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Hearing Maya McKenzie lay bare her fears about being pregnant and Black during a pandemic today with @BrookeBCNN’s the piece Maya wrote: up right now on @CNN Memphian Maya McKenzie, who wrote yesterday for @MLK50Memphis about being black and pre… @justoffstage It was good! I would get the red meat flight with the truffle Mac and cheese. And the creme brûlée? A… @dalton108 Subscribe.Big ups to the @memphisnews team who reported this story @ldtestino @Desi_Stennett Corrine Kennedy and Jennifer Chandler.You know who Russ Graham could have consulted if he really wanted to add black employees? Any of the black diners… @HoopCityHellCat Right? I mean, damn. @TeresaMWalker Neither. He opened neither.I used to love Flight. That was my spot when I wanted to impress someone (and where dudes took me when they wanted… didn’t know where to go to find black workers in Memphis? Go outside. Go anywhere. Like literally anywhere. B…“I didn’t know where to go to recruit African American employees,” said Russ Graham, who sold his share of Flight a…’all. This white restaurateur in Memphis actually said the reason Flight had so few black employees is because he…
@Stef38104 Can the reply say: "Listen. Rona, racism and societal unrest are tag teaming tf out of my a**. I am exha… @EileenK901 wtf my head would explode how do you liveAnyone who cares about black women and their mental and maternal health should read this. Grateful to Maya McKenzie… @reneeygraham And a socially distant parade.Finally got my unread emails under 400. I am so behind on my correspondence. How can I send a mass email to all tho… @AshleyinFloyd Thanks for the signal boost!Are you a kick-ass editor with hard news reporting experience, a burning desire to dismantle the status quo and a… @BHendersonIII @Pastor_Earle I don't think it's an appointed position - she's got a long history in public health. @acnatta thanks! I know we're all busy so no worries. Hope you're doing well! @acnatta Hi, wanted to be sure you saw this. Would love to get recommendations for great candidates. COO Doug McGowan is calling for individual responsibility and personal sacrifice. "Have the grit to wear a m…'m listening to today's COVID-19 task force briefing and the Shelby County Health Department director just shouted… @jbsmileyjr @_mattch_ @ReporterGarriss @FOX13Memphis Yes and all skin folk ain’t folk. Black folks can maintain rac…
. @MLK50Memphis @andreamorales and @writefelissa are at the occupation outside City Hall, where @MEM_PoliceDept are… love to hear from any of the former employees who, after sharing on social media about the racism they witnes… @jbsmileyjr @_mattch_ @ReporterGarriss @FOX13Memphis I’m not sure an apology letter can undo the mental anguish I s… @jbsmileyjr @_mattch_ @ReporterGarriss @FOX13Memphis I’ve dined at Flight several times over the years and can’t re… @jbsmileyjr @_mattch_ @ReporterGarriss @FOX13Memphis Who advised Flight to try to intimidate former employees? What… @jbsmileyjr @_mattch_ @ReporterGarriss @FOX13Memphis If they aren’t going to pursue legal action against the former… voters, on average, wait 45 percent longer to vote than white ones. Latino voters? 46 percent longer. Both ar…
Retweeted by Wendi C. Thomas @richardfudgeart @GiaPeppers But if badass is just a flattering synonym for intimidating... 🤷🏽‍♀️ @loki_monster @thekayanova @NotGeauxGabby The smallest of pools. Like a thimble-sized pool. No, that’s too big. A contact lens-sized pool. @GiaPeppers What I hear when guys say that: You’re too successful and smart to fall for the game I usually run. You… @GiaPeppers OMG, you get told you’re intimidating too? I hear this ALL THE TIME. It’s maddening.
2020 @kevintkrueger We work really hard - but we are absolutely committed to economic justice in compensation. @Tapperific Thanks for the signal boost, Christina! It was a delight to talk with @mary__retta for this piece. @zoramag @MLK50Memphis And we're hiring! Apply by July 9 to be @MLK50Memphis' managing editor. Salary starts at $80… is your reminder that @MLK50Memphis is hiring a managing editor. Apply by July 9. Salary starts at $80K. Com…
@Melissa_Kimble @Tapperific @mary__retta @zoramag Aw, thanks!
@edwardnelson4tn It’s not every day someone doxxed themselves. Incredible. @AsteadWesley Blasphemy
@asanderford Isn’t it though? I’m still reeling.The Pulitzer Prize-winning Clarion-Ledger is seeking an investigations/political editor, which doubles as the newsr…
Retweeted by Wendi C. Thomas @charlesornstein @kylehopkinsAK @ConnorASheets Congratulations, guys! @tamisawyer @Basseyworld @senpaiverses OMG, Tami, you know Bassey?! I LOVED HER BOOK! read this if you’re prepared to be blown away. I haven’t read anything this powerful in a long, long while., preacher!
