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“Let the jury consider their verdict,” the King said, for about the twentieth time that day. “No, no!” said the Queen. “Sentence first... verdict afterwards.”

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As a middle-aged woman with too many chins, I am secretly rather looking forward to wearing a mask to go shopping.I don't recall saying anything about face masks... Solomons from Sydmar Lodge does Paul Simonon from #TheClash beautifully. You can donate to their care home h…
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@piersmorgan Enjoy your break 😊 @matthewsyed alwaysThis was not meant as an endorsement of her policies - merely that she is a serious force to be reckoned with. Thou… and heartbreaking would this country be without the comic genius of Stewart Lee? what you like about @NicolaSturgeon and her politics, (about as far removed from my own as anyone could be) but… almost all of the time @JimBethell @UKHouseofLords I can’t see any fat
@SirDanofC I don’t mind a bit of satire, but I once made a very mild joke about Ed miliband’s kitchen arrangements… @JamesDelingpole DM me x @JamesDelingpole Covid is a very divisive issue, like brexit. We won’t see the full picture for a very long time to… @NikkiStix55 It’s a completely rational response to the way the world is at the moment. Sadly I think social media… @NikkiStix55 It’s normal to feel this way. Millions of people do. @JamesDelingpole Because it’s mean and howwid. @JamesDelingpole Yes. @AuntTatin That is correctAll of this, and worth the subscription alone. Brilliant ⁦@VictoriaPeckham⁩ icon. RIP.
So glad to bring happiness @jessicacadams I’m the king of the swingers, the jungle VIP!Very kind of you to say 😊 was a journalist long before I ever even met my husband, but thank you anyway for your casual sexism.
Cherries are the crack cocaine of fruitMuffin never has a bad tail day daughter is an independent young woman who is entitled to her opinions. I’m very proud of her. She is neither a… @WestminsterWAG @Fox_Claire No, it makes you a liberal. That is the classic definition of liberal. I think what you…
Retweeted by Sarah VineNo, I think it just makes us *normal*. Normal people going about their daily lives don’t expect everyone else to ag…
Retweeted by Sarah VineNot sure that was quite the point I was making @Baroness_Nichol You more than most.There are lots of people whose opinions I disagree with, but I don't demand that they be stripped of their liveliho… all that...
Retweeted by Sarah VineDammit, gyms. No more excuses.The Orwell Prize comes with a lovely cheque for £3,000. Since I am fortunate enough not to need this money, I will…
Retweeted by Sarah Vine @SirDanofC lol @NikkiStix55 @bbcthisweek @afneil As someone who myself have been subjected to the hairdryer treatment, I really th… @NikkiStix55 @bbcthisweek @afneil Times radio should snap him up for his own showRichly deserved deserved @VictoriaPeckham Richly deserved, congratulations 🥳As my children have grown up, so have my books. I can't believe Here and Now will be number 20 but I'm so excited f…
Retweeted by Sarah VineAnd spending 7 years in a tractor factory
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@RevRichardColes Yes @GCGM7 Thank you @WestminsterWAG This list is not quite right... teigen isn't on it..neither are quite a few of the others. One issu…
Retweeted by Sarah VineGosh #Epsteinjet hat on! tricky subject. But felt it needed to be addressed. @KulganofCrydee Thank you. Tricky subject. But felt it needed to be addressed.
@Stelzie15 They did breathalyse me. They seemed quite annoyed when I passed. It really was not a nice experience. @SirDanofC Sorry. But I am after all Head Girl.The police stopped me a few years ago as I was driving my mum home. They said I had run a red light. I had not. Th… @CharlotteCGill Or eBay. Very good for brown furniture, if you like that sort of thing. And upcycled things. @CharlotteCGill Swoon or agree with the disagree @stephenpollard Stephen, that is FABTASTIC news! 😊😊😊❤️Fifteen years on #WeRemember 💐 the 7/7 #LondonBombings and those 52 innocent people who tragically died. Commissi…
Retweeted by Sarah VineOnline cheese 😊
@turriga1 Something about us all being very and peopleImportant question: what is your favourite cheese? Mine is definitely manchego. With a bit of honey.Nods seems nice @jessicacadams @TrueTarotTales @SpiritUpdate @KyraOser I love this so much. I love the way Margaret Rutherford says 'clairevoyant'Fascinating and somewhat chilling read #WorldUpsideDown campaign is highlighting the challenges blind and partially sighted people are experiencing wi…
Retweeted by Sarah VineWe've turned the Piccadilly Lights upside down to shine a light on some of the issues that social distancing has br…
Retweeted by Sarah VinePlease Re-Tweet - my little girl Catriona is cutting her lovely long hair for The Little Princess Trust (@LPTrustUK…
Retweeted by Sarah Vine @BigP33186749 just everything.Ennio Morricone is dead and that makes me feel a bit sad. RIP MaestroAnyone who colour coordinates their books like that... @NancyDurrant Neil Mendoza is your hero here. @jessicacadams Tiny bit spooky - in the wrong hands. @Fox_Claire And so offensive, actually. As is anything that negatively stereotypes people according to their race,…
🤪 @allisonpearson Restrictions lift on the 13th as understand it
@XanadUnicorn BladerunnerToo many similarities for comfort blustery day...
@MrCliveC 😂😊 @JamesDelingpole Are you wearing a James Delingpole mask? Is that official merch? Where can I get one? @Lordflashh3art Not sure how much excitement ‘the life and times of Ernest Bevin’ (volume 1) is going to generate 😂 @Lordflashh3art 🤪 @KulganofCrydee There’s always one who has to be higher up than the others, isn’t there? Literally top dog.Friday... @SirDanofC @allisonpearson @JamesDelingpole @DanielJHannan @DickDelingpole @AlistairHaimes @DominicFrisby @JamesDelingpole @SirDanofC 😊A moment with Mark Twain: “Let us endeavour so to live so that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry.”
Retweeted by Sarah Vine @DougiePrice3 @CharlotteCGill Yes, obviously. Kind of the point. @CharlotteCGill Me too. Both sides need to stop being so uppity about everything. We all say stupid things. Me more than most 😂 @markswife @brokemycoccyx A whale @NargesNirumvala It looks great. Really luminous and lovely. @CharlotteCGill I must confess I felt a bit sorry for her. @NikkiStix55 Hard to call at this stage @wickyclive @WestminsterWAG "The number of people reporting high levels of anxiety has sharply elevated during the…
Retweeted by Sarah Vine @atheisocial @NikkiStix55 I think it’s just shaving foam.