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Relevant again. this point let's trade for Darnold. See if he's got anything. At least kick the tires. That's an inexcusable thr…
@OC541288 I like him. He's in the top group IMO. I just don't think he'd do it. @dvostry489 He can be right below Ozzie haha I think I'd rather go Ozzie, big frank doesn't have any manager experi… @ChiSoxHaze Angels have been a team of great success since then too right? But advisor and manager are just a bit d… @TheRealBDejesus I like him. He's in my second group. @PatrickFitzmau2 Exactly. Like then why get rid of Cooper? Like they are from the same era. @ChiSoxHaze Have you? He could be his grandfather. He was fired and has been out of the game for years. This is a n… @ChiSoxHaze You saw what Renteria did to us down the stretch. He cost us big time. I wouldn't act like it's nothing… White Sox Preferred Manager Order: AJ Hinch Alex Cora Sandy Alomar Jr. -Small Gap- Just let Keuchel be player…'s not possible. It's not possible we do this. I tell myself it is not possible. The White Sox will not do this…
Myself, and fellow White Sox fans on twitter today like: @Pisces3681Tb Yeah I did this right before lol.Everything turning up White Sox! No TJ for our new Future Stud 🙏🏻 @jonron1024 He checked out. He's past his prime, was great back in the day. @mlamb8194 I think it's gonna be Hinch.Have a day Rick Hahn. Dude is just hitting everything out of the park. As much as I love Ozzie, he isn't the right… @mlamb8194 What is this feeling? I'm not used to it lol @whitesox ✌🏻 Coop. Enjoy retirement. @jonron1024 Need a high level SP a box of the rotation vet. And a RF. That's the shopping listGoodbye Coop. Keep it coming. Clean house. Good day for us White Sox fans. @Brendan_James96 Loved him as a player, I think he's an advisor I don't know if he wants that. But it's a thought. @Moncada4P I 100% agree.Whose your guy? If other comment below, taking the pulse of the fan base here.We got better today. The White Sox got better. This takes us one biggggg step closer to the ultimate prize. 🏆👀 @Moncada4P We just got better. @whitesox I love you. @BNightengale Morale for White Sox fans are through the roof.NO MORE RICKY!!!!!! WHITE SOX NATION RISE UP!! JERRY AND RICK REALLY WANTA WIN. I AM FIRED UP!!
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@_88Showtime That may be Generous. @mlamb8194 We indirectly are about tooFoles Sucks.
@jillkbgr I feel you, it Breaks my heart. This is the start of the rebuild. @grab_chris I'm good with it. It's gonna hurt, but it's time for a slight rebuild. @Panagz23 He was elite in the playoffs. He was the only reason we got past EDM. If we run it back with Delia or whoever, we're bottom 5.First off, to Corey: Thank you. You were so under appreciated and will be missed. IMO the most decorated Chicago go…
@BauerOutage @panozzo_joe @ronaldacunajr24 Please sign with the White Sox.
Today: Trey Burton (IND): 16 Yards Rec All Bears TE: 16 Yards Rec Our big money signing and our first pick in the… wonder what Jay Culter is doing rn...3rd and 1. We run a Punt Returner over our RB that is made for these situations. I'm there I hit it. Fire Nagy. @ParthShahBD If they do that they need to fire Nagy. You can't flip flop. Mitch is probably a lost cause. If Nagy's… drive: "Well Nick Foles hasn't had the time or reps with this offense.".... Like we brought him here because… @ChicagoBears @IGSEnergy Touchdowns touchdowns touchdowns.After spending the last 14 seconds running some intense math, the new Foles-Nagy combination is on pace for: 6 poi… defense making Jonathan Taylor look like Bo Jackson... @JeremyLayt0n That's politeAnnouncer just said Matt Nagy does a great job play calling early in games... Have you watched any Bears film? Hi…
You were right man window wasn't closed, you guys really had a legit shot! Scored what? 1 run against the Marlins o… @Connornielsen28 @DOM_Frederic How's that working out for you big guy?
