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Everyone is mad. #GhanaMafia 🇬🇭 The Marathon Continues 🏁 “Oh she Poddin’ Poddin’” @bwwbco @pausetheshowuk

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When will they let us out? 😭 @TineaTaylor MISS HAVING FUN WITH MY MATES 😩 cc. @Whitb_xx
Retweeted by TransJamaicanI hear you Liam. media clout is killing my people.More music? Cleo we don’t deserve 🥺❤️ @AngelNumberz Very odd manOh hiii 😍 @LillzTrackLife @Sebby_LO They actually told the manager to apologise 🥴 and have now deleted the tweet. I can’t rate them things.Because RT’s 😶 @LillzTrackLife @Sebby_LO It’s actually strange, the publication was corrected by both managers.Another day where everyone is mad for no reason. 300+ quote tweets of ppl getting at an artist because of a tweet that isn’t true.This isn’t what was said. The verse came in once the track had reached its peak so he didn’t want to force its rece…
Retweeted by TransJamaicanYou’ve been told this is not what was said by management, all the quote tweets are displaying disdain for what he d…
I really hope I never get to a point in life where strangers are debating about my life on the internet.I was having a deliveroo battle with my brother and I was kindly reminded we are not in the same tax bracket.And still @pseudoakh I’m dead 😂😂😂 @pseudoakh No where in the tweet did I say he meant it? Just repeated the tweet cause it’s funny LOLHere is something I’ve put together if you have or know someone that has a council property.
Retweeted by TransJamaicanBrilliant! @markintime Lmao I don’t even remember when it was because what is even time even? @MrCharlieOG @DjNeptizzle It’s like they are not being serious @ReerCirka For the landlords bank account >>>>>> @ReerCirka It is stupid lol. Paying more rent for the exact same property 🥴 @DjNeptizzle It’s what the streets need @LeeBrasco I don’t understand it bro 😂😂 it’s the exact same property. Who wants to pay MORE for the exact same prop… I’ve reached my limit of fun here 👋🏾 @ShauniCaballero Top 2 @ShauniCaballero Lmaoo it’s dinner with Jay-Z twitter back at it again @MakeItWithFifi For the same property you know looooool I hate this app @facelessbeige Girl. @Jayandreas__ Lmaooo @owilli_ Yep, for the landlord @kwesipeekay Like who asks to pay more rent for the same property? @ClementMarfo In this economy @djtcell I have never met anyone who wants to pay more rent for the exact same flat. I hope his landlord has eaten today @mrn3ls0n I even hope he is your tenant @kenp4ch1 He probably paid double for it @JustSmileRants I could not believe it 😂I will never forget the tweet from a man who said he has asked his landlord to INCREASE his rent because it will ma… @JDot_Strxng They are the worst on this app. @itsleahmai Girl! We need 😂 @AfreeyaySays On so many levels! @fitnessVwork You’re bad vibes @Jada__london Lmao sis I have never been this bra size in my life. I’m looking at things that weren’t option for me before 😂 @C_biggzz Happy birthday odo ❤️ @Jada__london Thank you, I can’t wait because it stinks 😭 @michaelafrifa ❤️ @blicktargaryen Oh summer starts, even in the winter. I’ll be wearing bra let in December lmao @JanayMWright I don’t know yet as it’s only been 5 days plus everyone has different skin, I don’t scar badly but I… @michaelafrifa Lmao change Michael. @blicktargaryen About a monthThe hardest part about the surgery is the after pain. It’s like Mike Tyson himself punched me in my chest (but the… one of my friends make me Mac & cheese please. @IamBalusa I need a doc!! @Jada__london This internet can never tell me what to do sorryWe need a documentary on Hushpuppi.You deserve everything you desire. Don’t let anyone tell you any different because they don’t want to commit to tho…
Retweeted by TransJamaican @Jada__london And it’s also only the internet, following them doesn’t mean they’re in my house having afternoon tea.Hushpuppi trying to steal 100M’s from a premiere league team is soooooo funny to me I’m sorry. @thisNAO @SholaAma @iamsafiya @ThatGirlAdele 🙏🏾🖤👑 .... what a beautiful day ... #GirlsIRate ... #GIRBLK ...…
Retweeted by TransJamaicanNew edition of Music Week out now featuring @CarlaMarieUK and @GirlsIRate
Retweeted by TransJamaican @IreneTTYA Amen sis thank you ❤️Welcome news that Government is introducing a £1.5bn cultural package follows hot on the heels of the music industr…
Retweeted by TransJamaican @Sebby_LO Lmao that teef @Sebby_LO I’m not even next to her level.Akua was lady Porscha before lady Porscha was lady Porscha. Trust me.She will never see this but Akua is actually the GOAT. @Pinero_Nana BroNot everything comment. @Sebby_LO I think you think I’m joking. We are going white city this very week ansnsnwksnsn @AllysaRochelle Girl I was a K! LOL let’s do one better and have a soho house catch up soon ❤️
Retweeted by TransJamaicanLmfao @Whitb_xx
Retweeted by TransJamaicanI can’t believe soho house is open. I’m pulling up like this, @Sebby_LO pack your bag TFC is waiting! @Kyraofficial ❤️ @Jayandreas__ Loool I hear you man. Tumblr used to be my place, need to return there @Jayandreas__ Same. I’m trying to transition to insta because I don’t even understand Twitter more time anymore @ChamsFace4music I beg your pardon need codeine. Lord I’m on my neezMy brain is such a BIRD. I bet I’d be asleep if I was a dolphin like I wanted to be Kmt.What have I gotta do to get sleep 😡 @HouseOfGingerr Thank you beaut 🥰I took my drugs and I’m still awake. Streets is done!! @HouseOfGingerr Anne my fav x @mrn3ls0n LOOOL Oi this is actually me right this second I promise @MissFraser_x Lmaooo
@Incisive1 Looolol @ChayDimplez Hey can you dm me on insta I’m answering questions there xx @raventwigg So unfair!! Why didn’t we get the lives we wanted?Or a dolphin. Like the ones in Jamaica.I just wish I was a penguin. They look so calm, like what is the meaning of being a human? Who even asked for this? @planetalex_ @livilovez At least I knew where hush puppi’s money was going boy @Just_Geen Is this what you have opened your heart to tell me?? Burpees?? LOOL @Koka__Kola Don’t be scareddddd. If I can help let me knowI feel seen love my family and friends, I feel very blessed and lucky to have them.