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I use this to talk about the X-Men and post superhero/comic book/film stuff from my blog. Mostly the former tbh.

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@excel522 @MagnetoRocks I don’t want to diminish anybody who loved RoS, but I can tell you that I personally defini… @MagnetoRocks @excel522 On that second point I’m certainly not going to argue. I think we should’ve gotten that sub… @MagnetoRocks @excel522 See, I don’t count that as the start. I count the struggle beforehand, I count Finn trying to hold Kylo off @MagnetoRocks @excel522 And while you can argue successfully that Luke vs. Kylo isn’t a duel, I honestly don’t thin… @MagnetoRocks @excel522 I’d argue that’s true of Luke vs. Vader (Cloud City edition) too. It’s literally the first… @MagnetoRocks @excel522 That said, I do think IX kinda drops the ball there. I think there are fights with touches… @MagnetoRocks @excel522 Idk, I honestly think that’s the nostalgia talking. I sincerely think today’s kids will thi… @MagnetoRocks @excel522 Idk, I think the Sequels are very much in line with the OT as far as lightsaber duels. Ther… League Re-View- I actually had to hand this off to another writer midway through. Any and all flaws are ent…, I am super into this. Nazi Hunters in the 70s, with this cast? Hell yeah.
I get people ask a lot “how do you do it all” and I always jokingly say “I cry a lot” but holy heck this explains a…
Retweeted by Whacha Watcher @zachrabiroff @MagnetoRocks @rooneg @excel522 @tragiculous @RobertSecundus @revel_nir Like, I get why people are as… @zachrabiroff @MagnetoRocks @rooneg @excel522 @tragiculous @RobertSecundus @revel_nir Or you don’t. Star Wars built… @rooneg @excel522 @MagnetoRocks @tragiculous @RobertSecundus @revel_nir @zachrabiroff Hydra=Schrodinger’s Nazis. Th… @tragiculous @RobertSecundus @excel522 @MagnetoRocks @revel_nir @zachrabiroff @rooneg It went way too far on allego… @MagnetoRocks @zachrabiroff @RobertSecundus @excel522 @revel_nir @rooneg It says a lot in general about that era th… @excel522 @RobertSecundus @MagnetoRocks @revel_nir @zachrabiroff @rooneg I mean, they did show that bit in Secret E… @RobertSecundus @MagnetoRocks @revel_nir @zachrabiroff @rooneg @excel522 Things that are off the table: Cap (cuz Sp… @RobertSecundus @MagnetoRocks @revel_nir @zachrabiroff @rooneg @excel522 Editorial mandate: you have to use Carol a… @RobertSecundus @MagnetoRocks @revel_nir @zachrabiroff @rooneg @excel522 Most answers are either “editorial mandate… @excel522 @MagnetoRocks @rooneg @zachrabiroff @RobertSecundus Fear Itself had some fun stuff spin out if it though,… @tragiculous @excel522 @RobertSecundus @rooneg @MagnetoRocks @zachrabiroff I like Cates in general, but Death of In… @excel522 @RobertSecundus @rooneg @MagnetoRocks @zachrabiroff I’ve also read it all, and this is accurate. You’ll e… @rooneg @MagnetoRocks @zachrabiroff @excel522 @RobertSecundus If everything is truly EVERYTHING, Zach will become l… @RobertSecundus @zachrabiroff @excel522 @MagnetoRocks Pretty sure that a sequence of failed relationships with guys… @RobertSecundus @zachrabiroff @excel522 @MagnetoRocks Who all happen to be named Peter, somehow @zachrabiroff @RobertSecundus @excel522 @MagnetoRocks It’s because somebody at Marvel would rather her be Peter-sexual than gay, I guess @DaveShevlin88 I sometimes think about the missed opportunity for a modern Castlevania revival and I just want to c… @excel522 @RobertSecundus @LeviPTompkins Oh, I more meant the bits relating to Madelyne Prior. Plus, I’m not going… @excel522 @RobertSecundus @LeviPTompkins If he said that, I suddenly become convinced we’re actually getting that Inferno follow-up. @RobertSecundus @AngstyX And of the three, Williams has already written a popular one-shot within the past couple y… @RobertSecundus @AngstyX It’s literally like: 1. Jean/other Phoenix hosts 2. the Wolverine family 3. Illyana @RobertSecundus @AngstyX I get why people assume it’ll just be glossed over, but 1) “mutant gets resurrected withou…
