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Glyn ap Myfyr @Welshbeard Redbridge, London

Beardy, sceptical, angst-ridden, soft-left, liberal, agnostic, Welsh & gay, and a carer for my better half. I am often tired, hungry & ill. Views are my own.

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@Lottesometimes Oh, we are a fair way beyond Walthamstow. @Lottesometimes I would never tamper with your plums. @Lottesometimes E18! Rather a long walk, tbh. It's not really feasible, given the distance. @startthemovie @Ocado I booked mine 2 weeks ago. However, although we are in high risk groups, we are not in the 'e… @Lottesometimes Where are you?! @Krawallelfe @march_payne I should hope so!Mount Vernon Presbyterian Church, in Washington State, USA, held choir practice on March 10th. 60 choristers turned… @Lottesometimes Thank you :-) @march_payne No Judith Krantz, either. @Brucey1 Just look at that cheese. I mean, really. Just look at it.Jeremy Corbyn says he is still working from Parliament despite being 70. He meets the criteria for being very high… don't think I have ever been so excited to learn that I can amend my @Ocado order.‘Our hearts are dying’: The #Palestinian doctor at the forefront of the fight against the coronavirus pandemic in n…
Retweeted by Glyn ap Myfyr @Patch_Thompson Ouch. That has to sting.We have more books than that in the wardrobe in the spare room. is troubling. Leading Activist In Britain’s Muslim Community Has Died Of The Coronavirus
Retweeted by Glyn ap MyfyrOne anti-Chinese racist coronavirus hate crime a week reported to West Midlands Police
Retweeted by Glyn ap MyfyrForeign workers do come in handy, after all. @hairygit I have my own shears, which will suffice. I am growing my beard out.I am frantically WhatsApp'ing a neighbour, who has offered to add some kosher items to her Sainsburys shop for us.… @Mendelpol The same here. We have friends in that community. One person that my partner knew has already died of Co… release of mothers and babies on MBUs and pregnant women from prison is a first step to dealing with this crisi…
Retweeted by Glyn ap Myfyr @InigoGilmore Blast. Poor kid.Coronavirus used as an excuse to blame, attack & arrest homeless gay Ugandans living in a safe house in a Kampala s…
Retweeted by Glyn ap Myfyr @pauloCanning ffs @yesitizess He is a fine one-eyed cat @ralpo67 A gentleman needs to top up on his tan, also @KatHalstead Oh well, that is most pleasant! @QueenOliviaStR Elsa Catchester @rogerdupuis2 Extraordinary, isn't it? @BipolarBlogger No tagine is 'basic' :-) @hilliatfields I am a child of a council house, remember :-)The puppy training manual? It has a foreword by Hermann Göring. Yikes! That must have been rather an alarming surpr… Tivall veggie schnitzels, with oven chips, and salad. Nothing terribly fancy.At this point, I would note that neither of Mr Young's parents are still alive. am a carer for my partner, but, as I work full-time (I am currently WFH 5 days a week), I am not entitled to the… @Supersonic70s !!Nice to be able to write a positive follow-up to this story. How an amazing community response has helped keep…
Retweeted by Glyn ap Myfyr @Paulie9461 @wav3wave Impressive!I have now reached that stage where I am taking cat treats in my backpack when I go for a walk. I fed Odin (next do…, Pennsylvania : Man is charged with making a series of antisemitic, Islamophobic & racist threats, online… : Humboldt County Superior Court Judge Gregory Elvine-Kreis is accused of subjecting a Jewish lawyer to… Palestinians stage anti-occupation rally despite Covid-19 fears. Lord, this gives me cold shivers. Gaza's heal… @juicytube13 You must have been developing cabin fever! @bombaylychee How lovely! @kopite1963 @GNaomiMartin I am sorry for your, and her, loss. May his memory be a blessing. @irishayesha Some people step forward, in a crisis. However, some people see an opportunity to exploit :-/If you are in the St.Helens UK area
Retweeted by Glyn ap Myfyr"The goats have taken Llandudno, I need you guys to lock down Norwich. My plan is coming together."
