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Seen. new sonic movie looks great
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when i say “hey losers” to you all that’s me being respectful of everyone’s pronouns with a gender neutral greeting
Retweeted by WestCoastPat @PropterMalone Is Russell Wilson Era capitalized because it's a defined term that specifically doesn't include the Super Bowl you won?In a way Beltrán most successful manager in Mets history. Never lost a game. Take that haters.
Retweeted by WestCoastPatIs your child tweeting about pop-punk? LOL - Love older Lagwagon WTF - Want those Fats (Fat Wreck Chords) SMH - St…
Retweeted by WestCoastPatIt's fucking stupid that our election cycle is like 2 years long. It's fucking stupid we have to file our own taxes…
Retweeted by WestCoastPatAll of MLB: HOLY SHIT, THE ASTROS SUSPENSION CAME DOWN. IS IT ENOUGH? WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Oakland: what do you want…
Retweeted by WestCoastPatJOE BUCK: Welcome to the top of the 47th [Sun rises] [Sun keeps getting bigger] BUCK: yes [World engulfed by flames] BUCK: oh god yes
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@TicTacTOmar I believe its Jeremies Bracco @RealGudPros He doesn't appear to know....or if he does, he's looking to change that, because he sure acts like it is his dog @RealGudPros I laughed so hard when I got to that part! @RealGudPros Listening to the pod and I had no clue it was Tyson's dog! @RealGudPros How excited do you think Tyson Barrie is right now? @taaeeve The crossover of Leafs and Mulaney is my near-perfect twitter @emorwee @SavagePCPB Trade a forward for a defenceman Wired: More games against bad teams
Retweeted by WestCoastPatI love this sport
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The first one is going to be weird as fuck.The question isn't will I see Pearl Jam on their upcoming tour, it's how many times will I see them. @JamesSmyth621 @UniWatch Not sure I can be bothered to care when a stadium changes from one corporate name to anotherCompanies that send agreements in locked formats should be fucking shot.Democrats have announced they are abandoning politics to start a Weezer cover band i'll be dead before climate change is an issue me: you'll be dead before i regret my tattoo but you won't stfu about that
Retweeted by WestCoastPatSometimes the sports gods give us a gift
Stewart Lee has had his say on Gervais and there’s nothing left to add
Retweeted by WestCoastPatThe worst, dumbest man of his generation is the President of the United States, overseeing concentration camps and…
Retweeted by WestCoastPatTha Leafs lost today, but watching all of Twitter discover that Auston Matthews is a goddamn wizard has been a deli… my god the Chiefs ran out of TD fireworks
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no one: nobody: not a single person on the planet: the intoxicated guy at the bar who has been trying to make ey…
Retweeted by WestCoastPatThe Chiefs have possessed the ball for a minute fourteen seconds longer than the Vikes did yesterday. They have man… to infantilize an entire generation: 1) declare all the markers of adulthood to be linked to financial indepen…
Retweeted by WestCoastPatTruly one of the great comebacks in NFL history. Great game. (*touches earpiece*) I’m being told there is another half to play.
Retweeted by WestCoastPatTexans-Chiefs hit the over in the first half. Holy shit.Bill O’Brien is that idiot on third base of your blackjack table that stays on a 14 against a face card but hits a…
Retweeted by WestCoastPat @sdutPosner @RichardWade We are wretched cursed people ...and that’s before a super bowl between our division riv… @RichardWade @sdutPosner I’m in LA and still on their rickety bandwagon and it just hurts that much morefml @sdutPosner @RichardWade WHY. WHYYYYYYYYYY @mollylambert Defining Your Life next?i didn’t move to LA to see all my friends post about it being 60 degrees in NY in january. you guys got bodegas in…
Retweeted by WestCoastPat @robertmays Are you subtweeting yourself? @drewmagary Titans-Texans would be a pretty hilarious AFC title game. They’d have to move that shit to Thursday night tho.
Retweeted by WestCoastPatthere's gotta be a German word for when you make a 21-yard catch on 4th-and-22
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just once I want Cris to say "We had a chance to meet him before the game and he was NOT a fine young man" about someone
Retweeted by WestCoastPatjust once I want a broadcast of a Niners game to exclusively show the San Jose skyline instead of San Francisco at…
Retweeted by WestCoastPatThe Olympic Committee is banning protests at the 2020 Olympics. It says "political, religious or racial propagand…
Retweeted by WestCoastPatobsessed with this picture of a seal looking up
Retweeted by WestCoastPatLiberals: “look at how dumb these Republicans are for not believing in climate change lololol” Leftists: “yeah tota…
Retweeted by WestCoastPatI’m never going to stop thinking it’s weird that the three jobs in Star Wars are fascist army man, renegade ninja, or lounge musician.
