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it’s a privilege to educate yourself about racism instead of experiencing it (she/her).

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HARRY PLEASE out yesterday that my grandma owes me money...and now she’s dead. wtfITS FRANKLINS BIRTHDAY
Retweeted by himbolicious definition#SUPERBLOOM is better than the beatles entire discographyi just bought three new XL harry styles inspired tshirts i desperately need help
i’m exactly like all other girls except that i am infinitely more annoyingwho are the beatles? i think i listened to like one of their songs and i was not impressed.need reading glasses don’t textevery time i hear “blackpink in your area” i get so paranoid how did they find me
Retweeted by himbolicious definitionpussy talented...she votes are just la croix republicansaw ily eyelash is very talented...must give her year ago today i was at the jonas brother’s concertdriving is basically ratatouilling your car
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now that i'm not in a sorority anymore, i can finally bring this back lolllll. at least i was right 👁👄👁
Retweeted by himbolicious definitionjust dropped off my ballot #VoteBidenHarrisjust helped an 80 year old man buy bitcoinMY FATHER GETS PAID HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS AN HOUR TO TALK TO PEOPLE ABOUT ICE CREAM FUCK THIS MANthis is dumb. machiavelli eats ass. show some respect. @KeivaSiobhan get a vpn and you can change locations and stream it as you would in the USDubai and other Gulf states are built off of exploitation of labor. It might look cool and modern but there's a LOT…
Retweeted by himbolicious definitionstarting a podcast don’t text
stressing about how much i love panda expresskids today have no idea how to easy it is nowadays to hide chewing gum while wearing a maskMIKE CHANG IS IN A NEW MOVIE I REPEAt mike CHANG IS IN A NEW MOVIEthis is for bobby. if you’re not bobby keep scrolling! hi. nice to see u back on twitter old friend. ily.lmao got a job working for a christianoh no i’m so jealous of my christian bunk mates getting engaged to their obese boyfriends only to find out they’re… @guillotinepeach jem and i are going on wednesdayi am living proof that the saying “you can’t be pretty and funny” is true
me putting my abba playlist on shuffle:
Retweeted by himbolicious definitiontoday i heard my mother literally beg one of her friends to go to therapy...the apple does not fall far from the treeCalling your man daddy in bed is so last year. Moan out his gamer tag.
Retweeted by himbolicious definitionthe left out here berating me about Israel and the right are literal nazis...a hard time to be a in the passenger seat and Indiana Jones is driving...grateful for your prayers xx
Retweeted by himbolicious definitionsomeone just called tracker a “baby” homeboy is 17 years old...he has back pain. show some respecti really hope this is the only election in my lifetime that i have to vote for a cishet white manwalking down the isle to “everyday” from HSM2 @zeusluster god when 2020 started
Retweeted by himbolicious definitiontrying to decide which famous man i’m going to use when i inevitably begin living in every remake of “a star is born”this is art
Retweeted by himbolicious definitionGeneral Grievous implies the existence of Specific Grievous
Retweeted by himbolicious definitionMy mom’s dog posing seductively while wearing a #BidenHarris bandana in a cream colored fleece lined wicker basket…
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you know what carrie? i CAN’T shoot whiskey and i DO prefer a fruity little drink. sue me!!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by himbolicious definitionlife has gotten so much better since I decided everyone was my fan...someone staring? a bashful admirer. somebody r…
Retweeted by himbolicious definitionshe really is one of the greatest performers of all time
Retweeted by himbolicious definitioni’m just going to say what we’ve all been thinking. one direction is better than BTS. come for me army! i will… @sapphicjem today i am russian. perhaps tomorrow....idk maybe bri-ish. @whitenonsense_ wakes up every morning and asks herself "what spicy white am i going to be today?"
