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😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂nah this Amanda Ribas is hilarious on micThey had the camera on him walking in Guy just reminds me of the uni rugby lads in Goldsmiths backing snakebites Volkanovski Great fighter✔ Rugby guy swagger✖FIGHT ISLANDUsman gives off the impression that he's annoyed about being the B side in public perception If he's faking it it… @FM91___ Shdfjffjfkfigkfkd whoaaaaaaaaaaaI for one have never ever seen this guy Jiri Prochazka before That's a solid name tbh Oezdemir could be in trouble hereHmm, okay 29-28 Salikhov, split decision, fair enough29-28 dos SantosBattle of the spinning kick stylees thereUFC 251 @jetsorjetski @djoblig Yeah he said it, that's where you gotta go still
the hilariously sad truth tbh
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2020 enjoy 👌🏿 @CaskiMusic Then get sent off in the 79th for second bookableAn absolutely brilliant run across the defender to get in the position too! @httpEra404 even started spending 22 frivolous pounds a day this last week tbh Ludovic Giuly’s 44th birthday, a reminder of this goal for Monaco. Scissorbastard. Grade A.
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Seems like this de Blasio decision would *not* apply to an event structured like the #USOpen. That said, the wisdo…
Retweeted by DJ TOPSPIN - RIP PABZOne wonders what this means for the #USOpen...
Retweeted by DJ TOPSPIN - RIP PABZ tight your barber I went through the back door in the offie last week, no temp check Then I got given a fres… #parkthebus @HijGF Top tier"Can you hear me" "no" Classic have done him round the canister tbh serving Metropolitan Police officer - Benjamin Hannam, 21 - has been charged with being a member of neo-Nazi terr…
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Retweeted by DJ TOPSPIN - RIP PABZ @Webstarr_ @Ruffhandsbeats Always make my face go😖knowing that taking horse tranquilizer is genuinely a thingThere or thereabouts I reckon yeah pal normal very natural yeah, bit of kip when you're on the uppers, standard
Retweeted by DJ TOPSPIN - RIP PABZImagine being so clueless you think this could possibly be legit is a gender neutral term by the way, as is fassyole @Hi5ghostdubz 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 @ySo_LDN All now I ain't asked my mate wtf happened, even if he explained I wouldn't understand just ghosting like that🤷🏿‍♂️ @ySo_LDN Mate last summer my pal did the same ffs😂😂😂😂everyone links up at red dog saloon except the flipping weirdo whose birthday it wasGilbert Burns reckons Masvidal v Usman will be a boring fight 😉sure buddy @sweynjupiter Very hard to understandHow is Thorpe Park open but gyms can't open idgiIf that was today your dad woulda ended up on a thread
Retweeted by DJ TOPSPIN - RIP PABZYeah it is innit, when I call someone a fassy I'm saying they're soft and shit does the word "fassy" mean to you?
took a sip of the clout world n spat it right out. rags 🤮
Retweeted by DJ TOPSPIN - RIP PABZthis world is so built upon fakery that the ppl in it r losing their grip on reality. ghosts in shells. TRUTH will fulfill u.
Retweeted by DJ TOPSPIN - RIP PABZ @djlogansama @Mally_DB @isthatscully @benteki_ @FM91___ It's the inconsistency of it all I thinkSmfh @FM91___ Our boy Nketiah got a straight red for a similar lunging challenge last night is possibly what Lee's getting at thereDating younger women is long because [insert whichever wholly chauvinistic generalisation you like here lads] @joemuggs Crow: please donate to my charity Woman: why Crow: caw! caw! caw! caw! Woman: alright, if it's 4 good caws.
Retweeted by DJ TOPSPIN - RIP PABZI hope and expect that I'll never stop wanting to learn🎺🎺🎺🎺some news, WE HIRING! 🎺🎺🎺 🎺 come join me, @iamemmawallace + the mandem at the award-winning @MerkyBooks imprint…
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Retweeted by DJ TOPSPIN - RIP PABZ @LukePryde Yesterday was your final warning innit😂😂😂my mum unofficially gives me 3 days to come collect grub...I've… @LukePryde You had 3 days bro😂let's go @LukePryde How long between her saying "come through" and you turning up though sir🧐It's never been and never could be about being contrarian for shits and giggles over here btwThe news I'm seeing from Bow😳"I believe it would have been impossible to go through this on my own." @RSoderling opens up about mental health a…
Retweeted by DJ TOPSPIN - RIP PABZ @TheHumster_ I honestly don't know what others would make of him Me personally I've never heard a tune he made tha… @TheHumster_ This is different to what you originally tweeted still @TheHumster_ Read what you've typed here again me it's reading like you've said the same thing twice there @ShyOneBeats This is a good question and I don't know that I can answer it myself if I'm honest Why do I think "ca… @ShyOneBeats True, true, he's still got some of the influence he once had I definitely could be wrong to an extent… @ShyOneBeats Logan Sama @ShyOneBeats Really?Cancel culture is shit Devoid of nuance Fuck it off asapLmao
Retweeted by DJ TOPSPIN - RIP PABZPablo escobar taking a picture infront of the whitehouse while being a wanted drug lord
Retweeted by DJ TOPSPIN - RIP PABZGood morning everyone except people who don't rate Nick Kyrgios
Nuff music people with twitter accounts have encouraged the below with all this "silence equals complicity" chat bt… power 9000 on scouter a cashless society x7373636636 worst idea ever for the everyman @trapiavelli You were on topic in saying "I don't know" in your previous tweet, and you made an interesting related point @Ranchdingus What you said 🤝🏿 what I saidI complied and eventually they moved on but the entire point is, a lot of these police are abusing the trust they'r… @MerkyACE Meh checking twitter gets me in trouble more time that's the last of my considerations man @MerkyACE I will check the listings on my phone for my guests if they want what's wrong😄The one time I got unnecessarily troubled I was walking home through Old Street back roads from this Bandcamp even… feel like I just made a discriminatory comment there🤔🧐German efficiency @HijGF @BolaAnt That's why we're all taking the piss and corning the fuck out of whoever she is😂😂 @HijGF @BolaAnt The thing is, apparently there's some sort of smart dress code that's long been in operation at tha… @NeverAgainBruv So crazy that the sun is still taken as gospel in so many parts around here @MerkyACE Mate TV listings are right there in our phones nowadays mate @Pjam100 Very wild tweet still“Dear Sexy Fish London, I turned up to your restaurant looking like this and you looked me and my friend up and dow…
Retweeted by DJ TOPSPIN - RIP PABZMartina Hingis is a prick by the waySteve from Norwich and Terry from Canvey Island be like "if the police are spraying CS gas in your eyes just comply… @paulgibbins @Rodders4Life Strong "hit me one more time officer...I'll do whatever you say" vibes thereGood luck mucka, let's come back to this in around 44 minutes or so I'm gonna smoke a spliff who started it though? was it that decided sexual orientation should be a cornerstone of one's personality? Or is that just a social media thing?