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20. | @kanyewest and @KidCudi fan account | April 5th. 🎉 |

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@CashApp £WhosBreezyUK @BakeHatesItHere happy birthday! @CorinnaKopf @KarlJacobs_ he keeps winning @CrypticNotAlone @LazasBautista @xoxabstract @xoxabstract please stop sending me this I’m trying to play csgo in peace 🙄 @snyyrid what @KidCudi prayers for her Cudi 🙏 @KaleiRenay what??? @NICKMERCS alhamdulillah @visionofviii every time @xoxabstract idk i might need one more picture to decide @Froste @hitchariide @CrypticNotAlone @CrypticNotAlone there is literally zero evidence supporting this claim @CrypticNotAlone you just be subtweeting yourself at this point
@xoxabstract @LazasBautista yo @LazasBautista @xoxabstract LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOO @NICKMERCS @CashApp #MFAMCashApp £WhosBreezyUK @kliqdic I thought you were 24 @OnTheFlyTwitch @Boy1drr @shivisdumb @Schovee @lexieyuh welp @SupremeDreams_1 🐐 @SupremeDreams_1 @Boy1drr dude why @LilBabyEmily my bad you ain’t gotta be so loud! @LilBabyEmily gn @xoxabstract that’s not how this works @xoxabstract LOL @xoxabstract @xoxabstract @scaruki lol @violetsaucy @Class it took a puzzle master like 10 hours it’ll take you like 3 days @LazasBautista @xoxabstract you see it @LazasBautista @xoxabstract @dagostlno @CorinnaKopf interesting @SupremeDreams_1 2021 looking up already @JhbTeam @veefroggy LMFAO @veefroggy still can’t believe jhb RT’d @xoxabstract @xoupgone I HATE HIM ASTAGFURALLAH MY EYES @xoxabstract @xoupgone thanks Salma how has your day been @xoupgone @xoxabstract @Yuhuuur oh my goodness @Slasher one more time for the culture @CrypticNotAlone @TristanGHill @Class @NICKMERCS 🐐🐐
@CorinnaKopf everyday is the same @Gavpai @OnTheFlyTwitch @FuzYKarma @rickyreapers @iMercii_ slight work either way @OnTheFlyTwitch @Gavpai @FuzYKarma @rickyreapers @iMercii_ I taught these guys well in cs they got it from here ☝️ @CrypticNotAlone she just like you @dagostlno I don’t need it lol @xoupgone she is not going to see this dude @xoxabstract you should practice first lol @JhbTeam @100Thieves @nowackdesign LMFAOOOOOO you love this show WAY too much @xoxabstract your turn @xoxabstract god bless Jhb 🙏🙏 @CouRageJD @100Thieves lol idk about that @KaleiRenay interesting.. @SamjaySJ she still tried it @HarryButAverage I swear “my friend said that” gotta be the most common excuse @HarryButAverage bro you should see Davids mfs put out of pocket things and then say omg I won’t say it again @mynameisalliyah good morning @NoshinOcean the next episode is going to be so good omfg @HarryButAverage nah whattt this sucks @NoshinOcean fr @xoxabstract LOL I’ve had her for almost five years now time flies @xoxabstract @xoxabstract @Froste @xoxabstract @may_wedda whats wrong with it @JhbTeam @JoeyTheSuperJew with my what???? @violetsaucy @waitdremo Dremo gotta carry? praying for y’all 🙏🙏 @CrypticNotAlone wanna talk about it bro? @waitdremo @violetsaucy there’s no way I’m reading this right @CorinnaKopf let’s play Warzone again @Yuhuuur @JoeyTheSuperJew LMFAOOOOOO @KittenElise omfg @JoeyTheSuperJew pog @jadenonfirre this was my reaction @SamManlol @Yuhuuur LMAOOOOOOO @SamManlol @Yuhuuur so inspirational @TristanGHill @xoxabstract couldn’t be us fr @reaIlyupset this what I thought too I couldn’t be more wrong @xbarkoo yes. @xoxabstract this gotta be haram @CrystalBreeze7 LMAOOO that was understandable @reaIlyupset send the flood @egirlsoos 10 years no parole @xoxabstract when was the last time you cleaned your desksome women really be living like this and see no issue @JERMAlNE she’s not real @HarryButAverage gn
@OnTheFlyTwitch @SkreetMan @may_wedda @Javan_Murphy @nCaustic_ wow what an insane edit @visionofviii believe it when I see it @koordell no shot it’s edible @notchaselyons @CrypticNotAlone ? @Class mark zuckerberg should have just invested in me instead 🤦‍♂️ @LilBabyEmily 🤨 @snyyrid shit spawned in with 100