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rico. @whoisrico Charlotte, NC USA

Color enthusiast / No Longer Mint guy / DC to CLT / SpiderGwen, SpiderHam, Robotech, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Sea of Stars, Deadpool’s Guide to Super Villains

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❤️. I started a mailing list for those interested in notification for when the art book becomes ready:…
Retweeted by rico.Seems like it would make more sense to have just one guard standing outside this murderer’s cell than every cop in… @SpencerBClawson Sometimes you just have to do it for yourself
The rain don’t care so? @DaveScheidt I think so @DaveScheidt I've done it in Shopify and Paypal @thegeorgehage @cfergie1972 Love to all my fellow Black creatives making magic on a deadline in entertainment in the midst of this recent E…
Retweeted by rico.Watching the Bette Midler episode of Seinfeld and the Bette Meddler episode of Kim’s Convenience on the same day wa…
@cfergie1972 Nice! That cover design makes me sadLemme try to draw a Wolvie cooler than Arthur sure Art Adams doesn't get as many checks as he deserves.
@JeffRougvie'll be back with Vol 2 in August. Forgive me if i don't utilize twitter very much. @jasonaaron @HopelessDent
Retweeted by rico.Looks like you'll be able to read Sea of Stars #6 in August! Hope you've had time to catch up on the first arc!… detail from Goddess Mode #4. Hopefully more from me and Robbi sooooooooon. @TheKyleStarks @TheKyleStarks Troop Zero
If I had a time machine I’d go to Golden Corral @TheDrewBrowne I liked it too, thanks!Unpublished colors on a Phil Hester Batman Beyond page, hopefully we’ll work together someday!…
@mattkaufenberg @MitchGerads So choice @ChrisSamnee Check out our soundcloud, it’s asmr of Mackenzie eating Scooby Snacks @greatwetshart They are a definite favorite of mine happy #TucaAndBertie is coming back, gonna try to draw a new #birdsona this week to celebrate, what kind of bird… @felipecunha @ChrisSamnee Debaser for photoshop from @TrueGritTextureThe vibe at all the restaurants reopening
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@ChrisSamnee @Cretineb 🙏🙏🙏 @tozozozo @ChrisSamnee Love it!! YOU have a great weekend bud. 🙌🙌🙌🙌 @lianakangas @lianakangas Why are you nice like a Canadian though @NHRBill @GrantDeArmitt Thank you! @greatwetshart I watched the Nike documentary commercial and it made my daughter want a pair but I’m not sold yet @deezoid Thanks Dee!I miss you Peter Porker coloring @___mckone___ 🦇 🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇 shoot! I ate too much fried chicken and now I can't get my boots back on, I got Bojankles 😬 #DadJokes
Retweeted by rico.I'm always late for these things! #SailorMoonchallenge
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20x27, 1000pc Pawnee National Park puzzle on sale now. Comes with a very good 20x27 fold out poster. Buy one or do…
Retweeted by rico.“Your shirt is stained with ketchup - you got onions in you smile - Mr. Griiinch...” #hamburglar
Retweeted by rico. @julianlytle For sure, it’s a feat in itself @julianlytle Too slavish to the comic imo, Wright brought something to Scott PilgrimDaughter just shouted “it’s Fuller” #ScottPilgrim #WatchWithTheAcademy remember struggling to describe what the finished scene would be to these extras. "So there's a dragon over there…
Retweeted by rico.Please enjoy this rare BTS still of @maebirdwing’s fake leg going in for the kill. #ScottPilgrim
Retweeted by rico.LL Chin Strap #ScottPilgrim #WatchWithTheAcademyStill the best comic to film translation. (Spider-Verse doesn’t count because it was an original thing that capture…
I’ll be #drawing live today at 5:30 PM Eastern, and wearing my favorite T-shirt, designed by the one and only…
Retweeted by rico.Beth Dealer
Retweeted by rico. @curtofranklin with earrings d’oh #sailormoonredrawchallenge #sailormoonredraw!!!
#sailormoonredraw video from Adobe Fresco of the world 🖐 #dune #davidlynch #spicegirls #spiceworld #lauradern #isabellarossellini #naomiwatts behalf of the moon, I did the thing #sailormoonredrawchallenge #sailormoonredraw @shutupdougan Dealer @hannibaltabu
@JacksonLanzing I am an arteest! World edit @cbrunner_draws with @get_repost ・・・ Peek at a hella dense one-er @whoisrico and I did for the… I just making a bunch of dumb stuff today instead of working? Yes I am. @JFSculpts I'll be damned for sureWhen someone younger than me puts a heart on this foolishness a member of the KISS Army gets their wings @sirsha @kierongillen He knows where to find me @RansomGetty @robbiez I assure you I dislike the work of joe buck independentlyBeth Dealer least I haven’t heard Joe Buck talk in a really long timeHad the pleasure of coloring @chrisvisions pages for @jacktheradiomusic’s Creatures OGN 💀 @sktchdcomic @FantomComics Love Fantom!Preorders for JACK THE RADIO: CREATURES close this Thurs! This galaxy-roamin' anthology includes contributions by T…
Retweeted by rico.Wrapping up my first week on my Good Movies as Old Books Kickstarter with quick process post:…
Retweeted by rico. @BUNCHofSTEVE are two kinds of people. 🌽 @ktrnaaaaa @aaronconleyart @janisrenzi @PatientPyramid That’s it!
What are we making?
Imagine a Chevy truck that would run forever apparently converting Scion xB’s to look like Chevy C10 pickups is a thing.
Retweeted by rico. @drew_moss I wanna sqeeze that puppy's face off
SpiderGwen #1 Gwenom Remix 🖤
@danielpgrote @McMarvel3 ✔️ All Ages Friendly ✔️ Extremely Cool & Fun ✔️ Julie Approved ✔️
Retweeted by rico. @DialHForHagai @DarkoLafuente 🙏🙏🙏This was like a warmup/practice for our SpiderHam issue. Hope for more @darkolafuente rico team-ups in the future!…
@thecollector22 Nice! Thank you! @jaredkfletcher @newjasonhorn I’m packing up my books and I peaked inside my copy of Device and found an Mike Mitch… @jaredkfletcher @newjasonhorn Oh my damn! @newjasonhorn Rian Hughes really killed it on those logos
@Mister_Walsh This is the hardest thing for me tooMac was totally chill when she met these goslings🐥 bb szn 🐥 @TedTarver @therealsobreiro @thatpetewoods Killing it @DaveScheidt She loves you too Mr Dave