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@BenHaenow Sorry @BenHaenow I don’t quite understand why you’ve tweeted me Publicly,WHen we’ve had a conversation v…
Here's the first trailer for @BBCOne's new three-part drama #TheSalisburyPoisonings, written by @DecLawn and Adam P…
Retweeted by Danniella WestbrookMuch needed here in Liverpool 🙌 my Westie30 at checkout and rt and share @afowler06 tweet to be in with a chance of winning 🙌 The world stands together 🙏🏻 🌍
Retweeted by Danniella WestbrookLife's too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. So, love the people who treat you right and forget about the ones who don't 👊🏻
Retweeted by Danniella Westbrook @mustbejp @jontsouras Happy anniversary love my John and Jonny x
I’ll be recording my CelebVM video messages later today
I’ll be recording my CelebVM video messages later today code WESTIE30 at the checkout x
@chelsey_harwood Can’t wait xJust thinking about my fitness and the best gym I ever trained at was for sure @titoortiz gym when I lived in Hunti… just brings a smile to my face 😀 yours now x all my followers retweet this please 🙏🏻 @MrRootsy tried @supreme_cbd after being recommended by @westbrookdanni
Retweeted by Danniella Westbrook😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 of the way small child 😂’d love that can’t wait to see you wifey x and thanks for sticking up for me on your Facebook love x never forget… - Road [Music Video] | GRM Daily via @YouTube #Listen #share #enjoyI’ll be recording my CelebVM video messages later today
Me at my next eye test
Retweeted by Danniella WestbrookHappy VALentine’s Day!
Retweeted by Danniella Westbrook**COMPETITION TIME** Giving away 2 x bottles of 500mg CBD oil all you have to do to enter is #follow @supreme_cbd
Retweeted by Danniella Westbrook @CraftyNigel @DarrenDOfficial @westendproducer @wisemandebbie @mischiefcomedy @ThemeParkWW @RealMattLucas’ll be recording my CelebVM video messages later today
@afowler06 It’s not over till I say it’s over !This place is absolutely breathtaking. #GrandToursofScotlandsLochs is streaming now:
Retweeted by Danniella Westbrook @JackBeamish1 @PJarvis1985 @calvin_lynch123 @Beno_ldn Now now boys leave it now please ...Can’t wait to see my pal @Chelsea_Singh_ when this lock down lifts ... two years ago today we was doing this’ve just recorded some more CelebVM video messages🍑 of a punch 🥊 @afowler06 👌🏻 short clip from our call-out on Saturday to search for a suspected windsurfer in difficulty. Thankfully, nothing…
Retweeted by Danniella WestbrookSome of these sas guys wow 😉 #OhHello it’s true I’m now a total @netflix geek... I’ve watched movies,box sets, a zillion seasons of a zillion differe…’ll be recording my CelebVM video messages later today So tell a friend you miss them or m…
@afowler06 Got cbd for my mum who for the past 2 years has suffered from #anxiety and #depression and been in hospi…
Retweeted by Danniella WestbrookI’ll be recording my CelebVM video messages later today
I’ve just recorded some more CelebVM video messages 💋Just feeling this vibe today 👌🏻 ⁦@KJ_Artist⁩ ⁦@RussMillions⁩ some kinda way today I have to say 🤦🏼‍♀️ must because we can’t all be together for @Club195 boat party in I…
Retweeted by Danniella Westbrook @anthonyfjoshua 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻The key 🔑 to rising above is that we first have to be elevating others #BeKind #motivate #BePositive #ElevateDontHate #westie @Beno_ldn Hello My Bestie ... but late I know ... but better late than never ... as requested my Saturday selfie 4…
Feeling some kinda way today I have to say 🤦🏼‍♀️ must because we can’t all be together for @Club195 boat party in I…
@Vsouvatzoglou For Liverpool ?John you make me howl 😂 enjoy that large drink my friend you’ve earned it 👌🏻 looking for a hot tub and a bouncy castle to hire in L25 area tomorrow..:. Last minute dot com as ever ... if an…
I’ll be recording my CelebVM video messages later today ambulance is reported to be at the scene
Retweeted by Danniella Westbrook @westbrookdanni please do share our new national homeless helpline for my charity @FREEDOMXCHARITY . It’s a complet…
Retweeted by Danniella Westbrook @PearlBoutiquexx Do you have a size 8?
