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@digitaljames @bradfields I did, the height and pixel density just isn’t there yet though @j_alorda Yeah it's right in the sun and I didn't want to be cookin' in the summer. I'm doing the interior with K…
@itsdavemartin Yeah? That’s what the insulation guy said! I’ll def do that @ChrisGraff that is quite a bit! thanks for the tips @jmsve @kylemathews @r0derik haha wow! Will give this a shot - thanks! @ChrisGraff I'm planning on doing that on the floor, not sure if it's worth it over the studs.. @bradfields 32" 4k. The model number is on is done! @adamwathan @code I saw! Awesome. Complaint Driven Development @KovskyD nothing - I just want to be able to view source and show the HTML too @cassidoo UGH I thought this was real! You got me goood @ZakLaughton Ahhh - I didn't think it would be Styled components! Thanks a ton - gonna try that! @kylemathews @r0derik Great! Thanks a ton - will try this @shikkaba Gatsby develop is still minified for me, but I'm talking about production here. Seems like --no-uglify wi… @r0derik I was hoping for a boolean to turn on :)Might seem like a weird request, but is there any way to prettify / un-minify the Gatsby generated HTML? I kind of… @DanielPox I don't really write a script- just a list of points I need to talk about. Not sure about captions - I have Rev do them for me7 emails about this so far thinking it’s wrong 🤪 but mostly 5 is me
2020 @Hotgeart @_asjas No hooks yet - will be adding them soon :) @jonrcrowell yep! Hope to start recording soon - just waiting on a lib to be relased @regs79 Oh really? I hope that is true because we have ordered a few things that say it will be 1 monthThis is unprecedented @jmolivas I'm not using theme variables here, just passing a prop and rendering out the CSS. Essentially the same thing though @svitekpavel @ryanflorence Then you aren't nesting it and are unable to count the levels @ryanflorence interesting - never seen anyone do that before. Would be nice to not to have to keep track of them though @onetwin In your wp-config.php file, set WP_DEBUG to true and then reload the page, that will give you a better err… @iraminius thats what I'm using - see the as prop? @ken_wheeler Jeff Lowe memes are unreal. When you look over and see who put Nickleback on the jukebox @_batkin Yep - code here: I have a custom heading element (that has some nested spans for decoration) that can be rendered out as any ele… @mellowbeing JSX - I'll clarify it lolNot sure if I'm proud or ashamed @jslvtr Heil PR40 - it's fantastic! @swarmifyvideo @Vimeo please get vimeo up and running again thank you 🤣 @driftingly Yes sorry my host @Vimeo is down - hopefully it will be up again soonCourse streaming is down right now due to an issue over at @Vimeo - should be back soon. Sorry folks! @ammar__mani Sorry Vimeo is down again. Seems like this happens at least once a month now @agilby007 Yep! @josuepalma Everyone always corrects me when I post a picture of it. It's an end fire mic so it's properly aimed. I… @JUXUI_Design @robbiegleeson haha - CC @KaitBos - she likely has youtube videos on them @antempus Yeah! I appreciate it but the border might slow it down - I'm gonna see if someone local has one first. @joelbourbon haha you sayin' you don't like my plastic boxes?! @robbiegleeson right? So many amazing choices @StevieIsmagic1 We went up to our cottage and I am rennoing a shed into my office, so I'm in a bedroom right now with all my gearEthernet Patch Cable: Essential ¼ Audio Patch Cable: Non-Essential this work on my temporary setup and I’m missing a cable to pipe out of the compressor into the focusrite. 😆 I h…
Day 5️⃣1️⃣ / #100DaysOfCode I'm going through ‘Beginner JavaScript’ by @wesbos 💓 It's amazing. There's lot more t…
