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Max Blu⚡️ @whoismaxblu New Jersey, USA

Music Producer/Music Artist, @spvcerecrds (CEO) |

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Yo my twitter just unfollowed everyone then followed everyone back I lost like 30 followers
Retweeted by Max Blu⚡️My page is buggin @jamesbearsama DAY AT A TIME MAXX KENIF ON THE RISE 🌍🌍🌍🌍
Retweeted by Max Blu⚡️ @DJ4B 10/10 🔥🔥‼️⚡️⚡️ BRO WENT OFF!MAXX KENIF ON THE RISE VOL.4 @ MIDNIGHT 🌍🌍🌍🌍
Retweeted by Max Blu⚡️This FRIDAY‼️ 9/25 MAX BLU “BACK & FORTH” {IQ REMIX} y’all ready!!!?
Retweeted by Max Blu⚡️ @Summontemusic Yessirrrrr ⚡️‼️‼️bro THIS is gonna be insane🔥🔥
Retweeted by Max Blu⚡️ @WGITS_LLC Hit my dm brodie 😁💯‼️ @maxxkenif 🔥⚡️4L ‼️🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by Max Blu⚡️ @CapitalOde My guy 🔥🔥🔥Oh this sound fireee
Retweeted by Max Blu⚡️This FRIDAY‼️ 9/25 MAX BLU “BACK & FORTH” {IQ REMIX} y’all ready!!!? looking like myspace pages @amayamakinmoves @kanyewest Idk wtf I’m talking about @kanyewest @kanyewest If white ppl can say the n word then I can speak slang dgaf @amayamakinmoves Marmar oso * @amayamakinmoves Rylo Rodriguez “Amen” @amayamakinmoves Max Blu “Back & Forth” @amayamakinmoves Mar mar Oslo ft G Eazy x Quando Rondo “Ruthless” @amayamakinmoves Nocap x clever “hold back the river”Aww shit before the day is over. Happy first day of Fall y’all! Make sure y’all unpack those layers and bake something nice 🙏🏽🥰
Thank you guys for helping me take my franchise to a new level #MKOTR
Retweeted by Max Blu⚡️ @BrownRapFan How I feel like it might go down lol 😂 @KameronBennett I love your set up! Labbing fr fr 💯I swear if I get this pair of Amiri denims I’m wearing them everywhere. The gym, to the beach, to church, swimming,… gettin a hurricane?Thinking bout them dead presidents 💰 like my dead homies 🥺🙏🏾, remember I couldn’t pay that lil rent so we turned ho…
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#NewProfilePic @ASAPbitchface Oh Na fr fr LolIn a league of my own when I get in my zone
Retweeted by Max Blu⚡️Congrats big dawg!!! 💙 @FBBLou Na fr fr 🔥Album Dropping Thursday Grab your legacy T’s quick DM for purchase 🌍🌍🌍🌍
Retweeted by Max Blu⚡️If you need beats go run up my soundcloud‼️🔥🛸 Have you heard ‘No One Else (Prod. Max Blu) IV’ by @whoismaxblu on…
aye lol Lil Tecca - Dolly ft. Lil Uzi Vert (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_) via @YouTubeY’all go hard tonight ! I ain’t in no frat but NBC but Happy founders day to my bro @maxxkenif ! Stay safe have fun…
Tomorrow 10:00 PM. ✨💫
Retweeted by Max Blu⚡️Wow! #BaltimoreClub in Russia! Great work @TSU_TERRY!
I enjoy watching how much “Jersey Club” dancing is evolving. There’s so many different ways to hit the running man… @coi_leray Na fr Lord forgive meDUDE WE HIT 20, 000+❗️Let’s gooooooo ‼️ Video soon❗️ Shout out to @SpvceRecrds, @TeamRCKLSS, @REEK_NJ and… @ASAPbitchface Right and SoundCloud too like why???
Tools of Memory: discover the new #PradaFW20 campaign, an online auction in collaboration with Sotheby's featuring…
Retweeted by Max Blu⚡️ @HiiImPaul The sun is broken, the sun is dyingWe used to diss Michael Jackson the media made us call him crazy ... then they killed him
Retweeted by Max Blu⚡️ @damklvn Yessir! Definitely do that! And good looks my guys 💯🙏🏽Go follow @whoismaxblu !! 🌐🌐🌐🌐™
Retweeted by Max Blu⚡️ @damklvn @SpvceRecrds @Millzdj_ @jamesbearsama 🙏🏽 @etalkCTV We out?Thank you God for another morning 🙏🏽. Feeling grateful couldn’t tell you how many times I felt like giving up but I… up this morning to 5,000+ listeners thank you all for the love and support. 🙏🏽 Follow both my accounts on ig… paid my guys on @SpvceRecrds! Feels good to be the CEO of a black owned business and putting my guys on! Love…
get this to 1k for me,, we're almøst there! 🔥🦇™ #damklvn music by. me & @senseiraxxx (@damklvn)
Retweeted by Max Blu⚡️Huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout out to my brother @IAmStevieG_ !!! Love you bro !!!Good morning! New merch! 🔥💪🏾 Out now! On !!!I hate the fact that I gotta start working two jobs just to move out
Loyalty, respect then love in that order. @coi_leray I like her she’s a good person
Rest In Peace Lionel M. Macauley. We all wanted to be Team Franklin cause of you and your team. You inspired me to… LOST A REAL ONE TODAY..
Retweeted by Max Blu⚡️I did an update on the website, check out Support black business, buy some merch, help me…
Retweeted by Max Blu⚡️I did an update on the website, check out Support black business, buy some merch, help me… @TinyPrincess_D 🇭🇹 @ConnleyTra And lower the rent @BozyBoyBarlo I feel like the whole squad was drunk last night lol @rahm3sh Lmfao @AndreasHale My guy 💯💯💪🏾👑 @fernandothewoe Rough month?🏆🥇🏆🥇
Retweeted by Max Blu⚡️JESUS SAVES
Retweeted by Max Blu⚡️ @kanyewest Na fr, @cordae Power. Couple. New. Jay Z. And. Beyoncé. Different level though. 🇭🇹💙 @KarenCivil @naomiosaka 🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹 @Katchingplayz I’m crying @FBBLou The color ways are not that great. The pine green jawns and the grey low tops are hard though, and the ligh… Portrait. Decency. @FBBLou Hater yo
Let’s gooooo 🌊🌊 Goooo hard!!! @th0ttingss Here for the low top Jordan’s @Duckworthsound I did a thing... and kinda made WAP into a Lo-Fi bop 😂 Shall I drop this on soundcloud? 👀
Retweeted by Max Blu⚡️Type of email got me sitting here like it’s Christmas Eve lol ⚡️💪🏾🙏🏽 we upMy birthday is on Tuesday guys, we’re just doing the stream today 🙌🏾
Retweeted by Max Blu⚡️Almost at 20,000 streams💪🏾 thank you all for all the love and support! Link in bio💯⚡️ follow @SpvceRecrds 🛸’s going to be a beautiful day. In fact this entire weekend is going to be an amazing weekend! God got us! 💯 @___kweenin @jaymopeli @jimmy_joburg Y’all don’t do BMW? @heir_porter @jm_ballislife What church you go to? @____Kollin @IGUESS20 I miss my 90’s female rappers fr fr @kyantewilson @_gh0stn I’ve been having the craziest gym days too 💯 @sheabuttashabaz @_vanessa509 That’s what I was saying earlier, idk what y’all did but yeah say sorry ASAPYes...#ForThePeople
Retweeted by Max Blu⚡️Don’t speak on God’s behalf @XXL 2chainz slid on this