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@twinkywinky501 @XofWords You might be onto somethingNot @wes_andre97 giving therapy-grade “umhmm umhmm umhmm”s. Top tier podcasting 🔥 10/10 felt very agreed.
Retweeted by Wes Andre Goodrich @XofWords 😭😭it def has therapy couch vibes @XofWords EYE😭😭 @darthkinder I’ve been asking myself this exact question for at least a year now @_winley_ ...and Denzel will be number #1 still in 2100 @_winley_ @donnyhighrollah He’s good in Cooglers movies...otherwise 🤭
@vanthefirst Bruhhh the way I was on the train getting emotional over a comic book 😭 @vanthefirst Proud dads energy at the top, as it should be😌
2020 @KamiRob05988711 😂😂 @ItsKellyNg @FilmUpdates Oh mannnnn😭😭😭 @WorldstarKEO @MaralinaAntonia Oh without a doubt @MaralinaAntonia @WorldstarKEO Not Jermaine Jackson😂😂 @WorldstarKEO @MaralinaAntonia 😌 @WorldstarKEO She don’t know THEE Bibleman??? Woowwwww @ItsKellyNg @FilmUpdates And even less to say “my bad.” How u talking like that and your head look like a battery. @WorldstarKEO Cypher!! Yes! Oh man...that brought me back😭😭 @WorldstarKEO Bruh! I had a picture w him and his black sidekick from when he came to my church @WorldstarKEO (I did as well) @FilmUpdates @ItsKellyNg welp... @WorldstarKEO 👀👀maaaaan entirely too much. I stayed watching those tapes at my grandmas cribWhy does this look like an episode of Bibleman I got LOANS I ain’t trying to read
@JReidPhoto You win @RandallOtisTV Paper boi from Atlanta @_winley_ I am I am!!I’ve noticed that a lot of straight Black men are like this unfortunately.
Retweeted by Wes Andre Goodrich @WorldstarKEO That sounds tuff tbh👀👀Bieber and Lana Del Rey. 🥴🥴A Confederate bop. @donnyhighrollah She got one song bruh
@ItsKellyNg Publicly* @ItsKellyNg They stay being clowns publically @vanthefirst I think they’re gonna bring some of em over to Kroaka @ItsKellyNg I heard it’s Matthew Vaughn
Today is the digital premiere of @madansarafilm a film that has been @ 5 years in the making. When @EtantDupain app…
Retweeted by Wes Andre Goodrich @donnyhighrollah !!!! His TV is MOUNTED. You could get some solid directing exercises out of thatlol eat the rich is what runs thru my head whenever I have to remember literally anyone’s name
Retweeted by Wes Andre GoodrichWe all know which half of Logic made this purchase 👀 @Dang_Damian @gothamsfemto “Now talk”
@ItsKellyNg @ItsKellyNg He’s been talking spicy for WEEKS now and I appreciate itwhy are barack and michelle so invested in being celebrities??? i find it all very tacky
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@NicoAmatullo Lol good @FerGzlz 👀👀I might too @fatblkbabe Ayyyy yes yes this sounds right. He’s not quite HomelanderI mean if this ain’t MAGA energy idk what is’all think his character in Sky High was a republican? @Globalnomad22 I think u can get that delivered actually @vanthefirst 👀👀sooooon
@AfroJediii !!!! It’s that moment exactly! And how it doesn’t feel like a let down despite being vastly different than expectations @AfroJediii Its that exactly. Felt that in the last couple chapters of Underground Railroad esp. @AfroJediii Ooo that's been sitting on my desk to read for months. I feel like he always finishes storng but his bo… @AfroJediii Which one you reading??Yt boys giving notes in class like they have meaningful points to add. Cmon now Scott, nobody cares. @enadorns Tryin!!!! This is the pilot I’m writing rn @FerGzlz I’ll call and ask @Iam_Afrodisiac You asking the real questions!Chuck E Cheese doing pizza delivery on Grubhub, times are tough @fatblkbabe !!! Someone cast this person @stephanieDOTmov I accept the apology. @stephanieDOTmov I want to laugh but I’m actually disturbed that you’ve brought this memory back @stephanieDOTmov Adr*en is shaking @BathtubPrez Oooooo yea!! Big movement vibesThis was def an exercise from his acting class...
@CountBlaccula The way that app stays greasing me!!This movie come on & be on all day
Retweeted by Wes Andre Goodrich @donnyhighrollah ....what?
🗣🗣 50k on a verse no album out!!!
Retweeted by Wes Andre GoodrichNot the "rap music is bad for the Black youths" logic from the man who went to Flint and did this... the “pull up your pants” logic from the man who had Jay Z at the White House.
@donnyhighrollah This was actually cut together by the directing teachers at C*lumbia so...I guess we only recognize white faces ???????
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@tommythetankie 😭it’ll go on the “to write” listSomeone needs to write something where they play divorced parents or something... white movies about making it in Hollywood get the darling treatment
Retweeted by Wes Andre GoodrichThis is like the Black version of that Imagine video @TinaBeLike @donnyhighrollah @fatblkbabe Ma’am. 😭 @fatblkbabe @donnyhighrollah But he’s so good in Social Network @fatblkbabe @donnyhighrollah It’s the correct word @donnyhighrollah @fatblkbabe ...I have nothing to say @donnyhighrollah @fatblkbabe (SO IS D) @fatblkbabe @donnyhighrollah 😭 @fatblkbabe @donnyhighrollah A man makes one film w weird white men and that’s his aesthetic now?!! @fatblkbabe @donnyhighrollah The lies on my TL tonite!!! @donnyhighrollah I need the lies to stop.That’s hella weird college degree
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😌(he don’t miss) @ororoswind Is this the Coates book??👀Flo Milli
Retweeted by Wes Andre Goodrich @Destineeaaliyah 😂😂 @Destineeaaliyah I’m glad I got to be the one to share it“I’m supposed to be here to find my voice. Why does it have to be white?” A gospel this Friday morning from @fatblkbabe
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