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We currently have signed bookplates for @Bryan_D_Smith and @timmmeyer11. All of their titles from Grindhouse Press…
Retweeted by Wesley Southard @deathsheadpress @HoustonHorrorFF @johnwayneisdead @deathsheadpress @HoustonHorrorFF @johnwayneisdead That's not 6 feet, assholes! @SomerM Will do!I'm admittedly not a big sea food fan, but I'm going to attempt to make shrimp scampi tonight for dinner. Also goin… book! Anthologies: DIG TWO GRAVES Vol. I & II @bettyrocksteady @WesSouthard @CMorganAuthor @kenzieblyjay
Retweeted by Wesley SouthardHave an idea? We are OPEN for pitches! Madness Heart Press is looking for projects for 2022: plays, #novels,…
Retweeted by Wesley Southard @SomerM @AlexFromIA @outfortune @Matt_Wildasin @jcwhorrorwriter I don't even know how to spell vegetables. @SomerM @outfortune @AlexFromIA @Matt_Wildasin @jcwhorrorwriter in NJ. damn! @CMorganAuthor 🚣🏠😈?Check out my ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ #bookreview of CRUEL SUMMER by @WesSouthard, published by @deathsheadpress! Family drama beco…
Retweeted by Wesley Southard @thisjustinl @deathsheadpress Thank you so much, Justin! @outfortune Wrong.
I really hope this is good. I adored the original growing up. @JimAndrewClark @TravHartArt @kenzieblyjay @CrimsonGhost @KealanBurke @AlanBaxter @brimorganbooks @ejlarocca you, @muse_indie! enjoyed the first two episodes of WandaVision, but why the hell are the credits like ten minutes long?
@SomerM @AlexFromIA @outfortune @Matt_Wildasin @jcwhorrorwriter Quit lying. That's a grilled cheese burrito from Taco Bell.Tonight at 10:30 pm est, I'll be on Panic Room Radio to discuss my new novel CRUEL SUMMER. I will also be reading a… excited to be included in the @Night_Worms book party for CRUEL SUMMER by @WesSouthard Big thanks to…
Retweeted by Wesley SouthardLet’s do this! I’m starting to put everything together for the giclee prints for THE THIRTEENTH KOYOTE. Just waitin…
Retweeted by Wesley SouthardOut now on Kindle and paperback.
Retweeted by Wesley Southard @rock_n_reads Joyland is so damn good.Damn, I love this movie!
Wut's mail @MikeDrucker for the forever win
Retweeted by Wesley Southard @marysangiovanni @BrianKeene @outfortune @DeathGingerPunk @ErinLouis666 What language is this?! @BrianKeene @outfortune @marysangiovanni @DeathGingerPunk @ErinLouis666 Uh... Let me see... Gigity gigity goo! (Am I doing this right?) @BrianKeene @marysangiovanni @outfortune Wait--is *this* a Family Guy quote?When you go to the doctor and and you mishear the type of sample they want from you.
Retweeted by Wesley Southard @BrianKeene I believe @johnwayneisdead can also attest to this, but @stickermule makes fantastic stickers. I just g… @AaronDries Edgar, get down from there!Damn, this got me. have some free codes for Chandler Morrison's "Dead Inside" audiobook. Message me and let me know why you need one, and it is yours.
Retweeted by Wesley Southard @cats_luv_coffee @AlienRedrum My new novel CRUEL SUMMER just released this past Sunday from Death's Head Press. Summer by Wesley Southard @WesSouthard @deathsheadpress Gods never really stay dead―they only lie in wait. A…
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CRUEL SUMMER by @WesSouthard "The first portion of Cruel Summer flows like a chilling Hitchcockian crime novel. Re…
Retweeted by Wesley SouthardI had a low-key lunch today in Pennsylvania. Go figure! audiobook auditions available, including one for my new novel CRUEL SUMMER. Looking for female narrator for… @WesSouthard My Dearest Martha, this mayhaps be my final correspondence. It has been nigh three days since I have t…
Retweeted by Wesley SouthardNo publication date yet, but here's what's next! Cover by @LynneHansenArt.
