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Only 25 of these left !! A massive thank you to everyone who has supported the challenge so far #NursesActive't forget to take some time for you today - Check in with how you're feeling & take a moment to recharge your ba…
#SelfCare for me is remaining connected with my music, I’ve discovered the joys of gardening & I’d be lost without… sale of medals help to support #NursesActive and keep it running ... so thank you to everyone who has ordered o…
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Retweeted by WeStudentNurses 💙Well it’s all about self care over the next 2 weeks. The beach is so relaxing and it’s a great place to enjoy this…
Help to support WeActiveChallenge with this fab medal >> #NursesActive hope that whatever you're doing today, you take some time out for some good ol' self care. We spend so much time…
Medals help to support the WeActiveChallenge and keep it running ... so thank you to everyone who has ordered one s… Care- connect & ground with yourself/ & with someone/ something Been paddle boarding for a river clean this…
We are on a break from 10th to 23rd August (inclusive). Self care is important... please take some time to look af… it from us today! as of tonight we are on our summer holidays for two weeks to rest and we will be back on Au… @laurastunurse Well done you and have fun on your shirt tomorrow @lucy_uo Oooh @JoWalkden1 @WeNurses Well done you. #WeStNsEvening check in. How has your day been? #WeStNs @laurastunurse Good on you. And well done for taking a wee break. Before the next round assignment writingWith the afternoon beginning, what are your plans? are you doing anything for #NurseActive or something else?… what terms does your health board/Trust use to describe blood glucose measurements? #WeStNs is the first of today's #WeStNsRevisionPoll Thank you to @FocusGames for providing todays question. Atropin… @BrianWebster18 Good luck.What tips would you offer @stephsaunders36 to help her with a daily timetable for study #WeStNs @StNurseLee That is something you cant beat #WeStNsWith the morning beginning to get into full swing, what are you up to today anything exciting let us know? #WeStNs Morning #EarlyRiserClub. How are you all doing today? Let us know what you are having for breakfast? #WeStNs
That's it from @lucy_uo for today. Thank you for all the interesting chatter. Tomorrow you have lovely @StNurseLee to share your fitness tracker stats :D #NursesActive
Retweeted by WeStudentNurses 💙Tomorrow is our last day before #WeStNs take a two week holiday. Anyone else having a nice break? all we have discussed about language/words today do you have a 'take-home message' of something you mig… month's #WeStNsBookChallenge is all about books for personal growth. Is there an area you'd like to read abo… thank you @FocusGames The correct answer is a. Families often slept together in one bed to k…, thanks @FocusGames The correct answer was c. We spend about a 3rd of our lives asleep. The… 2020 Links WeActiveChallenge Leaderboard is here > WeActiveChallenge We… anyone come across this? Can anyone tell us what happened? #WeStNs nurses we need to be accepting of others, sometimes though we might not agree with their choices. How can we mak…'s good to hear positive stories. This is how all healthcare should be #WeStNs @sawherry It's a bit like the rainbow badge, right? It shows acceptance, and that's a good thing #WeStNs#WeWonder Have you ever worked with a patient who uses gender neutral pronouns? Or who uses a pronoun different fro… @sawherry It will be interesting to see its impact #WeStNs @sawherry Do you find that students do approach you about it? #WeStNsWhat do you think? Would you be interested in a pronoun badge for healthcare areas? Do you think it would make peop… side question, do you think unis should discuss pronouns? Possibly as part of anti-discriminatory discussion… @uoldancingnurse That's good of your SU. Do you think we should have something similar in healthcare settings? #WeStNsLet's talk about pronouns. Have you had any discussion of pronouns at university? Do you do anything to ensure you… on from our last question can anyone think of other times when we have to be careful about our choice of wo… @laurastunurse Maybe try somewhere with a variety of conditions, like a general ward? Or some hospitals allow you t… we talk about death it is recommended that we use clear words e.g death, dying, dead. #WeWonder why do you thi… self-care tips. Anyone have any more? #WeStNs @helen_barnowl @PeachyPearPlum1 What sort of things do you recommend for self-care? #WeStNsThought I had an idea of where I wanted to work, or at least to apply for a job when I qualify, the closer I get th…
