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Wes Bos @wesbos Hamilton, Canada

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This summer, the City of Hamilton invites the community to participate in its High Speed Internet Survey aimed at b…
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@bigboybender Yep absolutely! @therealmprove @syntaxfm It was cloudflare
@wesbos @alexaaronpena Using the Shortcuts app you can make a shortcut to airdrop converted photos:…
Retweeted by Wes Bos @seven11nash @alexaaronpena Dang! This is good tip8 years with this girl. The faux hawk has come and gone, but my love remains 🥰 @rdougan wayfair. Apparently they are the same unit as "Mr Cool"if you look on youtube @coreyward valid take, but me as someone whos trying to upload a photo from my camera doesn't care. huge stumbling… @IAmKrev What happened with the AP tests? Students needed to upload a photo? @joelbourbon They do - I haven't looked into how yet - a few youtube videos had some special equipment but I think you can do it without.. @alexaaronpena I think straight from your phone it will work - apple must do converting there - but if you airdrop… @rjriel87 oh awesome! I've been using HEIC converter, but this seems a bit faster. Good tip!Got my mini split today! Unfortunately it was also damaged in shipping like my last portable unit 🤪 devs, you should update your file upload inputs to allow HEIC format from the world's most popular camera @luclemo awesome- we have one up here. It's super loud, I kind of wish it wasn't next to the house, but it saved us many times! @TekGadgt Yeah tbh you shouldn’t use pizza as stairsI mean, if your failures are too many pizzas, you are doing OKAY
DOM manipulation is an essential skill to know for front-end developers. It is how we can turn static HTML document…
Retweeted by Wes Bos @petetasker Even Rogers out here was down, they likely piggyback off bells backbone I. Rural areasOof. Back up for me after about 35 mins for all the replies here. It was in fact condensation. It went away the next day. According to the replies y… @BenMarks Yeah I feel like I got what I wanted out of opening it up - I now know how everything in there works and… @MarkShust Yeah just to keep it in place otherwise it all drains to the front or evaporates @ken_wheeler @joshmanders I can keep going @ken_wheeler @joshmanders You spelled bbq keurig wrong @ken_wheeler Ah yes, that Easy bake oven is no good when it’s the end of the world.Bleached the rubber mats to kill off the mildew. It got most of it, might do another soak. I also tried tons of pro… @Melizzo_ @snipcart Whole head roasted and then it sort of fell into bite side pieces once I sliced it @JonRoosevelt @snipcart Chilly day today! Was 40 last week
@amyhoy Yes it doesn’t get very hot, but I slapped his hand away as the photo was being taken @Melizzo_ @snipcart @Melizzo_ @snipcart Cover in mayo, salt, garlic and tons of parmesian cheese. Grill till crispy and good @jennschiffer @snipcart I’ve actually thought about how to make one with a bucket. They would love itTeach em young! Did cauliflower on the bbq today and it was amazing. Looks like a stock photo for @snipcart lol.… @frontandre_dev Not if they are registered for auto deposit or if there is negeotiatian involved. Works well for s… @frontandre_dev Send money to random stranger online without checking the item first? @johnbaker__ @sachasayan thats good to hear! I bet it;s just my bank then. Hope they speed it up @alvinsight @GetKoho @gimli looks cool! how about mobile banking for adults too! @idoclosecuts hah yah that doesn't make sense either @_johnnymatthews haha - there must be a dot matrix printer and a little guy running the requests from bank to bank in downtown toronto @sikander Seems everyone is saying RBC is fast. I bet it's an issue on the bank's side then @chadelofson My last two transfers over $500 took 30 mins @fharper Yeah I did $2k last weekend and I ended up calling the bank after 30 mins to push it through @bobby_white_ Ohhh - RBC to any bank is instant? Or RBC to RBC? @fharper Yeah I always do email and usually takes ~10-30 mins. Seems the large the amount, the longer it takes? @DJFreshUK awesome!lol no, the 60 year old lady in the suburbs selling side tables for $40 are not going to accept bitcoin. I like it… @cmall @aiouy @shakepay "Hey yah I'd like to buy these two end tables, I'm going to send you bitcoin