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@Judgment_NA I hate this guy @WlSHlE @JannerMah “👇😂👆” @4Weasel @JannerMah I’m sendin my positive vibes bro @JannerMah You need this ratio more 👆😂👇 @ScrewFaceVAL @seshiriaa_ Vouch 📈📈📈📈
@djspheres W wedding @TrashTripp Family Guy @_routers @_routers It got worse 😭😭😭 @PrakharPlayz Pog I went up 3K followers without streaming @Hantao Egypt!! @LikeWhoFramedMe @LikeWhoFramedMe Go watch some bitches 🤣✋🛑 @Judgment_NA You play Kayo @yuta_val Goat Show tho @yuta_val Ur late to the party @DJ_Realtime AYO SAME @RushFrog AGE GAP
@BottomFragVAL @dawnmoer @Gen1us_Fps @CaMbCaMbTV Oh NOOOO @Gen1us_Fps @CaMbCaMbTV Getting degraded everyday for throwing is fun 🫡 @CaMbCaMbTV You barely made it on Phoenix. You ain’t getting past gold @Eudenn_ @Vindict1on @BottomFragVAL @_Od26 Overdosers @yungcalc Welcome to the club @Jollztv 😳😳📈😈gf reveal 😳 @westjett1
Retweeted by SoaR WestJett @Jollztv WTF @yuta_val @RageARage SOON my g
@RageARage straight bussin @nickruge_ Did I giggle 😵😵 @AlteredVAL @ahzam_raza1 @sussybecc LMAOO don’t brotha, I also think I’m overrated 💀 @ahzam_raza1 @sussybecc Lmao I agree my shit is ass 💀 I’m just a dude with a deep voice
@ujustatmeh ❤️❤️❤️ @maaaaaajor @Ssj1Titan @Koto_nesan Hey, watch out lil' bitch You getting mad I'm getting rich You getting mad Bitch I'm getting rich @Papega13 💀💀💀 BRU @micahwest1 It brings out the worst in us I stg @nunn12szn I thought I made it pretty obvious in my videos that I used to say terrible words. I am not a role model lol @ChaniruK ACTUAL TYPO @Koto_nesan @maaaaaajor I’m unhinged: the rando twitter losers got to me 💀 @maaaaaajor Loool I don’t think I’m important at all. The fact I’m replying to your braindead ass shows this @BIackNinja @chrilfps Thought it only hid it for me. Cuz I’ve never hid a reply b4. Why would I bring more attention to it 💀 @fyvenine @FatalGlytch @_Od26 Exactly why I don’t care about your brainlet opinion. You’re a miserable Twitter user… @fyvenine @FatalGlytch @_Od26 Literally 9 months ago in August but go off. I understand this is the only thing that… @fyvenine @FatalGlytch @_Od26 It’s okay kind soul! You trynna trash on my behaviour 1-2 years ago is commendable. B… @cameronaahow @RobynBirhd Oh it’s to certain people. In that situation I completely warrant myself saying it. If yo…
@BottomFragVAL @fairyfps sigma bottomfrag to the rescue @ryichotv @saiokiy Said it before I was even an influencer. Not that that’s any justification but having a platform… @sound_gfx @a_ndytv Just an example of a recent big change in my life @geebaeeee @xbrainiac379 Don’t think the amount of times the word of said makes it ok. One time is awful enough @chrilfps I still stand for that 100% and btw nice crop of only me saying the shit. Y’all said the same shit except… @fyvenine @fairyfps @_Od26 Since your life is boring. I suggest you Look through all my tweets I don’t think I’ve e… @schluumpd @ohyumeka @saiokiy Yes because Building a mural in Minecraft with villagers hanging = to saying a word i… @saiokiy Did I say it was ok ever? I’m just saying the magnitude of the situations are different. @DJ_Realtime @Crudes Just curious. When does it count as the past then? Would this be forgivable if it was 2016, ma… @saiokiy Yes because making a mural of villagers hanging is the equivalent of saying a word that wasn’t directed at anyone @chxrrge @FinnButNeon One day you’re gonna blow up, retweet it and get the ratio @joeyyvalo @RTRDCABBAGE 100% @RobynBirhd Yeah I should def not say it but I didn’t think much of it. Never tried to use it in an offensive way e… @RobynBirhd I’m bi idgaf about that. First time hiding a reply I thought it only hid it for myself @Kaine1307 This was before I even streamed. @dixuuns ❤️❤️❤️ @dawnmoer ❤️❤️ @Nighty10k I was an still am a piece of shit sometimes. But I strive to better myself and learn @godisawaifu @ctrrlz @nmgreeen Cuz I’m bi andDGAF LOL @FaZeBlaze didn’t know how to start it 😭😭 (was kinda shook) @cozyjozie <3 I’ve done stuff I regret in the past, deeply out of rage. Not out of hate @theguyshakes <3Yes, I was playing Sova on Split. THAT SHOULD NOT BE THE FOCUS @subihighwaters <3 @Bronzey <3 <3 I am definitely not proud of my old self. Funny how a clip surfaces before I did YouTube. Yeah i sai… @FallForMy IT WAS OLD SPLIT @stopitbruh @xamoki @Dasnerth I didn't accept his behavior... I just said he has a good response. Never claimed to be a good human either @Garfieldisdoc <3 @a_ndytv DUDE I USED TO BE AN ANTIV4X PIECE OF SHIT YouTube changed me for the best. @Garfieldisdoc IDK???? @Garfieldisdoc HE HELD IT FOR 2 YEARS @AlteredVAL BRO @xamoki @Dasnerth N Word Clip Read: @Dasnerth Solid Mature response. No redirecting blame onto the other party and taking accountability @shocKval_ @hiddenastro The age difference is what makes it weird not the mommy thing imo. That’s just a kink ig @hiddenastro @shocKval_ You’re missing the point. It’s not illegal. Case closed. Everyone has different morals rega… @Femboy_Sora We getting oldThe Dasnerth shit is blown out of proportion. Sure he said some weird shit, but to accuse him of a felony? That’s s…
@GeorgeCGed Intellectual British man 😳 @whereskevinle @careertwitch Don’t @ career he’s a legend he gets a pass @TrooperFN_YT You’re an NPC @beibbyhelen You’d win @bolt437 Why’d you steal @sevvn tweet loser @beibbyhelen Viper better!!!! @beibbyhelen You killing a cosplay, Doesn’t change the fact KJ awful 💀 @_ItzKadenn @gracetwong @gracetwong You’re gonna bring your dirty turret with youAs soon as you’re born you are technically dying and people still waste their limited time playing KILLJOY in Valor… @chefhomiekwon Thank god ur done with League of Legends 😵 @chefhomiekwon @ahad @grandsonttv Y’all should get @LikeWhoFramedMe to mediate the beef 😈😈 @Keeoh Uhh yes. Radiant journey is slow but steady. @Keeoh Me 😈😈😈 I’ll kiss you