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Wes Bos @wesbos Hamilton, Canada

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@swastikgowda @syntaxfm @stolinski We actually have one planned! We did one a while ago as well. Any requests?
fear of trucks with pipes confirmed I say I like a lib/framework, I don't mean everything else sucks. Lots of good stuff out there 😀 @sylarruby yeah it should, I goofed it up @stefanvladcalin Oh yeah they have that tooIf you are cringing thinking about sending an Integration Test Email #1 in production, you'll love the @syntaxfm Ha… @EnzoFromSpace Awesome! Enjoy it @jason_frazzano @TerribleMia This sounds like a robot wrote it @RomanSndlr Yeah I’m not sure why it doesn’t work, it does for other variable types, would be handy! @vvi11iams Oops sorry @stefanvladcalin The state updating happens in the on click @dwedigital I don’t think pushing to arrays in svelte are reactive, are they? @RomanSndlr Yes, as far as I understand arrays aren’t reactive unless you totally replace them, same thing in react @BrookJordan @mrsisk Sure @joshin_my_tots It’s a vintage shirt on eBay. I have the same one with bass fishing and I love it @chris_pointer Can’t wait to get over there!
This is an outstanding episode of @syntaxfm I’m surprisingly excited for the future of modern CSS 👀
Retweeted by Wes Bos @lawnsea @KaitBos lawn @KaitBos babein 2018, font-weight was changed to go to 1000, but 900 is the highest weight. Clearly someone is cookin' up a bi… @igorosabel I think so! @Notorious_MPJ haha - that goes against my "no funny shirts" rule @philmillman @francois_bach just an ipod scrol wheel with no labels @philmillman @francois_bach Yeah big sprinkler is getting disrupted RN @_ztackett thats the vibe I'm going for, but ironically @MathiasaurusRex ya bud, thanks eh @TechGeekMonty @stolinski @syntaxfm Neither of us do- we were just talking about waiting for the new onesAs a Canadian who enjoys Target and cheap beer, am I allowed to wear this? Or... @mrsisk yep! 100% fine as long as you label it properly. Usually I'll put the label and the input side by side as t… Episode on CSS Container Queries, CSS Scoping and CSS Layers is out! Thanks a million to @TerribleMia for shari… @overviewEffect1 😃 @_hanimun yeah it does! @atogzftw I have, really like that as well!Input binding in svelte 😻 Reminds me of the angular days. So simple, no need to setup state or key events @code_tank_dev @stolinski Nothing but tsc currently does type checking so the idea now is that you run that separat… @mrkennymark @stolinski @syntaxfm @adonisframework Good question! I don't know - I should check it out @noccer @stolinski @syntaxfm Actually worked on notes for this yesterday, had a similar request from a new dev @billyjacoby That’s awesome! Yah the sprinkler controller has a 24v signal that turns on whenever any sprinkler is… @billyjacoby Wyze controller, and a relay to turn on a lake pump @stolinski @opensas Lol this would be amazing @billyjacoby I think I paid about 65 a valve. Had to pay up because I needed everything to be 1 inch when most household stuff is 3/4Worked on the sprinkler manifold tonight. I can’t believe how expensive these little pieces of white plastic are.
