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@MLBHR future white sox right feilderEvery time I open Twitter I am scared to see that we signed Tony La Russa #ChangeTheGame #Whitesox
Plz make this prediction true is going to be fired up -- and not in a good way -- if the White Sox hire Tony La Russa. We know t…
Retweeted by Max @ChiSoxFanMike I feel like Jerry would want this but Hahn would be against it and go for Hinch. I kinda think this… @TruuuuuIsMyQB I'm 100000% sure Hahn is trollingIt's Win It Wednesday! RT for a chance to win a hat signed by Lucas Giolito! #WhiteSox x @guaranteedrate No purch.…
Retweeted by Max @YasmaniGrandaI i think him and bob are in some group that likes to troll sox fans @BNightengale @USATODAY No one else has said this Hank Aaron Award is given to the most outstanding offensive player in each league every year. It's no surprise…
Retweeted by Max @kolak_jason @whitesox @BauerOutage I agree with all of those @whitesox Off-season Check List (Updated) ✅Fire Ricky Sign @BauerOutage Get a new RF Run it Back 2021 World Series… @whitesox Sign Bauer and StromanWhat is happening to the Astros?
@whitesox says that Ozzie Guillen will not be a candidate for the job.
Retweeted by Max @whitesox @OzzieGuillen you up?I think we will win the World Series
Retweeted by MaxLol Chapman. Colome could never @Sox_Nick And then judge took him yard
@MLBTheShow @whitesox W @whitesox Counting down the days till you sign @BauerOutage @BauerOutage @RaysBaseball @Yankees @Padres That seals the deal. I am no longer a Padres fan. This team is a pure and utter embarrassment to the city o… @MLB @Dodgers @budweiserusa 🚨ATTENTION ALL PADRES FANS🚨 your team is not good Machado and Tatis won’t sustain the…
@MLB jose abreu better @MLB @astros come on a's😢 @MLBHR athletics lol @BauerOutage @Padres White Sox> you can help TA with his bat flips😉 @mikeythegoat_ @D_ROD48 @bettsworId @Padres 🚨ATTENTION ALL PADRES FANS🚨 your team is not good Machado and Tatis… @Moncada4P @McBroomWRLD @BauerOutage @Padres @Dodgers The level of disrespect that you have calling the royals a no… the heck is wrong with the Dodgers bullpen @JeffPassan>Jansen @BauerOutage @Yankees but the sox need more @TalkinYanks
@MLB we just gonna for get about luis roberts 478 ft home run
I expected better from the a's @whitesox @CNTraveler @ChooseChicago @BauerOutage do you need any more reason to come here @MLBTheShow @Cubs wheres the tim anderson 3 hits in first 3 postseason games
@Jurassic_Jake @ChiSoxFanMike @whitesox dudes a cy yong pitcher, he would lead us to a ring @NBCSWhiteSox @OzzieGuillen @BedfordPark_IL does that mean he's the sox coach next year🧐 @whitesox @whitesox SIgn bauer @ChiSoxFanMike
@BauerOutage And on the south side we win @BauerOutage @RedSox You mean @whitesox @ChiSoxFanMike @BauerOutage @BauerOutage do it @astros @ChiSoxFanMike @BauerOutage You should listen to this
@ChiSoxFanMike Got a feeling we could win MVP, and Gold Glove. Then he would have ROY, MVP, Gold Glove, Silver Slug…
@StayOppoJavy @ChiSoxFanMike You mean in the league @jasonbenetti I wish I have ESPN+ so I could watch @WatchMarquee First place team eliminated by 2nd place team @hawkeyefan2015 @ChiSoxFanMike @tonyhueck_gr8 @NBCSWhiteSox @Cubs 💀😂 @Cubs @Marlins @TimAnderson7 MVP, batting champ, gold glove, silver slugger, World Series Champ @BauerOutage Come to chicago @ChuckGarfien Will there be more podcasts in the offseason? @ChiSoxFanMike If its TJ...😭 @BauerOutage @Reds Come join the south side and get a ring @ChiSoxFanMike "Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can come together."Things the White Sox need to do this offseason: • replace Rick Renteria with a winning manager • sign Trevor Bauer…
Retweeted by Max @whitesox 🖤🤍2020 has sucked. The 2020 White Sox made it suck less.
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@HappySoxFan Same. Thought I would be in a much worse mood. Lots to look forward to we got a great young core, I th…"First two innings, we gave it away" -@TheBigHurt_35 White Sox Postgame Live on NBC Sports Chicago now
Retweeted by Max @whitesox @GuaranteedRate Fire Ricky Sign Bauer Get a new RF 2021 World Series Champs @Athletics Good series, pls sweep the Astros @JeffersonFor6 @JokicToMurray @Twins At least we can play in October @EloysMom get them next yearPlease Adam EngelWhy the hell is that stadium so bigHere we go yoan #WhiteSox @DyIanCease Also this seasons over see u guys next yearCan we throw strikes plz @MLB @JeffPassan @MLBHR 487 @whitesox Distance? @ChiSoxFanTommy Eloy could of had a 3-0 count got a little anxious @thebennettk It just went on for me @EloysMom @espn on the braves game they said espn2, so i think it will change but im seeing that to @thebennettk thats what they said on the braves game @thebennettk ESPN2 i think @EloysMom @espn ESPN2 @thebennettk ESPN2 @ChiSoxFanMike what channel is itwhat channel is the game on rn #WhitesoxLet's do this. 😤
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Retweeted by Max @Julian4948 @BetroTwomin @whitesox @Wintrust @espn @WGNRadio @MLBonESPNRadio LA i think @whitesox @Wintrust @espn @WGNRadio @MLBonESPNRadio LETS GET IT BOYSGame 3 starters, presented by @Wintrust. Let's do this! ⏰: 2:10 p.m. 📺: @espn 📻: @WGNRadio & @MLBonESPNRadio
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