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clara rockmore eyes @whichoedipus Audio Science Laboratory, Research Division

somehow he’s able to synchronize the sound waves from his horn with the physical sensation of pain

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My little sister when I said I don’t stan loona miss her
Retweeted by clara rockmore eyes @normalguy1227 You literally already knowAnon
Retweeted by clara rockmore eyes @fisher0913 @bigstrongwoman Thank you Vic!! Happy thanksgiving to you and yours!Doing the lean wit it rock wit it dance to ecco2kI’m thankful that I got a kiss how about you boys @flowrmeadow Me too some of it but it’s going back up @flowrmeadow It made mine bro time to buyYummy thanksgiving @fairleigh_ I love itCutting some firewood, about to make goulashI’m just a regular groovy guy. The only twist is, I love thanksgivingThe Thanksgiving lover is here @AmericasBen Been at work for about 2 hours now. Love making the numbers go upSociety has destroyed itself and it demands you pretend that didn’t happenI’m addicted to strengthening my body and immune systemHappy thanksgiving I hope everyone eats goodMaradona’s warmup routines were legendary.
Retweeted by clara rockmore eyesYogis time
@peterberkman 3a2Same guy? year before, Ayler had penned an apocalyptic vision for Amiri Baraka's magazine The Cricket: "It has been writt…
Retweeted by clara rockmore eyesOn November 25, 1970, fifty years ago this morning, the body of Albert Ayler was fished from the East River near th…
Retweeted by clara rockmore eyesCalling it it’s gonna be a half sleep night for me. I don’t care. I just woke up. I will not become a doomer. My li… @KuhnBeardsKurse Hey thanks
I’m just trying to help all my friends join me within the walls of get money nation @hateful_dread I Vow To Remember Who I AmHad to buy this coffee. Idk who this dude is but he looks EXACTLY like me
Retweeted by clara rockmore eyesI will be wearing this exact outfit @Ambiengroypr If it goes below 15k again and you don’t dump into it you’re NUTSYou will have one more chance to get on Bitcoin before it goes 🌙Although... sale just isn’t hitting like it used to....Respect to chipotle for forcing Midwestern suburbanites to listen to Boy Harsher @egg_report Sorry big bro but phenomenology is maybe the one place where specificity matters @egg_report Maybe not “looks like” but “is” @folded__person I did a backflip when i heard the feature one of my favorite underground rappers for the last 5 yearsHad to buy this coffee. Idk who this dude is but he looks EXACTLY like me skyline that’s a monsoon @MrankieFknFuniz None of my friends would like that unfortunatelyBefore after need a game to play with my friends that isn’t COD or among us
@keep_shtum I’ve got some particularly good ones too @keep_shtum To have adog and a girlfriend?People love dunking on American food as if we don’t have the best food on the planetMerry Christmas
@PETERCOFFEEPOTS As it should be @_DixieFlatline_ @mycterismus Yes lol. It’s a very nice hotelLet that sink in....Browns are second in the AFC northThe browns are going to the Súper bowl. If you can not accept this fact you are not fit to be a browns fanTFW you will never get to experience just being a normal guy that crashes a Bentley enthusiasts conference at a rur… @mycterismus I spent most of that trip driving the ring road stopping in little fishing villages and hanging out at… @mycterismus Every person in Iceland, even out in the middle of nowhere has a band popular enough to tour internationally @mycterismus It was awesome. I had the very funny experience of talking to 3 staff members there separately while s… @fisher0913 I have been wondering A LOT about what the lagging indicator really is indicating. I’m with you there,… the fuck is going on
Retweeted by clara rockmore eyesA lot of people have had it way worse than me. You can’t do anything that makes you feel human but you have to keep… had to put off a minor surgery for a few months, and I imagine a lot of people had to put off major surgeries for… got cut, my side work has completely dried up so I’m making less money, I have to work longer hours for less… are so touchy that I feel like I can’t even complain about how shitty the Covid restrictions have made many… hates me for being an essential worker heroI need time to slow downCome on browns let’s go brownsI love my productivity area“Get out of the cities, NOW” - a guy who lives in a cityIf I told you guys how I work out you would make fun of me @liliaconvallium I can still wear my oberlin and bryn Mawr sweaters to my landscaping job and laugh about it all dayChip butty lunch @liliaconvallium 🚨 🤖 swag alert 🤖 🚨 @flossfurman The level of psychology going on during all this is astounding @egg_report Who calls themselves a philosopher? Seems like a lot of hubris
Retweeted by clara rockmore eyes @areyousurebruv Big ups @Ookaziyo Gotta pay $259 to take the exam but if you pass yeah of courseI’m offering good boyfriend lessons
Retweeted by clara rockmore eyessome of you act like you're going to shoot someone just because they express that they ideally want to see their family for the holidays
Retweeted by clara rockmore eyes @wikihowlobotomy @alexmussawir I’m just joking but let’s riff out what a Dominican style pizza would be. I think it…
@alexmussawir A new Dominican style pizza placeI love coming home to this @mattsutaaki I was guessing the language @mattsutaaki Lemme guess. These subtitles are allowing you to understand a movie in frenchMy wife has a playlist called “new” and these are the two songs in it feel like you can measure the health of a city by how safe it is for a kid under 10 to go run an errand on their ownMy office hours are open nowGuy like me could use a treatThe real redpill is never letting yourself get comfortable or lazy even if you had a hard day at work or whateverHad a bad day but then read and worked out @DGracchus Mine’s about to get home from work and have a “minecraft moment”
@TravisBussy The desk and a lot of the shelves were his and his own designs as well @TravisBussy After workIt all just showed up at a Cleveland antique store for pennies a few years ago. I keep all of my documents in his old file boxesMy brother and I own pretty much every piece of furniture from this guys estate @DGracchus I call mine the shtetlI can’t wait to make my girlfriend watch clockwork orange with me this weekend 🥰🥰 @tobaccodad Latinas stay winning