@CoolJtj Facts 😂Sox Fans Cubs Fans 🤝🏻 Sad week of baseball
@Sox_Nick 🙏🏻🙏🏻3. Next year we will be even better. With Kopech, Vaughn, hopefully a healthy Crochet, we have a lot to look forwar… few final season thoughts: 1. I love interacting with you all so thank you for interacting with me. Whether you… I hear about Cordero's stupid sleeve one more time ima lose it. That dude can't pitch, enough with the sleeve crap. @GregLester1 Both get rid of both. @kcunz24 I agree it didn't help but a good manager can figure out ways to avoid what happened. I literally wanta se… @jackryancompton @jdiemer12 The first one sure! But when you use all our good pitchers by the fourth inning we got issues. @kcunz24 I agree dudes gotta throw strikes but the manager set everyone up to fail. @EvanCrum1319 @Mr_Jay369 Well at that point who was he gonna put in?? He already used all our good pitchers @TiktokLuis He won't. That's what makes me so mad. @ThatPodGuyDuke @jdiemer12 This. This is it. Nailed it @jdiemer12 It is his fault. If that was the plan, to pull Dunning after 2/3s go with Foster? He's a opener he's don… @VexerShobox 100% with this.This has been the longest game of the year, and it's also gonna be the last... I place blame directly on Renteria… @john_faidutti He hurt us more than he has helped us. I get your point but I'd rather him be a bench coach, or a hot dog vendor.. @Mattyp19941 Let's chill on that he's not good lolExtend Mazara? @dydd911 Ik but that's not how they will look at it. @WhiteSox_Jack Horrible. @SirKulOLyfe You know we don't want that lol @dydd911 It won't be, we technically over achieved. We're stuck with a horrible manager during this unreal time of talent.Rick Renteria might be the worst manager of all time. Literally has no idea what he's doing. This is a complete hor… seriously, who is gonna pitch the 6-7-8... Get Giolito's ass in the bullpen and get him loose.Yolmer Sanchez about to be pitching by the 7th...Heeeessss Baccckkkk studs dropping like flies... we're gonna need some love from the baseball gods today... @tmac36daexpert Haha woe woe let's focus on the Sox 😂😂 you right thoROBERT BOMB!!!!!!! Good Guys 1-0I hate Renteria but the man is 1-1 on the right moves today. Dude ain't messing around. Credit where it is due.Alright ima be honest, the stones on Crochet this season... man is cold blooded. To me, he is a morph of Josh Had… Kid. Save. this. team. I don't hate the move, but we are going to need all the horses today. Foster, He… Who hasn't won their last 18 playoff games and was the first team eliminated from the MLB playoffs?
@WritingDavid Facts lol @KungFuKel192 😂😂 @Rolliefingers4 See I'm with that. Dunning for 3-4 then those boys. @WritingDavid I don't want Cease. Dude has zero control. I prefer Dunning if they go starter. @KungFuKel192 I know I won't wake up feeling good... Can Gio go again lol? @RBTheAlum I thought that same thing. @Mattyp19941 I'm not a big fan either. He falls under the Yolmer Sánchez category. Reminds me of the bad times lolLook, lotta time left, but all I can think about is who gets the ball tomorrow and it's making me sick... I guess I… @ParthShahBD I got up and was ready to celly. @nickssox12 I'll give him 2 but I'm not disagreeing with you, rookie mistakes @RomanoCairo13 100% @JohnnyLaw63 @Brendan_James96 He is smarter than that. Idk what is going on. That's being young I hope. @kmeehan67 He was getting hit harddddd I had a bet on the over for 3.5 Ks for him tho so at least he made me some money lolIf Madrigal's on third there it's still a run. Rookie mistakes by the kid killing us today.
@Jared_Carrabis Hate to see it.What a game. 1-0