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WestJett @westjett1 Drip Island

190K+ Yootoob/Twitch Partner. Menace to society for business.

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@xtr_cs Wow Amazon. That is so cool!!! Shame I don’t care about IRL stuff all I like are skins and slot machines !!!!! @_grumpypancake_ SHE CANT TAKE BOFA US @_grumpypancake_ @icakuma @The_KingLIVE Listen up buddy @Vexian_ I can get you free software dm me @ebbawebba Fair enough 😔 @ebbawebba Shut up! @The_KingLIVE Because you play Valorant @sonii At the end of the day you made a mistake of which you’re fully aware of. We’re all human at the end of the d… @nickbunyun @xtr_cs LMAO @BunnyHop Return of the king @AminOnPC @Keeoh @ethoz @GrimValorant @flexinja @The_KingLIVE @dixuuns @kaemiii_ @FAscending @HowToNoodle @n0ted
@MoranguinhoNois Yeah WTF @flexinja @HowToNoodle STRONG AGREE. I don’t think anyone minds paying extra for chromas but VFX and animations...It’s a shameless way to peddle Radianite because it’s the only affordable way to buy it. A lot of shady psychology… @darciukas1 They’re mid. You would never use them above store skins. Battlepass needs to reward the people who play the most a little moreThe battlepass hasn’t been good since the ruin dagger. Change my mind @lettersxz1 Listen here dick was @kadriaymen67 ??????? Tf csgo could be deleted and this is still valid. You gonna just the psychology used to make… @Nueg_ Yet we still play 😔😔 because nothing else out and csgo is more dead than my grandpa
@hairypenispills LMAOSAMEDoes anyone remember Skype? @The_KingLIVE @ashIyne That’s not a very big accomplishment @ashIyne Thank you!! My mother thinks so too ☺️☺️ @ashIyne it back @_SoMarcus Wow that is a powerful Ethereum miner ! @Trainwreckstv @inerttia0 Train these people don’t see you asking Ska to donate $100 to the person who said they’re… @JannerMah True I just bring my water bottle and fill it @CasperrFPS Drip out the woooo @LoLGeranimo Best Draven @Trainwreckstv How many times do they want you to say “you will lose” I’m pretty sure you provide disclaimers. They…
@Keeoh @PlayVALORANT @riotgames Drippy @sharungfx It’s manipulationValorant needs to remove the rotating store system. I want skin now ooo ooo 🦍 @AFK_Creators Viper @xtr_cs @ImDevin__ shut up
@flexinja 40% @Nighty10k i never touched grass to get there @Nighty10k false @ebbawebba youtube @MatchPoint012 it is truly disastrousTouched grass for the first time in years. Still having flashbacks
@connorjaiye Vouch please. I want a Mr Beast wrapped Tesla @The_KingLIVE deez nuts +ratio @Darkn3s55 @RushFrog photoshopped. Not convinced @RushFrog you're inside :*( @RushFrog you're lying @The_KingLIVE @itslilmaa I meant physically 😔 @itslilmaa @The_KingLIVE Don’t listen to King he’s 45 @BoringIsBetter Because @itslilmaa Don’t do that to yourself @ebbawebba I shit myself @TheOnlyMonto WestCypher 😔 @bumpaah The dopamine has got to you 😳😳 @The_KingLIVE Have ya tried Raid Shadow Legends @The_KingLIVE Thank you king!
@emuhlys I am now a Kay/o player so I basically play the game in my shower @BumpFan69 @bumpaah 🤩 @_TheStickbug You’re built different @xtr_cs @AonBalouch Can we prolong the face reveal @_TonyPark_ LMAO nihilist godMost of us are both 😔😳You either love yourself but hate Valorant or hate yourself but love Valorant. @Vexian_ I feel that bro @ruffls99 Unrated maybe 😅 @emuhlys Jett mains don’t shower. I speak as a former Jett player @ebbawebba I would never. I’m dangerous @ebbawebba Impression game stronk
@ashIyne Do it @ebbawebba True that @emuhlys Those look like the gems on Zeus @Keeoh I see you @RlyRuss @eggwickgg You’re also 47 @kaemiii_ GAMING @ASIANFNBR @CoachLats get that bag @ashIyne Hate the game not the player 😎 @keeohB men @Arcohz LMAO I Thought you meant the religion. I was super confused @AvengedAURA @ashIyne IKR!!!! Now I'm just waiting for your turn @KingTalquin14 Ngl killing the turret guys are kinda satisfying @luisalpjax @TenZburner @senntre It’s right behind fruit ninja and Jett pack joyride @ItsEmb3r Jk the tweets a joke. I grew up with league @ItsEmb3r Nerd
@dangnabbit_ @RlyRuss $20 @Fenariiaa @lyneax_ shut up @Fenariiaa @lyneax_ shut up @its_XY_boi You're a god. League is a plague that affects most people :O @Ace_Emo69 go play jungle normieIf you're ever on a big losing streak in Valorant just keep your chin up and remember that people still play League of Legends in 2021. @Dittozkul at least 5 i g @ashIyne You have to do it now @ashIyne ImRacist#Real @dangnabbit_ @RlyRuss Pog Xtr mod @RlyRuss Dis you @xtr_cs It’s because you’re hard stuck hold @ruffls99 Sexiest montage legend @keeohB Yes Keeoh you are so hot. Can we kiss in twitch con @notgmonster @noah_vfx @xtr_cs hahhaaha brb finishing my dm with barack obama @quarkwy LETS GO @ImDevin__ Xtr is not funny @xtr_cs Shut up