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Wesley Chambers @Wesleycinema Sevenoaks/London

Trainee Social Worker by day, Independent Filmmaker by night, Runner and Amateur Boxer on the weekends. 🗃🎬🏃🏾‍♂️🥊

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@victoriabwrites Stairs - like what, there’s a whole other floor up there.
@allisonhpowell Discovered your @YouTube content today. Quality filmmaking advice. Great to see another trail running filmmaker ☺️⛰🏃🏾‍♂️🎥
@KristyPuchko These four films stayed with me long after I left the cinema, the choosing of them was serendipitousl… @Film4 The Night of The Hunter (1955)’s ok to know your dialogue isn’t where you want it, yet. Keep building and it will come. For now though I’m shut… @arugasuk I get what you’re saying. Heard a lot of good things about Waves, it’s only the list. @arugasuk I think you’re gonna fully swerve my latest project man, pure chat and emotion. @arugasuk 🤣🤣🤣 I’m all about the feelings man. That existential, world weary vibe has me amped. @arugasuk I’m -B- always interested it the character’s journey through the events of the story, which is often seco…
@CeeMajor Ahhhh I get that. With the woolly hat and jacket look. @CeeMajor 😂😂😅 sounds like some standard N.O.R.E flex @noreaga or some QB artist I remember the Source magazines wit… @EricHaywood @FilmTVDiversity And a whole bunch of British actors also. Looks like compelling work. I salute you sir. @LYTDShortFilm @Britflicks This looks really interesting, great work. @ashkan @redroomrantings @mattsinger It is why I am here 😬 @redroomrantings @mattsinger Here for the Gladiator sameness 🛡 ⚔️ @mattsinger Gladiator (2000) Spider-Man (2002) I think I was 19/20 years of age. 📀 @thechriswatt @CrombieZoe @CrisMovieCorner @mildredsfierce @SheSpoiledIt @DarrenLinder @FilmMomatic @hamishdownie
@SocialWorkGeek2 had a quick look at the blog, very well written. Nice work. Good luck with the studies. Quality profession isn’t!
@arugasuk That wide open depth of field is lovely though. 📸 @noamkroll Sublime choices🎞 🎥 🍿 📼 🎟 Cinema can fill in the empty spaces of your life and your loneliness. - Pedro Almodovar
Gheeze, just caught #AmericanSon the script was powerful and tense. I think the stage version must have been proper raw.#letterboxdyearinreview interesting stats. 📊📈🗂 here’s to another quality year with @letterboxd let’s get that 365 🎯
@thechriswatt I don’t think I’ve seen that. I’ll have to check @Letterboxd sounds like it’s worth a watch. @thechriswatt I rated him in, The American Friend. @thechriswatt Quality buys. The only reason I went up Siegessaule (Victory Tower) is because if Bruno Ganz.
I think the film - Cop Land - needs a lot more love. @NorthsideLodge1 @KarlThomas1989 Congratulations brother. Hope the family are ok.I’ve been waiting 24 years to see the entire series of #AmericanGothic finally. Did it really end in 1995?…
With all the buzz of #GoldenGlobes #Oscar2020 and the hubbub around awards in general, take time out to create your… @thechriswatt When I read the novel I was amazed with the final few chapters. Seeing the visual interpretation of that was a blast.
@britttbanks This looks interesting. @Hezzah 🥰 but I worry everyone receiving said items thinks I’m not up to the writing task. 😂😂😂In case there is any doubt, please feel free to... @Hezzah You’re not alone. I read the words I thought of in my head not what’s actually on the page, I’m often sendi… @Joeyface Start coughing, call a friend. Say, I’m fine now thanks, the GP said it’s only mildly contagious now I’ve… yes I was that exited I wrote may instead of many. I’m just taking a hands on approach to typos.I rarely watch #dancingonice but when I do I like to see how may hands people have 🖐🏻🤚😂🖐🏽🤚🏾 @edithdrod Gheeze. I empathise. 📓📚📒Do you also have random loose sheets of paper that can’t be thrown out because - NOTES📝 @edithdrod I have about 11. Untouched ranging from A2 to A4. @Contrarah @kevin_thecritic 😬 @kevin_thecritic @Contrarah Totally appreciate that, I was being sardonic, preemptively curtailing any potential cr… @Contrarah Wait, so what you’re saying is entitlement doesn’t always stretch to the arts 🎭 and all productions are… don’t know who needs to hear this but here it is...👌🏾
