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@ThruMeSheShines thats cool... thank you @ThruMeSheShines I need 1... have it registered what you need for it?Spoofers if you are doing raids and you see someone asking to be invited, please send a remote invite, especially f…
Retweeted by werner @rRyno8376 Thanks manCatching every single staru finaly paid off... shiny @IceColdMystic i found a staru 2 @MarkPR85 @GifZelda Duck hunt i loved it @kakarot_d Thank you so much man and thank you @Charliepops1982 @christierickRN @IceColdMystic @CoordsPokemonAny one wanna do a deoxy raid with me??? 41.919547, -87.636482
Retweeted by wernerAny one wanna do a deoxy raid with me??? 41.919547, -87.636482 @CoordsPokemon @StardustPokmnGO Ah @CoordsPokemon @StardustPokmnGO Added @nyankosensei252 I would love 2 @rRyno8376 Yes i agree i have 2 from cd and 37 from the other days... no one wants them now... rendered useless @IceColdMystic If you have pokemon from 2016 we might get lucky if i trade you 1
@IceColdMystic Probably pikachu. Or aron or something stupid like treekoSomeone please call officer Jenny!!!! Another pikachu's hat has been stolen... who whould do such a thing @BrandyShemal2 @Kaz5183 Atleast there is smugglers!!! They smuggle the cigarettes and booze from leshoto and Zimbab… @CoordsPokemon Wooh yeah thank you’m loving seeing all your beautiful/handsome faces! 😍🥰 Keep the selfies comin y’all! Flood my TL with smiles n Pog…
Retweeted by werner @BrandyShemal2 @Kaz5183 @BrandyShemal2 @Kaz5183 Yip... they baned the sale of alcohol and tabaco since 26 march up till now... still cant b… @BrandyShemal2 @Kaz5183 So lucky... its eligal in south africa to be on the beach or swim... or smoke or drink booz… @rRyno8376 100% @scotty_13_ wanna scratch your eyes out part?Nice 😍
Retweeted by werner @LoveForPokemon1 Thank you @Charliepops1982 Wow im so jealous @JanLouis25 Selfde plek werk net in dutban @JanLouis25 @BPost222 ek trek see toe 😋😁😁 @IceColdMystic i would like to see @JanLouis25 @BPost222 Geluk neef!!!! @christierickRN Wow congratulations
@BeardySa @David65507429 🤔😖 @BrandyShemal2 @Smarty2442 @Jakerstrike777 @ThruMeSheShines this is me!!! @Smarty2442 @Jakerstrike777 @ThruMeSheShines & myself have decided we need a Pogo Family #ShowUsYourFace threa…
Retweeted by werner @BeardySa @David65507429 Im very afraid @David65507429 @BeardySa Im moving to your region... from bloem to durbs... didnt try the bunnychow.... too afraid. @SpurRestaurant no direct message... its the spur in shelly beach
@DOCmewtwo I have extra @verhey_daniel I cant dm you my friend @verhey_daniel What? How @SpurRestaurant is it because of the coronavirus that we don't get any salt, tomato sauce and spur chip sauce with… @rRyno8376 Wow wanna trade 1
@VjKansara @OzRlate1 Please i want that pika @VjKansara @OzRlate1 Please tell me witch app i wanna use it toDEINO & ✨🔥MAGMAR NEST🔥✨ 52.059906,4.283167
Retweeted by werner @zettodot @Skittyz2 How do i get the french version?I 💕 seeing 🌠pictures of the ✨✨ you caught using my coords. To me it is like I am hunting next to you and sharing w…
Retweeted by werner @VjKansara oh i understand @VjKansara skitty... what did you do?
@sandtongayguy Lol @sandtongayguy But it leaves the ink behind @sandtongayguy I dont wanna be rude but it looks like someone hit this dude with wet newspaper @David65507429 @sandtongayguy Lol @David65507429 @sandtongayguy Travelling to portshepstone @David65507429 @sandtongayguy Lol im in durban... you think i should try that bunny meat you were talking about @CoordsPokemon No thats fine... im happy with anything as long as i hunt with you for a while @David65507429 @sandtongayguy Hello mr @CoordsPokemon Ill do so @CoordsPokemon Woobat and quilfish @CoordsPokemon Anything you want @CoordsPokemon im house hunting at the coast... so i have spare timePlease vote.... and if you dont vote for the durant... then dont bother**Found these Durant:** Durant ɪᴠ 51.1 ᴄᴘ 258 ʟ 4 ♂ ? Metal Claw / X Scissor (18:19) 🇲🇾 Kampung Pasir Gudang (cont)
Retweeted by wernerHeatmor ɪᴠ 66.7 ᴄᴘ 1571 ʟ 24 ♀ REG Fire Spin / Flamethrower (02:51) 🇨🇦 Concord, Canada 43.778902,-79.553012 (cont)
Retweeted by werner @CoordsPokemon 😆 its tru @CoordsPokemon @BPost222 I dont care about the iv... a 2%iv shiny is better than no shiny @Shinytracker No thank you my dearest friendFollow this beautiful angel for the best shiny hunt ever @CoordsPokemon kick out the rest and we find me a durant shiny... or two or 3 or more @JanLouis25 @CoordsPokemon ill second that!!!! please i want my little ant!!! @CoordsPokemon heatmore and that little ant of mine DURANT!!! i have no shiny of them.... please please please @Charliepops1982 se @Charliepops1982 Ill do so @Charliepops1982 I found gible should i invite you @Charliepops1982 Ill search for gible @Charliepops1982 I got shiny rayray @Charliepops1982 Lol im sorry2 min CD 41.642034,-0.903538
Retweeted by werner @mrbornthisway @Shinytracker Thank you @Shinytracker i hope!!!! @Shinytracker thanks my friend... its my first event shiny for months... you are so awesome @Shinytracker yes whoohoo !!!!!! thank you thank you thank you 👊
® = unregistered Looking these shinies: Riolu Mime jr ® Deino® Happiny ® Various L1 (CP10-14) pika hats ask for l…
Retweeted by werner @AbhiQeep Wow next to gible is this beautiful stick @W_andrianto @Kaz5183 @jenghom @IceColdMystic @PollyForbes11 @Marysprinkles wow congrats
Let's be friends in Pokémon GO! My Trainer Code is 9186 6658 4871!
Retweeted by werner @CoordsPokemon On my way @CoordsPokemon Then ill join @CoordsPokemon Or send coords. @CoordsPokemon Me @MarioCOBHC I deleted it @MarioCOBHC I know whats off.. Its been removed @markw_89 @Chadderbox2018 Wake up dude they feed you lies why is the sanitiser 70% alcohol then @markw_89 @Chadderbox2018 Ag thats shit... @Chadderbox2018 Excellent question if @CyrilRamaphosa wasnt such a big ass sissy with mud for a brain!!!! But atlea… @Chadderbox2018 The best thing is no one does nothing about it... no protests nothing!!!! @Chadderbox2018 I agree we are 5 months in this shit!!!! No drink no smoking😣