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WhosBreezy @WhosBreezyUK England, United Kingdom

20. | @kanyewest and @KidCudi fan account | April 5th. 🎉 | I don't stream..yet | @WhosBreezyV2

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@KurdishMandingo hbd 🥳 @KEEMSTAR ok £WhosBreezyUK @CrypticNo do you ever just @notchaselyons chad @dr2xter LMFAOAOAOA @SkreetMan @LazyBautista the tourney ain’t ready @JhbTeam JhbTeam’s Memers @BasedGothlol @may_wedda ? @longneckedbeck happy birthday grace @leahdb98 BOW @Schovee jesus LOL @HarryButAverage Lol. @FaZe_Rain you got this brotha 🙏
@may_wedda LMFAOOOO @JERMAlNE you wanted to reply on main huh @oFabz @OnTheFlyTwitch LMFAOOOO???? @SkreetMan @100TJackiee @OnTheFlyTwitch LOL @OnTheFlyTwitch good @LazasBautista sheesh @oFabz ? @TristanGHill @CrypticNo how much space it take up @iJustTookYoGirl @TristanGHill oh you were one of THEM @may_wedda 🤷‍♂️ @CrypticNoOne @Ninja lol. @CrypticNoOne @Ninja @Young_Roman @issa damn good luck bro @OHGEESY gangstas and sippas best track no cap @CouRageJD @MaddieM happy birthday maddie 🥳 @KSI idk about this one.. @MrFuryRevenge @mynameisalliyah mind your business @all_1k LMFAO fr bro @dagostlno @MyFavsTrash @stereoberrys go ginooo @mynameisalliyah do you want to play Warzone @TheDogOG happy birthday dog 🥳 @Mako FRFR @Ultra15151 @imjaoc I got it from samjay LOL @paradisejaii @LilNasX goodnight @JhbTeam @serenatei LMFAOOOO @JhbTeam no words @JhbTeam @koordell ok @Avalanche100T just waiting for my chance @Avalanche100T everything fr @may_wedda gnn @CrypticNoOne I still ain’t get my SouljaPods @LazasBautista 💜 @LazasBautista gn @xHitan @Avalanche100T LOL @CrypticNoOne manifesting. @CrypticNoOne can’t I have some hope? @Mako samman will NEVER hear the end of this @Blankzy_ noI would have survived 🤷‍♂️ @_wantonn @FaZe_Rain we believe you in bro 💜 @Slasher @Blankzy_ @JhbTeam HAHAHAHAHA @MyFavsTrash how do they mess up that bad wtf @shesclaudia_ I might forget ong but I’ll try @JERMAlNE you should play with Nade one day that’d be content @shesclaudia_ @Xotic ???? @Xouped @Xotic I know, imma wait even longer @Xotic bro I wish imma wait a while @JERMAlNE ????? @may_wedda @nCaustic_ y’all playing the flu flammer first round too @SamjaySJ my ears hurting @postedinthecrib pain. @may_wedda @nCaustic_ owned @serenatei don’t know what @503sBest @CrypticNoOne too soon @JERMAlNE @jawnyutah HAHAHHA @AngelKnivez I’d love to see that @Droot_ @DonHaci my bad.. @DonHaci crineSoulja Boy is having TOO much fun on Warzone LMFAOOOO
@JhbTeam need David Dobrik back too @OnTheFlyTwitch @Avalanche100T @Mako @koordell they really thought Nadeshot was coming on I’m crine @dqrpyy @scobesx caught in 4K. @theweeknd oh @charlieINTEL Treyarch save us @may_wedda fuego @mandaxxk 🙏 @adisreee @FaZeClan @NICKMERCS fuck @FaZeClan @NICKMERCS looks like me @hellograndpa iconic @optiuh @optiuh @NICKMERCS 🐐 @ashlenite LOL @ashlenite I was confused why they were making you work during a hurricane @TristanGHill how does he do it 🤯 @craig_stewart11 terrifying @notchaselyons yesa new month begins and 2020 once again gets increasingly worse @vrob330 holyyyy @ashlenite one step at a time @ashlenite Ayo??