ok?" That would totally work 🙄 @IKnowSoftware Can’t wait for the kids to get sunscreen all over it haha @var_foo It wasn’t too bad. Just talked to the mechanic and he said the bottom case had a chunk of piston in it. Mi… @SaraSoueidan @_mallorybrewer_ 😀 thanks!Worked on the handlebar cover last night. I first tried using heat to bring back the black, but it wasn’t cutting i… @pjrvs With strangers yes, with people I pay, it's usually faster @a_dot_a I'm not sure if they have it or not - if I want to send money to someone, should I care if they have that setup or not?Any Canadians know why Interac e-transfer is so slow? It's our only option to send money and i've had to wait aroun… @codebycoffee It's for the light - you choose the dim and light colour settings @abyzz :) @jezmilledge That was probably it! She just moved and was on vacation so lots of changes in the temp + air. Thanks! @toddgeist It's @BSWUSA RePOP. Fits a few different mics and it's really nice! @stolinski just got it too @FabioRosado_ @jesseleite85 I suppose I could put it on top of my MacBook, but then I’m not always looking at it di… @uixmat My office is a bit dim so it helps a lot. I don’t work in the evenings but I’d imagine it would help @jesseleite85 It’s a light, the webcam is a Logitech that sits on topBeen a few weeks with this BenQ monitor light and I love it. It’s not distracting at all and it lightens up my dim… @https_500 Did it go away?My sisters monitor just started doing this once she put her computer to sleep. Shows even when it’s off. Anyone hav…
@GuyLouzon @umaar lol I wish911 at work after a week and a half off. I think I forgot how to code, my brain is full of small engines. git revert HEADFound someone local who rebuilds these engines for pretty affordable. Not much more past the parts cost. Going to l…
@mattpcovey Hahaha wow! @mattpcovey Haha - the eventual plan with all this stuff is to learn enough to make something electric. Not sure I… @dabit3 Im a 24 year old developer with 5+ years experience in html/css/js/node and currently work a lot with React…
Retweeted by Wes Bos @topher1kenobe Yeah I think this bottom end was rebuilt already, so I likely just need to open it and and make sure… decided to pull the entire engine after seeing a chunk of the piston was missing and possibly in the lower end.…
@wpeditorial Awww no!Got this for $10 at a yard sale today. Anything good in here? Any tips on how to connect to HDMI? It didn’t come wi…
@weylandswart You need to come along with me for the stuck bolts and failures after hours of work @miotke What do you think? Fixable or needs to be bored out? @lisovskyvlad I like learning this stuff! Plus you hopefully get a seadoo for cheapGot the top end apart, according to multiple people on the internet and the previous owner, the oil injection faile…
🚨 I am so insanely excited to launch the latest Level Up Tutorials course today. Introducing.. React 3D…
Retweeted by Wes Bos @stolinski @imariohernandez Yep this. Also most typing sounds are from vibrations makin their way up the mic so eit… @mattstypa Ask him what he thinks caused this. Previous owner said oil injection failed, but I want to be sure befo…
Trying to fix a Sea Doo for my next project! It has lost total compression in one cylinder. Gonna have to watch a l…
@gracewonderland Try clone the entire repo and download as a zip @gracewonderland Try download them again. Sometimes they don’t download properly. Make sure you can play the files stand alone
On vacation all week ✌️
@bcbroom Yep! That’s the audience @VickersLewis Yep, there is an order form on the site that uses it! @alfred_toh_ Mediocre jokes, debugging spelling mistakes. That’s about it @yama_code Absolutely! @lwilsonsmith @JaredMalcolm Sanity!This is going to be my most "well rounded" course yet. It uses gatsby, but we learn lots about different parts of R… done recording my Gatsby course! About 8 more videos yet! @stolinski @danielbakke_ we have to top it @JonasKuske @ow haha wow - as usual Europe has it figured out! @ow Weird - living in Toronto for 8 years it went out maybe 3-4 times. Up here at the cottage it happens 1-3 times… @alxkoui Thank you!I love the beginner JavaScript course from @wesbos probably the most entertaining course with plenty of unique prac…
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@dev_bogdan Thanks- for some reason my version was 2 years old. trying the new version now