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This is very good news. is getting warm welcome from the skies near Mar-a-lago today
Retweeted by B.L. Ochman - Masks Save LivesBreaking: Florida man opens "Office of the Former President'
Retweeted by B.L. Ochman - Masks Save LivesWhales have enormous brains and they have had millions of years to develop them. Can free divers learn to communica…
I'm loving the new administration."We now know that remdesivir, at $3,000 a treatment and approved on thin evidence, does not work. What is your ethi…< aww! So sweet> Devoted dog spends days outside Turkish hospital waiting for owner via @nypostGood going @budweiserusa! Happy to see a brand taking a stand to help with the #CovidCrisis and hope others will be…<This new normality is so reassuring.> The Bidens' dogs, Major and Champ, arrive at the White House via @CBSPoliticsAnd thankfully, President @JoeBiden and Vice-President @KamalaHarris are seeking a Hallelujah moment for America. L…
Retweeted by B.L. Ochman - Masks Save LivesThis is such a good thing to look at on a Monday morning!'re a terrific interviewer Dave! Thank you! nice to see #Godzilla trending instead of some nasty tweet from an orange monster.FFS. Seriously? Here come billions of cicadas. The males make all the noise, and it can be deafening. And, they fly…
You are a gift @TheAmandaGorman @TobyDiva That's truly terrible news.I listened to the whole interview and I call BS it is clear that Dr Birx was complicit. No amount of her babble wi…! Wow! Wow! Stunning victory. gotta say, I think @amyklobuchar is the greatest. And @RandPaul is still batshit crazy. WHY would any network b…<If you've ever clicked "Agree" you really need to read this. Funnily enough, the legalize sometimes even contain j… a fast-paced interview on @BSMediaShow #Podcast 335, @derickson talks with me about my successful career path in… @SpaceX Always an exciting sight!Who is B.L. Ochman the talented communications pro behind @whatsnext & Beyond Social Media Show? B.L.’s interesting…
Retweeted by B.L. Ochman - Masks Save Lives @TobyDiva Thank you @TobyDiva! We were both here at the beginning of the Internet. What a long, strange trip it's been lolCongressman ⁦@ReverendWarnock⁩ is wonderful and Alvin the beagle is a superdog. #dogsrock . via @NYTimes
How Josh Hawley threw his future away. by @ProjectLincolnIf you’re wearing a mask and not covering your nose, you are not being half right. More like a half wit. Cmon folks. Pull it up.
Retweeted by B.L. Ochman - Masks Save LivesOn @BSMediaShow #Podcast 333, @whatsnext and @derickson discuss @BereccaStewart’S story about Barbie’s clever digit… Stone will be a PR rag in no time. Very sad disappointing that @NYTimes thought this stupid article about President Biden's watch was worth publishing. An a… Jane Krakowski. “Jane has never met Mr. Lindell. She is not and has never been in any relationship with him,…
Retweeted by B.L. Ochman - Masks Save Lives
These 20+ seditious Republicans need to resign and be prosecuted for their roles in the Jan 6 riot. thanks @BetteMidler & @mediastouch to see @SenSchumer is hanging tough with McConnell @BSMediaShow #Podcast 334 we discuss @TaylorLorenz’ story about @Snapchat spending $1M a day to attract users t… are an ignoramous. Part of your duty involves knowing WTF you sre talking about. @laurenboebert You need to vis… Fauci's baaaack!
Ella Emhoff's coat certainly was spectacular. We're sure to see knockoffs coming and going any day now. is a new beginning for America @BSMediaShow #Podcast 333 we discuss @jayasax story in @Eater about @Match’s brilliant and hilarious ads showing… come the indictments, leading Spanky behind bars. am going to watch this many times, smiling broadly. discuss @TaylorLorenz’ story on @Snapchat spending $1M a day to attract users to its @tiktok clone. Top users ar… is sounding like a professional and a smart, well-informed new addition to the White House and to all of us. #InaugurationDayNYC Instagram is so quick
Retweeted by B.L. Ochman - Masks Save LivesWell that didn't take long!