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Retweeted by himbolicious definitionwho else thought bella was older than gigi?not me crying at another song/poem/movie about self acceptanceMy tik tok got 12,000 views. Might move to LA idk
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Retweeted by himbolicious definitionthe stock market only exists because we give it powerspongebob said bi rights to start drama but *tosses the Golden Apple of Discord into the midst of the feast of the gods*
Retweeted by himbolicious definitionpissing off beatles stans is peak comedy, nothing will ever be funnier
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All of this happened cuz of her
Retweeted by himbolicious definitionhis clown college lost accreditation and now he is just bozo the
Retweeted by himbolicious definitionHerd immunity is when so many people are immune to the disease it can’t spread any more. What the right are talking…
Retweeted by himbolicious definitionbella, edward, and jacob should have just been a thrupleIt’s OCD awareness week and one tiny thing you can do to fight stigma is simply stop using “ocd” as an adjective
Retweeted by himbolicious definitionbts pissing off the Chinese government is honest to god the best thing to happen this yearshocked that a gyno has not come out with a educational parody version of "WAP" yet
Retweeted by himbolicious definitionIt began with the forging of the Great Rings. Three were given to the Elves, immortal, wisest and fairest of all be…
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why didn’t phil of the future warn us???
Retweeted by himbolicious definitionThank you, @theestallion, for using your voice to speak out. Black women DO deserve better. I promise when…
Retweeted by himbolicious definitiondo NOT be complacent... VOTE!!
Retweeted by himbolicious definitionfound out my gyno worked with dr. fauci while she was elbows deep in my vagina. today was a good day.5SOS
Retweeted by himbolicious definitionThere is no good or bad there is only it transcended or it didnt transcend
Retweeted by himbolicious definitionIf Texans continue to smash voting records, Joe Biden will win Texas & the election will be over ON ELECTION NIGHT.…
Retweeted by himbolicious definitiongetting a pap smear tomorrow...the mask AND socks stay on
ya know what i’m not gonna hide it anymore...i’m a bts fan. not part of the army, i’ve exhausted all my stan energy… lucky that the handful of white men who wrote our constitution were psychic and able to predict everything abou…
Retweeted by himbolicious definitionthe biggest lgbt ally is the hs teacher who caught me reading victorious fanfic in class and didn’t say anything
Retweeted by himbolicious definitionone direction needs to get back together so that @whitenonsense_ will stop listening to bts
Retweeted by himbolicious definition"i wanna feel objectified. that's why i'm listening to one direction" @whitenonsense_
Retweeted by himbolicious definitionone direction please get back togetherDog does the sweetest thing for his cat brother when he gets tired from their hike 💕
Retweeted by himbolicious definitionYour reminder that Indigenous people take care of 80% of global biodiversity and make up less than 5% the populatio…
Retweeted by himbolicious definitionHey does anyone know if we have pandemic tomorrow
Retweeted by himbolicious definitionhappy indigenous peoples day!!! us indigenous ppl struggle ALOT to be seen so today please boost our voices and do…
Retweeted by himbolicious definitionthe american education system had us knowing the names of the three boats columbus came on better than the tribes whose land we live on
Retweeted by himbolicious definitionare we just gonna ignore jo march incessantly saying chr*stop*r col*mb*s? that’s a white feminist if i’ve ever read…
hypnotist: you’re getting sleepy me: i am getting sleepy hypnotist: lmao i didnt say simon says
Retweeted by himbolicious definitionhe know he giving his money to Megan
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ahaha fuck national coming out day. Being gay is not a choice but if it was it would be a good one
Retweeted by himbolicious definitionalso “it was too white”
Retweeted by himbolicious definitionThis election is a tough call because one candidate was endorsed by both the Taliban and the KKK and the other was…
Retweeted by himbolicious definitioni am mad at harry styles :(
Retweeted by himbolicious definitionit’s been a whole year. A WHOLE YEAR
Retweeted by himbolicious definitioni miss the nail ladies asking me if i have a boyfriend and telling me i’m prettyIf you claim to be Christian but support Trump I am now referring to you as a Talibangelist.
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