@ASmith_Petersen I still can’t believe they did it twice.Watching the Star War. This movie is a MASTERCLASS in how to avoid writing. Plot: *poses a question* Movie: SHUT…
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People are like "Zack, why are you the way you are?" And I'm all "babe, I love you but I gotta tell you every deta…
Retweeted by Whacha Watcher @XavierFiles @RobertSecundus My personal favorite is Robot Magneto AKA Megatron, whose name I just realized is lite… @zachrabiroff @tragiculous @RobertSecundus You can sometimes make money off short stories if you’re already a marke… @tragiculous But your larger point of holding resurrections back is spot-on. I was thinking about it yesterday. The… @tragiculous I just tend to think that Jean’s resurrection deserved something special and separate, considering how… @tragiculous I agree, but I think it should’ve been Logan and Scott. Jean had some good material in X-Men Red. But…
@RobertSecundus This wins seventeen Academy Awards, including both actress categories despite only having one femal… @RobertSecundus @zachrabiroff You lose best picture to a milquetoast meditation on race relations targeted at white…
@MagnetoRocks @RobertSecundus @aliastager CotA does seem like that, at least to me. Especially with how Vita has ta… @JosieKendamu @XavierFiles This is 80% the same roster and 100% the same reasoning as mine. I just swapped Kurt for Ororo. @XavierFiles I wouldn’t get super weird with it. Scott, Jean, Logan, Emma, Storm“I’m gonna steal the Declaration of Independence...again.” gets popular fandom: gets more content fandom: also gets more drama me: humankind cannot gain anything…
Retweeted by Whacha Watcher @tragiculous You might be tempted to assume my comparison is a reach. I would just like to assure you that it is no… if Fire Emblem: Three Houses wasn’t already giving X-fans the hard sell, they just announced a DLC where you literally meet the Morlocks. @excel522 @RobertSecundus I think there may be a disconnect among the fans and the pros because some of Bendis’s fl… @excel522 @RobertSecundus I think people these days tend to downplay how influential Bendis is, but if you actually… @MagnetoRocks @excel522 That character (Juston Seyfert) was just terrible decisions all the way down. He ended up b… @MagnetoRocks @excel522 Oh yeah, that was BAD, especially considering it’s an important plot point IN THAT SERIES t… @MagnetoRocks @excel522 In fairness, Morrison first pulled that stunt back in Here Comes Tomorrow. But yeah, not a great idea. @excel522 @MagnetoRocks Actually, building off that, it’s why them ever allying with Shaw always rubbed me the wron… @excel522 @MagnetoRocks They have so often underplayed how seriously mutants would take the iconography of the Sentinel. @excel522 @MagnetoRocks I haven’t read that stuff in a while, but that’s how I remember it. But to your larger poin… @excel522 @MagnetoRocks Very much so, EVEN IN LATTER DAY CLAREMONT STUFF. Remember when Storm led a squad of X-Men to become cops? @MagnetoRocks While softened to accommodate their place in corporate art, there’s been a DEEP distrust of the milit… @MagnetoRocks I actually think the MCU has been slowly shifting in a direction that would accommodate a more overtl…, I know this is a little rambling, but it’s been on my mind recently, as I’ve been consuming FAR too much X-Men content.I don’t have time to unpack each, but I think I could break down how several DoX books represent a point of tension…’d like to note, however, that the new HoXPoXDoX stuff implicitly invoked the idea I’m talking about here. Part of… Club’s place in X-history is pretty entrenched in the text historically. I’d just like to see it played up more… of the reason I’m big on playing