Retweeted by Glyn ap MyfyrAnd Phyllis Pearce! @JimMooreJourno May I ask which store that is? You may wish to consider reporting to Redbridge Council is literally - LITERALLY - the plot setup of Edgar Allan Poe's "Masque of the Red Death"
Retweeted by Glyn ap Myfyr @rowjoelane @susanpenhaligon I wish you a full, and speedy, recovery!This is all quite true. understand the edginess about the involvement of Franklin Graham, and Samaritans Purse, in this New York Covid 19…, Sussex : 'I will kill you, I'm infected with coronavirus'. Man jailed for spitting at PCs, and shouting h… ‘Twinks4Trump’ founder Lucian Wintrich (isn't he a little old to be a 'twink'?) held a ‘Corona Potluck’ party,… man accused of threatening to stab two gay men with a syringe, and subjecting a black motorist to racist ab… DC : All LGBT pride events are postponed in light of the Covid 19 pandemic #Coronavirus #USAIdaho Governor Brad Little signs two bills that discriminate against the transgender community. Was this really a p… @boilerplatetext Isn't it what we should all do? New school curriculum raises eyebrows in Orban's Hungary #Fascist #AntisemiticBrazilian left demands that President Bolsonaro resign over his erratic Covid 19 response #CoronavirusDemocrat candidate Bernie Sanders’s Florida campaign office spray-painted with swastikas hugs have been deployed. David was a little agitated. @ndabrams Me tooOes gafr eto? Oes, yn Llandudno!
Retweeted by Glyn ap Myfyr @Linda_Marric The Jewish community in the UK has also been disproportionately affected, indeed. 0.4% of the populat… is so much better than the giant octopus returning to the Thames or whatever
Retweeted by Glyn ap MyfyrIsrael : Covid 19 infections soar among Ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities as many flout social distancing rules… @rashadzali1 @RosieGray May his memory be a blessing. @lukeakehurst May his memory be a blessing.What is the evidence they are here help? What difference would this small number of people and boxes make? Where ar…
Retweeted by Glyn ap Myfyr @hesgen @NUJofficial Nevertheless, your angry return is welcome :-)Berlin before, and during, Covid 19 A city that both David and I love #Coronavirus #Germany @Jas_Athwal @firewool @RedbridgeLive @redbridgelabour @IlfordNorthCLP I've just been to the end of our driveway to… @eops My word. How fancy!I cannot bring myself to tut disapprovingly at Stephen Kinnock sitting 2 metres away from his parents, on a drivewa… night, I dreamed that began working as an antiques dealer with @pauloCanning and I didn't understand anything… alone with my thoughts vs me alone with my thoughts five minutes later
Retweeted by Glyn ap MyfyrExtraordinary. The disgraced former headteacher of Ruthin School, Toby Belfield, is *still* contacting former stude… found their camera in the River Conwy in North Wales. I'd like to return them the pictures they may have never se…
Retweeted by Glyn ap MyfyrGareth Jones is remembered fondly in Ukraine as a ''Unsung Hero of Ukraine'' who exposed the deliberate starvation…
Retweeted by Glyn ap Myfyr @RussellHayward @leejonathan *gasps*Am... I the only one who sees it?!
Retweeted by Glyn ap Myfyr @JeffreyLuscombe We can't know, for sure, that is how he came to be infected, but it should be very clear that the… @grhmthmsn Hoorah! @primmacoffee I hope that you managed a decent sleep. @thomasntexas Ach, as so often seems to be the case. @tweetbrk @davidmackau Yikes. It's all happening in New Jersey.Lynchburg, Virginia : Jerry Falwell Jr. reopened Liberty University last week, despite medical advice. Now a dozen… York, USA : Long-time transgender activist Lorena Borjas dies, of Covid 19, aged 60. May her memory be a blessi… @KatyTurNBC @tweetbrk How utterly grotesqueThis is deeply depressing. There are thousands of empty hotels right now. This isn’t safe for anyone.
Retweeted by Glyn ap Myfyr @SamAtallahMD @JeffreyLuscombe I wish her a speedy recovery. I hope that you are managing, as well as can be expected, in the circumstances.Tampa, Florida : Arrest warrant issued for megachurch pastor Rodney Howard-Browne, who won’t stop holding services,… people who have become reinfected with Covid 19 #Wuhan #China #Coronavirus @Charmantides I am lost @TrabiMechanic Well, that all sounds very productive!