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kyle @whatdaFisupkyle New England and sometimes TX

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@dicktrauma damn new yorkers @noastuff okay I believe uoh god I found her twitter account @noastuff are u sure u r not baby @noastuff yes, yes it did @dumplinss praise be @dumplinss giv many likes now plz @Notabum_freak @HumbleandToad thank you :) @Notabum_freak @HumbleandToad hey @HumbleandToad @Notabum_freak yes drink bang energy on a empty stomach so I can see through time.
Retweeted by kyle @pepperonicowboi did u yell at him @Notabum_freak @HumbleandToad speedy Gonzales and sonic ain't got nothing on a man with two bangs in his system @HumbleandToad @Notabum_freak ? @Notabum_freak @HumbleandToad no just a cup of coffee and two bangs @Notabum_freak @tatertothotbtch ๐Ÿ˜”20k tweets and still no satisfaction @CreeksCanyon lettin em knowif I had more followers this would go viral i know itgirls be 110 pounds saying "im baby" like damn you might bethis the one @sillyg00sesav tortilla @TheReal_MKP good times @TheReal_MKP bread cigar throwback @TheReal_MKP so thats why you first followed me huh @TheReal_MKP wi hav decided to use my big dick n murk them
Retweeted by kyle @okaylilzoot if u use smol voice and still kill them they will be even angrier it will be great revenge @okaylilzoot yell back at them, they only understand violenceso down bad if she asks me to make a costar I will do it @autiodrip these bangs finna keep me up till 2 pm hopefullyok
Retweeted by kyle @coldcashewmilk okay ill rt then @coldcashewmilk why did you tweet this out lmfao @autiodrip autumn i didn't sleep till 9am today @whatdaFisupkyle no no....... no...... they're ok <3 i'll keep them in my pocket..... they're kinda cute I GUESS ๐Ÿ™„
Retweeted by kyledinner yummy @youthfvlly its okay, let your short people hate out @youthfvlly care to explain this tweet rusel @nikki_falc aayyyyy @naeriface natalie how could youimagine still liking apple music @robbyissad @kroptopking21 @kellyscarpone its okay I deserve it @kellyscarpone @cryb0i that may be true @dumb__crybaby @kroptopking21 @kellyscarpone this is libel @cryb0i @kellyscarpone yeah, even when she says things like this @dumb__crybaby @kroptopking21 @kellyscarpone this is simply not truehe tweets this out of jealousy @kroptopking21 @kellyscarpone maybe start being as funny as she is and you can get one tooget you a friend like @kellyscarpone who can ruthlessly make a joke at your own expense but still be kind and a great personyeah this is max and i. AND WHAT ABOUT IT
Retweeted by kyle @kroptopking21 yes it wasoh wait I know who this isclout chasing himbo bf and slightly crazy astrology gf @kellyscarpone very good @coldcashewmilk @coldcashewmilk ๐Ÿ˜ก @coldcashewmilk postor the CIA if thats more your styleLee Harvey Oswald who? @PiplupsFriend this is accurate @PiplupsFriend probably right @AutumnTripet who do you think it would bewhat do yall think @fckinslut666 stealing this its so good. and also yellow and white @kellyscarpone 37fuck man I'm starting to freak out i keep overthinking this damn pap*er and can't seem to write anything @parrspective man I think you're right ๐Ÿ˜”do u think she'll stop talking to me if I say she's pretty
@TheReal_MKP what is your opinionhe who judges @VikaVenom stonks @autiodrip yesboobs
Retweeted by kyle @slut4subaru how did I miss this, this is the actualization of nirvana @tatertothotbtch a man of many talents, all of them uselessthis was difficult to do by myselfEdward 300mgs-of-caffeine Hands @parrspective @jack_r0420 kyle nog better have some caffeine in it @jack_r0420 @parrspective oh my god I'm surrounded by egg nog lovers @parrspective I've been betrayedwhat do u think
Retweeted by kyle @parrspective friendship over @parrspective you put me on EGG NOG @parrspective nick what is this @dumb__crybaby yescan someone please make me a holiday themed pfpmy whole brand is staying up late, tweeting about caffeine, and quote tweeting the @yourefeelingbot account with phโ€ฆ't tell if she likes me this part of life too stressful man @cryb0i ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ that the bots are here, you all go fuck yourself i hate youessay homework wow I'm so busy wish someone could write this paper for me if only there were someone I could finishโ€ฆ @kellyscarpone wtf kelly, what are you using, a jackhammer and some pvc pipe??? @cumtheory really resonate with thisI don't like girls they are mean and pretty
Retweeted by kyle @ReignBodyFuel make Reign flavored juuls pleasei need more hours with you
Retweeted by kyle @kellyscarpone W