Retweeted by Wes BosShout out to all the devs trying to keep your sites and systems up right now. It's easy to be snarky about this kin… @Sean_Smyth I love it! I tried afew others since then but always go backThere is also $200 financial support for families with kids in school (Ontario only). I've heard a lot of familie… @andy__blum Unfortunately not - that would mean putting every blog post in the nav in this case. Doesn't look like… @scottjehl I read that but it doesn't say anything about noting the parent page. Maybe it's just a style and nothin… @bradgarropy @gatsbyjs I read that but my links aren't /blog/post-name, they are just /post-name, so Ill have to add the attribute myselfIs there an aria-current property that (or similar) that should be used for page parent? I want to highlight the "… @nitingupta220 Lots of them! @87DaysOfSam Me and everyone else in the world who thinks their funny 😆 @bradenkeith It’s so hopefully the servers don’t crashCanadian friends: the emergency response benefit applications start today if you are born in Jan/Feb/Mar. You can a… @n_moore I saw that! I don't think I can move over existing comments, but maybe a good use case for future comments! @RalphSmorra ah yes - luckily they are all WordPress comments so generated on the server @RalphSmorra Thats true - it's already on there. Good point!Torn on if I should migrate my blog comments over to some sort of 3rd party system. I don't really want to, but I… @Therealmarkw1 sardine. oil.Hey all you cool cats and kittens. I watched all of Tiger King on the weekend. UNREAL! It's been a while since I wa…
@rem @Spotify I wrote a script to do this and then realize there was an app called overkill that does it. Both here
Day52/100 - Started @wesbos Beginners JavaScript Course today, loving it so far! I love Wes' energy, it is catchy!…
Retweeted by Wes Bos @RICODAH1 @carlbradburyjs Thanks guys! Means a lot to me 😃 @Lobst3rDev @jlengstorf Dang that’s an amazing idea! Can’t wait to try that @jlengstorf Some more photos on my Instagram right now. We also did fries since having the oil out only happens a few times a year @jlengstorf Flour, salt, pepper, garlic powder, chilli powder, lots of paprika and anything else you got in the spi… @chad_cuomo Yeah! I have been too. Hit the spot!Fried Chicken for dinner! @mKhezar_ @mirhatjs Yep! @victorsilvadev @stolinski No - it should be includedgreat explanation of function definition! by @wesbos
Retweeted by Wes Bos @cramforce Nope - still shitty. @kilianvalkhof @rem Yeah that’s super annoying. Anything with a .anything assumes it’s a domain @rem If you set keywords by right clicking on a search input you can get the same workflow, but I still find it not…
Day 32/100 Finished the @wesbos flexbox course. Learned a lot in a couple short days! Time to got refactor a few…
Retweeted by Wes Bos @prestonjlamb @CalDigit It does! I’ve only once seen it drain faster than it can charge during video export with 2…*structural engineer shaking building* "that's not going anywhere. approved" @WallisDev No - read the other reasons @yashguptaz @wongmjane @finkd He asked for people to follow like 11 years ago hahaI made this as a "bingo sheet" years ago - it landed me tons of clients because they saw "their tech" in the list.… @walpolea Not sure if I'm going to do a list any longer. This was intentionally a bingo sheet that helped me land l… @OnTheGoTrades not at all - just not my focus right now - see the other list of reasons in my tweet @vvdmeulen @dan_abramov @brian_d_vaughn @stolinski also has useWickedFavIcon()Redoing my about page and I'm amazed at how much of the things on this page are outdated, obsolete, uncommon or not… @DamianMontero @jermbo Wow this looks awesome! Thanks for the link! @NicholasGrant16 Just boarded up all the soffits ! Gotta figure out what to do on the floor before I do flooring @davemullenjnr @gatsbyjs Thank you! @theinfamousrj @DizdarevicEdvin @Jellesmarbles @stolinski @syntaxfm Haha we def saw a drop once people stopped commuting @negativespaceca @DetourCoffee Vintage Coffee, @RelayCoffee @paulredmond the rice seems to have fixed it!
@ka11away I had a really good one that let you control the playback, but I can't find the link or remember the name :( will try rememberPutting out another shameless plea for your OLD VERIZON MIFI devices! We need them to serve @GreenevilleCity stude…
Retweeted by Wes Bos @andychilton @mjackson ? I'm saying I hope the market cools down - there are people paying 250k over asking around… @mjackson Hoping it means prices become reasonable again. I have so many friends that aren’t able to buy anywhere.…