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Parent, husband, youtube guy, guitarist, & asthmatic with a tree nut allergy. Been making videos since the beginning.

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@naavanaama @micahstubz Tap and hold on the video and more options come up @micahstubz There’s so much better stuff out there. He probably should’ve disliked the things that were showing up…
See Chyna lose it in my latest video in one of my favorite ad spots we've ever done. It's for Bright Cellars. Get 6… @BenMakesTV Yeah! This has occurred to me. Seems like I was doing Tiktok in 2007Figuring out this TikTok thing. finally took a deep dive into Tiktok today for the first time ever and honestly, aside from a LOT of garbage, the… @paytmitch Well, I already follow Hank. Duh. (but I actually didn't know John had one so thanks)What are some good Tiktok accounts to follow for someone who wouldn't be into what they think Tiktok is? @friedricepilled @hankgreen Y'all should use bidets. (but also still wipe when necessary)
@thealux The editing on the phone might be the worst part!!!! @Seamushughes94 Really? It's there for meBaby makes first Tiktok @AkilahObviously My daughter has seen it at 3 and now she always wants to play a game she made called “dead lion”
Ready to ride horses through hotels and jump out of helicopters? Watch #MovieBuff hosted by @WheezyWaiter on the A…
Retweeted by Wheezy WaiterBuster Keaton in Three Ages (1923)
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Ever wanted to watch me recreate Jamie Lee Curtis's True Lies striptease? No? Well too bad. New MOVIE BUFF! @AMC_TV
@AkilahObviously Rather than apply my morning epiphanies later in the day, I just want to sleep. @TierZoo You’re a fellow Wisconsinite? Why didn’t I know that? Did I know that?
someone else wearing a mask when they're not required to?! boy, let me tell ya - the way that affects me in no way…
Retweeted by Wheezy Waiter @MN_Goodcat No sponsor. Just a video about bidets. :) @evanthejames well, that’s not trueJeff Bezos could give 208,000 people 1 million dollars and still have 1 billion dollars. @mpotterdesign Good call
A little snippet from day 1 of 30 songs in 30 days. Full video here:
"I realize the only obstacle to becoming whatever I want, be it like a filmmaker, musician, whatever you want to do…
Retweeted by Wheezy WaiterDue to perfectionism, I’ve always been stupidly slow when it comes to writing songs (or anything other than YT vide…
@pmcdougl This is the best answer.I don’t understand why my feed isn’t only tweets of joy for season 2 of Ted Lasso.
More Movie Buff! This time we created an exercise routine inspired by Truman Show! Really proud of our intro you gu…
It can be difficult for people who have big, broad audiences to leverage their universal appeal things that really…
Retweeted by Wheezy WaiterWell done, @Bucks. You were the most important event today as far as I’m concerned.It is my understanding that the basketball team which represents the state of my residence is proceeding toward victory. This is pleasing. @baashley yep! @hankgreen Once in a while, you'll do something kinda cool and I'm like that's a little off-brand and it makes me uncomfortable. @rayboss1100 I may join you one of these days
Truly an amazing accomplishment for 4 of humanity. my old man knees hold up, I'm gonna run the Madison Marathon in November. And today I begin training. I'm…
@ngjenkins These are good thoughts. I wish Star Wars could find a way to unshackle itself from whatever it thinks i…
@songadaymann If Mr. Big records doesn’t sign you right now they never will. @wuzgood I have. If you’re a recovering perfectionist this is probably gonna be inspiring for you!
Retweeted by Wheezy WaiterWhat if I told you this video doesn't exist? @AMC_TVI wrote a song every day in April! See how it all went down here: morning. How's things? I'm fixing up the doobly-doo of my next video which should be going live in 25 minutes!…
@euklidiadas Go for it. Whatever photos you can google.Villain reveal at the end of Loki was great times. Absolutely great times.
