunately, this kayaking photographer arri… time best use of a pocket should have quit poaching while he was ahead. damn hoomans ill make the bed myself then is hermes getting kisses from his mama, makes him so happy is Lexi. She's not very smart but still very cute! Approaches, Calm and Silent most famous body on Mount Everest is Green Boots, who is passed by almost every climber. ready pounce. He only weigh an ounce. Japanese architect won a prestigious design award for producing a more accurate world map. Of The Sneak Attack video is probably the most uplifting thing you'll see all day.
My uncle got a notification that someone was ringing his doorbell. This was the culprit. found her body intact, still in its clothes. are you...oh wait... murder weapon is in this photo. Dancing mummy, known as the Princess of Ukok, has tattoos on both arms from her shoulders to her wrists and was buried… is coming. week before his death, he wrote his final diary entry, which simply read “Beautiful Blue Berries.” your best friend(s) at the airport with a rare condition that caused her knees to bend backward, Ella Harper received a $200 per week as the star… friend sent me this, I can’t stop watching it from how adorable this is hundreds of young women were exposed to so much radium. Then they found that the exposure caused their vertebra… it's my cake day I felt I should share something! Here is my crazy dog playing a game with me at the top of the… best of friends me, but could I trouble you for a few pets? boye this the worst neighbor of all time? a FedEx driver who loves cats. BEST DAY EVER.“The law may not have a category for this man.” boi overload. pizza chain founder quietly paid Parks' rent from 1994 until her death in 2005.
Found this old video of my middle schools therapy dog howling and I just had to post it, god I miss him a bereaved husband heard a child's cry from his wife's grave, it was discovered that she had given birth to a… Jerry wants is to be held and give neck nuzzles! rescuers went to save Omayra Sánchez, they found her lower body was held down by a brick door while her dead a… day, in rain, snow, sun, my kitty Dash follows me when I walk the dog. Makes me smile to see him padding amon… you need to whip up 880 pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving, a farmer from Minnesota has the answer to your prayers. is terrible so here's a baby lion cub learning to roar. the iron mask was attached to the wife's face, the husband would parade her around town on a leash for everyo… his favorite plushie eagle victims were kept alive while their backs were sliced open so that their ribs, lungs, and intestines co… found singing and playing the piano while owners aren't there thought she was pregnant, but she was just really constipated. your mark, get set... cat has separation anxiety and I just came home from a 3 week vacation sees his best freind after a week. the Goliath birdeater, the biggest tarantula in the world. These massive spiders are about the same size as a… 15 minutes looking around the house for, our newly adopted, Chappie, until finally finding him you ever come across one of these, you should back far, far away.