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omg this was my shit and Jhene don't even have anything that can compete with 'Company''m still weak @ Dani Flea getting in a studio to record that song just to get packed up SWIFTLY hjkl;k;fdshe really said MAROON 5. @_Vaun jklop;dflkjgdlps;kflit's definitely top 5, queen. Lullaby >>>> to introduce them?'crush, crush, crush' gon shake the room why I'm late to this???? this deep, DEEP cut. yeah. Justin gon put up a fight cause this alone >>>>"BDDDADADA FREEEEEEAAAAAYEAHYEAHYEAHYEAHYEAHHH" >Justin going home crying then he throws this in there for fun AHHH Usher plays this and packs Justin up 21 Savage saying he wants to see Travis vs. Kendrick and everybody in there talking bout "that's a good onnnne" jkl;kfds;her 'Said Sum' verse sabotage!'all remember the guacamole flavored doritos? I used to buy them every day in elementary school it up, Keysh on Time clearing any song coming after itthe bag empty! I feel for my sister MUAH 💋Keyshia is ready to GOWAAAAIITTTL;KL;YOU COMPLETE MEEEI gotta give Chapter II a listen after this. HITSFOR THA FIRST TIIIIME. IN A LONG TIIIIMEnow she should've played this earlier and saved Love for last reality setting in jkl;fdl;d cause Keyshia still got this, what is you DOING????!!!!! I LOVED that video why Ashanti bout to win? let me change teams chile me go add this to my library. I really like itidk this one but it's niceMY MIND*crazy in love beat drops*Nah this dj is really trashKING kl;dfkmgjl;d's pen >.WHEW this is a hard one!!!!!!! WAAAAANNA BE THE OOONNNE YOU LOVESENT. FROM. HEAAAVUHNYEEEESSSS MY SHITwhen I tell y'all I only know the HITS. don't know nothing bout the deep cutsnow what is this, Keyshia? wanna be your CHICK't she keep saying she was half Italian? hjiop;ldskjf what Keyshia bout to close it with????!!! it up to niggas to ruin the momentnow why she playing this so nearly? ??I never liked Pac's LifeAshanti on this phone jkl;.,mdfjkslkl;/.,kjghkfldk ain't this J.Lo song?LAST NIIIIGHTthis was my shit! Ashanti up by 1MEET ME ON THE SOUTH SIDE SOMETHING SOMETHING OUTSIDE YEEEESSSSSgenuinelyyyyyyyyyyyyYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY @BrooklynYel Keyshia just looks like she gon argue with anybody at any time 😭NOW WE TALKINyeah I don't like the energy. I fell like they're about to argue don't know any of these songs really don't need to singKeyshia already got 2how you late and got an attitude???I don't know any of these songs, Ashanti 🤣girl, I got things to do @KeyshiaColevjkgfop[d's;lkjhdfkl;s's the Doritos bag in the back for me jkfdlkgjhklsf
girl wtf is this?
Not the shoes in the house WHAT? friends of our WHO? OFF THE STAGE @garthbrooks 🍅 Fly Like a BirdNot only is he fine but their apartment is NICE just wanted to be included in this cause what was that ma’am???Thought she was about to come out dancing. What is DIS???Jennifer stay with a gigPURRRR KAMALA 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲Gaga girl
My dumbass sim would be hungry as hell, go make a big ole meal and leave it on the counter just to go outside and g…
UMMMMMM need some drill beats on the next album thanks @beyonce @btswifey4eva @trilljordz