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marasblm✊🏽 @whodatgirla Sleeping somewhere in Seattle

black coffee with a lot of creamer. ♌︎•♈︎•♌︎ black lives matter, never forget that.

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This is the blueberry lemon scone fan account.Imagine this being your child? are insane😐
Retweeted by marasblm✊🏽I want one @BenMandelker makes Bugsy sound like a happy Dobby and you can't change my mind on itThis Dad Shit Too Easy
Retweeted by marasblm✊🏽Earth at 11:59pm 12/31/19
Retweeted by marasblm✊🏽Y'all need to start doing some ethics and moral testing for medical staff cause...whew @KZaddy6 wild to me how this supervisor thinks they should get on a boat to go back to mexico like it's not right b… gain energy from demon hour i play sleep sounds through my dot and its the clothes dryer sound but i dead ass think theres a couple arguing… Badu fucking around on the beat machine with the “I’m Tryna F*ck” dude is chef’s kiss.
Retweeted by marasblm✊🏽 @__m033 @ONIK444 Kanye sold gilden shirts for like $50 dollars smhHi, try this. supreme court is tired... @PrinceKoda_ @ItsTamaan It wasnt the customer, the video gone viral, it could of been anyone tbh
@SheWantsTheVic am i acting like one of the my reqs in ky will have candidates i know lololol i would cry if i did tho @OkButStill Is this a code for something? @OwaJohnny @_TONILUV @GodKingToine I'm lost too @rachwoof I think i pushed not interested on my tik tok with them lol like i made my algorithm black, lgbt, astro a… @rachwoof Sis....✨✨✨ @BigBrainesHoe @BootniFonzworth @GodKingToine I feel like the video was of good nature, the context was of good nat… astrology isn't real then why explain why every Sagittarius you meet has to be half naked majority of the time? @wags2015 Ive been muting and unfollowing people since 2016, like I don't ✨like✨ what im seeing but im not gonna unfriend you @venusianbabie I just stare at them until they get super uncomfortable @verooobonilla
Retweeted by marasblm✊🏽 @yagirljordy Tbh commencement is too long @michaelharriot @Aquaho Stassi and Kristen from VPR finally being removed from the show after years of harassing a black girl @DaShaunLH @BasicBlaecGirl Fanfictionswe have developed a velociraptor that smokes cigarettes
Retweeted by marasblm✊🏽Maybe dont be double cheeked up.... wish I could be around larger groups of people (post pandemic) cause I want to go to a festival so bad. @OMG_ShaNay @sendcats i want to do this but i'm scared of my door just busting downi need a goofy guy thats not afraid to do silly things with me like dance in walmart at 10 pm to all time low 🥺’s my husband Dan Maples in that video from Costco and I have some things to say!!
Retweeted by marasblm✊🏽Men really tune me out....It's just wild how he thinks did you ever ask what their leadership did during a pandemic or just… to give my little cousin a blanket last night 😭
Retweeted by marasblm✊🏽 @kvz93 Your office should start monitoring packages more, the package theft here has been higher than usual cause s… @kvz93 Are they outside your door??i just stumbled upon these articles and quite honestly, the distinction between real and performative faith could n…
Retweeted by marasblm✊🏽 @jaboukie So is g*d a bottom?...its the misogynistic book reference that gets me lol The bible tried to stone a woman for an affair while the m… siblings said the same thing about me after my tonsels were removed... you expect people to read your mind? Or do you not have any water placements?
Retweeted by marasblm✊🏽 @MrzMunnzster @CortanaV Sounds like you need to actually look up what defunding the police means...cause youre usin…, it's okay to be a clown sometimes.... @sendcats Idk i think about wanting to text people but like...what will we have to talk about? @Drspizzy @youdhatetoseeme @p1raxe @_brownmagic @Zuk0TF @Ay_drick @SplashyStackss Shes also defending culture vultu… @Drspizzy @youdhatetoseeme @p1raxe @_brownmagic @Zuk0TF @Ay_drick @SplashyStackss Okay, we get that but she's obvio…
Retweeted by marasblm✊🏽 @myelectricride @RosieMahon1 @MonicaLewinsky Sis😂😂😂😂 @naaystaacks @GfmDalabel 😭😭😭 i just checked your profile and your virgo ass would be perfectMe avoiding apologizing to people @sendcats You remind me how much i hate tinder @califortia And then theyre gonna annoy the fuck outta you doing all that jojo siwa movement's all the damn timeeconomy is fr just astrology for straight men. they get so moody cause the NASDAQ is in retrograde
Retweeted by marasblm✊🏽"why my back hurt so bad bro?"
