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Steven James @WhadHeSay85 Houston, Texas

Oh simple thing...where have you gone...Im getting old and I need something to rely on...

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Would you live in a home that you know someone was murdered in?why every female rapper gotta be a role model to preschool age girls???? FUCK THEM KIDS
Retweeted by Steven JamesI used to be a big troye Sivan fan and now I'm really bored with the stuff he's putting out. 😒😒Neither Joe or Kamala were my first choice. And that means absolutely nothing because we are here now and we have t…
Retweeted by Steven JamesIs trump a better option right now? @enderelectrics With my mouth? What do you mean how do you mean how do you eat more than 3?
@JWADEEUGENEWADE Lol looks like a waded up sockLol dudes will scream “slob on my knob” word for word and crying abt WAP 😂 bye lil boy
Retweeted by Steven JamesI promise you if I'm elected, I won't waste any time getting this virus under control. I'll call Dr. Fauci and ask…
Retweeted by Steven James @ForeverCovefefe @RicoSuaveJD @mild_takes @DonaldJTrumpJr Oh you mean like our high schools kids were dodging bulle… @itsnotgonewell I'm not mad about it. That's smart. 🤷🏼‍♂️ @RexChapman It's not as good as the deer one. That was at least on beatCan we talk about how gorgeous Rice University is. @freepsports Lol so we can watch Michigan lose againWhy do all the ppl who dress like this stand the same
Retweeted by Steven James @TheJulieRubio Phillipians? Lol I think you got it mixed with the Philippines lola few months ago, there were a lot of yt gays tripping over their dicks to thirst over this homophobic gop hopeful…
Retweeted by Steven James @thescottevans Gay or not, if you're not a good actor you shouldn't get a role.. just because you're gay.Trump says the pandemic of 1918 probably ended World War II 🤔
Retweeted by Steven James2020 is full of conservatives bragging about keeping vaginas dry. I mean I always suspected, but the self owns are spectacular.
Retweeted by Steven James @DDC832 It's texas and a love story with josh duhmel, you'll like it regardless lolI spy Houston in this Netflix movie. #thelosthusband help REPUBLICANS: no DEMOCRATS: no ❤️
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15 was not like this in 2000 lol accounts have really dumb followers. Specifically the gay ones. They could make up the dumbest shit and they'd… your hand if you've been struggling mentally the last two weeks more than normal. Because I know it's been ki… @jeeftheflame @A_MrBenMitchell @dearra It says made in the USA lol so someone is eatin it lol @hahalorenzo Republican lips lol
Anyone else not think they'd spend their adult years defending 'science' and 'the mail'
Retweeted by Steven JamesWe can’t let Donald Trump destroy the U.S. Postal Service.
Retweeted by Steven JamesI’m sorry that @kanyewest has serious psychological issues. But we’ve just spent three and a half years living with…
Retweeted by Steven JamesI'm already over #WAP I expected a better song from them. It's just meh.But remember when Serena Williams threw her tennis racket in frustration after losing a match it was called a “melt…
Retweeted by Steven James @BeautyInsider @TheJulieRubioJournalist Julio Rosas was hit with projectiles two days in a row while covering Minneapolis protests in late May.…
Retweeted by Steven JamesUnpopular Opinion: I prefer kid free weddings and I don’t see why people get so upset when they get invited to a we…
Retweeted by Steven Jameslol thighs lookin thick af girl I went to high school with, anytime she comments in my comments it's always about her bf. Listen I'm happ… childish is this person?! @IrishTimes If you're straight and do what you're told lollmao her face is literally “do not talk to me or my son ever again”
Retweeted by Steven JamesThe Appa episode in book two really pulls at my heart. #avatarthelastairbender @AmHermesGod Ask PoseidonBREAKING: New Zealand has now gone 100 days with no detected community spread of COVID-19, the Ministry of Health j…
Retweeted by Steven JamesI love my city #HoustonTx @SouthernHomo How far behind are you lol. This is like 2 plus years old news @ChantelleNewis I don't care... honestly. Why should you be judging what another women does? If you don't like it, look away..
