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I just post my dog and go.

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we could be doing this with our hundreds of thousands of empty hotel rooms but instead we are trying to get tourist…
Retweeted by ValentinaThe coverup has begun. Trump and his team have scrubbed the CDC website of previously available data on hospital a…
Retweeted by ValentinaWhat I really want is a tres golpe but this smoothie will do. is top tier Gemini energy I love it 😂 ya don’t stop with the fucking word “normalize”
Retweeted by ValentinaIt looks like it’s going to rain, but no rain in the forecast. Hmm, I don’t trust it.Normally I would wake up and tell @LabbeDoe to get ready so we can go to the park with Eros to play and soak some s… @karrrlanichole It’s him leaning into you the way he is that’s doing it for me 🥺I don’t know who needs to see this but NY is finally unrolling a rent relief program
Retweeted by ValentinaUnverified Twitter
Retweeted by Valentina @goldlattes LMFAO BREE 😭
I love old Bronx heads who can’t let the Ecko Unltd. go, they keep the culture alive lmao
Retweeted by ValentinaLMFAO Twitter verified accounts being hacked gotta be the most hilarious shit to date.Where were you the day every major Twitter account was compromised in a gigantic Bitcoin scam?
Retweeted by ValentinaLMAOOOOOOO damn this breach is *massive* they got the dead tweeting scams
Retweeted by ValentinaTwitter has been essentially taken down by hackers. The magnitude and full scale of this attack can't overstated. W…
Retweeted by ValentinaHuh? this thread.. 🥴 of 2 things will definitely happen. Either she testifies and changes the world as we know it. Or she’ll slip on a…
Retweeted by ValentinaSomeone really shot at and almost killed Megan Thee Stallion... dawg can we pack away 2020?I just want to be EXTREMELY clear that from this day forth, you can’t trust any data moving forward on COVID. Block…
Retweeted by ValentinaThat American cheese ran straight through you huh?
Retweeted by ValentinaStrawberry Quartz pipe for a customer 🍓
Retweeted by ValentinaOrders are being taken care of! 🧿✨
Retweeted by ValentinaUnemployment needs to be extended for those who are still not working because of this virus. Essential workers need…
Retweeted by ValentinaEros’ social/activity schedule looks better than mine at my big 26 years of age. 🙃good luck !!! we’ve been trying that with tampons for years
Retweeted by ValentinaLmao they’re having the school board meeting over zoom because it isn’t safe to meet in person TO DISCUSS HOW THEYR…
Retweeted by ValentinaThis type of love >
Retweeted by Valentina @Dreamvillainess ☺️💛 thank you baby!2nd pic 🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by Valentina @karrrlanichole You wear happy well ☺️☺️☺️☺️
@joshieyamaguchi No, you can still get it again. Just the chances are slightly lower. But it’s like a cold. You can… red velvet with the way july is going.
Retweeted by ValentinaI finally got to shop at Marshall’s and Target back to back and..’s mood: ☺️ like and I’ll cop what’s his problem 😭😭😭 painting by Jessica Spence.
Retweeted by Valentina @zazazinkkaa “yA nOt TiReD”” @LabbeDoe I need it lmfaaoooo’ve been thinking about cream pies all day.
@firstnamegabby I started him early as babyyyyy. Even faking it like I was cutting it but not really and rewarding… i love him!
Retweeted by Valentina @chocolateElixir He says thank you 💛Hes so beautiful I love him
Retweeted by Valentina @Dreamvillainess The best boy!What a good boy 🥺
Retweeted by ValentinaHe be sleeping through his mani/pedi 😂 thought i would be pro-rat, but i support them on this one
Retweeted by Valentina @adoringhopeful 💛💛💛 @LabbeDoe I love you 🥺QUEEN 🧡
Retweeted by ValentinaSmooth as a baby and smell so good. really soothed me lmao CLEANSE. IT IS NOT CAKE.
Retweeted by ValentinaLMAOOO to not wanting to. i will not be
Retweeted by ValentinaJust learned that Bath & Body Works is founded and run by Lex Wexner, who was one of Jeffrey Epstein's closest asso…
Retweeted by Valentina @MsHighTimess I miss you 🥺Jim Jones was just chilling on my block today lmao. They never really leave the hood, I love it.This thread is has 755 cases of police brutality across the country from the past 42 days
Retweeted by ValentinaReading this hurts because I’ve watched people beg to be let in to see their family member for the last time at my… shrimps either.’s been days... pack it up man. Ya not tired?? @Dreamvillainess My boyfriend got them in BK if that helps, babe @Dreamvillainess Super good!
This is crazy lmaoo because you’re attracted to women and haven’t fucked one yet doesn’t mean you’re not pan/bi. Does every straig…
Retweeted by ValentinaMy nail tech snapped 🔥 S&R 🥰✨
Retweeted by ValentinaHalfway✍🏽💙 @arnellarmon
Retweeted by ValentinaHaaaaaay 💗
Retweeted by ValentinaI’m one step away from doing my own hair dye at this point lmao.“R u cake yes or no”
Retweeted by ValentinaIf you watch one thing online today that should actually stay in your head forever, watch this.
Retweeted by ValentinaI woke up sad as fuck because Pop Smoke is really gone. This album is amazing. @zazazinkkaa Wow how did I miss this 😰💛 @GaryThelianS LMFSOOOOOOOOOOOO
LADIES Watch out for this man recording women on Fordham rd. He cut a whole in the bag to record without being noti…
Retweeted by Valentina @zazazinkkaa LMAO never stop being this funny 😭 @ylehsAAshely LMFAO Beau’s “do it” 😂
😭😭😭😭😭 why are ya like this, man?! 😭 amount love Right amount of trust Right amount of dickPokémon gym leader Bea and Nessa with my cousin ⭐️
Retweeted by ValentinaI love it here, really 😰 movement you make is perfect, because it’s your language.
Retweeted by ValentinaWhen I pull up on the TL 50lbs lighter mind ya business okay? @MsMeowkinz YO IM OUTTT LMFAOOOOI wanna take pictures in all my new stuff already. ☹️And H.E.R 😭 @LabbeDoe Express shipping babyI realize the links don’t direct to the report/refund pages connected to the “Fordham Cleanup” and require the dona…
Retweeted by ValentinaI believe the “Fordham Cleanup” GoFundMe organized by @aminKnows (@thebronxunited) is fraudulent in nature. If you…
Retweeted by ValentinaI neeeeeeed it. and Cancer.’re all free to do w/our frijoles as we wish, but if you’re gonna #boycottgoya, pls don’t throw products in the t…
Retweeted by ValentinaI hate when I see a tweet I want to reference to later and I go to like it and it vanishes. How sway and why?