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I use this to talk about the X-Men and post superhero/comic book/film stuff from my blog. Mostly the former tbh.

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Look, it’s not a perfect theory. But after re-reading, I’m convinced there’s more to what’s going on than seems app… be because Lockheed returned and showed Emma what happened. Could be because Rachel is now part of X-Factor.…’s the big question then; what changed? It Xavier was previously blocking the resurrection, why approve one las… as for letting her stay dead? Xavier said it back in HoXPoX; they need Shaw for the time being. And they can’t…’ve said this before, but Kate’s power could be a problem for Charles, Erik, and Moira. She can wander anywhere, a…’s not exactly unprecedented in the DoX era for Xavier to keep a an inconvenient mutant out of the way, even if t… is that odd? Well, because it seems like the Quiet Council has some form of special priority in the queue. When… fuel to the fire, when Xavier reinstalls Kate’s Cerebro backup into her body, the backup conveniently cuts o…, maybe he didn’t miss it. And maybe he couldn’t risk Emma figuring it out. Because maybe he had a vested inter… back to 1, isn’t it odd Xavier didn’t figure it out? He knows Kate and he knows how her powers work. Plus he’… if Xavier intentionally locked Kate out of the Krakoan Gate system, and also intentionally left Kate dead? But… that leads to the second issue. The lack of connection between Kate’s resurrection and gate problems. But what… the last failed attempt prior to the successful attempt, Xavier makes the call to leave Kate dead...for now. An…’s worth noting that Emma and Kurt are definitively responsible for this attempt succeeding. Kurt identifies the… are two prior attempts to resurrect Kate shown, and Emma isn’t present for either. She tries to be for the fi… to the first part, maybe it’s not so odd that Emma didn’t figure it out at first. Because Emma apparently wasn’t… thought Kate’s resurrection this issue was a little anticlimactic. First, I thought it a little odd that Emma so… I have a small Marauders theory I’d like to throw out there, addressing something from today’s issue. I got curi… @tragiculous @MagnetoRocks @AngstyX It comes back to something I’ve slowly been coming to terms with, which is that… @tragiculous @MagnetoRocks @AngstyX It retroactively makes the arc’s pacing really weird, right? That’s not just me? @tragiculous @MagnetoRocks @AngstyX For my part, I thought it was some fine but not spectacular art punctuated by s… @tragiculous @MagnetoRocks @AngstyX It’s wild seeing the breadth of opinion on this book. I sometimes feel like it… @AngstyX @MagnetoRocks I thought it was good, but I’ll say you’re def not the first person I’ve seen say it was bad.
Here it is - the trailer for our new sidequest - 🏴‍☠️DIMENSION 20: PIRATES OF LEVIATHAN 🐭😾🧜👼🪀🦜 #d20spoilers
Retweeted by Whacha Watcher @excel522 @MagnetoRocks @ComicsSteve On a related note: in my ongoing attempt to read every X-Men book, I’ve made i… @excel522 @MagnetoRocks @ComicsSteve Real 616 Logan was technically back, but he was captured and brainwashed by th… @excel522 @MagnetoRocks @ComicsSteve It was the future version that had the Phoenix! Which I think only got reveale… @excel522 @MagnetoRocks @ComicsSteve Remember how Marvel made a big deal about Logan coming back in Marvel Legacy,… @excel522 @MagnetoRocks @ComicsSteve I more meant that current day Logan never brings it up when the Phoenix comes… @MagnetoRocks @excel522 @ComicsSteve I also enjoyed it well enough. It’s just got some weird elements that seem lik… @MagnetoRocks I think X-twitter is surprised because most aren’t pulling Avengers right now, and also the run has g… @MagnetoRocks @excel522 @ComicsSteve It’s always weird to get reminded that book is still in-canon. @excel522 I almost feel like it has to be pretty disconnected from the X-line, just because of how long ago this Av… @excel522 It would be kinda funny if the reason the DoX era has been Phoenix free was because the Avengers book called dibs back in 2017 @maliciousglee “We can’t just make this X-lady queer!” But trying to make her straight hasn’t exactly been riveting… @maliciousglee And it makes me so mad because for so many of them there’s this wonderful queer subtext already laid… @maliciousglee It is collectively Some Bullshit
I hate this. I’m so tired.I’m not so naive as to think everybody will make it through a Biden/Harris administration. But I’m pretty sure thos… really do not like Biden and Harris. I think they’re irrevocably entrenched in a broken system, and they’ve both… all sucks. But since unfortunately we’re functionally facing a binary choice, I guess I’ll take the one where…, here’s all I’ll say about the Veep nom; in many cases Biden and Harris won’t do the right thing unless bullie…
@BigDadEnergy_ I adore ANW, and I’m fairly positive on the other two. But I’ve been reading through that era as par… @BigDadEnergy_ Oh, I just meant of the three actual X-Men titled books, Extraordinary, All-New, and Uncanny. @BigDadEnergy_ It’s somehow still the best X-Men book of the IvX era, but that says more about the absolute nosediv…
@excel522 @GhosttGray Honestly, Invincible frequently managed to be the definitional example of a superficially “ma…
@excel522 I don’t think they’re terribly similar personality wise, and I think what similarities they do have are q… @excel522 If anything, the answer might be to go cross-company? Diana and Ororo? @excel522 The other thing is the weirdness of more DC heroines actually being gay or bi, even if that hasn’t been a… @excel522 Plus, it has to be Diana at DC, but Harley feels off but I’m not sure anybody else is high enough profile… @excel522 I’d argue that if you want to do a lesbian power couple based on prominent superheroines, Storm + any giv… @excel522 Does it need to be DC? I think Marvel offers more alternatives there.
