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@lfcfreya Alisson. Reina was quite weak on crosses, Alisson isn't. @1johnnnn @Mental1tyG1ANTS @Itslakesyde @MT_Futbol A decent defender 😂How bitter can you be @MT_Futbol He always ends up sounding like he hates LFC @ScouserChrisLFC fuck off @Akki_SwagMan I remember Cole used to be knackered in the first 20 mins. He was overweight and unfit when he came h… @MT_Futbol Best defender I've ever seen. Most complete one, certainly.Virgil van Dijk pre-match at the Molineux 🙌
Retweeted by WhatDivock @SxneSZN W bro, you showed him who's boss @LFCTransferRoom Salah is the most replaceable out of the front three.
@OfficialFPL That feels a little unfair though, just screws up your double gw @LFCZA Oliver loves usScouser
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@fkhanage He wouldn't make the bench at LFC. Stay in your lane @Fernando_333_ @ZFyfa @EASPORTSFIFA @VirgilvDijk @CalumChambers95 @RobHolding95 You are deluded if you think Vidic… @SkySportsNews Ole in! Fantastic news @AnfieldRd96
Retweeted by WhatDivock @FalseFMatt I geniunely don't get that nervous feeling before games anymore, such is the quality of the side. Only excitement @CityFan08 Henderson and Salah. @Sabah07 Yeap, people who are feeling sorry for UTD are proper weirdos, I remember how much shit uyd fans used to give me at school @GrizzKhan Have you ever gotten anything right? Why do you pretend to be itk?
@_lfcleanne He sort of was the "best of a bad bunch" for awhile. But I think Pope and Henderson are better options now @PrometheusX1Z @SamMcGuire90 3 at the back with Ndidi at rcb, Maddison at LWB. @prx_zz @EASPORTSFIFA @VirgilvDijk @CalumChambers95 @RobHolding95 I was just using the red card example to show he… @CareerModeInsid @EASPORTSFIFA @EASPORTSFutbol @EASPORTSEsp @TheFIFAInfo It's like EA have no middle ground whatsoe… @EASPORTSFIFA @VirgilvDijk @CalumChambers95 @RobHolding95 Vidic got sent off like 4 times against Liverpool alone.… @CareerModeInsid @EASPORTSFIFA @EASPORTSFutbol @EASPORTSEsp @TheFIFAInfo I was beating big teams 5-0, 6-1 etc with… @RoyalANfield The way he faked injuries and refused to train etc was disgraceful. He also refused to play vs Hoffen… @Anfieldlnsider Growing sense? Not one credible person linking him to a move @SamuelAdams89 He genuinely is perfect for us. Would be an immense signing @SimonBrundish Lallana,Lovren and Hendo are all lookers tbh, Minamino too. @GrizzKhan Great business by the club tbh, I like the lad but his all round game just isn't there. He's perfect for…😂😂😂 @OfficialFPL I have Randolph in goal, hope Vardy blanks again. But I just sold him so he will get a hattrick probably @Mobyhaque1 No, it was a homage to Virgil mate @tezzayu @madeinliverpool @SamuelAdams89 You started the insults first my friend.. @tezzayu @madeinliverpool @SamuelAdams89 His name is Klopp btw, not Kloop you idiot @tezzayu @madeinliverpool @SamuelAdams89 Learn to spell first you dickhead @madeinliverpool @SamuelAdams89 There are similarities, the way that he commands respect from everyone within the c… @mrjeezey @madeinliverpool @SamuelAdams89 Fuck off you bellend
@MT_Futbol Vardy is awful at them too, but they keep taking them @Shannxo I have Randolph in goal ffs @OfficialFPL Glad I didn't get Guaita or Kelly @ChampionsLeague @Shannxo Iago Aspas. The man, the myth, the legendThis is gonna give me nightmares ffs utd ... LOL
