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LeJerion @WhoIsLeJerion Moreno Valley, CA

I inspire. Writer. Philosopher. Snapchat: LejerionDaGawd

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Kobe. Earvin. Lisa Leslie. David Beckham. @1hbeee Blasting it through the speakers.Westside Bound 3 - Saba 🎶
Happy birthday to Aunty Tracy. 💫 @TraceeEllisRoss ... If you need your pool cleaned, leaves raked, a fence put up…
LA is a city of champions again. Fueled by your mentality. We did it for you KOBE! 💙💜💛 @Cheezerwitz 😂😂😂 they better get with it or get lost!AGAIN, I repeat! I’m taking all @mookiebetts #Dodgers*Clears throat* It’s not a gamble, I’m taking all Mookie Betts... I ever say, “HA-HA, jokes on you...” somebody better finish the lyric. @IamKing_RL Man I thought he cranked that fasho.
The era of having to physical approach a young lady, Live, In Living Color. True Character Building
Retweeted by LeJerionI come from the era of bringing a pen and paper to the mall to holla at girls off the strength... We not built the same lil man.What is the point of making/booking an appointment if I still have to wait?George Washington might get off on this lowkey...
MGK album is that punk rock I remember from my childhood. Feels like skateboards, drum sets and TRL countdowns.E V E R Y T H I N G
Retweeted by LeJerionPink people always think our confidence comes from THEIR approval... 😂😂😂 black folk really just good at EVERYTHING! 🖤🤎
@_BlackerMamba Aye cmon man chill 😂AF
Retweeted by LeJerionWelp, time to take this Chardonnay to the head... ✌🏾Kobe did his best to trip Arozarena, and we still fumbled the bag... I’m sick.How... @Dodgers ??? @imkingleaky Salute!🗣 ONE OUT! @IamKing_RL Love it 😂I’m an avid, “HE’S TOO LITTLE” person myself... playing his tail off.Feel like going on a rant about things I’m seeing in regards to injustice, politics, voting, etc... Think ima chill for now though.
I’m really a genius
Retweeted by LeJerion @IamKing_RL @KingElgin12 Y’all have my opinion confused. I’m critical BECAUSE he is a goat. Otherwise I wouldn’t care. 😂Salute to Aubrey. Rushmore status. @Drake @JaySpann24 Easily 😂😂😂 @JC1of1 😂😂😂 I’m tryna stall em as long as I can lol @cliveturkijr No back board, rim, NOTHING. 😂Conquer your fear and your level of freedom elevates to a different tier.
Retweeted by LeJerionUpdate: I’m fat, but I can still shoot the wings off a fly in a snowstorm. Also, my back is reminding me what yea… @AmaraBaptist Does this also change the time for wine consumption? Research purposes only. @joaqspoblete 😂😂😂 detailed verbal assault will never not be funny lolHooping tonight for the first time in 6months...
This man said Tampa Bay Clippers 😂😂😂😂✌🏾
Retweeted by LeJerionLol 😂
Retweeted by LeJerionTampa Bay Clippers. 🙄 @ketchup_noodles Oh he took off on em! @songsandsamples @IamKing_RL @ketchup_noodles He out here going crazy like THAT? @IamKing_RL Ugly out here.Alll I know is...if u really rocking with me, I gotta feel it and see it to believe it
Retweeted by LeJerion @ghostfacetray Ahahahahahhhahahh
Just wrote a fire chorus. @JC1of1 Who y’all got in the TI vs Jeezy 👀 cc: @IamKing_RLAnother good 5th inning. Let’s go y’all. Tighten up. #Dodgers @JC1of1 Just when they talked about him having 8 HR’s all season! Big big hit.
Thought me and Gonzo was gon have to catch the fair one then he busted out the double play. 😂😂😂 @paperXchase Aye they really quiet right now man haha @IamKing_RL Like they just be feeling it in the air lmaoI REPEAT, RUNNETH IT UP! #Dodgers IT UP @Dodgers
Retweeted by LeJerionMoms really know how to interfere with your plans dawg. 😂Mookie looking like ME out there! @JC1of1 Exactly!!!I hate when I see Kershaw soul leave his body... @KingElgin12 When I’m in peak shape I’m somewhere around 6:30-45 but average is around 7:15-7:35ish. Right now I’m none of the above 😂
@IamKing_RL This doesn’t even count the TV shows and all that 😂Famous - Benny The Butcher 🎶After 1989 , they just start making anybody 😂
Retweeted by LeJerionCut 32 seconds off my Nile time in less than a week. 6min miles coming soon.Attention Content creators: Don’t play with me like this. (You’ll be at home with no money, a swollen a face & a… Uno Nueve - Omar Apollo 🎶Everyone knew Pam wasn’t ugly. The jokes were elite though 😂. Was he supposed to flirt with her or something? Lma… @IamKing_RL Oh ok yeah idk why Twitter been trippin lately man 😂 @BlahhJohnson @JaySpann24 Dawg. Fr fr lmao cause them LAX fees AINT it. That’s just as bad as rent lmaoHey. Been hacked bro? @JaySpann24 Oh noooooo bruh I woulda just dropped you off. 😂 Them fees is sick ahaha @jmruiz127 😂😂😂 reminds me of that one insurance commercialYou tweeted this like you don’t have my number. Everything good? 😂 @curtneill I wouldn’t put you in the pink category, but yeah man there’s a real sickness in a conversation going from a mask to trump to BLMYou see how this young lady only spoke about her mask and she mentioned Tr*mp and BLM as her responses? Pink peop… gon scam.
@IamKing_RL Communist behavior!RT this !!
Retweeted by LeJerion @KingElgin12 Dawg this looks crazy!!!!
@NinaSnow00 @victoriaav__ @JC1of1 @IamKing_RL sinister. 🤢Red wine in my chalice. 🍷
@KingElgin12 That goofy movie joint @KingElgin12 This look like cartoon pizza
@CreepofDaWeek @IamKing_RL @PrinceOf_MoVal @JC1of1 Ahahaha aye this movie is legendary! And why I just watch bloodsport last night 😂 @k_smooov @PrinceOf_MoVal @JC1of1 @IamKing_RL Ahaha mans said 3! I thought I was doing something with my like 1.5 😂 @PrinceOf_MoVal @JC1of1 @IamKing_RL 😂😂😂 ayo I refuse to be that dude. Lemme put my work in for the day too ahahaI’m waiting for the drive to LA to listen to this Benny. I need to really VIBE with it...Hit-Boy onna historic run right now
Retweeted by LeJerionIE GOING CRAZY!, you just gotta do whatever it takes to make it through the night.People have bad days, I ain’t gon take it personal.
@JC1of1 Exactly! Everything a joke til it hits homeIn my life I look around me and I know who would give their life for me... and I know who I’d do it for... my decis…
Retweeted by LeJerionTruly the Lebron of rap. 🐐 @ZO2_ tap in with @_Immxculate ... 📲 Bro can get you right ASAP. @IamKing_RL Elite 🔥That IE water been laced with something since the beginning of time. I don't know Hit Boy, but all the homies from…
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