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i stream on // only type in lowercase because i never cap // @lilerinbb stan acct

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when you type on ur phone do you hit the spacebar with ur left or right hand
Retweeted by sethThis is giving me trust issues
Retweeted by sethdrop me a follow for more bangers everyday, im trying to hit 90k followers🤝
Retweeted by seth @lemiwrap stop talking so loudif you got beef with me it’s one sided bc i literally don’t careWhen she tweets “I’m bored someone text me” but you been texting her
Retweeted by seth @IcyVert little ass boyit’s so annoying when you’re sleeping and you wake up @IcyVert 10.5 @IcyVert ill sell u mine @ImKayC_ damn maybe i need to start posting clips on tiktokbro i thought these were mini wheats what the fuck @Er_ck00 painhow the fuck he disappear so quick @snyyred ???when you type on ur phone do you hit the spacebar with ur left or right hand @lilerinbb stop making me hungry @lacily_lol yes lemme take advice from the guy with 1 follower 😭😭 @cark_irl why did u follow me thenyou ever agree with people so they stop talking
Retweeted by seth @Parallax_ head up kinggoodnight say it back @SoaRAndeh same bro @Gavpai new day new gav @icedoutomnitrix @postedinthecrib if u ever need one lmk, im gold 2 as well @icedoutomnitrix @postedinthecrib what rank are u guys? @optiuh wtf is that @piemcflury okay its 2 am hereanother night staying up too late and overthinking my thoughts and feelings up that’s ugly?y’all slandered me so bad, this is why i don’t ask you guys for anything @Celery_05 @lilerinbb keep retweeting my tweets dumbass @lilerinbb i want uy’all remember when i donated all that money to charity and took in all those homeless animals? @snyyred we back me for more bangers everyday trying to hit 90k this month🤝 ever agree with people so they stop talking
what was your mom’s weapon of choice? @st0mpybtw happy birthday st0mpy :) @therell_m you are worse than down bad, you’re down horrible @blvcknxck wow you’re a celebrity dude @bootyscracher its probably from ur phone carrier toofollow me for more bangers everyday trying to hit 90k followers this month🤝 @litnick32 ?do you ever just look at a text and think “fuck you” @100Thieves @neekolul nadeshot dont miss @xanful yooo wtfdont talk to me im listening to the juice wrld album @Mufaa6 🔥🔥🔥 @Mufaa6 the cap is real @postedinthecrib wtf u going to court for @cake_hoarder gm1 like and i stream @COSTCOBACKWOODS LMFAOOOfollow me for more bangers everyday and help me hit 90k followers🤝 hate people bro .. i shouldve been a lamp or some shit
@ShadQWR6 2020 was a drink it’d be bong water @marcusy_ u know me @alonefeeIings fr broy’all happy now damn deal is a deal @okay6o drop it nowman are u serious, i hate y’all @emmaacuevas gm @Alexleecodling gm @muk_05 gm @WeirdooKayla gm @Funny_Joek gm @thebitchtas gm @falcon3586 gm @sashbolla gm @adamvroooooo gmgm say it back @MoqiiZK @benjyfishy LMFAOOO NO WAY @alcxsrevenge no it doesnr @mstwistedt feel thatanother night alone mf tweeted this smoke this up and forget about her
@shahh shah noti go crazt @Mendo the op is overpowered @TristanGHill @Froste ?wyd after smoking this?
Retweeted by seth @vohlii @YourFellowArab yah ur such a cloud chaser @iloveshr3k thats how they say trash 😭😂 @MyFavsTrash @sebastianjii @optiuh yeah who tf retweeting two trash cans @shortBlasian trying to sell anything online is like this @CONT3NTKINGS famous dex i havent heard that name in years 😭 @plutotauru @ryantrey imma check him out @plutotauru who @DJKS3 i’d rather listen to nails on a chalkboard @thefallencherub who the fuck is thatwho’s the best rapper in the game rn? @Iovejutsu ? @hinederegf @koordell @basedlilV 😭😭😭 @koordell @hinederegf @basedlilV im confused @aawge dm @g6byy what am i looking at