Retweeted by WhatDivock @TFTYouTube Van Dijk--Lewis Dunk---Phil jones, who would you pick? The big debate! @madeinliverpool @SamuelAdams89 He's our Ferguson. Perfect for the club, just embodies everything about LFC @lizzychapman23 💉💉💉💉 Keep crying @SheriffFatman_ @lizzychapman23 Hahah you fkin pedo, keep crying @biffo60 You absolute gang of pedophiles...Keep crying! @MT_Futbol Didn't realise he spoke such good english @biffo60 @PrestwichBlue Keep crying you bitter cunt 😂 @SimonBrundish This platform man, the shit that these idiots come up with... and the worrying thing is, they all se… @PrestwichBlue Imagine being this deluded. Seriously. @Liddellpool Their silence is basically confirmation that there is something to the rumour. If there wasn't interes…
@PatrickTimmons1 Only one of Aubameyang and Lacazette should play, they are too similar @SkySportsNews @SkyKaveh @skysports_sheth Dwarthmesh you need to have a word with yourself if you actually think Au… @SimonBrundish @SkySportsNews They are so bad that he'd probably start for them these days @OOCPunditry @NoContextEPL We had a competition winner playing LB for us ffs @Carl_M79 They were the bookies favorites last year as well. Weird @JackSear Always remember his debut vs Arsenal. Outpaced Walcott!Always liked Kompany. Prime Kompany was something special, a bit like what Virgil is like now. Top,top guy @marcus__mc19 @Tony_Scott11 @Carra23 @SkySports There's a 35 point gap right now you thick twat @Tony_Scott11 @Carra23 @SkySports We could lose every game until the end of the season and we'd still comfortably finish above Everton @TaintlessRed English Varane, the fact that he is still only 22 is amazing @SkySportsNews Was he trying to get three points? @FalseFMatt He'd be perfect for us. One of those transfers that sound too good to be true though, and the fact that… @FalseFMatt Buffon got a red for the same reaction IIRC
@danieljessop7 Man turns into Prime Seedorf in big games @Krishan_Mamba24 @SimonBrundish This needs to bang @DaleJohnsonESPN Keep crying you bellendVAR: Rules out Liverpool goal Linesman: Rules out Liverpool goal United fans:
Retweeted by WhatDivock"The fact that Salah took his shirt off after scoring vs. us shows how far this United team has come."
Retweeted by WhatDivock🔴 Our keepers love celebrating against the Mancs.
Retweeted by WhatDivock @ftblmiguel Because we are?Liverpool are in such a strong position in the league they are now intentionally scoring goals that will be ruled o…
Retweeted by WhatDivock @OfficialFPL RIP MY GW @stighefootball Trent Alexander-Arnold. @RoryGreenfield Nah Wolves is his level @rioferdy5 Do you remember this one mate?
@beejaykop105 @joel_archie More than 3 he said. @101greatgoals Gotta unfollow this f*cking clickbat account @stehoare @TheRedmenTV Thought Josemi was Kewell. Tough one @wfcLogan no @wfcLogan Somebody got bullied by Liverpool fans
@SimonBrundish Alisson De Bruyne Mane Van Dijk Trent Rashford Vardy Maddison Ings Dean Henderson Not in order btw @jamesrobsonES Duncan Castles' boyfriend?
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@FootballJOE Easier to score the Caraboa,Fa cup and Europa tbf @JamesPearceLFC Is that the best gk of the belgian league award? or best gk of his club 😂 @DevilsOfUnited You lot are so deluded @CFCMethod Ultimate big game player, fantastic player @DeludedBrendan "You've got to take it easier on them Welsh Xabi! It's not fair!" @Robbie9Fowler @SwearingSport @midoahm He was such an erratic player that this could easily have been a legitimate effort @Dan23_92 I remember Chelsea used to lose Drogba,Kalou,Essien,Mikel,Geremi all in January @mlupescu0509 @Zizouology Not to fund, I just think Mbappe or Dybala would be too high profile to sit on the bench. @Zizouology Can't see someone like Mbappe or Dybala coming in unless we are selling Salah.
@close_dillon @CareerModeInsid The guy is one of the most naturally gifted players I've ever seen. He should have w… @DxnLFC_ Kevin De Bruyne or Leroy Sane. Top players,great to watch @CalvesLikeShaq Real and Barca fans are usually spoilt idiots who know nothing about football