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rico. @whoisrico Charlotte, NC USA

Color enthusiast / No Longer Mint guy / DC to CLT / SpiderGwen, SpiderHam, Robotech, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Sea of Stars, Deadpool’s Guide to Super Villains

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Inktober day 18: misfit #twinpeaks #michaelsera #wallybrando @chewiebrain @MemphisComicExp Yep!
@calebandrew Aw buddyTask Force Rad Squad is an action/comedy book by and large, but it can get sSsPPpooOOookKyYyy also! For instance,…
Retweeted by rico. @jameslucasjones Damn! @danielwarrenart I use 2 that I like a lot. This one is pretty, sturdy and easy, it's self-sealing…💕💖💙💛💚💖💕 the Spider-verse commission. #SpiderMan #spidergwen #Marvel
Retweeted by rico.DEVO & CHI CHI the untold story @99piorg @TheProphetLen @MemphisComicExp Thanks sir!Packing for this weekend’s @MemphisComicExp See you soon Memphis, Tennessee! ✌️ Super limited quantities of t-sh…
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I bought myself a carne asada burrito for #NationalBossDayFinished (?) SpiderGwen piece for @memphiscomicexpo auction for St Jude’s. Auction is Saturday night at Pearl’s Oys… @heyjenbartel @MemphisComicExp @PearlsOystHouse Thank you Jen 🙏🙏🙏Finished (?) SpiderGwen piece for @MemphisComicExp auction for St Jude’s. Auction is Saturday night at… @fullgroanadult @natAndrewson VERY insensitive of me, sorry 😅 @natAndrewson @fullgroanadult Yeah, come do your bits here, me, Jan and Izzy will clap and stuff. I'll record it se… @fullgroanadult @natAndrewson 😂 take this show on the road 😂Are you familiar with Frank Fruzyna’s work? Such a wide range of work from one artist. I’ve never settled into a si… @BarbarianLord day 16: wild #twinpeaks #bob #killerbob
@JasonCopland @brian_level It’s not a “best” just who I love the most this week 😂 @JasonCopland @brian_level Hahaha, is it? @EricaFails Zucchini post spiralingDon’t talk to me or my sons ever again @kateleth Wow! Seems like that milestone came up really fast. Congrats!Progress #SpiderGwen @lianakangas I had a copic decide to get extra juicy and bleed all over for no reason and I really miss my hue/saturation sliders @lianakangas I believe we are experiencing similar computer color reliability longing this morning.Analog palette giveaway from something I’m making for @MemphisComicExp art auction for @StJude @NicKlein I honestly didn't think about rankings aside from #1 @NicKlein I made the psd for you to make your own list @HappyHourComic If you have an Ollies near you, they have Graphic Ink, a really good collection of his workSpider Gwen #nycc commission. @fabercastellusa colored pencils. #spidergwen #marvel #intothespiderverse
Retweeted by rico. @NicKlein When's the last time he did a comic 😬Some bootleggers out here trying to ruin things for us bootleggers. #whobootlegsthebootleggers @TheKyleStarks What's more important friendship or top 10 status? @TheKyleStarks self-imposed no friends rule in effect @jmeninja I think the asterisk made it easier for me, I didn't really obsess, I just picked the first names that popped in my head today.Seeing too many old Wizard issues for better or worse and felt compelled to make a top 10 list of artists who get m… @peachmomoko60 Remix #1 is out tomorrow featuring this “Vaporwave Variant” cover by me. Check it out! Hope I get to sign… @rodneyrothman No but now I'm dying to see it
I’m traveling to my first Memphis Comic Expo next weekend! I’ll have copies of my new book and Marilyn MOnrODOK t-s… @CianTormey @StephenPrevails Thanks Cian! @KyleDHiggins @CianTormey @StephenPrevails saw someone tweet this excellent pallet from @whoisrico and I wanted to work on some t-shirt designs anyway so, h…
Retweeted by rico.Here's the cover by @StephenPrevails and me this #NCBD! GODDESS MODE VOLUME 1 TP By @UnburntWitch, @RobbiRodriguez, @whoisrico, @SimonBowland,…
Retweeted by rico.Today's palette is from one of my favorite Sea Of Stars covers No need to like or subscribe or rope in a friend wh… Sale! All remaining Stevie Witch shirts are $10 off until October 31st! Only a few left! #NoLongerMint day 14: overgrown #twinpeaks #haroldsmith #agoraphobia #orchids #inktober #inktober2019 @bradwhuff If I do enough of them I will!Inktober day 13: ash #twinpeaks #twinpeaksthereturn #inktober #inktober2019 #adobefresco