Retweeted by WestCoastPatStar Wars’ insistence that killing a fascist leader is unambiguously an evil act while killing his minions is moral…
Retweeted by WestCoastPatSaying “Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee” - Rude and cliché - Morning-specific - Indicates that you want…
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Retweeted by WestCoastPatI’ve said before and I’ll say it again: Fuck #AB5.
Retweeted by WestCoastPatmy adult life features 100% less purchases from Spencer’s gifts than i had assumed would be the case when i was a kid
Retweeted by WestCoastPatEveryone is afraid of their 30s but once companies can't sell you young person shit anymore you can do basically an…
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@RealGudPros Auston’s dog at the outdoor practice and I’m now deadimagine lecturing people on the sanctity of motherhood with “dog mom” in your bio
Retweeted by WestCoastPatI’ve decided to quit trying to have a personality and just embrace the fact that I’m 6’5” and don’t need one so her…
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@McClure_SF I can’t be blamed it looks like a coaster when you’re tired and busy and on endless conference calls (… @beerandpork Time, like days of the week, is a meaningless concept in 2020 @TonyLosoya89 No but it explains why my phone has a low battery since it’s just been sitting on my deskJust realized that I've been putting my coffee on an induction charger rather than a coaster all morning anyway how… @dietcokeforever Like I said, too real fact: if you google the phrase "enclosure riots" you will have to choose from a list of autocompletes spanning…
Retweeted by WestCoastPat @dietcokeforever Holy shit. Too real. @statssundin Feeing like he might be
love how every leftist i know is constantly reading & self-educating because they're expected to have PhDs in world…
Retweeted by WestCoastPatRich person rejects family's money. Content to simply survive on money from family's connections. News at 11.In times of existential crisis, look out for the procrastinators. They will be the people who know how to focus on…
Retweeted by WestCoastPat @McClure_SF Mom and I straight up forgot how long the song we picked for our dance at the wedding reception was and… are times I actually miss just having AN alt rock station. Fuck it, you pick, I’m driving. @beerandpork the rabbit hole. @thelonelyisland @McClure_SF It’s Misters Noice GuyThe replica of Independence Hall at Knott’s Berry Farm @McClure_SF @ladailynews But then how will they learn that corrugated cardboard painted reddish-brown looks like roof tiles?
Well, I guess I'm done working for the day. Just going to sit around and try and figure out when in European histor… maybe she's born with it TROS: maybe it's Palpatine
Retweeted by WestCoastPat @saintdaniella @McClure_SF Can we hastily arrange a veterans game, make him play third, and then ensure that Chase… country that is keeping babies in cages wants to have a word with Iran about human rights.
Retweeted by WestCoastPatFiguring out Mrs. Doubtfire says hello the same way Bane says mobile has changed my life forever
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did u know tom hanks son was a rapper who went by chet haze and his biggest hit was a remake to wiz khalifas "black…
Retweeted by WestCoastPatyou know that thing during the holidays where you're so far removed from your daily routine that you literally forg…
Retweeted by WestCoastPatRicky Gervais is the Piers Morgan of Bill Mahers. #GoldenGlobes
Retweeted by WestCoastPatI think the choice for my next Chargers jersey is clear somehow cable news has the gall to ask Bernie how we’ll pay for free college and a less expensive healthcare sy…
Retweeted by WestCoastPatPeople are having second thoughts now that they realize Joaquin wasn’t really acting in Joker.
Retweeted by WestCoastPat @chrisvfeil I know it didn’t have buzz, but I just want to hear an entire episode about his 80s comedies. The Money… time I see Rachel Weisz I touch my breastbone and gasp, "My word."
Retweeted by WestCoastPatthe only good thing to say about Ricky Gervais is that I haven't seen him in a literal hour
Retweeted by WestCoastPat @joereid EXCUSE ME?!? @annehelen @emilyluvsyouu I’ll see you in hellThe sudden (yet not surprising) realization that Mike Trout's been to more Eagles playoff games than Angels playoff…
Retweeted by WestCoastPatThis is still my favourite joke from The Good Place
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Wikileaks exposed you for wanting to take Libyan oil as “payback” for overthrowing their government. Libya is now a…
Retweeted by WestCoastPatWell, just landed at JFK and — no surprise — got taken to the special side room and got asked (among other things)…
Retweeted by WestCoastPatit is time to count out touchdown tom.
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