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If the @suntimes_sports reports are true that there was a rift between Hahn and Renteria about listening to analyti…
@soxmachine_josh Will Crochet be setup to be a starter next year? Rick Hahn made it seem like they liked him in the…’m seriously uncomfortable hiring a manager that ALLOWED cheating in his organization. @soxmachine_josh @SoxMachine Emergency podcast? @ChiSoxHaze @PWSullivan Seriously... what a freaking turd of a questionRick Hahn isn’t going to bring Ozzie back. He needs somebody he can control. @Sleepy_Harold_ @soxmachine_josh Thanks Harold @soxmachine_josh Where can I listen to it? @whitesox I wish him the best of luck. Genuinely nice guy just wasn’t the right manager.
Woo Pig! Finish this one off Arkansas!
@NFL_Scorigami 36-23 will never happenigami
@UmmmSoYeaaaa @MLBTheShow @Yankees My guess is Abreu @MLBTheShow @Yankees Give us Tim Anderson or we riot @MLBTheShow @Cubs Do it
11-19 @NFL_Scorigami ????Getting trash talked by Phillip Rivers has to be the low point of this season @andrew_segall @whitesox Awesome job! Such a cool and unique project. Hope to see it again next year with 162+ more rocks!10/1 @whitesox Vs. @Athletics
Retweeted by Rick Hahn's Law DegreeA complete @whitesox season
Retweeted by Rick Hahn's Law Degree
I had a good time with everyone on Sox twitter the last three months. Hate to see it end like this but this will be… hate it hereTHROW. STRIKES. FOR. FUCKS. SAKE.
Retweeted by Rick Hahn's Law DegreeTHROW. STRIKES. FOR. FUCKS. SAKE.Why are there screaming women at the A's game?Lucas Giolito is going to pitch todayWhy the FUCK don't you give foster another goOh fuck off LaStellaWe needed that so bad. Felt like a 10-0 game before thatOh good Moncada is hurtAll remaining White Sox arms: Foster (in the game) Cease Colome Cordero Fry Giolito Keuchel MarshallshiiiiiiiiitttWho the hell is gonna pitch the last three innings?This pleases the Hahn @PastyTacos Classic beefloaf @MrDelicious13 You did thisSeriously somebody called this exact scenario before the game. Someone find the tweet. called Eloy coming up limp on a double in the third?You have to be fucking kidding meFUUUUUUUUUUCKCKCKJose take at least one pitchBLAME KAPRA NOT NICKMadrigal just hits..."Luis Robert he is not a finished produc....." angry bat flip by LuisLETS FUCKING GO!!!!! MOON SHOT BY ROBERT!!The ole 1st inning pitching change in a 0-0 game @espn @Cut4 cool. @CPHSox @espn ESPN+ to listen to Benetti call the game is very worth it @soxmachine_josh Ball in air, Eloy, Playoff edition!This is a very cool account, also the Sox got screwed yesterday. @jasonbenetti @whitesox @mike_petriello @KP_Omaha Congrats on the extension! @thebennettk @JRFegan Was just gonna say that. James is a national treasureELOY IS IN! YOU FUCKED UP NOW A'S @YourBoyStove He shouldn't see anybody more than once.If the White Sox win they will be off until next Monday. Spare no arm, burn the bullpen. Leave nothing on the table today.Is today the biggest White Sox game in 13 years?
@southside_page Dunning doesn't make it through 4. Dunning 1-3 Crochet 4-5Would’ve loved for Abreu to take a pitch or 2.. all the pressure was on the pitcher.. he was all over to Grandal..…
Retweeted by Rick Hahn's Law DegreeThat hurt a lot more than losing 5-0 would haveTime for the MVP to be the MVPI did not expect this much stress @gweis7 Madrigals up nextjarrod. dyson. @lamondpope LaMond find that ump after the game and maybe read a couple of our tweets to him @ChiSoxJames sounds like a pace of play nightmareLooks like Angel Hernandez did find his way into the postseasonInexcusable call in the postseason. Absolutely embarrassing @MLBUmpsARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING MEDon't play for tomorrow when you can win todayYAZ!!!!! UH OH @scottmerkin And this was his last one everCOME ON BOYS. WIN THIS ONE TODAYI, for one, love Jimmy Cordero and have never said anything bad about him everOffense is lifeless....... weak ground balls and strikeouts @soxmachine_josh Also (in a very small sample size) Yolmer has been very good at the plate this year, and adds another switch hitter.Remember Danny Mendick?Final: #Astros 3 #MNTwins 1 Season over
Retweeted by Rick Hahn's Law Degreelol cubsNicky.... look at your third base coach.. don't you learn that in little leagueThis is the end. no @BruceMlb cubs stil tied beat wh sox in lst series of yr @YourBoyStove @espn But you're in? @YourBoyStove @espn You can watch it on WatchESPN with a cable login @YourBoyStove @espn Got MLB network?The #WhiteSox are now officially on ESPNNews while Braves Reds finishThe White Sox could be moving on to the ALDS in three hours.... @thebennettk Can’t lie that would be a blast at a home bar @soxmachine_josh Thanks for sharing your story yesterday. @andrew_segall @whitesox @Athletics Playoff edition!9/29 @whitesox Vs. @Athletics
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My position player of the game: Adam Engel. Sparked this offense and had a great game, stepped up HUGE✅✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️ Make em all green for a World Series title✅ That’s a White Sox winner! 1 down 12 more wins to go! #ChangetheGameAnybody who is even remotely a baseball fan needs to tune into ESPN right now and watch what is happening.LUCAS IS JUST GETTING STARTEDNice swing by Luis Robert there.105.4 MPH off Jose Abreu's bat on the groundout to first.Could we have drawn this one up any better?