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#FlyEaglesFly | Ask me my opinion on why eagles are trash #TankForAdequateLinebacker and perhaps #HireAnOffensiveCoordinator | RIP KOBE | RIP TOMMY LASORDA

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@AdamSchefter Nice
Probably going to wake up to pandemonium..The chiefs will either be AFC runner ups or Super Bowl Champions there’s no in between....LMAOO LURIE DONT WANT MCDANIELS LETS GOO
PSA: Modern Warfare 2 was the best CoD game ever made. If you think different, you’re wrong.
Retweeted by Hurts n’ Wentz co-MVPthe face the ass
Retweeted by Hurts n’ Wentz co-MVP @BrettKollmann Brady so old he doesn’t remember either @big_business_ “MICHAEL THOMAS OVER THERE SOMEWHERE” @CardiacsBurner @espn Mans was just sitting there like... @orbitthings @ShannonSharpe Run with them. Just cuz it’s “zone” doesn’t mean u sit there like a rock. Usually combi… @MannyShevetz @big_business_ According to the rule book, it’s a step. Every catch requires 2 steps, not all are leg… @MannyShevetz @big_business_ They should revise the rule to 3 steps for when the player loses the ball when they hi… @MannyShevetz @big_business_ Ertz got 3 steps in so yes he did technically “run” and Godwin got 2 steps in. The req… @rp_21_ @MySportsUpdate CJ been crazy at times but FR right there he’s going for the ball... @big_business_ How does the NFL call that not a catch but this was a catch?? The only thing that’s different is Ert… @RealMamaEagle Tbh that looked just like Ertz catch in the SB except ertz caught it off that second catch.
@MySportsUpdate @Fantasy_Scouts @MSUNFLPodcast Alvin Kamara, 5 TDS @big_business_ If they pass it the ball is gonna come out of Henne’s hand in 1 second, or roll him out and have him… @wentzsimper 30 yard pass interference will do the trick @TorreySmithWR Dak over Kyler, Brees, and Lamar @big_business_ Mans got the Browns -3 @standarnold14 Nope. @jamiethekingyo @BleacherReport U know whats crazy Ik you’re trolling but cowboys fans literally said this in serio… Wentz out of playoff game with concussion: Lost 17-9 L. Jackson out of playoff game with concussion: Lost 17-3… @NFL_Memes Still making fun of concussions?? @J_Bell38 @whyyn0TT @monte284729 @BleacherReport @NFLBrasil Yes you’re correct but casuals will ratio you @wentzsimper It gave them fuel to milk the injury prone label for another season... so stupid a concussion is so different... @ShannonSharpe They were just messing around it wasn’t serious @TorreySmithWR Torrey torrey Torrey...... Henne will lead that offense to the Super Bowl. You sound like what forme… @36westbrook All jokes aside Andy is calling a good ass game @36westbrook Such a magician that his speed option call made his starter disappear! @kashhyygang @ShannonSharpe Thank you for agreeing that it’s a great tackle and there shouldn’t be a call. Same tod… @kashhyygang @ShannonSharpe His head turned because of the hit... it’s literally helmet to helmet @ShannonSharpe Can people get over it. They don’t call it, and y’all only noticed because there was a fumble on the… @36westbrook I don’t get it, everyone hates targeting usually, I think a lot of the time it’s the offensive player… in the chat @PatrickMahomes Ik you see that sign.... @bellaamaarie_ @Ravens Weirrrdoooo @IcyKyler @IcySnead @BleacherReport - Cardinals fan @IcySnead @IcyKyler @BleacherReport Typical Cardinals fan @MySportsUpdate White people get a little too happy when Lamar makes a bad play @RealMamaEagle Snap flew over his head, he ran back and picked it up and got hit as he was throwing it away. And go… @BleacherReport @NFL Here come the pitchforks @NFL Wow @NFL West Covina Brown
@chicabicaGOATED Madden knows 👀Jets will be a #1 seed in 2024 but lose to the browns in the divisional roundAaron Rodgers got that superstar trait where DBs can’t intercept his passesRamsey got broke so hard he pretended he wasn’t guarding Adams 😭😭Jordan Love will win Super Bowl MVP
Houston bouta lose Deshaun Watson and James Harden... the astros cursed that city 🥰LeBron clank, AD Board, AD Bucket. Lakas in Fo @BleacherReport Future RamLeBron James is good at basketball @MrKMart81 @RealMamaEagle As a non-Philly native but Eagles fan, I think ALL fan bases are just as bad. Here in LA,…
@CardiacBirds No reason to pass on him if he’s there at 6
@chaboparati @TJedryk @LaneJohnson65 @Eagles @NFL It vibrates back and forth, doesn’t rotate, and since our skin is… easy dubs with @standarnold14 @fatsailormooon To be fair if you said Christmas, valentines, easter basket, or random event it’s a solid gift. Bir… man is getting annihilated in the browns comment section @TorreySmithWR Typical offensive player not giving the browns defense credit 🙄 @Phillyyyyyy10 @MySportsUpdate you right.. @MySportsUpdate @espn @LAClippers I’m sure half of Twitter can do that, give him two hydro flasks, and if he can do that it’s still not post-worthy @RealMamaEagle Probably best for our health we had that game + a pro bowl week in between two heart attack games @RealMamaEagle Unless it’s an NFC Championship game against a team who’s fan base signed sealed and guaranteed a home Super Bowl :) @ChalkNetwork @mikegolicjr @PorterGustin @Browns Porter Gustin is actually shredded
Ravens with their first playoff win since 2014.... Damn bro how long is it gonna be for the eagles.. @ESPNNFL Represented the NFC East wellFootball Team made it a good game. Respect 🤝
Retweeted by Hurts n’ Wentz co-MVP @WashingtonNFL @pepsi RESPECT! Represented NFC East proudly. @billburr Heinicke put up a hell of a fight @JOEL9ONE @NFL the eagles do this every year @MySportsUpdate I’m not cappin bruv... @MySportsUpdate @BleacherReport @NFL Best QB in the NFCHEINICKE THROWING DIMES @ShannonSharpe Never backpedal in the endzone. Rule #1... @football_kelly Wait it auto corrected 😂. Heinicke* NOT the beer @football_kelly Hieneken @thomasrp93 How many did Clement have in SB 52? 100-something @ChrisQMoore @QB1Lamar @espn Whats Lamar? Is that a new NFL team? @JOEL9ONE I’m not playin mfs ... @JOEL9ONE @NDK0412 @NFL_Memes That’s what happens to your QB when you have an offense that relies on broken plays.If the Washington Football Team beats the Tampa Bay Buccaneers tonight I will give 1 person who RTs this $40 on Venmo @DKLockettWilson @TREYMONEYBALL55 @MySportsUpdate The Knicks? @MySportsUpdate Hope u don’t have to repeat this tweet... @BrettKollmann Werent they playing seattle the last time he tore his ACL? @RealMamaEagle
@EmmanuelAcho @OldTakesExposed sorry @EmmanuelAcho ... it has to be done @wentzsimper Exactly what I was thinking too @ShannonSharpe That’s what happens when you try to force your best player touches ... @big_business_ Metcalf was complaining about getting the ball, so they try to get him a touch with a WR screen just for it to be a pick 6 @JOEL9ONE Rams are playing with more energy with their backup qb