@JustBeKindOkay I say do it, but be aware that right after you move it will feel weird and probably wrong. That has… morning everybody. What do you got going on today? Still editing my video about writing a song a day for a mon…
@AnObedientWolf Well, the video won't be up until Friday, so... @ngjenkins honestly, for me, it's donuts. @ngjenkins nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooGood morning, everybody. How are you? What are your plans for today? I'm editing a video about writing a song a day…
@fairgravity That was the one I showed her. @GuanoLad *different. Wow, what a typo. @GuanoLad Might not be your thing. It is DEFINITELY frenetic. Dan Harmon’s humor and storytelling just resonates wi… @ngjenkins Hulu! @ngjenkins It was the Captain Planet parody episode. @GuanoLad Rick and Morty is better than those.Also, last week’s episode was the most messed up, grossest, most compelling portrait of adolescent heartbreak I’ve ever scene.I love Rick and Morty but getting Chyna to watch it has always been a hard sell. I’m always on the lookout for an e… Cells update. Got a poison arrow weapon thingy and slayed my way to the throne room for the first time. It was…
The hodgepodge style WheezyNews videos continue Getting to the end now and the full purpose of this series has finally revealed itself and I think that’s gre…’re awfully cavalier with that shield though. Jeez. I’d put it in a vault or something.Whoa! Sudden celebrity in episode 5 is very welcome. @mediocrefilms I’m all caught up on Loki and it’s good! I will say Winter Soldier has gotten better around episode…
Just signed up for this virtual marathon (tracked over many days, not all at once, jeez) ra… @andrewhuang I’ll be keeping an eye on this thread because I’ve been trying to mitigate my rumbly low end for a while now.It’s interesting how our comic book stories seem to be dealing a lot more with gray area and nuance while our polit… @MarkGardnerATX Yep. Enjoying it.Okay okay it gets better. They do a good job of giving every party involved a legitimate reason for what they’re doing. Even the baddies.A perfect way to work off those fava beans. Watch #MovieBuff hosted by @WheezyWaiter on the AMC YouTube channel.…
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New MOVIE BUFF! This time we made an exercise routine based on the fun comedy Silence of the Lambs! @AMC_TVI like to think I'm a reasonable guy, but then I see someone do a tiny driving error (that I've definitely done before). @hankgreen Jeans need mending SOMETIME, Hank!! to see @AlexHorne's show @taskmaster is having its trending moment. @theneedledrop My daughter saw this cat on my screen and demanded I play the video. Now I'm addicted to it. @hankgreen @joebereta @AlexHorne I would help by watching.Watched 2 episodes of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. It’s all right so far. I just wish there was more than one…
@ngjenkins @hankgreen I get this mad at my tree nut allergy and lungs.
We’re mostly known for quitting sugar on the internet. @jimdarlingphoto Yes the plots…. were great @ImUncleRon Oh phew. Glad it wasn’t just my own eyes. @ed_solomon Just saw No Sudden Move. You weren’t no slouch either.I enjoyed Soderbergh’s latest #NoSuddenMove very very very very much.
@JackHoward Looks like there’s a new asthmatic Banksy in town.
@MikeFalzone Took your advice and am now in jail.Don’t.
You know there's going to be running. #ForrestGump Watch #MovieBuff hosted by @WheezyWaiter on the AMC YouTube cha…
Retweeted by Wheezy WaiterIs there an actual name for the "This will lead to the universally agreed to be bad thing that pretty much nobody w… time for movie buff we tackled Forest Gump @AMC_TV
@WithnailGeorgeN Schizopolis is fantastic! But I don't expect everyone to like it.This is a perfect distillation of why Steven Soderbergh is so great.
I thought as I got older my airplane anxiety would get better, but actually my car anxiety got worse. @hankgreen I’m usually just happy that we don’t crash.
This week Craig and Chyna create a workout inspired by #ThelmaAndLouise. Watch #MovieBuff hosted by @WheezyWaiter
Retweeted by Wheezy WaiterNew MOVIE BUFF! Chyna & my series with @AMC_TV in which we concoct exercise routines based on movies. This episode,…