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clara rockmore eyes @whichoedipus Audio Science Laboratory, Research Division

somehow he’s able to synchronize the sound waves from his horn with the physical sensation of pain

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@importntmemo Number two is my go to baby shower gift lol
@aeIfsciene Badonkadonk is one of the funniest words of all time just objectivelyJust played saxophone in front of like 150 people. Feels good
To all my Columbus heads: I am playing saxophone at Ace of Cups tonight at 9 pm. Im playing with some guys I don’… to fuck off to Sheetz for a little bit. No callsThe maoist groupchat from 2018 all owns successful small businesses now @DGracchus Soon funkle will be 32 with his “older woman” gf who is 34In bed at 9 pm why? So I can wake up at 4 and boss upI don’t know how to stop doing the intj face @QuarboRegnum Bo$$ up 101New additions to my favorite ongoing playlist
Very amenable to being booked to DJ your party rn
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Say hello to this fine line buckthorn I rescued from the mulch machine today work 12 hours a day but I also never cry about itThe one where George parks in the handicap spot and becomes public enemy number one about when I turned 10 at jewish summer camp and my present from the counselors was that I got to pick one… the hands glow in the dark. I always just thought “night shift” was Timex’s proprietary name for the backlighting or somethingJust realized this watch has “night shift” printed on the face because the hours are reversed on the indices
Retweeted by clara rockmore eyesGood mood mostly think all the SCPs are real
No contest
Retweeted by clara rockmore eyesWhat is it with upper middle class and only entering and exiting the house through the garage never the front door @bimbolectuals This is a lesson for the pregnant women out there love to do an alley cat bike race again for old times sake @venoSci Insofar as I like them*aquaponic 😣Quitting my job to learn python and build hydroponic betta aquariums
Wait my bad they already did don’t they just make an album where every song is a hit?Every Stanley cup playoff game this week starts at 8 pm or 9 pm 😞I check the gutters she makes the salad
@Olive__Autist NoSister time has the only revolutionary war themed professional sports team in the worldHey columbus heads, my mom is coming down to visit for the first time in more than s year, what are good brunch places
New shirt clueless planting 7ft cedar trees in shorts by hand yesterday
@380kmh Borscht belt style, niceI have one sweater for every seven sisters school and I wear a different one to my landscaping job every day’m the only guy in Grove City Ohio listening to the new Loraine James album @puketween Where are you working?
Retweeted by clara rockmore eyesGirl Eminem
Cranberry has been buck broken. She can now leave the crate for 1 hour a day as long as she stays in bed and is not… etymology fact I just looked up i want to name my son Cincinnatus Jackpot Ross My wife: basedInro, 19th century #museumarchive #cmaopenaccess
Retweeted by clara rockmore eyes @e98461801011223 Maybe I’ll become a 27 year old intern @importntmemo This place has been a million different things since AA shut down and they’ve kept the signs the entire timeHow does a handsome young Jewish man with a degree from a well respected state school break in to corporate America… @skankhegel SureI need a career counselor @clownesvanzandt Respect
The Lead Shed Wauseon, OH
Retweeted by clara rockmore eyesI’m coming too then really has to be in here for a month @graveforests @LoFiRepublican Only you bro @mattsutaaki We can farm them trying to figure out how GWB threw such a perfect strike during a game right after 9/11. Had to have been rig…
@mentallyiamgood All potato’s come from that areaFozzie and Kermit have an existential crisis 😂 The perfect example of the comedic genius of Jim Henson and Frank O…
Retweeted by clara rockmore eyesI am a master of feng shui @loafingyeoman Good morning
As if he would have listened lol it normal to love hanging out with your boys? dog me and my dogs from the Memorial Day cookout still can’t believe that when a dog slips a disc the prescription is “dose them up and throw them in jail”
@rustbelt_ Zip code?Someone goofed up their back playing and has to spend one week in the painkiller prison
@ilovegridzone I love it @puketween Japanese garden is an obvious one. The forest walk on the east end is really nice too. Really depends on… @puketween Love it there @thinkimbenleach You must hit me up next time to go to my favorite bar @BLCKD_COM_PILLD Not possible because I work trades @BLCKD_COM_PILLD I’m not. The Podcast is good @maisiekappler Good morning Maisie
@wwwegan I have a decent PA, it’s been sitting for a while but let me check on it and make sure it still works and… @wwwegan How big do you need
Retweeted by clara rockmore eyesMy wife is gonna lose her mind the first time she sees me slam down mulch at our houseBig news coming soon
Retweeted by clara rockmore eyes @loafingyeoman Michael at 23 leak Is so different from the actual album. I think only one leaked album track Made it on the release tax okay give me a train thenI give 2.5% of everything I earn to the city of columbus and for what?I love this monster catalpa at the end of my block so much I think it got sampledThis looks fake but it’s not great song hard front to back. How did he do it?
I’m drained
Zoomers are mad at Pat Metheny
Absolutely hate walking down the street and smelling roundupMarinated chicken thighs, Grilled sweet potatoes and onions, secret folded egg