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21. | @kanyewest and @KidCudi fan account | April 5th. 🎉 |

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@DashySZN happy birthday old man 🎉 @Froste @itsWaddles_ couldn't trust anyone after that 💔 @Froste @NoshinOcean gn noshin @SamManIoI @Yuhuuur @CrypticNoHoes HEEEEEEEEEEEEE @kaweiiii LMFAOOAOA @Temperrr @jakepaul crazy how we look the same 🤦‍♂️ @Froste tf is MLS ain't that the ice bucket challenge @xoxabstract what was the question again
@itsWaddles_ @HarryButAverage IN RAMADAN??? @xoxabstract sleeping away all your problems >> @Icy_Rapture @NoshinOcean @CrypticNoHoes twitch don’t care they be banning mfs that smash keyboards LOL @jakepaul you wouldn’t win against me lil guy @JayZTakes this is the best account on Twitter @TristanGHill NAH WHATTTT @ihatesherwin which one is the best @Josh_Tries settle down Jamal @Nadeshot @CouRageJD @jacksondahl @scump @cloakzy think you guys forgot to add me to the call 😂😂😂 @itsKursed I feel you brotha it all sucks but there’s not much we can do :/ this is just a temporary problem for wh… @CouRageJD @Fwiz I wouldn’t do that lol @itsKursed whats got you down bossman @Syndicate @KSI @Yuhuuur @Josh_Tries @ashlenite i'll try tomorrow imma be so rusty @Josh_Tries @ashlenite keep him on the bench @joe_weller_ jakes ego just increased tenfold @JhbTeam i can't stand gamers sometimes @LJMostly @willne pain @LifeeOnMarz @willne can't even be mad @Kr1sM77 i can't compete it is what it is @willne man.. @CrypticNoHoes bro i can tell Snoop Dogg only like Jake because he just made him a cool $2 million LMFAOKSI walking out to this Jake Paul fight with his boxing gear on OF SILENCE FOR EVERYONE THAT PAID FOR THIS LMFAOOOOOOOstayed up until 6am in Ramadan just to watch Jake Paul win I am praying on your downfall @jakepaul @leahdb98 @YourEmbracee LMFAOOOO @timmyshakes I can't believe i stayed up for this @timthetatman WHY WOULD YOU PAY TO WATCH JAKE PAUL 😭 @Loyalxkingz basically watching Coachella with a boxing match thrown in there @Mangooos_ Justin Bieber carrying this event rn @j9nior this is a budget KSI vs Logan event 😭i didn't pay for this Jake Paul fight and i still feel like i got my money stolen @ZerkaaHD HAHAHHA WHAT IS THIS EVENT @yuhdremo ? @KEEMSTAR moment of silence for everyone that paid for this @ashlenite you were on discord while at a bar thats commitment @KaleiRenay @DojaCat nah man what @CrypticNoHoes @KaleiRenay HELLO??? @Froste praying on jake pauls downfall in ramadan so he has less of a chance of winning >>>> @timthetatman tim who you got winning @adc10201 praying on his downfall @VinkolaJokic dudes soul left his bodyimagine carrying a child for 9 months and they grow up and stan Jake Paul @TristanGHill not at all I meant a link where I can pay money to watch this of course 🙂👍 people are so nice I got like six links wow! @TristanGHill I just woke up who got a link
@Josh_Tries hey man leave her alone. @Froste I’m stupid @Froste that’s what I was trying to say this whole time @Froste I meant you’re not already? @ManMilk2 IM CRYING @Josh_Tries @Froste you’re not? @2dlex I need to visit florida one day @jakkuxd @Froste @Crroee @CorinnaKopf @allah @god what did he mean by this @Class 100% confidence @CorinnaKopf @allah stop testing me @leahdb98 @100Thieves go leah WOOOOOO @Josh_Tries @CorinnaKopf get help freak @CrypticNoHoes barber was definitely a lil rusty after not working for a while @NikoOmilana “I have more Knowledge Strength and Integrity than any other candidate” 😭😭 @Class it’s xQc I know it 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ @Josh_Tries @CODLeague @Ultra15151 @daiptix @KityZorb @Class @Yuhuuur @ashlenite @qHitan @CrypticNoHoes dude tagged ultra three times @TSM_Myth prime Fortnite 🥲 @shivisdumb W @souljaboy blaming Randy Orton for this @visionofviii @pokimanelol thankfully she made you repost @NikoOmilana My GOATTT @AustinOnTwitter not me tho y’all stay safe out here @mynameisalliyah 26 days @TristanGHill you deserve it @KimKardashian fr I’m excitedI can't wait for Call Of Duty Black Ops II to come out!!!! The graphics look crazy!
Retweeted by WhosBreezy @Josh_Tries @neekolul well well well @visionofviii @pokimanelol he just doesn’t stop @CouRageJD @JhbTeam why would you not want to be friends with jhb in the first place @StableRonaldo pain and despair @visionofviii @CrypticNoHoes glad I have no idea what y’all are talking about @Class xQc is bottom left
@NoshinOcean oh my @LilBabyEmily W @xoxabstract @veefroggy whew @ihatesherwin @Ultra15151 @CrypticNoHoes that’s how I felt after three months @benjyfishy hey benjy @Ultra15151 @CrypticNoHoes @xoxabstract it’s Ramadan so all imma say is I agree 👍👍 @yuhdremo at least spell it right bro😭 @CrypticNoHoes @sydney_sweeney @Valkyrae @pokimanelol @ChantelJeffries @CorinnaKopf @madisonbeer @wolfiecindy @2dlex go off @CouRageJD @brookeab @TeanaKitten my GOAT