Looks like Spidergwen is decorating my house for Halloween this year. #Spidergwen #Ghostspider @whoisrico
Retweeted by rico.Last of the @MemphisComicExp pre-show sketch covers in progress See you next weekend MEMPHIS!! #spidergwen World is publishing Night Hunters - the new cyberpunk comic by Dave Baker & Alexis Ziritt. But we need you…
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Copic Jackpot captioning said Trumpet Ministry instead of Trump Administration 🤔 @Michael_Cho The latter
@kingofcities @ButWhyThoPC @RobotechNews @ComicsTitan @brendenfletcher @iq40mail @SilvaniArt @tommyleeedwards Those assets are usually provided to you by the AD though right? @brutesaysay @jebriodo Ah, I don't care. I remember having fun doing it.I ask these questions as a genuine fan of Tom Whalen's illustration and design work and someone who is working on l… @brutesaysay @jebriodo Oh boy 😂Using movie production art for stuff like this seems ok to me but using Cliff Chiang's Spider-Gwen seems to cross a… I do enough of these Twin Peaks/Inktober drawings I'll collect them in a book. Having trouble coming up with a n…
@jimruggart @CartoonKayfabe @ed_piskor @heroesonline What's going on in Novemeber, wanna see you!Slowdive: NPR Music Field Recordings via @YouTubeEvery time I watch this movie I notice something new, like @GwendolynStacy straight up creepin' in the background h…
Retweeted by rico. @careycarrot Good one! @BarbarianLord October is young 😂 @devonsanders I was messing with my daughter in the car yesterday when this popped up on her playlist, "ahh, the gr… @BarbarianLord I wake up at 5 usually and post pretty early. Between a WOW from you and a rt from Madchen Amick, my… 60th milestone birthday to the astounding jaime hernandez, our great poet of memory, nostalgia and loss and o…
Retweeted by rico. @DigitalCadaver If you haven't heard it, check out @DianePodcast They connect a lot of dots and it's a very enjoyable listen!If any Twin Peaks fans have any ideas for: 12. Dragon 15. Legend 17. Ornament 20. Tread 27. Coat 31. Ripe No promis… on paper and finished tomorrow’s inktober drawing in #AdobeFresco, I love using brayers and ink wash withou… Day 10: Pattern #twinpeaks #blacklodge #redroom #davidlynch #markfrost
We're just $26 away from HALFWAY to funding!
Retweeted by rico.I guess I wear crop tops now @jasonlatour A very obscure artist 😂My 14 year old daughter has the day off from school today and has the O'Jays cranked in her room. Reminds me of the… @robertwilsoniv Daaaaaaaaang!!On today's episode of #TheDrawl, my pal Stacey Lee @kindachinese (Marvel's Silk) has her patience tested on the con…
Retweeted by rico.I wish this track came on during this scene 💥 #dizzeerascal @lianakangas The rich black shirt was a complete sell out but I might have a straggler or two if you tell me your s… you next weekend Memphis! day 9: Swing #twinpeaks #inktober #inktober2019 #freddiesykes #roadhouse, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #49 is out today. It's the biggest, craziest comic book I've ever worked on and tha…
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Day 7 Inktober: Enchanted #inktober #inktober2019 #twinpeaks #gordoncole #davidlynch #madchenamick #fbi
Retweeted by rico.Inktober day 8: Frail #twinpeaks #inktober2019 #warmmilk #thumbsup #waiter #senordroolcup #davidlynch #markfrost
Retweeted by rico.Ultra rich people going to jail for taking government positions that shine a light on their crimes in their effort…’ve got 11 days to go on the Task Force Rad Squad Kickstarter. We’re 25% funded, which means we only need 500 bac…
Retweeted by rico.Due to an unforeseen distribution delay, the on sale date of @ComicsTitan new #Robotech #Remix Issue 1 has changed…
Retweeted by rico. @sirsha I haven’t seen it @hermanos @hermanos But were there fights 😂Inktober day 8: Frail #twinpeaks #inktober2019 #warmmilk #thumbsup #waiter #senordroolcup #davidlynch #markfrost