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@Gwenda I'm not going to ask her to define fantasy without using any terms that really mean magic, I'm NOT going to ask her to define...It is a joke to pretend this contract doesn't exist in other genres. Particularly annoyed with the bad definition… novels for the most part aren't that- but when they ARE, a book may end in a break up etc Instead they're… is to say, perma failure interests and doesn't upset the audience when they know it isn't permanent- they wil… only real difference here in contract is the way we consume superhero books is in single issues, alternate univ… superhero genre as an entity has a similar contract: it's not about if the hero saves the day but how (Romance… else can span style and other genres, but you pick up a romance and are assured things will work out for… simply: genres are contracts between writers and readers, nothing more. Sometimes you subvert, but if you brea… @Gwenda Also they are... Wrong about genre? Literally they say "magic is in most fantasy but not in all"... But un… @cosyfemme @peripateticmeg I just was broke yesterday so couldn't go lmao! I wanna @KSekouM @Steph_I_Will @definitelyvita @thehermeister It could be a reality show tbh @sequentialmatt I nearly burst into tears for you! CONGRATS @arune @alayadj This is the second particularly egregious "reviewing" of black fiction that I've seen since FiyahCon and it's really whiplash @Steph_I_Will @definitelyvita @thehermeister Nah the best writing would be the notebook with all our ideas NO ONE W… way @Steph_I_Will @definitelyvita & @weredawgz could tackle this and it would be GLORIOUS!
Retweeted by Danny Gay-da-Lore-ianThis is a place to stay if you want quality thoughts about books period baby writer Troy from 10 years ago would not have believed this weekend was possible. What a wonder this has al…
Retweeted by Danny Gay-da-Lore-ianJust for funsies, here is the short story-ish thing I wrote on Em-Dash last night during #FIYAHCON2020!* Please enj…
Retweeted by Danny Gay-da-Lore-ianIf you happened to miss the email con goers, we've added our State Of panel series to the Archives. These were pre-…
Retweeted by Danny Gay-da-Lore-ianBacchanal cover reveal. The carnival is coming . . . @AmazonPub @Mary_C_Moore Preorder now:
Retweeted by Danny Gay-da-Lore-ian👀👀👀
Retweeted by Danny Gay-da-Lore-ian @intelligentwat Also my mind fills in that anything coming up out the water is coming from her vajoo So...uh ... WeirdUnbelievably, when I commented on reviewing black books the other day...I hadn't read this I'm disgusted @alayadj HOLY SHIT that first paragraph ALONE (I also don't really dig the idea of genuine vs reviews? Idk if the… @intelligentwat I only don't roll my eyes of it's Freddy kruegerThis was such a fun panel please check it out 🙌 QUEEN OF THE DAMNED
Retweeted by Danny Gay-da-Lore-ian @lisa_sterle LISA OMG
good boi🐶🐶🐶 #HadesGame
Retweeted by Danny Gay-da-Lore-ian @sethsmithart Too spiceh @sethsmithart I had no context and I'm like "this is way spicier than Seth usually goes" @BryanRenno 1. Needs stronger blue OR 2. Go harder on the reds browns and blacks... @roseflarea Thank you so much I'm gonna watch theseOMG!
Retweeted by Danny Gay-da-Lore-ian @InspectorNerd (this all reminds me how angry I get bc cis men are allowed a much wider range of shapes and exagger… @roseflarea HOLY SHIT LINK PLEASE I LITERALLY JUST SCREAMED "SEVEN MINUTES" AND MADE MY WIFE LAUGH AT ME36 Cinema presents a Halloween Special: CREATURE FEATURE! Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla, Night of the Living Dead and…
Retweeted by Danny Gay-da-Lore-ian @josefkstories Even the cool ones look weird in stills lmao every one of these looks at least BETTER in motion, if… @Tsuna1 @TochiTrueStory @marcbernardin @definitelyvita OH SHIT I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTEI am tagging @dongwon bc I THINK you were part of the instant pot crew so you'll appreciate it: I'm on month 8 wit… @josefkstories I like the Mando one! But I feel you lol I think it's because my point of reference is the Bronx vi… @clppng weekend @cosyfemme @ckayfabe @ShellyOneida @definitelyvita @ayjay_lyn The best part of this list is that if you take out th… just took a selfie on the street and the girl behind me yelled “If you’re video taping me, SUCK MY WHOLE DICK” an…
Retweeted by Danny Gay-da-Lore-ian @Amadeus_CV The fighting across the board is a DELIGHT no joke @LegalValkyrie @Tsuna1 Just so so so funny @Amadeus_CV (I can't watch the roxy lmao the same reason people find it funny is upsetting to me but I realize that's entirely personal lol) @Tsuna1 So good, and I'm a HUGE metric fan but I may prefer the lower register of the movie versionI don't really rewatch this movie, but I do rewatch this whole section of the movie often bc I love it and I love h… @jessiepeterson Without reading anything, just seeing this was you, I read "when the addams family traveled without the smiths" @whatthe_shea I have had mornings like that! @whatthe_shea Lmao imagining the emails written to Start a Riot @jordi_pz @dearbhlala @thevaultcomics Yes that would be 🔥🔥🔥 I've considered that for the Jordan dream monster or the selene bat coverI DID IT I ORDERED IT Like, I know GP gets plenty out of reopening pre-orders but like... Thanks? And big ups to…'s QUEEN OF BAD DREAMS song @thevaultcomics @jordi_pz @dearbhlala @jordi_pz @dearbhlala @thevaultcomics I'm HONORED @ComicBookYeti I always see them and am touched by them but can't add more notifications lolll @kenlowery Omgggg ur iconI don't not respond to FFs because I don't love and appreciate y'all, but bc the amount of responses overwhelms me… being on this list is 🔥🔥🔥 @dearbhlala @thevaultcomics @jordi_pz! LABELS!
