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@daronk77 @PRMcDonough I don't know you well enough yet. I am trying. @daronk77 @PRMcDonough I feel like I won, but not really. lols - y'all know i am just messing.On page 80 of 156 of Buried with the Night , by Syon Das page 80 of 156 of Buried with the Night , by Syon Das Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl would absolutely be the coolest music teacher ever. @PRMcDonough @daronk77 @PRMcDonough @daronk77 @pinheadspawn @Sshh_ImReading @ShowcasingBooks He’s alive. That’s the only way he’s better.… @PRMcDonough @Sshh_ImReading @daronk77 @ShowcasingBooks Oh come on... that was good. Stop being defensive Pat!!!
@PRMcDonough @Sshh_ImReading @daronk77 @ShowcasingBooks Fact is that I know what kinda music Pat likes and it takes… of 5 stars to Richard Punch by Edward Lorn just sent in my #BookReview for DEVIL'S NIGHT by @c_lawson to @ScreamHorrorMag and I can't wait for you to read i…
Retweeted by 📚Well Read Beard📚 @PRMcDonough @daronk77 @ShowcasingBooks @Sshh_ImReading I started it? @daronk77 @ShowcasingBooks @Sshh_ImReading @PRMcDonough I mean everyone is entitled to their own opinions, mine are just right... @mgnlcs Ohhhhh!New president. New review. I had to wait on this one, because I knew @cinapelayo was busy with the inauguration. It… @HightowerLaurel @MikeH5856 and get drunk.#artkid @TheTripp21 @syon_das @waynefenlon @TheTripp21 @syon_das @waynefenlon that's awesome! @TheTripp21 @syon_das Mine says bad motherfucker though... kidding it says Beard’s bookmark. @waynefenlon got it for me.Read #10. @syon_das @codysbookshelf buh bye @ShowcasingBooks @Sshh_ImReading Ima be honest. That isn't my motto. But I have a handful of exceptions.Inauguration Day Shuffle twitter I have friends and I have aquaintances. @Sshh_ImReading is my friend. I am weary of these little twitter… read Screens by Christopher Laine friend made this. Buahaha. @PRMcDonough @shanehawkk Atsa cool shirt man. @Danger_Slater Ok. This ones pretty good. Credit where it’s due...
@JamesVoller_ @mikeclarkbooks That's awesome!! @EdwardLorn quick note, they don't like being tackled, trust me @EdwardLorn ummmm, how you gonna do a vid like that and not mention Jessica Chastain and Bryce Dallas Howard @SheenaLouiseF I would have totally said it was drugs.5 of 5 stars to Into the Forest and all the Way Through by Cynthia Pelayo @WellReadBeard love the dope setup you got there on that there YouTube. Anyone who hasn't subscribed yet better…
Retweeted by 📚Well Read Beard📚I very much enjoyed @WellReadBeard's top 10 Horror Novel reads of 2020 and not just because @EVKnightAuthor's THE…
Retweeted by 📚Well Read Beard📚 @manylittlewords only when he's not drinking... @codysbookshelf I haven't watched it, but I knew they would mess it up. Glad I don't watch TV. @PRMcDonough @fshrum Take this seriously Pat... @PRMcDonough @fshrum of course. @PRMcDonough @fshrum different today. BRUUUUUUUUUCCCCEEEE! Hit that subscribe button. never voted for a President that needed a pardon.Holy shit. This is the office I need. Cotton Blues - Shuffle hills. at this cause. Give a couple bucks if you can. The next generation of female leaders. @PRMcDonough What?
@EdwardLorn Yo. This one of those “I been kidnapped, come save me” things?Having a bad day? Herschel got neutered today and he can still smile. So..., how absolutely stoked are these billionaires seeing us with our boots on each other's heads over $15 an hour
Retweeted by 📚Well Read Beard📚I ain’t read it yet, but ima gonna. @BarksBooks I’ve read 14 of those. Lol @mgnlcs @JJOCWrites @Max_Stark8 almost.Check out this new twitter and youTube banner art that I got from @Max_Stark8 I am thrilled. He makes my unprofessi… Wrap-Up. Books. and books, oh and uhhh, more books. Hit subscribe. Support a reviewer. @daronk77 @AKDennis_author @realbillms Dude - what is wrong with you??? lol, I appreciate it.Monday is Noise shuffle @daronk77 @AKDennis_author @realbillms All Nirvana? @SadieHartmann That is bad ass Sadie.This guy scored 17 pts in his first 7th grade b-ball game. Not too shabby kid. @MegHafdahl @ejlarocca I agree with Meg.
@thatpetewoods Super Dinosaur was pretty cool. @xxhorrorbabexx you know - i get this a lot... Frequently have to say, "My eyes are up here, stop staring at my boooo ks." @brad_proctor @SGJ72 I am doing this one this week as well. Great minds...Dixon(cat): imaboutto killdisbish @SadieHartmann @waynefenlon @shamrock_silver I actually felt that in my retinas.Subscriber Drive - Here is my 2021 WIHF LOHF ( I can't remember which one to use ) TBR. #lohf #wihf @LOHFiction @waynefenlon @SadieHartmann @shamrock_silver I was gonna comment that I mostly read horror, but I need to start reading some .... @mgnlcs @EdwardLorn Meet The Press - but honestly, I already refer to it as Chuck Todd. So... pretty close.Pretty sure this settles the fan fic thing. @tracy_reads79 I have only read 4 of those. I feel... inadequate.Patti and Bruce Shuffle @ctrlaltcassie Stone. I am stone!#bookmail @GrindhousePress @MattKurtzWrites page 150 of 321 of Screens, by Christopher Laine @Danger_Slater And you don’t need them for the bishop anyways. @Danger_Slater Knew you weren’t wearing pants. Dangerous. @EdwardLorn I didn’t know. Added. @codysbookshelf Go to your room.Put the damn phone down and pick up the book beard. Sheesh. @SadieHartmann @shanedkeene @penguinrandom Very cool.Just finished The Worm and His Kings by @HaileyPiperSays published by @OffLimitsPress and now running around madly…
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@SheenaLouiseF Same. @expendablemudge @EdwardLorn It’s afrodoable, but I am not shire it would work. @EdwardLorn Elijah Wood @waynefenlon @EdwardLorn that's the red states... and me and E right in the middle of em @EdwardLorn @dongillette They actually don’t need to be strong for king books... because Elevation. @EdwardLorn Ikea wood. @expendablemudge @EdwardLorn beat me to it @EdwardLorn Morning.If you dig a bookTuber, make sure you subscribe. We measure our growth through subscribers and watch hours. Monetiz… at that! Monster Shuffle @Sshh_ImReading black folk said Black Lives Matter, they said All/Blue Lives Matter. After the attack on the capitol, what the… @Sshh_ImReading you my man Monster. When I walk in a bookshop now and see anything related to Boston, I think to my… Huge thanks to @morestorgy and @Ross1982 for these. All the books.