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Maxi 💔 @whoismaxblu New Jersey, USA

Music Producer/Music Artist, @spvcerecrds (CEO) |

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I hope you’re laughing today LIVE!! @LilTunechi #NOCEILINGS3 OUT NOW!!! Hosted by @djkhaled 🔑 Listen on @DatPiff:
Retweeted by Maxi 💔When you got a good woman you should never let her go. Or do anything that’ll hurt or kill your relationship. I’ve… @KorieJ__ whoismaxbluJust always remember someone has it worse than youBefore I go to bed, if anyone is sitting in there room depressed right now. Make sure you shower, clean your room a… to bed ☠️You see how fast people turn on ya. One minute they love ya, and then....
Retweeted by Maxi 💔💔 feeling it todayIt’s crazy how heavy someone can be on ya mind, whole time you don’t even cross theirs
Retweeted by Maxi 💔Million dollar conversation wit my niggas this shit gon happen
Retweeted by Maxi 💔New song out now ! popped up in my Snapchat memories that I bought my first turntables and mixer 3 years ago today. Crazy how much has changed since then.
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Yesterday’s morning relaxation got use to you
New song 🎵 off my upcoming Album “hating” ft my brother @cloudboywavey let’s make this go viral #Jerseyartist
Retweeted by Maxi 💔I had a dream that I could sing and everything I said ppl loved. 🥺🙏🏽What are you thankful for?Today’s going to be an amazing dayLetting God show me my way.Any finger that retweeted this your pocket will be financially filled before Christmas!!!
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We got “Prada” back on SoundCloud it’s also on Spotify Apple Music and tidal. It’s also on Amazon and YouTube! Type… got “Prada” back on SoundCloud! Grammys remain corrupt. You owe me, my fans and the industry transparency...
Retweeted by Maxi 💔Prada is officially out everywhere
@saymobeendead My guy thank youMy new song “Prada” is officially out everywhere! Go listen to it on all platforms, it’s definitely a vibe This is… @whoismaxblu 🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾
Retweeted by Maxi 💔Don’t worry imma reupload that bitch once I get upI’m so mad we were at almost 200plays in like a couple hoursThey fuvkin took down Prada on SoundCloudWhy does this shit happen?Why am I upI got so much love on this new record. Link in bio! 💯⚔️🙏🏽 thank y’all so muchYou live and you learn.
Retweeted by Maxi 💔Sometimes I feel like idk who@my true self isDo you listen to Young Dro, like really listen to him he’s a bear 🔥RIP @maxxkenif I appreciate that bro ! 😂💯 it’s coming bro ⚔️⚔️⚔️🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
@AndrewPlitz That’s why I fuck with you bro! You understand that shit bro ⚔️💯 @AndrewPlitz Bro I know, I can hear it. That’s why I rock with you heavy bro. @witchashtyn That’s the first time I saw angel numbers @witchashtyn I wish ppl were telling me about this three years agoAlso back and forth is on the album too and tall already heard that one so 💯 let’s go @AndrewPlitz It’s a spiritual thing at this point. I can’t even record today because I kept crying after every line…’m doing a new type of marketing and promo scheme where I release the entire album on private but then give it to… dropped a tape this morning all of the songs are there just lmk if you want the linkDrop that 🔥 @AndrewPlitz It’s really not about the music with me bro. It’s way deeper than thatAye brodie drop that shit 🔥🔥🔥 will gravitate toward my music organically I don’t have to promote it anymore. You’re gonna like what you’re go… blunt got me feeling relieved and my heart doesn’t feel as empty. I can’t believe how much I love weed.You gotta make time for what you loveNew @whoismaxblu Out Now! ☔☔ (+++++%%%%%)
Retweeted by Maxi 💔Thank you bro that means a lot to me ! Blu - Prada (Prod. Vortx) (Cino Blu Mix 3) by 𝔐𝔞𝔵 𝔅𝔩𝔲 ⚡️ on #SoundCloud
Retweeted by Maxi 💔Max Blu - Prada (Prod. Vortx) (Cino Blu Mix 3) by 𝔐𝔞𝔵 𝔅𝔩𝔲 ⚡️ on #SoundCloud song in my bio @LRDTrill thank you for the love brodieOut Now! Link in bio new single 'Prada' is out now. I recorded this in and around May 2020. The song is about pride and the good and… you heard ‘Max Blu - Prada (Prod. Vortx) (Cino Blu Mix 3)’ by @whoismaxblu on #SoundCloud? #np @ChillKHALIL this album cover is about to be 🔥‘Max Blu - Jerusalem (Partially Prod. MvxBlu) (from SLOPE the ALBUM)’ on #SoundCloud #np is my new album, its a bunch of "rap r&b," "emo rap dance and reggae, rap alternative music", that I created d… you heard ‘Love Songs (the album)’ by @whoismaxblu on #SoundCloud? #np to bed 💔 @IAmStevieG_ @TeamRCKLSS Let’s fuckinnnn gooooYou know how it go when the @TeamRCKLSS boys are in town✌🏾🔥
Retweeted by Maxi 💔Literally all I want to do tonight is smoke and be in the studio and not be bothered
Any finger that retweets this will receive good news tomorrow 💚
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Everyone with pets on here! I have a question. What’s your pet’s name? And What’s your pets’ favorite color? Don’t lie either!
#EVERYTHINGELSE ... On the way😈
Retweeted by Maxi 💔 @DCYOUNGFLY is really an A1 nigga fr fr. I respect with this type of loyalty. this nigga @jamesbearsama can listen to Pharrell and Snoop all day all night and have no problem. It’s becoming… @jamesbearsama That’s fucking disgustingBut you have to take care of the ppl that care about you and handle your business. need to do something differentnew music by "The Vampire" out now! 🌐🦇™ #damklvn
Retweeted by Maxi 💔Got the last three months I’ve been living paycheck to paycheck. Shit is hard out here
@apt9charlie Happy Birthday Brodie 🔥🔥🔥Think it’s important we use the opportunity’s giving to us to help those who got that same passion to go hard in life.
Retweeted by Maxi 💔Coffee has become a necessity in my life
I don’t want to go back and forth anymoreTwitter lame this morning gotta wait til the homies wake upyou eva been looking for answers but neva found em
Retweeted by Maxi 💔 @barnzaboy NahIve been living too wildA moment of relaxation in this difficult year
Retweeted by Maxi 💔The way The Mandalorian revolutionized filmmaking is just 🤤
Retweeted by Maxi 💔 @758_____ @DaveBenJayAre Me tooSalute when you see me ! 💪🏾🔥🔥🔥 @BigSean @FivioForeign
Retweeted by Maxi 💔I Ben this high for the past two days the fuck @Hit_Boy rappin like this?!!! 🤯 #Salute
Retweeted by Maxi 💔She doesn’t want to be without meLife is a rollercoasterOne of the things we as human beings are on the planet to do, is to gain knowing. Or in many cases what we know as gaining “knowledge”.I miss this time to be alive while Mac Miller was alive.