up Shaw and the Hellfire Club is that I frankly think they make a more compel…, the smartest thing the MCU could do when adapting the X-Men is to not rehash the Xavier and Magneto dynam… don’t want to get too into the weeds here, so let’s not tackle all of that here. But I think we could really imp…, these two spectrums aren’t the only defining factors of major ideologies presented in X-Men comics. You also h…, moving on. If you don’t think of these as binaries, but rather as spectrums, a huge number of mutant charac… should be noted that in the seminal Claremont run, 4 is generally a much bigger threat than 2, at least when the… Secret Domination- This is the view of Sebastian Shaw and the Hellfire Club. Greater power can be gained through… Secret Coexistence- This is the view of Callisto and the Morlocks. Public coexistence is impossible, so mutants… Public Domination- This is Magneto’s original and frequent belief. Human bigotry precludes peaceful coexistence,… Public Coexistence- This is Xavier’s proverbial dream, and is represented by the X-Men. Mutants should openly in… early as the early Claremont run, there are at least four competing ideologies re: the role of mutants in the wo… Incoming: You know one thing I’d really like to see future X-Men stuff move away from? The binary paradigm…
@XavierFiles When has revisiting the idea of God Loves, Man Kills ever been a bad idea? @rooneg @MagnetoRocks Emma is one of the primary focuses of a targeted X-Men re-read I’m doing, and discovering MU… @excel522 @mistaketheory Lysithea is an unfair comparison because she’s just the best mage in the game, no contest.… @excel522 @mistaketheory Dorothea’s edge is in versatility. She has a better spell list with Thoron and Meteor and… @mistaketheory @excel522 Of course, as with any Fire Emblem character, it’s also possible you just got unlucky with… @mistaketheory @excel522 You do need to build her in particular ways, but she’s amazing in those particular niches.… @excel522 @mistaketheory Nope. Just Sylvain. There’s no counterpart. You always have to recruit Dorothea the old-fa… @excel522 @mistaketheory Personally, I suspect that’s part of why they went ahead with the gag of making him auto j… @excel522 @mistaketheory Actually, the church route is the one that covers who and what Byleth actually is, but tha… @excel522 @mistaketheory In general, one of my few criticisms of the game is that the Monastery sections are way to… @excel522 @mistaketheory Honestly, the only reason I’d ever suggest a non-completionist do the Church route is if t… @excel522 If I’m being perfectly honest, the Church route is like 95% just a bad rehash of Golden Deer. All but one… be clear: I feel bad, but I’ll still absolutely destroy you with my new anime swordperson on the new Garreg Mach… everybody sad about Byleth getting announced for Smash in lieu of a non-Fire Emblem character: I am sorry. This… help me, I just downloaded the KHIII Re:Mind pre-order theme for my PS4 and it just plays “Dearly Beloved” o… @excel522 @RobertSecundus @Lots47 @xmenbutgay I always assumed they just realized they didn’t want to pull a DC. Wh… @excel522 @MagnetoRocks I don’t really have any need to see IvX revisited anytime soon, but it’s gonna happen the n… @excel522 @CrushingComics There’s just so many of them. Even with all the resurrections (both shown and implied), e… @RobertSecundus @excel522 @xmenbutgay Yeah definitely, I’m just saying that in the actual Marvel Presents story it’… @excel522 @CrushingComics I’m actually intrigued in this story because it seems Hickman is undoing the latter eleme… @excel522 @RobertSecundus @xmenbutgay He set a story in the time Cross-time Caper era of Excalibur where Kurt runs… @excel522 Well, I’ll see soon. That’s the next slate of stuff for me to tackle. @excel522 @RobertSecundus @xmenbutgay Mostly because I just read it recently, so it’s a fresh wound, but also becau…