On @BSMediaShow #Podcast 333, @whatsnext and @derickson discuss @BereccaStewart’s story about Barbie’s clever digit… Biden. President Biden. President Biden! YAY! Makes me happy just to say it.On @BSMediaShow #Podcast 333, @derickson & I discuss @benandjerrys new frozen Doggie Desserts which…<I'm happy to see attention being paid to online type since most of it has been so ugly for so long.> Seven Typogra…! Amanda Gordon -a star is bornAmanda Gorman is exquisite. Such poise, such beautiful poetry @MaraNames And a great reliefHere's the full story of Bernie Sanders' mittens.
Retweeted by B.L. Ochman - Masks Save LivesI was not expecting a great speech but @POTUS is giving an inspired one and I believe he will put his whole soul in…’m crying for happy right now listening to President BidenI’ve always thought This Land or America the Beautiful should be our national anthem. Such a beautiful performance by JLoWow! Lady Gaga was magnificent And what a dress!Feeling, for the first time in so long, that the future is positive and our new president and vice president are saneWeird choice of song, with worthe clearly doesn’t understand. The Village People deserve better #GoodbyeDonnie happy to see the end of reign of the orange beast today. #welcomePresidentBiden #welcomeVicePresidentHarris @nytimes I'm sure they're not done with insults today and tomorrow morning. #GoodRIddanceToBadRubbishThis is rich. Hard to believe all the damage the orange monster did with this platform. And so glad he's not here a…
@PaulFox50854324 So beautiful!You have made this bovomaniac's day @janewillowmusic. This is one of the top 10 best things I have ever seen on the… thankfully, President @JoeBiden and Vice-President @KamalaHarris are seeking a Hallelujah moment for America. L… is perfect @zebrafinch Agreed<I love this story. There really are so many more good people than bad. Chef Andres is a great patriot.> Feeding an… still my heart. We now have a President who is unafraid to express emotion; who genuinely cares that 400,000 Ame… episosde 333 of @BSMediaShow #Podcast, we discuss @TaylorLorenz story on Snapchat spending $1M daily to attract… @politico Lookee, Mitch is sticking his neck out. Now convict trump and keep him from ever holding any public offic… @Dan_Fogelman @NBCThisisUs Oh nooooo! This breaks my heart!💔On @BSMediaShow #Podcast 333 @derickson & @whatsnext discuss 💰💰Snapchat Spotlight Millionaires 👿Match Made in Hell… is @kroger raising money for them too #BoycottAmazon also need conspiracy charges against trump and the entire #TrumpCrimeFamily + Cruz, Hawley, Graham, Rudy et al Y… @armano Glad you're on the mend. Sending well wishes, cheer and love.Dancing a little jig over this :) important read on the decidedly unChristian source of Capitol terrorists' & other reprobate's funding by…
Retweeted by B.L. Ochman - Masks Save LivesFrom my neighborhood: Please share and help this pup get back home 75th Dolly! You are a true super star @randyrainbow you have outdone yourself with this spectacular send off for Trumpolini. May you never need to mentio…<” it’s thrilling to imagine the possibilities: “Look up into the sky some clear, starlit night and allow yourself…’m ordering this book post haste media encouraged him by hanging on his every word. Now NY will prosecute him and send him to jail. That’s the… yet the #trumpthugs walked away without interference or arrests. Why? Because they’re white #BLM @Olivianuzzi Sounds like a first grade reading lesson
@nypost Oh how I wish this was a headline in The Onion. @AmberCadabra Thanks! I'd forgotten about bookmarks.🇺🇸 What will be President Trump’s legacy? Here’s how Trump’s time in the Oval Office will be remembered, say hist…
Retweeted by B.L. Ochman - Masks Save Lives @arshimbo That is one of my favorite sights, especially really early in the morning.An important read on the decidedly unChristian source of Capitol terrorists' & other reprobate's funding by… @mmpadellan Nothing about Melania was Be Best.
"All Cats Are Gray In The Dark" very intense documentary birthday to my favorite first lady ever. What a lovely message from Barack ❤️ @armano Get lots of rest and take the time you need. Sending good thoughts.
@koconnor513 astounded that you found that Tweet. I'd go with something more important WAS going on here back in 20…<trump loses yet again> Pentagon Confirms Military Will Not Hold Traditional Farewell Ceremony for Trump… you @Loews_Hotels for having greater moral fiber than seditious GOP Congress members. It’s great to see brand…