@CirqueduDurve nice one for the connection, will make some time@to check your work out. @JudithWeston @arugasuk I’m really focused - starting 2020 with creative focus. Thanks for the lovely words of supp… @arugasuk It’s quality man. Really love it. @JudithWeston had a way of writing that inspires an empowers. I have, T… @DAN_LOTZ Quality mate. @arugasuk @NoBudge @YouTube @CarmaChords @bec_bebop @oneaprilday @thechriswatt @BlackRattusbane Seriously decent co… @eliistender10 @Markgatiss @claesbang @WellsDolly What a quality read. @ChampCelluloid @thechriswatt Great work. Impressive skills of deduction. @thechriswatt Settle my curiosity more hints please. Or I’ll share mine with you😂 @thechriswatt Am I close with Lynne Ramsay? @thechriswatt Is it, We Need to Talk About Kevin? @thechriswatt Hmmmm was it made in 2011, 2016 or 2017? I have a shortlist. @thechriswatt @NoBudge @YouTube @CarmaChords @arugasuk @bec_bebop @oneaprilday @BlackRattusbane Ahhhh that fully ex…’s coming. Back on it. #MicrobudgetFilmmaking #SupportIndieFilm @thechriswatt @NoBudge @YouTube @CarmaChords @arugasuk @bec_bebop @oneaprilday @BlackRattusbane Looking forward rea… @katesfxmakeup I’d recommend it, do you have @letterboxd great way to log and keep track of films or want to see flicks. @katesfxmakeup I have the trilogy on dvd. It’s solid. Really like Mads.I’m new to @NoBudge but I’m loving the content. Subscribe to the @YouTube Chanel and devour the indie content. Some…
Haven’t seen it in years but my weekend recommendation for #FilmTwitter is, The Magdalene Sisters (2002). It’s quality drama. @Joeyface I caught it last night it was decent. I was expecting it to be like the novel, then bam the final few mom… @FromPage2Screen 5 but on level with 4 is my go to seat. I like to view the entire screen without any chatter behind me.
@Joeyface Part 2 on tonight at 9, concludes tomorrow same time. I enjoyed the first episode. @MyfHopkins Thank you, appreciated. I will DM now. Hope it’s not too long winded. @MyfHopkins Thank you very much Myf, I’ve followed you so I should be able to now - or once you follow also dependi… @MyfHopkins good afternoon, I hope all is well. Is there an email that I could send a few film related questions to…
From the humble beginnings of, Following (1998) to the trailer for - Tenet - Chris Nolan has been consistently soli… #Firstfilmoftheyear was #TheSoundOfMusic aiming to clock up 300 on the @letterboxd watchlist this year.
@antonyDlane Yeap printed in the manual. Play it with the kids. They always buy the stuff I don’t want for dirt cheap 🤣🤣 @arugasuk @letterboxd Bro, seriously those flicks are heavily under-seen.So here it is, the list that none of you asked for... @letterboxd says I’ve seen 238 films this year so far. Some o… @Mikey_Claims Quality! @Mikey_Claims you’re banh in the money 💰🙆🏾‍♂️🧛‍♂️Thanks to @LASTEXITshirts love it. 🌲#FilmTwitter pop quiz. I forever love this movie. Name it!
@TristanGHill @videogirlprod “Stop, Drop, shut em down open up shop, oh oh, noooo, that’s how Ruff Ryders roll.” Every damn time.
@kingstonwrites Helen, that would be great thanks. I try to read a mixture of unproduced and shootings scripts or p… @kingstonwrites Caught it last night. Solid writing, enjoyed the way you handled the exposition. The shot of Wend…
@Joeyface It was a blast. Raised £6k but got caught on the last question 😂😂 @Joeyface Quiz shows are pure, warm and safe 🤣🤣🤣
@thechriswatt Chris, I’m not called wesleycinema for nothing 🤣🤣🤣 I’ve forgotten watching more films than most people have seen. 😬 @thechriswatt This is such a solid film, I remember thinking how devious she was initially. Another realisation h…
@zcarstheme Inspiring! Love this work ethic man. @zcarstheme Love that idea. Got a 64Gb phone good to spew out some third draft rewrites. @zcarstheme just checked out your @IMDb page. Quality mate. Inspiring seeing filmmakers get their work out their. C… @zcarstheme Sweet man thanks. I can smash out a few pages on the drive to & from work. @zcarstheme Quality tweet. Do you recommend any accurate transcription providers? @CrisMovieCorner @letterboxd Here are some of my highest rated faves from the 50’s Ace in the Hole All about Eve T…
@graceroisin Happy birthday 🥳 let’s hope the exit polls are drastically off.
@villsview Chillllllllll Villun 🧊 🎶If you’re able to please do it. Save a life. @GiveBloodNHS Second time for me, and will hopefully be doing so eve… @DuaineRoberts @MrCaseyBailey Respect man. Each one teach one. @juliahartowitz just wanted to thank you for putting Fast Color out there, quality film. Really enjoyed the experience. 🥳🙆🏾‍♂️Two minutes in and I’m hooked this is a great opening sequence🍿 🙆🏾‍♂️ indie filmmakers - let’s create a thread to expose your film to more people. Here’s what to do: 1. Reply wit…
Retweeted by Wesley Chambers🌹 @TheAcademy 5 minute proof of concept for an experimental narrative art house road movie. Short film - Ligatures. @ScriptsByJames