@RobertSecundus @MagnetoRocks @zachrabiroff I could see how. Empyre: X-Men doesn’t have a super clear, unique hook…
@tragiculous @XavierFiles Plus there’s Broo, and Quentin, and very recently Trevor. All prominently positioned in t… @RobertSecundus @XavierFiles And I feel like the Council would grant that exception if for no other reason than the… @RobertSecundus @XavierFiles Even if there was a rule against it, I feel like the former Jean Grey School contingen… @tragiculous @XavierFiles Even if there was a rule about it, it seems like the kind of thing that would get an exce…
@tragiculous @rooneg @RobertSecundus Just spitballing here, but could be related to the fact that there’s a lot of…
@tragiculous Marauders is possibly my favorite DoX book, but it just stings that my favorite X character has been t… @tragiculous There’s part of me that (probably vainly) hopes that she was just the excuse to gather the Marauders c… @tragiculous I know people think there shouldn’t be X-solos, but if there’s one character that desperately needs 2… @tragiculous If not handled well, if they rehash the same beats, her working through another cycle of dramatic self… @tragiculous I’m as big a fan of hers as you’re likely to find, but tbh she doesn’t need to be headlining this team…
@excel522 There aren’t many X-Men who actively stand at odds with human conventions of beauty. That’s not to say th… @excel522 I mean you’re not wrong at all about the Nice White Boy aspect. 100%. But I don’t think either Santo or S… @excel522 I think there’s value in a character like Glob being attached to the X-Men, not just the Morlocks. Just..… @excel522 Because let’s be honest; previous versions of that character woefully underestimated the horniness of peo… @excel522 I also think it’s weird how quick he got rehabilitated post-Morrison, but I think people discount the fac… @excel522 I think he has a legitimate place as the designated young X-person with a visible mutation who wouldn’t b…
I’d go with a less traditional, more proactive squad. Wonder Woman, Green Lantern (Jessica Cruz), Martian Manhunter…
Them: nooooooooo, you can’t just change your mind on something because of a buff lady Me: haha opinion go ‘flip’Sometimes comics are not great, but then sometimes somebody makes great comics out of the not-great comics, we areI thought I still wasn’t down with the “Carol is half Kree” retcon, but @maliciousglee oh @DaveShevlin @MagnetoRocks @excel522 She is, in fact, the owl. Also the Demon Bear is there for some reason. @excel522 @MagnetoRocks @DaveShevlin I figure there’s also an outside chance of it coming back up in Excalibur. If… @MagnetoRocks @DaveShevlin @excel522 The wildest part about that run is that the whole “Fantomex is 3 people” thing…
@prince_organa @excel522 @RobertSecundus Not wrong about Dimension 20 tho. That show is dope as hell
@MagnetoRocks But TCW def just keeps improving. The multipart series finale is just sublime.
@MagnetoRocks I used to feel that way, but I came around on Rebels S4 in a big way with this rewatch. I still think… @MagnetoRocks While we’ve been in this timeless quarantine void, I rewatched all of Clone Wars and Rebels. It’s ast…
@maliciousglee Ah yes, writing women well. That thing that is simultaneously so hard that men can’t even be expecte…
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Introducing the Bechdal Test Test: where if you mention the Bechdal Test in front of a man and they immediately tel…
Retweeted by Whacha Watcher @RobertSecundus A deep look at this requires a full essay, not a twitter thread, but I think this should actually b… @RobertSecundus Look at Iron Man. Historically a lot of his comics involve crime-fighting, especially corporate esp… @RobertSecundus But there’s also a definite component owed to the post-9/11 cultural shifts that came from the War… @RobertSecundus Fox’s X-Men film franchise built a big part of the template for the later superhero genre explosion… @RobertSecundus We think of it as the bread and butter of the genre, but it’s really fallen by the wayside in the t… @RobertSecundus That’s actually a really interesting thing about the proliferation of superhero movies; they’re act…
Also, work from home became a little impossible, but I won’t pretend that’s where my priorities lieI started pivoting away from a physical library of books/movies/games a while ago, and I haven’t had cable for years, so this is roughIt’s quarantine days, I already started running out of stuff to do at home like a month agoI keep finding new ways that lacking internet is denying me things to doMy internet has been down for over 24 hours, and a tech won’t even get here until tomorrow morning at the earliest.
@nolapfau I don’t know about the bagel thing, but I will absolutely eat a plain Eggo
@excel522 And while I’ve been pretty passive on here, especially lately, I hope there are at least a few people who… @excel522 I also don’t think you need to be friends with someone to have a positive relationship with them in an on… @excel522 I don’t know that I consider anybody I know exclusively on here a friend. And that’s not at all because I…
Absolutely amazing