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@POTUS @fchw33 ROFL GOATED creator frfr @chacey101 If I text someone with an android I throw up instantly. But it’s a better phone 🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓 yeah?
@Dexerto The solution 🔥🔥🔥 @_routers Then abuse it Pussy? @FatalityBolt That’s cuz Twitter has a lot of chronically online who live in echo chambers to give their pathetic e… @t9ler @NotryaVAL Not the towers 💀💀💀 @SoaRGaming Cheers!! W positivity @TheKaiRho Y yes @cwaudiia @MattZyzz @SoaRGaming Own that fraud 😭😭 @Twitch If this person left their house they’d get bullied ‼️‼️‼️ @PlayVALORANT How you feel posting this @POTUS I’ve BEEN building 🔥🔥🔥 @_Od26 I compare the size of my dick to all my irl friends to make sure no one is packing too much heat. Can’t ha… @DailyLoud Girl forgot blocking and dnd existed 🤯 but 800 is crazyyyy @ChigBepis @_routers Just say you can’t aim BUMMY @Darrinsval The only player I’ve ever thought was cheating 💀 @dawnmoer FOR REAL lotus is ass cheeks @Darrinsval My 1v3 clutch vs Darrin is my favorite moment on breezeBind and Breeze >>>> Lotus and Pearl @elonmusk @Luckxyn You’re* a gamer 🤣 stfu @TalaNeon @GrimValorant dis u ? @222GenTle Only talk shit behind someone’s back if that’s something you’d say to their face @FatalityBolt The YouTube comments are trolls😂 but twitter has some absolute degenerates. But it’s twitter Idc shit…
@EirLooms @DailyLoud They boutta run Fortnite squads 💀 @EirLooms Felt troll idk @DailyLoud Hope his last vape rip was worth 25 years in prison. Society is scary now cuz so many people have noth… @jettdaddy69 “Even some of the best players in the world may not be able to reach the highest rank” @slimshaidan @SoaRGaming @WestJett A perfect mix for a good time @Big_E Dream real estate @mikelcal @SoaRGaming The others are in my head @PlayVALORANT JAYJAY THE JET PLANE LOOKIN AHH SKINS 💀💀💀💀 @Dexerto Referring to Twitter users as “People” gotta be a new one. They’re like hermit crab cave dwellers coming o… @fpsDeny Repping the culture @m9dusa truly a momentWTF is wrong with my Valorant finisher sound ❄🥶 @Awesomefn_ Yes I too am in Romanian Jail under human trafficking allegations🔥 @ehllori @SoaRGaming I’m a wholesome dapper guy. What can I say @thevarelli @SoaRGaming Yeah it’s decent until@ur actually sick 💀 @thevarelli @SoaRGaming I’m in Calgary canada 💀LOLOLOLOL NAH 💀💀 @_Od26 If I believe in the Boogie man. Should he believe in me?Proof @SoaRGaming gets you girls S- Gaslighting O- Love bombing A- Guilt Tripping R- Manipulation @h2nnyu #RACST
@Dexerto My wife isn’t a video game 😡 @zephyrVLRNT I’m dismembering the fabrics of society @MattZyzz 1600 games an act demon #1 grinder god @Croticval @dawnmoer @dawnmoer 🔥🔥🔥🔥 @CaMbCaMbTV Fixed it for you @dawnmoer There’s a certain word that starts with “R” and ends with “etard” that describes her @gregorythechink That was my evil twin (not me) @elonmusk @Cobratate @g00mie @zeronaVAL And he’s also 17 you creep @zt0LVAL Man is the definition of the word “Game Sense” every fucking clip 💀 my jaw drops @rewind1k i hope you get hit by the fortnite battle bus @Dexerto They just upped the brightness and contrast by like 10% 🔥
@angejlz My feetfinder contract begs to differThey called me a content creator 💀 @Keeoh As much as I troll. Good luck (You won’t need it) @SapphicJade Yeah, there will always be weirdos especially online. Where people can act tough and be incels behind… @Keeoh You as a dad @FraggVAL 🤓🤓🤓 @Keeoh @OvertimeGG @jasondaweenie @GeorgeCGed @career_val @jjasonnvo @connorjaiye @sinatraa @jettdaddy69 @OvertimeGG @jasondaweenie @GeorgeCGed @career_val @jjasonnvo @connorjaiye @sinatraa @jettdaddy69 @sagemommy_69 @gloomieval @CaMbCaMbTV I don’t think much 💀 @zeronaVAL @freightFPS Don’t bully DARRIN he’s a unit @CaMbCaMbTV Fixed it for you @Vegod_ she’s cute, should I ratio? @ValorLeaks They got that Chicago prison knife @asianfemboy1 Yes. Sex is sin. None before marriage @ceidwadol @elonmusk @Rainmaker1973 What’s ur metric for success just interested. @elonmusk @Rainmaker1973 Explain? @Jameskii Bro hit the Fortnite tire 💀 @eddiebrr W gay rizz 🔥Valorant statistically has more girls playing than CSGO. Arguing CS2 is better is automatically supporting the pa… @whatever The club is a greasy place for greasy guys. I know cuz I used to go there 💯 @G2VALORANT 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️ @anddaniellesaid Just saying that in itself is creepy. Redditor terminology 💀 @GhostGaming
@ImSlightt First human to ever post impressions 💀 @TheAhrora @CounterStrike Dam I’ve seen my friend put 3 Virtus Pro Katos on a sand dune. Man fumbled @TheAhrora @CounterStrike How much value does a 2014 Kato add to a skin? Like when it’s placed on it. Never understood the key market @WallStreetSilv Fellow Venezuelan Trillionaires 🫡🫡 @Dexerto Imaged she queued into ISHOWSPEED on haven first game 🔥 @POTUS I bet Paul Allen putting more resources on the border @ranked_demon Why? You’re my fav alcoholic. Alongside myself @TidePodStan You’re fuckin on the daily while driving your Aventador drunk. Stop cappin @ScrewFaceVAL @Demon1___ 13th reason why