@Aydenchase02162 Show it while driving. Because that's the real testmy mama bought a gay flag for the house cause she said she loves having a gay daughter, PLEASE listen to her song 💀…
Retweeted by Steven James @hollabekgrl Thanks. It's worked for 35 years so farDear future husband, if you don't know about this... it won't work. @YourFriendKevin I just wish we could have that same positivity for the gay men like this too. @hollabekgrl Gay man here.. that would have made me laugh. 🤷🏼‍♂️ @DKAstrology @cherryprecum @aintherxx She still richer than you'll ever be. Do what you gotta do @biggayicecream I prefer ass but tomayto tomahto @awesomemargie Thank you!Lmaooo idk who hacked the google algorithm but I am crying 💀😂😂google ‘white American doctor’ & press images 😭
Retweeted by Steven JamesTook some photos in Galveston last week. The one thing I miss about having a car is going some where alone. And the… @gavinthomas2015 35 and still use my fingers for simple math 🤦🏼‍♂️
@PressSec Now do using tear gas on citizens when it's banned in war. @chimichangas133 @bjbfox @JenATweeter @kanyewest Yea no that's not the same thing but you sure tried @CahnButler Yea it's one of the states in the US that gets the most snow. @eclecticbrotha It's a troll account. She probably posted to troll Trump, nothing to see here. Because Trump would believe it @Stonekettle Look at the account. It's a troll account @pjmglw Is her back ok? @CahnButler @CahnButler It's a truly awe inspiring place. Even better in the winter, even if it's cold AF @BradleyCongress Why would you, a male take offense to a woman singing about her body and her wants and needs? Beca… @squeak_outLOUD this Whataburger food truck serves free breakfast to Texas teachers
Retweeted by Steven James @greentree2021 As a Texan this is incorrect. We have a mask mandate 🤦🏼‍♂️ @greentree2021 @JournalistKyle @WOODTV @KalPublicSafety You could have said you hate black people instead of deflecting it. @JournalistKyle @WOODTV @KalPublicSafety Imagine being so racist that this mural bothers you @kaskade I just want to say, Arkade destinations takes me to another planet. Thank you so so much for this album 👌🏼👌🏼 @CahnButler This reminds me of sleeping bear dunes in Michigan on the shore of Lake Michigan. @hahalorenzo Definitely not heartburn. I started around 5 am. My stomach was hurting. And as I woke up I feel I'm r… @DLCovert224 @rock_sota @Trump_owo @JoeBiden This has to be the dumbest argument I've seen ina while.Speaking of Thighland, just wait until Trump sees Niger on the teleprompter.
Retweeted by Steven JamesDonald has now officially done more to stop Tik Tok than he's done to stop Covid 19.
Retweeted by Steven James @vulnicuravirgo Not a fucking thing. What the hell am I gonna do to stop that lolI woke up with this odd pukey feeling at the top of my stomach 🤢🤢On a full 2-hour flight, one scientist has estimated that about 1 in 4300 passengers will pick up Covid-19, on aver…
Retweeted by Steven JamesI really do stalk the weather channel app and look forward to rainy days. it’s been revealed an associate of Epstein oversaw Miss Teen USA pageant. So far 4 girls corroborated a s…
Retweeted by Steven JamesThis could be us but you're a fucking Gemini.
Retweeted by Steven James @DDC832 Pepper twins makes some of the best tofu I've had. And oui ban mi as well.👽In a 3 month period Melania took 21 trips to NY to get her hair done at cost of $675,000. WSJ/NYT
Retweeted by Steven James @DDC832 Not if it's cooked rightHorrible time for the NRA, first they close down schools and now this.
Retweeted by Steven James @AMusedBlog @zachsilberberg Yes with vampires and werewolves, because those are real.
I was wondering why this case rate map on Utah's covid site never changes, so I took screenshots every week or two.…
Retweeted by Steven Jamesyeah I beat the shit out of them backstage. So what?
Retweeted by Steven JamesSo... damn.. tired @Eris_the_apple @griffposting I loved them bothNothin makes me more angry than straight men, talking shit about happy lesbians in relationships. Bitch worry about… @boogiefaboy15 @_mkr999_ @dym0na You mad cuz you ain't included. Which, looks like is the norm. @_mkr999_ BITCH I FUCKING LOVE THIS SO MUCH. I had to freak out for a min. I'm sorryThis bride was taking wedding photos yesterday as the explosion happened in Beirut...
Retweeted by Steven James @hahalorenzo No one lol @_smileslaughter @uhohstinkymonky @SamCulver10 @lainsupremacy So they don't deserve as much funding as they get. Got it 👌🏼