CSS Grid es una herramienta genial, nos simplifica crear layouts, grillas y posicionar elementos más fácil en disti…
Retweeted by Wes Bos @mikenikles @gitpod Give it a few years! @spences10 @stolinski @brandonleichty @golem37 @sarah_edo @syntaxfm 4 u came out of TikTok retirement to teach you all how to say “Vite” @rikschennink @stolinski It's pretty nifty! What issues did you hit? I'd love to hear some pain points because ever… @stolinski @brandonleichty @golem37 @sarah_edo @syntaxfm it's a regex @jdan Big brain move @jdan Y nawt use typescript instead tho?Man, @stolinski got me onto Vite, and now he has me trying out SvelteKit. big big fan so far! It's so simple and I… @LuisFCCO @stolinski @syntaxfm did it! @DhandVaasu @stolinski @syntaxfm already recorded, will be out soon @ryanflorence @stolinski @syntaxfm That’s a great idea @LeftShotDev @stolinski @syntaxfm We did this on the HTML show! @brianleroux @stolinski @syntaxfm That's actually a good idea for a hasty treat!Some exciting new stuff in Next.js 11. 3rd party scripts (was a pain of mine!), improvements to the image component… @prestonjlamb @stolinski @syntaxfm Yeah it's ideal because "running your own ___" usually means lots of maintence a… @FredKSchott @rileymacisaac @stolinski @syntaxfm @astrodotbuild Oh haha! I just clicked the twitter and it said waitlist. Will take a look! @marcuslyons_ @stolinski @syntaxfm Good one. Just did an ep on CSRF which will be out shortly, but digging more into this would be a good ep @rileymacisaac @stolinski @syntaxfm @astrodotbuild Looks promising, I don't have access to it so once I do Ill be sure to take a look @prestonjlamb @stolinski @syntaxfm Mine has mostly been the same since that episode. I did write a node app to down… @golem37 @sarah_edo @stolinski @syntaxfm Veet! Scott says "Vit" but I know enough Canadian French to know that ain't it @sarah_edo @stolinski @syntaxfm We recorded an Episode on Vite and Parcel 2 on Monday! Will be out Jul 12.@stolinski and I are planning to record @syntaxfm ahead so we can take some time off this summer. Any requests f… @TheDutchCoder This is one of the best onesI went for dinner here tonight. Send me your jokes
@GiulianoBR Canada is doing well but we just opened up parts of stores this week. US seems back to normal. One invite was for Europein-person conf invites are starting to roll in! Nature is healing @jillianadriana @JVeenstraArtist Yep! Hopefully again soon too, miss everyone @jillianadriana @JVeenstraArtist Ohhh yes! Downtown is run by Veenstras! @jillianadriana haha really? What is the last name? Who is it?🎶 hey don't be surprised if one day i just ⌘+A ⌘+␡ my entire inbox @jillianadriana glad yo hear it! aways nice to see some locals, I hope to have a local meetup soon as I miss chatting with other devs! @HarambeJamal @FudgeLyons it just never got better, never implemented any of the features we asked for and its been a huge CPU hog for years @sm_rose It's super buggy. I had a dev from Tweetdeck ask me for feedback but then he ghosted me when I had a list… = `https://${0.1 + 0.2}.com`;
Retweeted by Wes Bos @FudgeLyons Yes! It killed off the USB stick when I was in university @TechiePriyaRnjn @verified Have been for ~6 years :)It's it weird how everything awesome grows in popularity and the "power users" are pushed away while they make seem… my Twitter Blue subscription. Pretty silly to pay $4 a month for an icon and bookmarking tweets. I'd pa…'ve merged over 50 commits to my JavaScript notes since I launched them. Small fixes and c… @dadevil99 @stolinski Ah didn’t think of that! Great point
@mattlovesjenni Fairwill Pro →
@TheOllieJT @syntaxfm It’s awesome! Loving mine still. Battery lasts forever @mattpcovey AliExpress. Really want to get a 3d printer for them though. @josiahwiebe Yeah only for using, you’d still need a dewalt charger
@barrymcgee Haha large pegboard at home and then I have a big shop at the cottage. I sell stuff pretty quickly as I upgrade to nicer stuffI also got this amazing pelican case on wheels for $15. Retails for $300! a Milwaukee drill at a yard sale today. Had an adaptor In my tool bag for my dewalt batteries
@justinjunodev Not sure yet, will post more details once I know. I'm getting pretty far in the content though! @drewisthe Ideally @drewisthe Troll soundtrack and Who Let the Dogs out are hits at our house. But really panic at the discoTook it a step further and implemented both live voice (delay is for my own sanity) and blurring out of the person… very much enjoy following people who have a good mix of development and life stuff. I post tons more life stuff o… @LeanneMitton Yeah I'd imagine the stores are going to be bonkers today. And only 15% capacity @yorkshitarra and people in way over their headsI just went to a hardware store for the first time in 2 months and it was ~*~glorius~*~. Websites are cool, but hav…
Awesome extension for visualizing web audio nodes. Acutally helps me understand what is going on with each transfor… @ZakLaughton @syntaxfm @stolinski We have lots of these for our kids.I like them or a fan as well.