Retweeted by Wesley SouthardGood thing this idiot is now getting his required couscous and kale. What a relief! @TodClark @JonathanJanz @ThunderstormBks That, too! @JonathanJanz @ThunderstormBks Since working with him, Paul's gone above and beyond for me. I'll be forever grateful for his generosity. @ThunderstormBks It's been great to hear from you again, Paul!Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone for the successful launch yesterday of CRUEL SUMMER. Thank you to…
Awwwwww yeah! @KoyoteKris @WesSouthard @deathsheadpress
Retweeted by Wesley Southard @MattKurtzWrites @KoyoteKris @deathsheadpress Hell yeah! Thanks, Matt!As Damon Wayans Jr. said at the end of The Other Guys: "Hope you like the taste of prison food...and penis." Summer by Wesley Southard @WesSouthard @deathsheadpress Gods never really stay dead―they only lie in wait. A…
Retweeted by Wesley SouthardMy collection of books from @deathsheadpress so far
Retweeted by Wesley Southard @The7thTerrace It's all a big lead-up to the next Dr. Strange film. @The7thTerrace I've been reading about the show for months. All the retro TV show stuff is a creation from Wanda as… fantastic review of CRUEL SUMMER, this time from Uncomfortably Dark! Also includes a short interview. Thank… Night Stockers is now available for preorder! Check out the book summary.
Retweeted by Wesley SouthardMe being able to tweet and fly on a plane.
Retweeted by Wesley SouthardSplatter Romance : Ryan Harding and Lucas Mangum : Bizzong! Podcast This week on Bizzong! Tag team duo Ryan Hardin…
Retweeted by Wesley Southard @Ned_the_zombie Thank you, Ned! @Rudy53088 @ReviewsRain @ThunderstormBks @deathsheadpress Thank you, Richard! @ReviewsRain @ThunderstormBks @deathsheadpress Thank you, John!Grab this today!!
Retweeted by Wesley Southard @JimConiglio @deathsheadpress Thank you, Jim! @jdurgin1084 @deathsheadpress Thank you, John! @mnsebourn @deathsheadpress Thank you, Mitch! @JohnTheEngMajor Thank you, John! @marysangiovanni Mary, you know you don't have to purposely watch bad movies, right? Like, there are a lot of good…
My pal @WesSouthard has a brand new book out and you should be buying it!
Retweeted by Wesley Southard @Matt_Wildasin Thank you, bro!Release day for @WesSouthard! Check out that cover!
Retweeted by Wesley Southard @sam_kolesnik @deathsheadpress Thank you, Sam! 🦈Absolute truth here. I can't wait for my future kids to have text books with pictures of these dipshits, describing… book for #wrestling & #horror fans alike.
Retweeted by Wesley SouthardI have an extra $200 Amazon gift card, so I’ll be giving it away to one lucky winner next week. Just Follow and RT…
Retweeted by Wesley Southard @RickReadsHorror @ThunderstormBks Thank you, Richard! Hope you enjoy! @justintcoons Thank you, bro. 🦈 @PeyWhalley @Bryan_D_Smith @deathsheadpress Awesome! Thank you, Pete. Hope you enjoy!Happy book birthday to Cruel Summer!!🦈💀
Retweeted by Wesley SouthardNew horror out today.
Retweeted by Wesley Southard @GRLynn2 Thank you, Elle! @thisjustinl Thank you, Justin!I love this man so much. I hope one day I can shake his hand. horror from Southard! The monster is loose!
Retweeted by Wesley Southard @KoyoteKris Thanks, bro! 🦈Attention shoppers! I collaborated on a novel with Ryan Harding. Coming soon!
Retweeted by Wesley Southard @mark_steensland @deathsheadpress Thank you, bro. ♥️ @kenzieblyjay ♥️♥️♥️ @Ned_the_zombie @deathsheadpress Thank you, Ned! @SteveLC8349 @Bryan_D_Smith @ChadLutzke Thank you, Steve!Another 5 star review for CRUEL SUMMER, this time from Erica Robyn Reads! Thank you, @ericarobyn!, to those who received advance copies and have already posted their reviews online, please consider also putti…'S RELEASE DAY! My newest novel, CRUEL SUMMER, is now available in trade paperback and e-book from…
This. @mark_steensland Damn right! Fulci lives!To say it was a damn good mail day is an understatement. and awe