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Writer, gunpla builder, makeup lover. Husband to @cosyfemme agent @Grahamophones they/them #VP22 pro-Vita

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@LockettDown I will one day have this energy @definitelyvita So you @TheBlaquesmith Do itttHot take Al Franken resigned because he needed too and Hawley and Cruz should too
Retweeted by Danny Gay-da-Lore-ianAAAAAAA @sawdustbear Adding this here bc I now have a feeling a playlist may inspire a story for me and I want to keep them… YEAH THIS IS 🔥🔥🔥🔥 @TheBlaquesmith Every band that does a borderlands song has a 🔥 discography @Jrsosa18 @JulioAnta @JosephGlass @bwrites247 @j_xmas @SkyePatridge @naomifranq @hannahvardit @olmancampbell @VinceUnderwood TRUTH @TheBlaquesmith Dees rocs did Let Me Live/ Let Me Die from borderlands 3 commercials @sqiouyilu New York, but really Harlem and the Bronx @TheBlaquesmith me and my wife saw grandson too!!! And that introduced me to dees rocs (I knew one song from border… @Jrsosa18 @JulioAnta @JosephGlass @bwrites247 @j_xmas @SkyePatridge @naomifranq @hannahvardit @olmancampbell @VinceUnderwood 😭😭😭 @TheBlaquesmith You asking made me realize I gotta make one 😎😎😎Crying now bc Johnny cash's version of hurt is playing This and the reunion tour version of gethsemane have the sa… @giorgiasposito @thevaultcomics I'm gonna make a playlist!!!! I already started noting songs @TheBlaquesmith Been listening to a LOT of celldweller recently @TheBlaquesmith @TheBlaquesmith @TheBlaquesmith @TheBlaquesmith I have a few! This is what I listened to making the King in Black Cap issue is a cover of the only 21 pilots song I like and holy shit @bogboogie this deserves a new post holy shit it's sharply @chellenator Apparently they do a cover of Eleanor rigby on their album @bogboogie HAHAHA THIS IS THE FOURTH COVER OF THIS SONG ON THIS PLAYLIST BUT THE VOICE may be the only cover of this I've heard that is as good as the original and I'm counting Christian Kane's coverTHIS IS STUNNINGOH NO A FAST CAR COVER STARTED AND MY HEART WENT IN MY THROAT @bogboogie I'm not searching I swear it's a cover playlist that is just perfect
Retweeted by Danny Gay-da-Lore-ianMy Cousin Vinny is great but the fact we never got a solo Mona Lisa Vito movie is a CRIME.
Retweeted by Danny Gay-da-Lore-ian @sawdustbear Same soundtrack in my head @bogboogie @bogboogie 😎😎😎 given me too much powerThis cover makes me wanna write a trans boy modern fantasy protag @bogboogie YAAAAY I wasn't sure bc I don't know your music taste but it felt so Sharply laundromat in Tuluksak, Alaska burned down yesterday, leaving the Native village without their primary source o…
Retweeted by Danny Gay-da-Lore-ianHey this is like a vampire cover @bogboogie I wonder if you'd dig this for that story soundtrack version slaps SO hardI feel like @BBolander would dig this if you haven't heard it yet @DomoStanton CONGRATULATIONS @sawdustbear I just heard this which turns it almost into a dust bowl fantasy novel @sawdustbear Yeah it's simultaneously so classic and IMMEDIATELY sounds like it could have come out recentlyTHIS IS A VERSION I'VE NEVER HEARD YOU GO PHIL YOU GO @jenny_beans9 Imagine this as a blind box😍😍😍😍😍 @MarkDoesStuff @peripateticmeg Have you heard this wife had never heard this so I had to play it @weredawgz Ive come across the same hurdle with this lug He squints at me every time I see him do that and ask him…
Retweeted by Danny Gay-da-Lore-ianIf you listen, so many R&B songs are women telling men they don’t have to have money. I don’t sing that part.