Retweeted by Danny Gay-da-Lore-ian @sqiouyilu @AFlyBlackLeftie SCREAMING A WHOLE MOOD @thewayoftheid STAHPWe are always you never know 😁
Retweeted by Danny Gay-da-Lore-ianHey so this tiktok is a jump scare if you see it floating around.
Retweeted by Danny Gay-da-Lore-ian"Debuting in 2022, the imprint, called Joy Revolution, will be devoted to publishing teen love stories by and about…
Retweeted by Danny Gay-da-Lore-ian @ayjayalt That's me thinking about my father. I wish I had him right now, but thankful that he doesn't have to be here for this hellscape((slaves were not immigrants))
Retweeted by Danny Gay-da-Lore-ian @arune @BluefinBrands AaaaaHG 1/144 VAYEATE & MERCURIUS is up and available for pre-order on Premium Bandai USA. Order today!…
Retweeted by Danny Gay-da-Lore-ian @GeekMelange LOVE IT such a good color scheme for you @TheWriteKC I'm very excited @TheWriteKC From what I can see it's a cute xcom but with transformers? I bought it on switchAnyway civ6 has a new pirate mode AND tomorrow the transformers video game comes outI made a patch for cute queer cryptids. I never drew a wendigo before 🔥💀👻
Retweeted by Danny Gay-da-Lore-ianOh no it’s me
Retweeted by Danny Gay-da-Lore-ianI’m saying your name in the grocery store, I’m saying your name on the bridge at dawn.
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@gildedspine Oh and star wars unleashed!!! @gildedspine Yakuza Persona Hades Sleeping DogsEven landlords can join the fun game of voter suppression! #bidenharris2020 #NoFear
Retweeted by Danny Gay-da-Lore-ianOmg they’re still posting stuff defending Chris Pratt. He lost a “best Chris poll”...A poll that means absolutely n…
Retweeted by Danny Gay-da-Lore-ianImma need white reviewers of BIPOC SFFH to be more thoughtful about the language and tone they use. Some of y'all are doing the leastSuper excited to welcome @SpaceAgeMermaid to the team! Thanks to everyone who applied for the role!!
Retweeted by Danny Gay-da-Lore-ianFree flash fiction anthology created in a collaboration between @tordotcom and @fiyahlitmag Breathe FIYAH
Retweeted by Danny Gay-da-Lore-ian @deborah_moeller Which makes them THE WORSTNow THAT'S what I call cyber punk!
Retweeted by Danny Gay-da-Lore-ianSnow White in retrospect is a cautionary tale about not trusting your friends Every animal told her not to fuck wi… @HillaryMonahan All the time. My brain doesn't stop lmao @TeeEss The idea that they didn't switch in sixteen years????? Y'all surely talked while watching the others??? @KristyQ01 @BCMorrow I like this versionWow nice article @weredawgz History And Hatred Drive The Horror In 'Ring Shout'
Retweeted by Danny Gay-da-Lore-ianOkay but if briar rose is sixteen And blue fairy says pink fairy has never sewn and the other one has never cooked… @kate_mckean I love this so much omg I want @itsneonyang Hades has made this worse bc I can add playing that to any number of things I'm doing @Truman481 @KSekouM One of my prized possessions is a green leather bound ltd edition of neuromancer so I feel this @itsneonyang My wife just yelled THIS IS YOU, I'M JUST SITTING HERE LIKE "CAN WE JUST TURN ONE THING OFF JUST ONE THING"