Retweeted by marasblm✊🏽just realized when you get married everyone looks at your side profile the whole ceremony so that’s gonna be a no from me dawg
Retweeted by marasblm✊🏽Made a professional account, I feel betterNow yall gotta stop giving these men the attention theyre craving for white roommate moved out early and took all the spices with him. colonizer’s mindset....
Retweeted by marasblm✊🏽 @sendcats What are you using now? I have asic gels and theyve always been amazing to me since CC due to knee proble… boys did not need the ego boost Jack Harlow gave them
Retweeted by marasblm✊🏽
There should be 21+ skating rinks. I ain’t tryna see them kids
Retweeted by marasblm✊🏽 @Retro_Jknows Im not gonna post for this thread but these fuckin women are gorgeousYou see police/ice?? Yeah lets defund that.'m still mad that Fred started sleep talking during the night (im a light sleeper) and I woke up to listen...likeIdk why but this flower is poppin' plath did not invent depressed 20-something oversharing to be erased like this
Retweeted by marasblm✊🏽I'm sorry but how is censorship and owning/monitoring someone's life even legal? @pienar Honestly, you can do it, i think aging up is optional due to current events.When I discovered there’s a company that makes children’s drawings into keyrings, I knew it was time to immortalise…
Retweeted by marasblm✊🏽 @pienar Honestly, thats how i'm feeling but i dont feel 26 yet....When someone forgets their sharing their screen during a meeting and your profile pops up on it cancelling another white influencer? Chile anyway
Retweeted by marasblm✊🏽 @rachwoof To white supremacist maybe lolBeing unproblematic really makes you a baddie this what yall see?
Retweeted by marasblm✊🏽 @sendcats It was all of us lolPUSH FOR $600 COVID ASSISTANCE EXTENSION THROUGH DEC. 31 2020 THERE IS STILL A PANDEMIC GOING ON, NO CURE HAS BEEN…
Retweeted by marasblm✊🏽 @mrcamicans @MickyThick @sendcats @PxAxNxDxA_ @fIomilli @AfcHarrison1 @vampiremon3y @glossywife .....yall cant read and its telling, theres literally… does this even mean?
Retweeted by marasblm✊🏽Protest giving you ptsd everytime you hear a loud blast....animal crossing twitter be like “omg i just saw this thing irl and it’s just like what you get in the game!!” ma’am, it’s an ironing board
Retweeted by marasblm✊🏽 @Rude_Astrology @iJaadee @BlackWomenCry @AstroCounselVik @SagittarianMind @thestrology_ @Wicked_Womanist @Rude_Astrology I need more POC astro contentWatching someone in my city get hit by a car and then theh died later did not sit right in my spirit, people making… refuse to desensitize myself to these violent videos, its my humanity ok. I can't sit and watch people die on my… @s0fiakatherine Its also because we have a love to hate mentality in our society, we love to hate them. Its how a l… @PEACHYBLACKG0RL He shouldnt of tried Gabrielle was gonna happen @s0fiakatherine Thats the biggest issue we have right now, we notice their detachment from society, their lack of a… @convvr Womanisn is a thing and it kills me they never really studied it enough. A lot of womanist understand that… @JayGatsz1 @NikkitaOliver If that your take of it, your allyship was probably non existent. Educate yourself, no on… @2498Ladyg @NikkitaOliver @MarcusKulik Congrats on your fake account, it is now reported😘 @ThaPrettyCrip @casmith3128 @PettyWalker_ He was black sadly, theyre trying to find his reason