Retweeted by Danny Gay-da-Lore-ian😳
Retweeted by Danny Gay-da-Lore-ianbringing this back
Retweeted by Danny Gay-da-Lore-ian @scifantasy The levels and intellect in this pun made it necessary to share @scifantasy @GregAndree71 I just imagined levy doing the bits about just wanting to go stream thingsHOLY SHIT I'M INTO THIS @gizmocaesar @Grahamophones I'm so pleased, this is nice to wake up to, this lovely am. Congrats to the other finalists!
Retweeted by Danny Gay-da-Lore-ian @KrystinaArielle You deserve so much better than this bullshit I'm so sorry @kirameks It's such a SPECIFIC time capsuleI am rearranging/cleaning (which is...a choice when I have limited wrist motion in one arm but whatever I need to d… YOU EVEN PICKED THE BEST ONES've shared this like twenty times it feels but this is truly my song of the pandemic @Grahamophones I did pretty soon after, if that helps @Grahamophones Also bc I was working until like ten or eleven and I imagined you telling me to go to sleep @Grahamophones I do it because I careWell, it's Saturday afternoon!!! Honestly you lasted longer than I thought I guessed you'd see it last night found this thread again, and so much has happened to me since this thread and I still feel this way about John @GregSilber Idk lie cheat meow is pretty dope @nolapfau UhhhhhhReminder RTJ did this album @oheysteenz That makeup is inspirationalThinking about 2021 projects while this song plays 😎 people never even get a glimpse at how difficult it is to make your favorite games feel good and look good onl…
Retweeted by Danny Gay-da-Lore-ianmay i introduce to you all...... my favorite brand of antique image 😌💕
Retweeted by Danny Gay-da-Lore-ianThe people in the comments saying where was this for Gina Carano??? She should not be, never be put in the same con…
Retweeted by Danny Gay-da-Lore-ianwriters are phenomenal creatures, because one minute they are crafting whole universes out of nothing, and the next…
Retweeted by Danny Gay-da-Lore-ianOur Star Wars community is one of hope and inclusivity. We do not stand for bullying and racism. We support @KrystinaArielle.
Retweeted by Danny Gay-da-Lore-ianWas thinking about what Karl Marx would make of our situation and was reminded of this classic perfect tweet.
Retweeted by Danny Gay-da-Lore-ian @slickhop @domrabrun @PodCastle_org Dominick is so great at thisYes Why indeedThis is tremendously funny to me but like... Probably not for the reason intended joins me is entitled to your own opinions but youre wrong if you dont like mob psycho i guess not everyone has good taste
Retweeted by Danny Gay-da-Lore-ian @BCMorrow And the first, majority narrator, is also splendid @BCMorrow Yep later seasonsJust a reminder that Bounding Into Comics is a far right website with ties to c*micsgate that you should absolutely…
Retweeted by Danny Gay-da-Lore-ianI'm gonna go to bed too city confidential which is half narrated by Keith davidOkay not every AJ, which makes sense bc it's 20 seasons or so but a shit tonUPDATE I THINK IF I SUBSCRIBE TO THE A&E CRIME NETWORK I GET EVERY EPISODE OF AMERICAN JUSTICE AND CITY CONFIDENTIAL!?!?!?!Nope yellow captions Gonna watch tomorrow though it looks immensely my shitOh no I think the documentary I was gonna drift off to is in spanish booooo Gonna try anywayWow! ROAD OF BONES is on the preliminary ballot for the 2020 Bram Stoker Awards in the 'Superior Achievement in a G…
Retweeted by Danny Gay-da-Lore-ianI know everyone is obsessed with the Bernie memes but what about this Michelle one?
Retweeted by Danny Gay-da-Lore-ianThis is me family show by Marie when
Retweeted by Danny Gay-da-Lore-ianunstoppable wasp by luciano vecchio
Retweeted by Danny Gay-da-Lore-ianI’m honored to be one of the few first (and one of many future) female and Native writers for a Dungeons & Dragons…
Retweeted by Danny Gay-da-Lore-ianCOMPLETED WORK FOR THE NIGHT. DONE. COMPLETED WHAT I NEEDED. YES @Rexus92 yep yep!