1/ A TaskRabbit contractor in San Antonio told me he stumbled onto a warehouse where people were repackaging non-me…
Retweeted by Wendi C. ThomasVery grateful to @PulitzerPrizes for amplifying my experience in this piece.
Reporting from the @latimes about the @latimes that should make all of us think. Newsroom staff there does not matc…
Retweeted by Wendi C. ThomasYour regular reminder that poverty is a public policy choice and things don’t have to be this way.
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Um, I'm still investigating workplace exposure to coronavirus in Memphis so when I'm forced to go to an actual stor… will start capitalizing Black because this: -> Acknowledges a shared cultural experience -> Puts Black…
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The big mad we’re about to witness over this will be epic. across the country have been calling for the defunding of police in the wake of George Floyd’s killing.…
Retweeted by Wendi C. Thomasone of the worst pieces of advice I got repeatedly got in college was that good journalism somehow required being d…
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The deadline to apply for @MLK50Memphis' managing editor job in Memphis is July 9! Salary starts at $80K. Job deets… says city, ACLU and monitor have been a model on how to work cooperatively. And court is adjourned. Next,… arguments done.Castelli: None of the modifications to the decree replace the need for good training for officers to ensure compliance with the decree.The sticking point on the modifications is Section I, which dictates how @MEM_PoliceDept can work with other law en… Stanton of the monitoring team was brief, now Bruce McMullen is closing. He says that modes of communication/tec… took a break, and now we're in closing arguments.Even as @MEM_PoliceDept argued that the consent decree prohibited them from collaborating with other law enforcemen… wrote this about last week's hearing - it's MAJOR. you're not following @DanielConnolly with @memphisnews, you should be - he's live tweeting today's hearing too.'ve talked to activists and demonstrators who say that police presence at demonstrations do not make them feel saf… So if you have a Black Lives Matter event and there are three people, police should stop by? Daigle: You… So there should be a police presence, even though there's only five people carrying signs? Daigle: The d… What about if people want to express themselves about abortion rights on Poplar or Union? Should police be… testified that community policing would call for an officer to make his presence known at 1A gatherings. J… confusion led it to withdraw a traffic escort to a permitted Labor Day parade last year, because some of the p… had been monitoring all sorts of protests, gatherings and events, but after a judge found it in violation of th… city of Memphis wants to modify the consent decree to say that @MEM_PoliceDept can be present at 1A gatherings… exchange between Judge Jon McCalla and Daigle over whether police presence was needed at every gatherin… has resumed in the @aclutn v @CityOfMemphis federal police surveillance case monitor hearing. I'll be twe… solution to poverty is... *checks notes* more money. When you have more money, you’re no longer poor. 🤷🏽‍♀️ @tamisawyer @jameyhatley Girl, I clearly don’t know what I’m doing because I asked someone to help me and she did n… @jameyhatley And when I went to pick him up the next day and he was so glad to see me... it was a wrap. I’m such a… @jameyhatley Lissen. That’s how the Humane Society got me, kept telling me someone had put in an adoption applicati… @jameyhatley He is. I heart him.This is for @jameyhatley and everyone else who’s been asking about the status of me and my foster dog Ben. @MemphisCrier You’re kidding.
The Memphis Newspaper Guild and @KnoxNewsGuild strongly condemn the hateful full-page advertisement in Sunday’s iss…
Retweeted by Wendi C. Thomas @priskaneely Pretty dog!Infectious disease specialist Dr. Manoj Jain says there is no data to show that recent protests are contributing to…
Retweeted by Wendi C. Thomas @heydmh Aw, thanks. My back says otherwise lol @bragg28 Thanks, cuz! Hug all the folks there for me.
@901Joan Thank you! Now just gotta figure out how to get Ben’s buy in. @TeresaMWalker Ooh, I didn’t think of this!!! @tamisawyer But YOUR locks tho!? Um, where you going? Who you looking cute for? @tamisawyer Lissen. I know why they call it wash DAY. If it weren’t for this rona, I’d be rocking some Senegalese twists rnTried to take a photo shoot with Ben but he is not interested. oldest African-American owned and operated nursing home in the state has had no infections from coronavirus amo…
Retweeted by Wendi C. ThomasFIFTY YEARS. For possessing cocaine residue. And stealing cigarettes.
Retweeted by Wendi C. ThomasAmericans underestimate the black-white wealth gap by about 80 percent — and are underestimating it by more over ti…
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