@Lauraaaa___x Bless you thanks babe x @therealdeekelly @KymDarby1 @mustbejp @MrMarkByron @stuartfergus @Denise_fergus Oh Thanks Dee . Can’t wait to see y… @TrudieLyons Will definitely definitely do that Trudie bear 🐻 been far to long since we got on a plane together & j…’ll be recording my CelebVM video messages later today your revamping your forever home or wanting ideas for a total new build or just changing 1 room into a perfect s… are looking for a graphic designer to help with some up and coming campaigns for Isla. If anyone can offer some…
Retweeted by Danniella WestbrookThis is just the cutest x @KJ_Artist mother wants a curtain cuddle kid 💕’ve think I’ve finally come out of my cloud of depression... reach out people we are never alone 💕 if your grippe… I’ve been really depressed all this worry people loosing lives death loosing my Nan amd toll rising and the…’ve just recorded some more CelebVM video messages @jackknowles Oh hello xSo apparently we're heading for the worst recession since 1709, the government now have to scale back £300 billion…
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I’ll be recording my CelebVM video messages later today
@KymDarby1 @mustbejp @MrMarkByron @stuartfergus @Denise_fergus @therealdeekelly Oh my goodness Kym you used your kitchen 👌❤️
Throw back Thursday thanks @Fan101Soap 💋💋💋 Sam Mitchell trouble troublemaker she’s naughty she’s trouble and she al… CBD oil from @supreme_cbd has been amazing for me, helped me so much with anxiety and lower back pain, if an… @iamdataminer @DawkinsReturns @exinterplod Why was they even out .... are we not supposed to be staying at home !!… @iamdataminer @DawkinsReturns @exinterplod Thankfully all 4 have been arrested.
Retweeted by Danniella WestbrookThis is disgusting...if this is your child you must be ashamed... why are they out anyway !!!! @mattgoss @steveguestpr x
I’ll be recording my CelebVM video messages later today
Sacral Chakra Moon Meditation: Spiritual Goddess UK via @YouTube #sacralchakra #meditation #fullmoon
Retweeted by Danniella WestbrookLaw of Attraction: Manifest while you sleep affirmations: Spiritual Godd... via @YouTube @westbrookdanni
Retweeted by Danniella WestbrookThis lockdown had advanced my daily meditation . Meditation is good for the soul for anxiety and to just rebalance… @Rawformmusic Dm ya new one now mate @Rawformmusic It has kid x get on me I’ve been living in Liverpool since sep and not connected with u guys once 🤦🏼‍♀️ @AndrewNeill91 Amazing I will watch tonight x I’m enjoying my meetings via zoom since the lockdown xSo many great people on my Twitter. I’ve had the pleasure to connect and chat with so many off you during this lock… The job retention scheme will be extended, for four months, until the end of October. By that point, we will h…
Retweeted by Danniella WestbrookCrab Cakes with Fennel & Cumcumber Salad. Simple and delicious Andrew with four ingredients! If you haven’t crab, u…
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Today's feature is @Hopefield_Essex a #Sanctuary for a vast array of over 500 sick, unwanted & mistreated #animals.…
Retweeted by Danniella WestbrookOf course I have a thing about angels. I believe in them because I see them & speak with them .... trust our frien…
Retweeted by Danniella Westbrook @DarrenDOfficial check your inbox please dazzle x
COMPETITION- since this covid-19 everyone struggling so I’m giving away 10 free bottles of CBD oil tonight, to ente…
Retweeted by Danniella Westbrook @afowler06 @supreme_cbd Agreed @supreme_cbd ❤️I’m a massive believer in natural organic medicine like CBD so I will send you a free bottle in the morning mate 🙏🏻…
Retweeted by Danniella WestbrookI’m always trying to spread the word for people who don’t believe in CBD, you’ve bought a few bottles too so it’s o…
Retweeted by Danniella WestbrookGreat cause xx @afowler06 @supreme_cbd 👏🏻 @afowler06 @supreme_cbd 🙏🏻It’s amazing mate honestly, seeing my dad happy yesterday was such a nice feeling, he’s 1 the many reasons I’m so…
Retweeted by Danniella Westbrook @afowler06 @supreme_cbd It’s helped my anxiety 100%.
Retweeted by Danniella Westbrook @griffraces @afowler06 This is why I’m planning on trying it when I can. Topped with stress and anxiety, lack of sl…
Retweeted by Danniella Westbrook @TraceyKiely4 @supreme_cbd Just dmd you xx @MatthewRyan76 @supreme_cbd Keep us posted with how you get on x @louise_coult @supreme_cbd Dm me babe xIt’s great to see my dad happy and smiling, Lots amazing CBD oil messages, but my dads my favourite case, he suffe…
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@afowler06 @supreme_cbd ❤️👏🏻 @oliverdorrill76 @supreme_cbd Dm me babe x