Retweeted by WeStudentNurses 💙Have you been exercising today? Join in the #WeActiveChallenge by taking a photo and posting it with the tag… have any tips for Raj? Maybe our friends @WeNurses can help? #WeStNs of fighting metaphors are used around illness, especially in cases like cancer, and we've seen it with covid-1… makes sense, put you on more of an even footing. #WeStNs @LRConsiderer Of course none of us are at our best when feeling ill. We need to remember that when treating patients #WeStNsChallenge accepted! Let's see your masks! We nominate all of you! #WeStNs for the people in the back! Mental health is as important as physical health! #WeStNs would you do in this situation? Would you challenge yourself or speak to another staff member? Something else?… let's talk about the words we use when we talk about illness. Are there any words you find patients often misund… @lumpyspaceellie Do you think this might be an easier thing for a nurse who knows them better then? They could see… for a break from all these opinions! Take 20, if you're working move away from your desk. Maybe have a cuppa,… @WeStudentNurse Think if you remember your 5 Cs your on your way ❤️ you need to tell yourself daily that you haven’…
Retweeted by WeStudentNurses 💙How can we know when to challenge behaviour and when to understand it? #WeStNs with thanks to @FocusGames 2) According to history, how did families in the Middle Ages sleep… thanks for the questions go to @FocusGames 1) Approximately how much of your life do you spend asleep? @CheyneStn This is a good non judgemental approach, not judging others for judging others. #WeStNs#WeWonder has anyone experienced or heard about assumptions being made about groups of patients? #WeStNs @CheyneStn So it's something we can all develop, so long as we are mindful #WeStNsChallenging others can be really difficult. Has anyone had to challenge others behaviour? Does anyone have any tips… @PaulaMc007 In turn how do you think we could deal with our own language being challenged? It can be difficult not to be defensive #WeStNs @CheyneStn How do you think we can recognise our own prejudice? Is it something we can recognise? #WeStNs @SoniaMu46922741 Well done for not letting the comments of others impact how you treated the patient. We can really… our last few tweets we've been talking about how language can cause us to judge others. #WeWonder how do you thi… @phillipa8212 Have you been taught any techniques to help you to avoid judgement? Sometimes we can do things unconsciously #WeStNsLeading on from our last question do you think it is a negative thing to pre-judge patients? Are there certain time… anyone help Hannah out? What are some essentials for paeds nurses? #WeStNs @warnetony What a positive way to be woken up! Thank you Tony, we hope you have a great day too#WeWonder are there any things which you commonly hear about patients? Do you think they affect how you approach th… Morning #EarlyRisersClub it's @lucy_uo with you today. We're going to be chatting about words today so tell me…
That’s it from me @Natalie_StN... it’s been great taking you through Friday. Tomorrow you have the lovely… one caught most of you out with the correct answer being B #WeStNs correct answer was C. It was a close result #WeStNs @laurastunurse Exciting! #WeStNs @Mandi42775549 Hope you feel better soon and are getting the right care #WeStNsHas any student nurse had to take time off for a bereavement? How much time did you take? @WeStudentNurse @StNurseProject
Retweeted by WeStudentNurses 💙🎵 Give the latest episode of @TNS_Podcasts a listen - it features @uniofbeds graduate, Cat, who studied midwifery…
Retweeted by WeStudentNurses 💙 @phillipa8212 🤞 #WeStNs @phillipa8212 🤣🤣🤣 #WeStNs @Rachel_A_ #WeStNs @Stnbecca2 🤣🤣🤣 #WeStNs @julieplend09 That’s exciting! #WeStNs @julieplend09 Not long to go! Have you secured a post? #WeStNs @WoolfElisha It’s quite amazing to compare the person you are today to the person you were when you first started. 💫 #WeStNsMy new blog post is up. This one was a little harder to write than the last. It starts a series where I talk about…
Retweeted by WeStudentNurses 💙As we said earlier, the #WeStNs are taking a two week break to rejuvenate for the new term. What would you like to… @Mandi42775549 @UniOfHull Still a step in the right direction #WeStNsWhat are your favourite podcasts? Apart from the #WeStNsPods and #WePods They can be found here...… @michaela_uobsn Wedding planning alongside a nursing degree must be quite challenging? #WeStNsWhat an excellent advocate for our further Education route with @NESCollege & @RGUNMandP Huge congratulations Caitl…
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